Rolex Explorer II Automatic Men’s Watch Review — Is It Worth Buying?

For all those intrinsic adventurers who also appreciate elegance in design and reliable technology, nothing fits the bill better than the Rolex Explorer II White 216570WSO Automatic Stainless Steel Men’s Watch. This masterpiece includes the famous and well placed orange hand with the incredible characteristic 24-hour hand that has made the Rolex Explorer II a global favorite among watch enthusiasts.

Rolex Explorer II White 216570WSO Automatic Stainless Steel Men’s Watch — Overview of Its Features

Rolex Explorer II White Automatic Stainless Steel Mens Watch 216570WSO


  • Stainless steel case and oyster bracelet for maximum durability and convenience
  • 24-hour marking for the explorer and wild adventurer
  • 100 meters or 330 feet of water resistance
  • Date display at the 3 o’clock position
  • Accurate automatic Swiss movement
  • Product

Rolex Explorer II White Automatic Stainless Steel Mens Watch 216570WSO

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The Rolex Explorer II is a striking work of art, a beauty of a watch. The Explorer II 21657 is a Super Case 42mm diameter (45mm including crown). The Explorer II is powered by the newest Rolex caliber 3187 automatic movement.I never seen the newer Explorer II until I was unboxing it for the first time, for it was a gift from my wife. I have owned other watches before but none on this level of quality fit, feel and comfort which feels absolutely tailor made for me. I find it very versatile for all occasions casual or Formal.I really like the super case 42mm "45mm" it wears very well on my larger wrist "8 3/4-9+" compared to an older 40mm submariner. After reading much on this watch it appears it is larger due to Rolex creating it's own In House Shock absorbers in the 3187 over the 3186. The updated shock system combined with other updates (parachrom, Chromalight, larger twinlock crown) makes the Rolex Explorer II 216570 one of the most modern Rolex watches.The stock bracelet the Explorer II came with needed a link since it was to small for me, an authorized local Rolex dealer was very accommodating to fit mine in minutes. The extra links are included, if I'm not mistaken it's up to 4 and any authorized dealer will service yours free of charge on all new Rolex's. Full video of the watch is on 162.2 grams50% more Shock absorber "in House Rolex Paraflex" over industry standard shock systems such as KIF or Incablock216570 are larger than the older 16570 and hold more lume for a clearer view at night24-hour Orange Hand Homage to orginal Explorer II 1971Very Heavy duty stainless steel Oysterlock.Was a nice surprise the Chromalight began glowing just before twilight hour.Read more ›
June 11, 2015
The Rolex Explorer II was my first Rolex, I had previously been a big fan of Omega watches.Rolex is a company steeped in tradition, and have historically been very conservative and reluctant to make sudden changes to their designs. One of these stubborn points has been size of the watch. While most fashion watches and many of the lower priced Swiss producers have swung into the 42-46mm sizes and beyond, Rolex still seem to be of the opinion that real men wear tiny watches!The original Explorer II launched in 1971, and has had a couple of revamps along the way. Perhaps the most notable, and in some circles controversial, was in 2011 when Rolex jumped to a 42mm size and beefed up the size of the applied hour markers, and hands. This is the most recent rendition of the watch.The relaunch of this watch may have lost some of the 'magic' of the previous generation to some, but it did come with plenty of improvements. The new bracelet is far more substantial than the 'jangly' older bracelets. It now features solid metal links, a solid clasp with a no-tools adjustment to add or remove 5mm of length to allow for a more comfortable wearing experience in different climates. It closes with precision and has a safety clasp with a Rolex crown to lock in place.Like the bracelet the case is constructed from solid Stainless Steel, but more important than that it is a 904L, a higher grade of steel than most watches use. Rolex have their own foundry where they can prepare their own metals, including gold. This gives them a great deal of control over the raw materials of the watch. And there is no doubt this does make a difference. 904L is more durable, more hypoallergenic, and has a wonderful luster to it.Read more ›
November 19, 2015
My first Rolex was Explorer I, after wearing it for a few years, I decided to change to Explorer II because it's larger in size and better looking watch overall. Explorer II is less worn by people if you compare to Submariner and I like that. Very unique and smart looking watch.Next one will be Daytona God willing. ;))
May 14, 2016

History of Rolex Explorer II

When Tenzing Norgay stepped foot on the summit of Mt. Everest with a Rolex Explorer strapped dedicatedly on his wrist, he had no idea how huge the name would become. The Rolex Explorer II is a bit different from its predecessor when it comes to uniqueness in design and practicality in function. With the entire world as their playground, Rolex has indeed stayed true to their motto. Presented for the very first time ever in 1971, the innate spirit of the wristwatch is rooted deep in the fundamentals of the Rolex.

Since then, the explorer became synonymous with extreme adventures, mountain climbers and nature lovers worldwide. After years of perfecting and fine tuning this classic wristwatch, the Rolex Explorer II was born, perfect and better in every way. With a more robust steel case, accurate and precise GMT movement and the classic orange hand, the Rolex Explorer II can be counted among the best models with the biggest recognition factor. The company has continued to equip explorers, scientists, and everyday guys for decades, creating a worldwide testing ground for testing chronometers under extreme yet natural conditions.

Rolex Explorer II 1

Top Things to Look For in a Luxury Watch

  • Sapphire Crystal

This is the transparent cover on the face of your watch. While crystals have been made using a myriad of materials in the past, only a few really dominate the market today. Most watches now have either mineral glass or synthetic sapphire. Mineral crystals might be cheap and do not shatter on hard impact, but they do crack. On the other hand, sapphire crystals are super scratch resistant and it is common to find flawless crystals on even the oldest watches in the world.

  • Solid Feeling Construction

Luxury watches should feel very well put together and as solid as can possibly be. Always check on the straps and bracelets to see if they seamlessly fit the case without any wiggle room whatsoever. The clasp on the wrist should also feel easy to operate and with a smooth action. If there is a rotating bezel, then it needs to be firmly held in place and not move when in a resting position. Rolex Explorer II watches are especially crowned for their durability.

Is a Rolex a Great Investment?

Just recently, a rare watch made in the 1940’s managed to garner a whopping $1.2 million. Which watch is this you may ask? Of course, it was none other than a Rolex. When it comes to top tier chronological masterpieces, you simply can’t go any higher than a Rolex. More and more people developing a much greater awareness and innate appreciation for classic, luxury timepieces. As they begin to look for credible and worthy investments in today’s volatile markets, rare watches have become more than just mere accessories; they are a great investment strategy. And for all those wondering how you can possibly invest in a watch, here’s a few reasons why.

  • Rolex Watches Increase in Value

Rolex watches are renowned worldwide for their exceptional craftsmanship that traditionally increases value up to 15 percent every year. This however largely depends on of the specific timepiece. Investing in a great Rolex could see your investment double in value over the next 5 to 10 years, all depending on the Rolex Explorer II rarity and prestige. The rarer and more prestigious it is, the greater the return on investment.

  • Rolex Watches are a Functional Investment

Unlike other investments that have to be safely tucked away, this is not the case with a Rolex. This is one thing that many investors love about a good Rolex is that you do not have to stuff it in your safe or bank deposit vault for it to appreciate. A Rolex can still be thoroughly enjoyed while still earning you some precious bucks. Rolex Explorer II watches not only hold their value, but they can be shown off too.


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