Top 10 Best Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaners — 2019 Comparing and Contrasting

Shark 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vac and Handheld Vacuum CleanerThere is something unique about Shark cordless vacuum machines.

First, they are known for their out-of-the-box design and authentic build. Besides that, they have a track record of cleaning stubborn surfaces and leaving them looking fresh and clean.

At the same time, though, some of these machines don’t live up to expectation.

Today, we would like to talk about the top 10 Shark cordless vacuum and which one of them rules the rest.


SharkVX3 Cordless Floor and Carpet Cleaner (V1950)

Shark VX3 Cordless Floor-and-Carpet Cleaner, V1950

The V1950 has a huge motorized brush roll that is optimized for picking cooked food, broken glass, and even gravel. Designed for hard floor and carpet use, this sweeper is not only easy-to-operate but also low profile meaning that it can access hard to reach areas with ease.


  • Capable of sweeping stubborn debris
  • Button operated dust cup
  • Cleans walls through motorized side brush
  • Long run time

  • It tends to kick stuff away sometimes when used on hard floors

Shark VX3 Cordless Sweeper Vacuum, V1950

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Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106)


Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106)

SV1106SV1106 is highly recommended for its ability to clean pet hair and keep floors and carpets in tip-top condition. It has a motorized brush roll that is easy to remove which adds to its beauty as a Shark cordless vacuum machine. Another point of its beauty is that it has swivel steering for easy maneuvering and 2-speed settings which offer optimized cleaning.

And for those looking for added convenience during an otherwise arduous cleaning task, the SV1106 offers an extra-large, easy-to-empty dust cup. Of course, it is self-standing – a feat that is further enhanced by the presence of rubberized wheels to reduce any chances of scratching surfaces.

  • Product

  • Superior cleaning on carpet and bare floor, boasting strong suction power and extra long run time. On a bare floor, this machine can run for a record 17 minutes continuously.
  • Has a powerful motorized brush which superbly lifts ground-in dirt and pet hair.
  • Has a charging base which makes for improved storage as well as keeping your machine fully charged for your next cleaning exercise.
  • Occupying 10.5 x 9.8 by 46 inches, this machine is small enough to fit in any apartment. Moreover, it weighs just above 7 pounds meaning it is convenient for anyone to use.

  • Replaceable battery
  • Short charge time
  • Excellent at pet hair removal
  • Easy to maneuver

  • Noisy

Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro Cordless Lightweight Upright Vacuum

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Shark 10 Inch Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper (V2930)


Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106)Another of the Shark cordless vacuum cleaners that have earned a notable reputation on the market is the V2930. It comes with a powerful motorized brush that is optimized to collect any kind of dirt that your family or pets can make on the surface of your home.

But that’s not all. 

If you are worried about maneuvering it around the house, then you have every reason to smile because it comes with swivel steering and lightweight general design which gives you freedom to navigate all corners of your house. That’s, of course, brought about by the benefit of V2930’s BackSaver handle that reaches low even when the vacuum can’t.


  • Unlike other Shark cordless vacuum machines, this one is designed with a low profile and long reach, ostensibly to make it easier to access hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • 10-inch motorized brush which is big on sweeping debris of any size or type. This top of the range brush them empties all the debris into a dust cup which is inbuilt as well.
  • 2-speed brush offers superior cleaning on carpet and bare floor performing well alongside an edge cleaning squeegee that grabs debris from the walls.

  • Long lasting battery
  • Long reach
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Easy to empty dust cup

  • Takes a while to charge

Shark Cordless Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper

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Shark 13 inch Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper (V2950)


Shark 13 inch Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper (V2950)

The V2950 is not your other Shark cordless vacuum cleaner, this one is a class above the rest as it offers enhanced maneuverability, easy operation and even longer battery life.

To begin with, it has an edge-cleaning squeegee which reaches up the walls thereby expanding the area of cleaning. That is, of course, an addition to its optimized brush speed which speeds up the entire cleaning process. Its brush is slightly wider than that of other Shark cordless vacuum machines mainly because it spans 13 inches – covering a larger area with every sweep.

  • Product

  • Equipped with a folding pole which helps reach under tight spaces and furniture.
  • Its debris collection is advanced since it can be operated by a simple push of a button.
  • Its very design focuses on enhancing the power of every sweep by reaching out to crevices and up close to walls.
  • Has a folding BACKSAVER handle which gives it the added flexibility needed for touch jobs.

  • Easy to use dust cup
  • Quiet performance
  • Low profile design
  • Better reach under furniture

  • Battery drains fairly quick

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Shark 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vac and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Shark 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vac and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Powered by a 10.8 Volt ni-cad battery, Shark 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vac and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner claims to provide an extended run time. For the first use, you will need to leave it to charge for 24 hours and afterwards it will take you 16 hours to recharge.

Best of all, you can recharge the battery without removing it from the vacuum. Its cleaning head is independent and motorized with two-speed brushes which are controlled with a 3 position switch.

  • Product

  • The Shark cordless vacuum has a bagless dirt canister which can easily be emptied by a simple push of a button from the bottom. The way this canister is designed gives the user cyclonic action and you can see it work as dirt spins inside the canister.
  • Has an adjustable handle with a swivel steering which lays flat for easy reach under furniture. In addition, a crevice tool is provided alongside the main unit.
  • It is small enough to fit in tiny home storage spaces and is light enough for easy transport.

  • Incredible swivel steering
  • Has a crevice tool attached
  • Reasonable recharge time
  • Soft brush bristles

  • Struggles on deep pile carpets

Shark 2 in 1 Cordless Stik Vacuum Cleaner

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Shark Rotator Freestyle Cordless Vacuum SV1107

Shark Rotator Freestyle Cordless Vacuum SV1107

SV1107 is among the few Shark cordless vacuum cleaners that empower you to clean on the go. Like the majority of its siblings, it has 2-speed settings that make it easier to transition from bare floor to carpet and vice versa. Besides that, this Shark Cordless vacuum boasts of advanced battery technology which is claimed to offer longer run time.


  • Has a convenient charging base that provides easy storage and has a precision indicator that monitors and enhances battery life.
  • Has an extended, pivoting reach, thanks to its power head that makes it easy to clean any part of your home from ceiling to the floor.
  • Has a relatively large dust cup which means you can clean large swathes of your home without constantly having to dump dirt.
  • Besides offering the cordless convenience that is typical of Shark cordless vacuum machines, this one has an ergonomic handle that feels well built and solid.

  • Fantastic battery life
  • Offers swivel steering for enhanced control
  • Its large dust cup removes the need for constant emptying
  • Cordless freedom

  • Struggles with deep fabric carpets but performs well on bare floors

Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro Cordless Lightweight Upright Vacuum

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SharkPet Perfect II Hand Vac (SV780)


SharkPet Perfect II Hand Vac (SV780)Offering a whopping 18-volt power, Shark Pet Perfect II Hand Vac (SV780) claims to deliver the ultimate convenience cleaning experience. But does it? It has extra-large motorized brushes that thoroughly remove ground-in dirt from car mats and upholstery as well as pet hair from upholstery.

That alone makes it an average Shark cordless vacuum machine until you learn that it has a crevice tool attached alongside easy-to-empty bagless dust cup. Its methodology is simple and straight to the point; it operates through direct suction by sucking all manner of debris including sand particles.

  • Product

  • With 18 volts, this is one of the most powerful vacuum machines you will ever come across.
  • As modest as the machine looks to the eye, it offers fantastic results when it comes to deep cleaning all thanks to its large motorized brush which performs well in all conditions.
  • Top up its versatility, SV780 comes with a crevice tool attached, dusting brush and a suction option which makes surface cleaning a breeze.

  • Light in weight making it perfect even for RV use
  • Easily detachable
  • One of the most powerful Shark cordless vacuum machines available
  • Strong suction

  • Its filters get easily clogged after sucking out powders of flour

Shark Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum

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SharkPortable Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (12 Volts)

Shark 12 Volt Cordless Vacuum (SV66)


Although it’s less powerful (voltage-wise), Shark Portable Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, 12 Volts is still reliable especially if your routine cleaning jobs revolve around pet hair and food messes. To make it for its lower voltage is a high capacity battery pack that gives it incredibly long running time.

Also, there is a LED indicator which makes it easy to monitor the battery. Its filter is washable and detachable making clean-up quick and easy. And to top it all up, the machine is backed up by a one year warranty.


  • This is a handy all-round vacuum cleaner that is not only powerful enough to gobble up chunky food particles but also super efficient at dealing with messes.
  • The machine is built with an incredible battery capacity which is capable of running a couple of minutes over and above what other Shark cordless vacuum cleaners offer.
  • For those jobs that involve cleaning out flour and powder, you don’t have to worry about the filters blocking since they are detachable and can be cleaned up easily.
  • Generally light-weight and easy to manage. Perfect for your RV or even boat.

  • Convenient charging spots
  • Strong suction thanks to cyclonic technology
  • Slightly longer battery life than the rest

  • Not powerful enough to pick heavy debris like sand

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Shark Сordless Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper (V2700Z)

Shark Cordless Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper

This light sweeper is the kind you go for when you are looking for quiet operation, long reach and powerful brush rolls. The V2700Z cleaner comes with 10-inch powerful motorized brushes which are strong enough for day-to-day cleaning routines especially where pet waste and food particles are involved.

Just like its other Shark cordless vacuum siblings, this floor and carpet sweeper has a swivel steering for easy maneuverability.


  • Offers a moderately-sized cleaning path of 13 inches (10 inches also available) which means you can finish your chores in good time.
  • Big on the hardwood floor, carpets and tiles.
  • Capable of sweeping any type or size of debris into an easy-to-empty dust cup which is attached to the machine for easy carrying.
  • Operates quietly and is backed up by a 1-year warranty.

  • Quick and convenient cleaning
  • Powerful motorized brush
  • Swivel steering for easy maneuvering

  • Handles feel a bit delicate although so far there are no complaints of it breaking

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SharkRotator Cordless Vacuum (SV1110)

Shark Rotator Cordless Vacuum, SV1110

Boasting a lightweight design and easy-to-carry weight, Shark Rotator Cordless Vacuum, SV1110 has a powerful suction that provides superior cleaning to both bare floor and carpet settings. As such, it is ideal for any homeowner who may be struggling with pet debris or food particles that are embedded deep in the carpet.

Its main selling point is that it offers an extended run time all thanks to its nickel metal hydride battery that charges in as few as 4 hours.


  • Categorized among the few, elite Shark cordless vacuum cleaners which precision charge which replenishes the battery charge in a record 4 hours.
  • Built with the typical homeowner’s problems in mind. For instance, it has an extended floor nozzle and relatively low profile to improve on reach so that one can access those stubborn spots in the house.
  • All debris is emptied straight into an attached trash can which is button operated. This way, you don’t have to touch any debris even when emptying it.

  • Covered by a one year warranty
  • Comes with a powerful nickel-metal hydride battery
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to store
  • Faster recharge time and extended run time

  • Batteries weaken over time especially if one uses the cleaner while it charges

Product NameImageWeightOverall RatingDetails
SharkVX3 Cordless Floor and Carpet Cleaner (V1950) 7.5 lb 10 Check price
Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106) 7.5 lb 9 Check price
Shark 10 Inch Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper (V2930) 4 lb 8.5 Check price
Shark 13 inch Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper (V2950) 2 lb 8 Check price
Shark 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vac and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 6 lb 8.5 Check price
Shark Rotator Freestyle Cordless Vacuum SV1107 10.4 lb 8.5 Check price
SharkPet Perfect II Hand Vac (SV780) 4.2 lb 8 Check price
SharkPortable Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (12 Volts) 2.5 lb 7 Check price
Shark Сordless Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper (V2700Z) 3.1 lb 8 Check price
SharkRotator Cordless Vacuum (SV1110) 9.6 lb 8 Check price

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner?

Each Shark cordless vacuum cleaner available out there has its fair share of pros and cons. Fortunately, you can minimize your chances of getting a faulty machine by following a few handy tips.

The first factor to consider is voltage – basically speaking, if you are planning to use the machine for tough cleaning jobs you want to go for the highest voltage you can find. On the other hand, if you are targeting light tasks then a typical 12-volt machine will be good enough.

Another important factor worth considering is the size of the brush. Bigger projects are best handled with 13-inch brushes and above while moderate tasks are best handled with 10-inch brushes. The profile of the Shark cordless vacuum is also a factor worth pondering upon.

Typically, a machine with a low profile is a perfect choice if you have to clean under the bed and furniture. The rule of the thumb is – always consider your needs before settling for any machine.


10 Total Score
Competition – Which One Is the Best and Why?

Considering all factors, our best pick comes from SharkVX3 Cordless Floor and Carpet Cleaner (V1950) which is both powerful and pretty efficient at dealing with all manner of debris. Its run time is clearly above board and its brush width is incredible for tough projects. Its only downside is that it tends to kick stuff out when used on a hard floor which is a minor issue that can be corrected by learning to handle it properly. Compared to other Shark cordless vacuum models, the V1950 is simply a cut above the rest.

Top 10 Best Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaners — 2019 Comparing and Contrasting
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