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Welcome to! You are entering an open to all platform that delivers product reviews based on the real experience. What was launched as a hobby back in 2016, has eventually grown into a comprehensive online guideline that highlights some of the consumers’ best picks and ensures more confident and smarter online shopping.

Our dedicated team consists of enthusiasts who implement their knowledge and expertise when conducting top-rated product lists. Together, we work hard on providing genuine reviews. We test each and every product ourselves to ensure the best buyer experience.

Besides, our visitors will appreciate a collaborative feature as well as a chance to become a part of our growing community and influence the buyer’s decision. Grab your chance to contribute to the idea of more informed purchase decision-making.

A few facts about us

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We test and try hundreds of products from various categories daily.
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Reviews Published
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How We Tested?

Stage 1 – In-Depth Research
We select the niche, pick the product, and do the in-depth market research. Our mission is to highlight previous users’ experience, compare and contrast reviews with what we feel about the product after its thorough examination.
Stage 2 – Conducting the Review
Once we have collected all vital info about the product, we conduct a detailed review with all crucial issues to consider. Our mission is t
Stage 3 – Engaging with Users
We not just publish reviews but interact with our readers. Users are free to ask questions or provide feedback on their own. We consider the real-life experience to share only. Our website is an open to all platform where everyone can make a contribution.

Our Team

Jon Walter
Jon is the founder and spiritual leader of the team. It was his idea to launch the online project that eventually evolved into a growing community of consumers. Jon has a unique ability to put all the pieces into the slot and highlight issues that make the difference.
Thomas Dwyer
Thomas Dwyer is a home appliance consultant. He is well aware of hidden stumbling blocks and potential technical issues that a product may hide. Thomas has huge working experience and flawless product servicing track record.
Ronald Housel
Ronald is the former Walmart employee. For several years, he worked as the Sales Associate to help people find what they need. His responsibilities included answering the questions and helping customers to select the best-matching product.

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