Best Metal Detectors for UK: 3 Top Choices in 2021

What’s hiding beneath your feet? Rare 4th-century Roman coins? Silver, gold, or just plain old rusty nails? With one of the good metal detectors, you peer into the ground.

Now, there are professional machines designed for relic hunting or gold prospecting. But they might be too expensive and complex for basic needs such as searching for lost wedding rings, treasure hunting for kids, and part-time metal detecting.

Sorting through low & mid-priced detectors and finding the gems is hard. We did the hard work! And came up with 3 metal detector reviews. All choices will impress you with their features, sensitivity, ergonomic design, and price.

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DR.ÖTEK MT-XR Best Metal Detectors for UK: 3 Top Choices in 2021
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DR.ÖTEK MT-X Best Metal Detectors for UK: 3 Top Choices in 2021
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MYLEK MYMD1062 Best Metal Detectors for UK: 3 Top Choices in 2021
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DR.ÖTEK MT-XR – Best Overall and for its Features

Best Choice
The punches above its weight by including features that you would generally find in more expensive models. It’s the best metal detector in its range. Whether you are a beginner or experienced detectorist, you’ll appreciate its performance.
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Starting out, the MT-XR is built for discovery. The search coil is 8″ wide with a range of up to 10″ underground. With the handy plus or minus option, you may adjust its depth sensitivity by increments of 2”. Pinpointing is also built-in so you may not need a dedicated pinpointer.

Control is what you get with the DR ÖTEK MT-XR. You may choose between five user modes that let you detect for all metals and even jewellery.

The time of day or night doesn’t matter. It’s equipped with a digital display that’s backlit. And if you want to use it for the whole day, it’s very lightweight. Assembling and disassembling it for travel is also quite easy.

  • Product
  • Ingenious memory mode.
  • Saves power by automatically turning off the display.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Large coil size for its range.
  • First batteries are included.
  • Feels sturdy and robust.
  • Large backlit LCD display.
  • DISC Mode

  • Not fully waterproof.

Customers’ Feedback:

Wanted something more capable but did not want to pay a fancy price. The functions I needed necessitated something 2 times more expensive. My highlight was saving on the MT-XR.

It was a geeky birthday present for my best mate. He is jolly about its weight, size, and appearance. We use it on weekends.

On the first day, I search the towel line at the beach. Within ten minutes, I’d dug out a rusty iron necklace. No treasures so far but I’m pretty hopeful of my next visit. My best metal detector so far.
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DR.ÖTEK MT-X – Best for Kids and Adults

Best Metal Detectors for UK: 3 Top Choices in 2021

Why do we have two DR.ÖTEK products on this metal detector review? Well, the MT-X is the less capable version, but it still packs the same awesome features and settings. If you’re just starting out or are yet to go pro, the MT-X is a good choice.

Not much has changed. The MT-X comes with an 8-inch waterproof search coil that’s powerful enough for preliminary detecting work. You may use it in shallow water, and it finds objects buried up to 7 inches deep. It has a numerical output of 0-99, and most metals fall between 40 to 99.

It also comes with the pinpoint function giving it multiple capabilities. The discrimination function is also top-notch. The model comes with a complimentary folding shovel. Now, in these metal detectors reviews, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the manual ground balance function. It’s generally reserved for more high-range models.

  • Product
  • Good for shallow water detecting.
  • Comfortable handling and lightweight.
  • Discrimination mode.
  • Shovel penetrates most surfaces.
  • Support for headphones.
  • Backlight screen.

  • Batteries not included.
  • Detection of up to 18cm only.

Customers’ Feedback:

At first, I was only finding rusty wires, but after tinkering with the sensitivity and DISC mode with the menu toggle, it began differentiating metal types. It was also delivered earlier than usual.

I tend to be very finicky, but can absolutely not find any faults with this item. My son spent the better part of this week outside, and that is a blessing in its self.

With this being my first purchase, countless reviews did not prepare me well for when the product arrived. Being clueless on how to start, the manual was a lifesaver and only had to peruse it for 3 minutes top. For first-timers, don’t ignore the instructions.
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MYLEK MYMD1062 – Best for the Extras

Best Metal Detectors for UK: 3 Top Choices in 2021

Coming in at the third spot in this best metal detector UK review is the MYLEK XP Plus. It costs way less, but it never feels cheaply built. In fact, you get more extras than any other detector: free bag, compass, headphones, and shovel/pick. You can order it in yellow or black.

You will not feel restricted by terrain. The waterproof search coil means it can be immersed in water, though not fully. Its build quality is great and withstands bumps on hard surfaces as well.

The height-adjustable feature makes it suitable for kids. It’s also backed by a one-year warranty and great customer service. You can be assured that it is a professional metal detector since it’s CE certified and has attained ROHS compliance.

  • Product
  • Plenty of extras (headphones, shovel, compass).
  • Strong 6.5” search coil.
  • Notification for low battery.
  • Good discrimination feature.
  • Lightweight.

  • Some customers have complained about missing extras, bits or screws.
  • The plastic shovel is not sturdy.

Customers’ Feedback:

I switched from a more pricey detector that did not work well. The XP accomplished the task at hand. I guess what they say is true: Price is what you pay, value is what you get!

Cheers to the MYLEK. It’s a please to do business with such a manufacturer. It was made with a good heart. My grandson loves the Curse of Oak Island show and wants a treasure of his own. This detector is a good start. The yellow version we ordered appears retro with its classic meter.

I can only say good things about the product. It’s as advertised and you get what they promise. Delivery was prompt.
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