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Even on the best CPAP machines, there are so many places for bacteria and dirt to hide. CPAP cleaning devices can efficiently remove all unwanted grime from your machine so that it is always sparkling clean and ready for use. What is the best CPAP machine cleaner though? Reading CPAP cleaning machine reviews like this one is a good way to figure out which products are worth your money. Any of the three options below are trustworthy options that you can rely on to get the job done. Take a look to see which one best meets your unique needs.

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SoClean 2 Premium Package | Easy and Universal Option

Best Choice
SoClean 2 Premium Package
SoClean 2 Premium Package
The SoClean 2 Premium Package cleaner might be a great option for those who own a few different types of CPAPs. It is capable of cleaning all of the popular types of equipment used for aiding breathing while sleeping. It even comes with adapters for the top three SoClean machines. After unboxing it, you will have to set it up. However, after the initial set up, you can leave it put together so that it can be quickly used whenever you need it. The machine does not require water so you will not have to remember to fill it up from time to time.
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Because it comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, buying this product is not as risky as buying some of its alternatives. In addition to the three adapters, this product comes with one universal injection fitting, one ounce of pre-wash, and other accessories. If you are skeptical of the manufacturer’s claims though, check out the product’s 4.6/5 star review on Amazon.

  • Three popular adapters
  • Covered by a warranty
  • One-time setup
  • Does not require water
  • Best CPAP cleaner overall
  • None

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

Even in my old age, it was easy to figure out how to work this thing. The directions were simple– all you have to do is open it up, drop whatever needs sanitizing in, and boom, it cleans. I would recommend this to anyone using CPAP therapy.

My husband always insisted on cleaning his own breathing machine, but lately, his arthritis has been preventing him from doing a good job. I bought him this based on CPAP cleaners reviews and it has exceeded our expectations!

The only thing I have to say is that I can’t believe I didn’t get this sooner for cleaning my CPAP devices. It has saved me so much time and energy, plus, it does a better job than I ever did. I will never handwash another breathing mask again.
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3B Lumin CPAP Cleaner | Perfect for Those Who Despise Maintenance

3 Best CPAP Machine | Reviews

The 3B Lumin CPAP Cleaner is essentially a zero maintenance machine. It does not use filters that have to be frequently changed nor does it require water to run. The UV light bulb that this product requires lasts an impressively long amount of time so you will likely never have to change it. This product also works wicked fast. It can sanitize your hose in just about five minutes. Even if you forget to do this in the morning after use, you can just pop it in quickly before you go to bed. It will come out sparkling clean with no residue, and it does not omit any unhealthy gasses during use. Note that you can also sanitize anything else that fits inside this machine, including toys, toothbrushes, and phones.

  • Product
  • Ozone-free
  • Essentially maintenance-free
  • 2-year warranty
  • Can clean anything
  • Has a strong smell at first

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

I am a licensed physician, so you can trust me when I tell you that this product disinfects and cleans the same way that we do in the hospital. I feel completely confident in its ability to do a good job, and you should too!

Being of the belief for a while that even the top-rated CPAP machines were too difficult to maintain, I chose to suffer for a long time without one. One day my son brought me home a machine along with this product, and I use them both daily.

I use one of the top CPAP machines for my obstructive sleep apnea. Though I love its pressure relief features, it was historically very difficult to clean. With this new CPAP sterilization machine though, cleaning it is now cake.
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SoClean 2 CPAP Bundle | Cleans AND Sanitizes!

3 Best CPAP Machine | Reviews

The SoClean 2 Bundle may likely be a good option for those who do not mind spending a bit extra if it means getting more value. The purchase of this product comes with the cleaning and sanitizing machine, unscented wipes, an adapter, generic filters, and a hose. By cleaning your airpath, mask, water bin, and hose, this unit will keep your machine clean and your person healthy. Since it weighs less than 9 pounds, it is easy enough to be used as a portable CPAP cleaner so long as you do not mind packing up its parts. It’s also compact so that it can fit nicely onto a bedside table.

  • Product
  • Lightweight
  • Includes filters and wipes
  • Not explicitly covered under warranty
  • Hinge is fragile

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

I traded in my prime clean CPAP cleaner after comparing the prime clean reviews to the reviews I read for this bundle. All in all, I’d say it was a good decision. I am definitely happier with my new product, and so is my wife, haha!

Using my CPAP machine is great for sleeping best, but it’s usually a pain to keep clean. Ever since I bought this though, I have not had any problems with bad smells or mildew!

Bless this product. My CPAP is cleaner using this than it ever was before.
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