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Top 10 Best Nike Free Trainer 5.0 Models — Reviewing Your Choices in 2021

Updated onMarch 17, 2021

How well do you know your trainer shoes?

Pretty well I presume. Making the right choice is not as easy as some people think. But when it comes to Nike Free Trainer 5.0 you have a choice you can trust.

Designed to last, to physically impress; this is the kind of a shoe that makes you feel like a champion. What you need is a shoe that makes you comfortable and best Nike Free Trainer 5.0 is your choice for this.

And there is a lot to choose from but with a review of the available options, you will crack it all right.

Product NameImageMaterialsOverall RatingDetails
V5 Nike Free Trainer 5.0Criss-crossing nanopoly bands, Dual-density mid-sole and Nike Free flex grooves, DiamonFlex outsole for multi-directional movement8.5Check price
Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ Breathe Synthetic Running ShoeSynthetic and textured mesh10Check price
Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Running ShoeMesh, Flywire technology, Nike Free Phylite midsole, Hexagonal flex grooves 9.5Check price
Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Solstice Running ShoeMesh, Rubber sole, Hexagonal flex grooves 9.2Check price
Nike Training Sneakers 5.0 for MenSynthetic9Check price
Nike Men’s Free TR 8 Training SneakersSynthetic8Check price
Nike Men’s Free 5.0Mesh, Rubber sole9Check price
Nike Free Trainer 5.0 SBSynthetic8.5Check price
Real Men Nike Free Trainer 5.0Dual-density midsole and Nike Free flex grooves, Mesh9Check price
V6 Amp Nike Free Trainer 5.0Synthetic8.2Check price
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Experts Interviewed
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How we tested

Once you get your first pair of cross-training shoes, your entire exercise routine will feel so much better. They are so much nicer on your feet for those who are especially active. We tested some of the best-reviewed cross-training shoes in order to finally find the best ones. We thought that the most favorable way to judge would be through comfort, stability, fit, and aesthetics because these are attributes that consumers believe make a cross-training shoe a good pair.

Comfort is by far the most important feature on this list because it serves the whole purpose of the shoe. We tested comfort so, users could know how the shoe felt if they were purchasing online.

Having a stable pair of shoes makes training and exercising a lot easier. Stable shoes can become a great accessory and asset to your physical work. You will be able to notice the difference right away.

We tested the fit by making sure the shoes were actually true to size. Some shoes run a little too big or too small, so in our testing, we made sure that our favorite pics were measured correctly.

Lastly, the cross-training shoes’ appearance can make it or break it. A good-looking shoe makes the user feel better and perform better. Of course, this is all subjective, but it was still included in our judging criteria.

Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ Breathe Synthetic Running Shoe

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If ever there was a shoe meant for running, it would have to be the Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ Breathe Synthetic Running Shoe. Look, you already know a thing or two about Nike, so there’s no need to sell the brand. But what you almost certainly didn’t know is that the geniuses over at the lab are always cooking up the perfect running shoes for different environments. This men’s Nike Free Trainer 5.0 lets you soak up the natural feel of a minimalist, barefoot running shoe while incorporating some much needed underfoot protection and cushioning of a traditional shoe. But that’s not even the best part! The trainer comes complete with Nike’s patented Flywire engineering technology that provides athletes with a snug yet extremely flexible fit. Combine that with the asymmetrical lacing system that substantially reduces pressure at the top and you’ve got footwear built for speed. Nike even wet a step further to include diagonal cuts strategically all through the arch. This helps boost natural motion and pump up the foot strength.

  • Low profile cushioning and rounded heel promote natural foot strike
  • Flexible pods and cuts on the sole allow for easy multidirectional movement
  • Incredibly light synthetic and mesh construction
  • You might want to include your own orthotic inserts if you have them

Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Running Shoe

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If there’s one thing you’ve gotta love about Nike, it’s the millions of dollars they put in the research and development of new footwear technology. Without it, then these guys wouldn’t be the leading sports brand in the world now, would they? Their latest brainchild that has taken the running world by storm is packed with all the new tech and then some; and it’s got the price tag to prove it. That’s right; I’m talking about the Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Running Shoe. So, what makes this particular trainer worth the extra dime? Let’s find out. One of the cornerstone features is the inclusion of Flywire cables that wrap around the feet naturally and adapt to your stride immediately. Similarly, the Nike Free Phylite midsole also doubles as an outsole to give you the lightest, durable and flexible cushioning you’ll ever get. And just to get the weight even lower, Nike used No-sew overlays throughout the shoe for added strength and support.

  • Packed with state of the art footwear technology
  • One of the lightest running shoes on the planet
  • Deeper hexagonal grooves offer unmatched levels of flexibility
  • The deep hexagonal grooves might grab and trap small rocks while running

Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Solstice Running Shoe

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For over a decade, the structural basis of Nike’s trainers remained largely unaltered. But that’s until the Free 5.0 trainer lineup that saw the shoe undergo a massive makeover. Today, we’ll be chatting all about the only trainer that embodies both the old-school and modern outsole layout – the Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Solstice Running Shoe. This bad boy features a multi-directional movement outsole with deep channels and hexagonal grooves that give a whole new dimension to gait. But enough about what’s under your feet, what about the rest of the shoe? As you would expect, the Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Solstice Running Shoe has also become a favorite for women too. It turns out the drop in weight and introduction of bold color options was exactly what the fairer sex needed to jump on board. But apart from the unique print on the upper foot that makes you stand out in a crowd, the Solstice truly lives up to its name by allowing you to run, train, jog and even strut your stuff without getting fatigued. A definite must have for anyone looking for the next best thing in running.

  • Available for both men and women
  • Offers less bulk than previous models
  • Engineered for versatility, greatness and maximum ventilation
  • Being a minimalist running shoe, don’t expect too much arch support

Nike Training Sneakers 5.0 for Men
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This all-synthetic Nike Free Trainer 5.0 is great. It gives you a firm grip on the ground. It has your feet supported well and you can do some tricky maneuvers. Though the color is not what many men would prefer, it is in an overall good shape.

  • Very responsive to your training
  • Will give you good support
  • A multitasking trainer
  • The color, hot pink, is not so good for men
  • The color comes off fast hence the shoes are not durable

Real Men Nike Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer

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For all-terrain stability, this is the Nike Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer you should go for. It is comfortable on your feet and will give you the right kind of support for whatever exercise you go for. The physical design is attractive and those around will not help to notice that you have new trainers. It is the shoe you should hit the gym with, run and walk for hours without any complaint.

  • Comes in a variety of cool colors to choose from
  • It is a stylish shoe that will look great
  • It is comfortable and you can have it the entire day
  • Versatile trainer that will go for any challenge
  • For those with wider feet, you will have to order a larger size

Nike Men’s Free 5.0

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This is a cool pair of shoes that will not only give you comfort but foot support. It has won hearts of many, athletes and nonathletes, and you will be making the right choice if you are going to buy this one.

The sole will make you happy. It is darn tough and the perfect shoe to climb on rocks if you have to. In a nutshell, you can work out all day because this Nike Free Trainer 5.0 never falters.

  • Lovely design, they look good on you
  • It is pretty comfortable you may stay in it for an entire day
  • The sole is tough and will give you a pretty long time service
  • There are complaints that it does not fit well: the different numbers feel smaller

Nike Men’s Free TR 8 Training Sneakers

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They are good looking and you will love them on the first sight. If you are the kind that works out for long you do not need to worry about sweating. This Nike Free TR 8 Training Sneakers has a mesh to allow in fresh air and keep your feet dry. Good for the gym and on the court, you cannot have better trainers than this.

  • Comes with a breathable mesh to keep your feet comfortable
  • The heel is round shaped to give you support and control on the ground
  • The grooves are hexagonal hence enhances agility and give you a natural feel with every step
  • Good looking shoes
  • Their range of sizes will feel smaller the first time you wear them
  • The opening is too tight to allow a big foot in

V6 Nike Free Trainer 5.0 for Men

Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 AMP Volt Black 723939-770
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For your gym, this is the Nike Free Trainer 5.0 you should go for. It gives your feet stability while lifting weight and you can go on for hours without any sort of discomfort. The shoe flexes with every move you make hence the ideal piece to hit the gym with. It will serve you on many occasions and for a fitness enthusiast, you cannot ask for a better shoe.

  • They are very comfortable on your feet
  • Will give you the kind of foot support you need while you do your gym workout
  • It is a versatile shoe that you can wear for casual outing
  • Not the best kind of shoe for outdoor exercises
  • It is not a durable shoe
  • Made for someone with narrow feet

Nike Free Trainer 5.0 SB

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This is the champion of trainers. It is the kind of Nike Free Trainer 5.0 that everyone should be having. It is perfect in fitting, terrific in support and unrivaled when it comes to comfort. The shoe is light and a good company for weightlifting.

It is not only good in the gym; you can have it on your court and other outdoor exercises. To be precise, this is the shoe you need for multitasking and not only running as other trainers do. The design is simplistic but one that will appeal to you. Nike knows how to do things simple but in the end, they will beat any competition.

  • A very versatile shoe. The perfect shoe for any kind of exercise
  • Excellent fitting
  • It is comfortable and you can have it on an entire day
  • Its durability will amaze you
  • A very versatile design; you can wear them for so many exercising occasions
  • Some customers complain of shrinking

V6 Amp Nike Free Trainer 5.0

Nike Men's Free Trainer 5.0 Amp Men's Training Shoe
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With the perfect fit and perfect color for men, this Nike Free Trainer 5.0 has all that you need. It is a versatile shoe that will go to the gym and still be your running companion. It is designed to be physically attractive. Its comfort is unsurpassed and you will love all that it is giving you.

Moreover, the foot support is something you will love and keep buying this shoe every other time you go out shopping for a trainer shoe.

  • You will not have any trouble fitting it
  • It is beautifully designed
  • Good with foot support
  • Not the kind that will last long
  • There are some customer complaints on its fitting

How to Choose Trainer Shoes?

Having a review of choices for Nike Free Trainer 5.0 is not enough for you to choose the right trainer shoe. There is a lot that goes into making the right decision. If you are out shopping for a shoe that will be a champion in whatever use you put it to, here is a buying guideline:


Which Nike Trainer Is the Best?

Our top recommendation for the best Nike Trainer is the Nike Men’s Free Breathe 5.0+ Running Shoe. It lets you soak up the natural feel of a minimalist shoe and cushioning of a traditional running shoe. Read more in our Nike free 5.0 men review.

How Do I Wash Nike Free Runs?

Looking for how to Wash Nike Free Runs properly? Use a soft-bristle brush with mild soap and clean water and rinse gently. You can also wash in a washing machine, just add in some cloth with them and select the cold wash program.

How to Clean Nike Free Runs?

To clean your Nike Free Runs, you can make use of a dry brush to get rid of dirt and dust from the midsole, outsole, and uppers. If you don’t have a shoe brush then you can do just fine with an old toothbrush.

Why Should I Buy a Nike Free Trainer 5.0?

After reading our full Nike free review, you’ll find out that the running shoes mentioned:

Are super light.
Will provide your feet with improved and continual support.
Are durable, free moving and offer dynamic strength even during your most intense workouts.


If you are out to buy trainer shoes you do not want a one-dimensional product. Nike Free Trainer 5.0 has the perfect shoes you can make your pick from. If you were wondering where to start now you have somewhere to begin your search from. With few reviews and a section on the best Nike Free Trainer 5.0, you will definitely get your choice right.


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