10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)

STEALTH Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security BoxAs a person who owns gun and ammunition, the first question that should always be on your mind is – I’m I doing enough to ensure safety?

Indeed, keeping your firearm well protected can reduce any chances of it being misused or stolen.

Fortunately, an investment in the best gun safe under 500 can help solve this problem, once and for all, for you. Whether you own pistols or long-guns, here’s an in-depth coverage of gun safe reviews to help you make an informed decision.

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When it comes to your safety and security, any old gun safe won’t do. You need one that is going to stay locked when it is supposed to but open smoothly and swiftly if the time ever comes where you need to be able to access it urgently. There are tons of unreliable gun safes on the market today that are truly a waste of your money. Fortunately for you, we weeded through tons of product dupes and duds in order to find the select few options that are actually worthy of your attention. 10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)We first established some good options based on market research and real customer reviews. Then, once we found ten seemingly great products, we visited stores in which they were sold to test them all out. A team of three gun safety experts evaluated each product on a scorecard containing aspects such as aesthetics, functionalist, and security. Each of these characteristics was ranked on a five-point scale. Then, when the hands-on testing process was finished, we averaged the scores given to each product by all the experts to determine the ranking seen above on this list.

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GunVault Speed Vault SV500 Handgun Safe

GunVault SV500


Ranked as one of the most popular, budget-friendly gun safes, the SV500 is designed to keep your handgun safe. First off, it boasts a high-strength lock mechanism which is virtually impenetrable with any hand tool.

Perhaps its 18-gauge steel body is to thank for this. If you have no idea what this kind of steel is like, then it’s important to keep in mind that it’s a rock-solid, constructed piece of metal. This is heavy-gauge steel which is meant to offer top-notch security at all times.

To add onto safety, this gun safe also comes with backup override keys. This is an extremely important feature as it ensures you can access your safe with no qualms even in case of an EMP attack.

Its interior is not only padded with interior foam but is also adequately illuminated with a courtesy light. This light activates immediately you open the safe. The feature comes in handy in ensuring you’re able to view your valuables in the dark, safely and discreetly.

But what happens to the light when there’s a power blackout?

You might be wondering. Well, the good news is that the Gunvault SV500 comes with a 9-volt battery. This is an ever-reliable alkaline battery which keeps the safe going even when put to use in a place with no power supply.

So, we’ve said that this safe is practically impermeable to any attempts to tamper with it – but is it fire and burglary-proof?

Well, the only way the manufacturer could provide an answer to this question was by providing a 5-year full warranty on this vault.

So, if in case this vault falls below your expectations, the manufacturer is fully ready to be held accountable for that. And if the reviews that different users have posted about the SV500 are anything to go by, this safe offers a pretty good deal.

  • Product
  • Digital keypad for quick access
  • Housing made from 18-gauge heavy-duty steel
  • Interior lined with soft foam
  • Comes with a variety of mounting options
  • A backup override key is provided


Clearly, the SV500 is a top choice for anyone who might be looking for a safe, discreet, and secure way to store their guns and ammunition. Its compact design, tough exterior, and smooth interior make it a perfect choice for anyone looking to get the best value for money.

Above all, the safe is user-friendly and easy-to-mount and, therefore, convenient to have around.

  • Compact design
  • User-friendly design
  • Highly secure exterior
  • Soft interior for optimal protection
  • Padded interior to prevent rattling
  • Easy to program through 1-digit entry or number combinations
  • The interior foam isn’t removable or customizable

SV500 User Manual

View this manual

Since 1990, GunVault has been an industry leader and innovator of quick access personal safes. We pride ourselves on our commitment to manufacture a responsible firearm storage solution with the highest in quality and patented design. At GunVault we stand behind our products. We understand that in a time of crisis you rely on the security and protection GunVault provides

GunVault SpeedVault SV500 Review

Yotube Video Review: GunVault SpeedVault SV500 Review

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SentrySafe QAP1BE Quick Access Pistol Safe

SentrySafe Pistol Safe


The way you store your handgun is bound to change for good if you give this safe a shot. Not that it’s huge or even that its batteries are super-powerful but it certainly is worth its weight in gold. Indeed, the SentrySafe QAP1BE dangles a myriad of user-friendly features to its potential owners.

For instance, it comes with built-in biometric access. Its biometric lock comes with a fingerprint scanner which is designed to provide advanced protection.

But what if you hear burglars at your door and would like to open the safe without alerting them of your next move?

Well, the good news about this handgun safe is that it’s designed to operate quietly and discreetly. It has a gas strut which does an incredible job of opening the doors silently. Most importantly (and for added safety) its door is designed to offer single-handed access. That alone enhances user-experience and makes your life a tad better.

It is one thing for a safe to come with all the bells and whistles but if it fails to offer adequate security, then you’re better off not going for it.

So, how does the SentrySafe Pistol Safe fare in this regard?

Well, first off, it comes with a pry-resistant door and a heavy-duty steel exterior. To top it all up, this unit is designed to be painlessly easy to mount either on the head of your bed or the wall. You can even spray-paint it to make it look exactly like any other appliances in your home.

On top of that, you also get an electronic lock which is optimized to operate as a zero-feedback silent entry lock. But in case the electronic system fails (maybe if the battery runs low) an override key is provided as a backup. 

  • Product
  • Opens instantly after applying the biometrics
  • Secure and reliable
  • Boasts pry resistant door
  • Certified as per California DOJ requirements
  • Compression gas strut for quiet operation


Why would you need to invest in a large safe while all you need is space for one pistol?

The QAP1BE safe is designed to present you with a budget-friendly vault that is safe and easy-to-access. It may be tiny but it’s sure to offer you huge confidence as far as gun safety is concerned.

  • Equipped with advanced fingerprint technology
  • Operates quietly and discretely
  • Has an override key for backup
  • Designed to be damage- and accident-resistant
  • Can accommodate up to 4 fingerprints
  • Premium foam lined interior
  • Lacks an interior LED light

SentrySafe QAP1BE Quick Access Pistol Safe User Manual

View this manual

SentrySafe recommends that you store your safe in a closet, office, basement, bedroom or any other location that is convenient for you but out of direct line of sight from prying eyes. The location of the safe does not affect the safe’s ability to protect your valuables inside.

SentrySafe QAP1BE: Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe

Yotube Video Review: SentrySafe QAP1BE: Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe

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GunVault MV500 Microvault Gun Safe

GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe


Known for being light-weight but secure, the MV500 stands out with its generous interior storage space. Although the safe is quite compact, it offers enough space for one pistol, a magazine, and several bullets.

Perhaps the reason for its light-weight is the fact that it uses 20-gauge steel as opposed to 18-gauge which is common among its competitors. The main advantage of it being of light-weight is that it is quite portable. You can even pack it up in your RV as you head out for that picnicking or bugging out mission.

Yet another unique attribute of the MV500 is that it is designed to work with a no-eyes keypad. This is a rather unique and secure keypad which can easily be customized to suit your unique needs. All you need to do is create a unique code using different digit combinations with over 12 million variations being provided.

For added user-friendliness, the safe comes with a handy audio feedback feature. This feature confirms the correct keypad entries. However, if you’d like to operate the safe stealthily, you’d only need to disable this mode of operation.

The fact that this safe is battery-operated means it is also highly portable. But above all, unlike other gun safes of its caliber, this one comes with a tamper indicator. The indicator alerts you of any invalid attempts to access the safe. Above all, there’s a built-in computer in place which prevents further tampering when there are too many invalid entries made.

  • Product
  • Provides over 12-million access codes for added security
  • 4-foot tethering cable provided for easy mounting
  • Weighs a paltry 4 pounds and is easy to transport
  • Excellent interior foam lining
  • Override key provided as a backup


This gun safe provides you with adequate storage space so you can store a few more items safely. On top of that, its exterior is built from tough but light-weight steel which is further finished with a smart black color. So, if you’re out there looking for a gun safe light kit, this would probably the best deal for you.

  • Powerful lock mechanism
  • Well lit for quick access even in dark rooms
  • Easy to program and lock
  • Does not come with free batteries
  • Requires frequent battery swaps to prevent corroding

GunVault MV500 Microvault Gun Safe User Manual

View this manual

Since 1990, GunVault has been an industry leader and innovator of quick access personal safes. We pride ourselves on our commitment to manufacture a responsible firearm storage solution with the highest in quality and patented design. At GunVault we stand behind our products. We understand that in a time of crisis you rely on the security and protection GunVault provides.

10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)
Pro Tip

Some manufacturers offer free gun safe repair services once you make the purchase. Be sure to check if this option is available.

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First Alert Handgun 5200DF Safe

First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun or Pistol Safe


If you are on the market for a portable gun safe for safeguarding your ammunition and firearm, the First Alert 5200DF is a product worth checking out. Weighing just 4 pounds while measuring just 3.5” x 9.3” x 11.5”, it offers a great combination of portability and safety. In fact, it will fit in many convenient locations around the house.

As far as the construction of this home gun safe is concerned, it features durable 18-gauge steel housing that offers your firearms solid protection from all the elements to ensure long-lasting performance. The safe is also powder coated to protect your weapons from rust and corrosion. As if that’s not enough, it is fitted with a foam-lined interior that provides your gun a soft bed to rest on to avoid getting scuffed.

But you know what else?

The safe is equipped with an electronic keypad for maximum security of your pistol or handgun during storage. The keypad allows you to set a three to eight digit passcode with a “no-see” feature so that other people don’t get to see it. However, the safe can easily be accessed via the two emergency override keys included.

What’s more?

The safe’s door features a spring-loaded locking function for quick access to all your contents, especially, during an emergency. On top of that, it includes a 1,500-pound steel cable for securing it to a safe place. As a matter of fact, you can also mount it to a shelf, your car trunk’s floor or the closet via the pre-drilled holes by bolting it. 

  • Product
  • Powered by two AA batteries that are included
  • Quick-access locking mechanism
  • Electronic keypad with programmable passcode
  • Pre-drilled holes for ease of mounting
  • Made of heavy-duty 18-gauge steel


Overall, the First Alert 5200DF offers great value for its price. It is sturdy and above all comes with some great security features to ensure your firearms are kept safe. Not to mention it is lightweight and compact which means you can carry it with you when traveling.

  • Boasts multiple methods of entry
  • Easy to mount thanks to its lightweight design
  • Approved by the California Justice Department
  • Fits a full-size handgun with extra room to spare
  • Includes owner’s manual with straightforward instructions
  • Durable and quite sturdy for its price
  • Batteries included drain quite fast so you will need to invest in better ones
  • Lacks fire or water protection

First Alert Handgun 5200DF Safe User Manual

View this manual

Your new First Alert® Safe will provide years of safe and secure protection for your valuables, important documents and other personal items. All First Alert® Safes are designed and built using the highest manufacturing standards to ensure maximum user satisfaction under a variety of conditions. With proper care, your First Alert® Safe will provide peace of mind for many years to come.

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STEALTH Handgun Hanger Safe

STEALTH Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box


The STEALTH Handgun safe is best suited for people who possess up to five handguns. It features three steel rods that hold three guns at the ready and two extra handguns flat. But here is the best part; the rods are coated using heat shrink tubing to protect your firearms from scratches and any damage.

Included with this gun safe is also a free high-strength cable to ensure optimal security of your weapons. In addition to this, it comes equipped with anti-pry tabs along with a solid locking latch that makes it nearly impossible for intruders to pry it open. This leaves you feeling confident knowing that your kids cannot have access to your handguns.

But wait, there’s more. The safe boasts two-piece steel door with a thickness of 3/8” making it insanely hard for thieves to tamper with. However, to ensure quick access to your contents once you enter the correct combination, the door is spring loaded. What is more, it features a welded steel-lock construction to prevent the release mechanism from being tampered with by anything.

Featuring durable steel construction, the STEALTH Handgun Safe is not only resistant to hacking and prying but also drilling. Its interior, on the other hand, is made of high-density protective foam to ensure you don’t scratch or damage your firearms. Located at the back of the safe is an interior shelf that is capable of holding one large clip or two small ones.

And another thing, the safe comes with an electronic keypad that allows you to enter a six-digit combination passcode for fast access. Similarly, it boasts red interior lighting once you manage to open the door so you can clearly see your contents, especially in the dark. 

  • Product
  • Straw and pick proof for optimal security
  • Scratch-resistant steel rods for holding your guns
  • Optional silent mode for all the buttons and functions
  • A thick and recessed door to prevent unauthorized access
  • Four bolt down holes for secure mounting


If you are on a tight budget and looking for a gun safe under 300 without compromising on quality, this STEALTH Hanger Safe is a fantastic option. Robust and secure, it will provide years of security for all your firearms.

Besides, it is easy to set up and its tactical black paint finish makes it aesthetically pleasing.

  • Interior is padded on all sides with high-density foam
  • Easy to secure to walls
  • Has ample space for storing up to five guns
  • Pry-resistant with a reliable locking mechanism
  • The door is quite heavy for maximum security
  • No battery indicator to alert you when it’s running low so you have to guess

Handgun hanger safe holds 5 Pistols

Yotube Video Review: Handgun hanger safe holds 5 Pistols

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Stack-On 10-Gun Steel Security Cabinet GCB-910

Stack-On GCB-910 Steel 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet


Next up is another cheap home gun safe that is designed with both the comfort and usability of every gun enthusiast in mind. Like the rest of the safes in this guide, the Stack-On GCB-910 is approved by the California Department of Justice to meet their standards for safely storing guns.

Designed to hold up to 10 rifles or shotguns with a maximum height of 52 inches, there is no doubt that this cabinet is best suited for people with several firearms.

And you know what?

It has a removable top shelf made of steel construction to allow for additional storage. In addition to that, at the back of the safe is a shelf so you can store longer riffles in the front conveniently.

Additionally, the cabinet features welded steel construction which guarantees long-term durability while ensuring superior protection, especially against drill attacks. And to give it a nice appearance, it is coated with a baked epoxy black finish that gives it a classic look.

Beyond that, the Stack-On GCB-910 cabinet includes a three-point locking system crafted from high-quality steel along with a double-butted key lock that is coded for added theft deterrent. As if that’s not enough, it is fitted with a large locking plate behind the door frame to ensure optimal security of your guns.

To top it off, the cabinet spots a flush mount at the bottom plus pre-drilled holes for easier fastening and mounting either to the floor or the wall. Most importantly, it comes with barrel rests to help you keep your riffles in place. 

  • Product
  • Staked and full-length welded piano hinge for greater security
  • Molded and contoured barrel rests for storing scoped guns
  • The bottom is padded with thick foam
  • One year limited warranty against material defects and workmanship
  • Includes fastening hardware


Stack-On makes a wide range of gun safe with shelves and this GCB-910 10-Gun cabinet is one of their best options if you’re tight on budget. The cabinet is pretty well built and will keep your firearms safe especially from intruders. While not the most feature-rich safe, for the price it’s a decent product.

  • Extremely spacious and durable
  • Boasts a removable shelve for extra storage
  • Barrel rests don’t compress or even deteriorate with time
  • Has a sturdy and reliable locking mechanism
  • Set up is quick and easy
  • Includes extra keys for ease of access
  • Packaging is not the best so it might arrive with a few dents
  • Lacks electronic keypad
10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)
Pro Tip

It’s possible to customize some safes’ interiors. You’ll need to invest in additional layers which are usually made of steel.

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GunVault Multi Vault FV2000C-STD Gun Safe

GunVault GV2000C-STD Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe


If you are on the look-out for a gun safe under 1000 bucks, this GunVault FV2000C-STD should probably be on your list. Featuring patented No-eyes keypad, the safe is designed with simplicity and convenience mind. The keypad ensures lightning quick access to your hunting guns and other valuables even in the dark.

Any interesting features here?

The device comes programmed with over 12 million access codes that are user selectable for gun safe quick access. As if that’s not enough, when you enter the correct passcode, there is an audio feedback to confirm instantly.

However, you can disable the audio feature for silent mode operation. In addition to this, it is incorporated with a computer designed to block access in case of repeated invalid passcode entries.

One thing that fascinates most about this home gun safe is the amount of space it provides for your valuables. As it turns out, it is fitted with a removable interior shelf that allows you to store your small valuables like passport and jewelry along with multiple pistols.

What’s more?

It is powered by a 9 Volt Alkaline battery for easy portability and optimal security.

Made of 16-gauge steel housing, the GunVault FV2000C-STD boasts rock-solid construction to provide you with the highest level of security for your firearms. To top it off, its interior is outfitted with soft foam to prevent rattling and protect your valuable items from damage. And for your peace of mind, the manufacturer offers you a five-year warranty for fire and burglary.

Finally but most importantly, the safe includes a low battery indicator to let you know any time your battery is running low. This ensures you have adequate time to replace it. 

  • Product
  • High-strength and reliable lock mechanism
  • Two backup override keys
  • Tamper indicator for noting invalid entry attempts
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty
  • Precise fittings making it nearly impossible to pry open


Overall, GunVault has done a great job by creating this affordable safe without sacrificing quality. It includes a brilliant lock mechanism that will make it a headache for unauthorized persons to access your valuables. In addition to that, it boasts a sturdy and durable construction.

  • The keypad allows quick access to your guns
  • Difficult to pry open with any hand tool
  • Ample storage space for multiple pistols and other small items
  • Interior is lined with protective foam
  • Can mount nearly anywhere and in any direction
  • Batteries are not included with the purchase
  • Keypad tends to become unresponsive over time

GunVault Multi Vault FV2000C-STD Gun Safe User Manual

View this manual

Since 1990, GunVault has been an industry leader and innovator of quick access personal safes. We pride ourselves on our commitment to manufacture a responsible firearm storage solution with the highest in quality and patented design. At GunVault we stand behind our products. We understand that in a time of crisis you rely on the security and protection GunVault provides.

Gunvault Multivault Standard Safe

Yotube Video Review: Gunvault Multivault Standard Safe

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VAULTEK Biometric VT20i Handgun Safe

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe


With the VAULTEK VT20i safe, you can take comfort knowing that your handgun is well protected from burglars or your children. It is fitted with anti-pry bars alongside two-point latchets to prevent a forceful break-in and impacts. On top of that, the safe boasts biometric fingerprint scanner with the ability to store up to 20 user IDs. The scanner features a high-resolution sensor to ensure accurate and quick access.

But here’s the interesting thing; its exterior shell is constructed with 16-gauge carbon steel to provide your firearms solid protection from all elements. Further, it is coated with a durable powder finish to prevent corrosion while ensuring long-lasting performance. Additionally, the safe includes a heavy-duty 4-foot steel security cable for added theft deterrent.

Another interesting feature of the VAULTEK VT20i is its rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that is capable of lasting for months on just a single charge. In addition to this, it only takes 2.5 hours to recharge it using the included micro-USB charging cable or AC power adapter.

For added user friendliness, it features a Smart App that enables you to track safe usage, check for possible tampering, adjust interior LED, view battery status and unlock the safe when within range. Most importantly, the safe is equipped with adjustable interior LED light and a backlit keypad for ease of use in low light conditions. 

  • Product
  • Tough and rugged construction
  • Interior mounted hinges and security brackets
  • Two spare keys and multiple hotkey entries included
  • Responsive and illuminated keypad
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes with mounting hardware


If the buyer reviews all over the internet are anything to go by, there is no doubt that this safe is a great buy. Besides, it is backed by three years limited warranty against material defects and workmanship for your peace of mind. Not to mention, thanks to its automatic door opener, it is easy to gain access to your valuables.

  • Extremely portable and compact
  • Has a long-lasting and rechargeable battery
  • Meets all TSA airline firearm guidelines
  • Great customer support and build quality
  • The biometric scanner does not work consistently

Vaultek VT20i Walk Through

Yotube Video Review: Vaultek VT20i Walk Through

10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)
Pro Tip

The best way to ensure your gun safe is useable and secure is to bolt it in a secure location in your home.

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Stack-On Tactical Cabinet TC-16-GB-K-DS

Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet


The Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS is yet another great safe worth checking out if you are in need of a cabinet that offers your firearms adequate protection. While it does not incorporate any fancy features like a biometric fingerprint reader or electronic keypad, it does offer its owners an amazing level of security.

First of all, it is fitted with a three-point locking mechanism along with a double-bitted key cylinder lock that is coded to ensure maximum security of your belongings. And another thing, the safe is approved by the California Justice Department for meeting their strict safety standards.

What’s more?

The cabinet is designed to accommodate two tactical weapons and approximately 14 standard shotguns or rifles. But here is the best part; it features adjustable barrel rests to securely hold the tactical weapons in place.

To top it all up, the tactical storage section can be transformed to shelving so you can store pistols, ammo and other items. Last but not least, it includes three removable half shelves and one full-width shelf made of durable steel. 

  • Product
  • Boats sturdy riveted steel plates for added security
  • Coated with a black hammertone finish with silver/gray accents
  • Plenty of storage space for several rifles and guns
  • Reliable locking system
  • Includes removable and adjustable shelves


If you own several tactical weapons or shotguns, the Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS is an excellent gun safe for the money. It boasts plenty of shelves and installing it is a breeze. On top of that, it is fitted with a sturdy steel plate to prevent drill attacks.

  • Keeps firearms well organized and safe
  • Sturdy design for long-term durability
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • It is not easy to pry open
  • Customizable and spacious interior
  • It is not fireproof
  • Poor packaging from some sellers

Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet

Yotube Video Review: Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet

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Viking VS-20BLX Biometric Security Safe



Keeping your guns safe and secure requires one to invest in the best kind of technology possible. Luckily with the advent of biometric technology, you need not worry about dealing with cumbersome manual locks. Once you receive your new safe, all you’ll require to do is register your fingerprints and enter a backup PIN code.

The PIN code acts as a backup access tool. This is unlike in other safes which come only with an electronic lock or a manual override key. With the PIN code, all you’d need to do is use it in case the machine fails to detect your fingerprints or if you request the assistance of someone whose biometrics aren’t programmed in the safe. The exterior of the VS-20BLX is made from 20-gauge steel.

 Just how good is this kind of steel?

Well, to break it down for you, this is the kind of steel that can withstand laser cuts in addition to being pry-resistant. On top of that, we find that it is seamlessly welded with military precision for a scratch-resistant finish.

Its interior is 100% carpeted which effectively protects your precious guns from damage. And to make sure the unit remains in place even if burglars try to steal it, it comes with locking deadbolts. These are motorized and also motorized by two anti-pry insertion sections – ultimately providing you with added safety.

  • Product
  • Effective fingerprint scanner which is backed up by a PIN code system
  • Optical sensor boasts 500 DPI for enhanced access
  • Can be mounted using pry-resistant, deadbolts for added security
  • The biometric system can save up to 32 different fingerprints for access by multiple people
  • Has a premium exterior finish with military kind of looks


With a well-thought-out gun safe combination lock, the VS-20BLX is sure to provide you with dynamic, secure access, on-demand. It provides enough space for storing a pistol and is designed to work either as a bedroom safe, office safe or home safe. Its pry-resistant exterior makes it a boon for anyone looking for good value for money.

  • Easy to access
  • Easy to program with your unique security features
  • High-quality and secure exterior
  • Offers PIN access in case biometrics fail
  • Compact and fits easily anywhere you may need to put it
  • Removable shelves for a customizable interior
  • The biometric system may lose its accuracy with increasing age
  • Its exterior feels a little on the cheap side

Viking VS-20BLX Biometric Security Safe User Manual

View this manual

Please make sure to read and understand this manual before use.

Product Name Image Dimensions Overall Rating Details
GunVault SpeedVault SV500 Handgun Safe 10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020) 2.25 x 5.75 x 8.5 in 9.5 Check price
SentrySafe QAP1BE Quick Access Pistol Safe 10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020) 2.2 x 9.7 x 6.7 in 10 Check price
GunVault MV500 Microvault Gun Safe 10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020) 10 3/4 x 6 1/2 x 2 in 8 Check price
First Alert Handgun 5200DF Safe 10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020) 2.5 x 6.3 x 8.5 in 8 Check price
STEALTH Handgun Hanger Safe 10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020) 8 x 8 x 11 in 9.5 Check price
Stack-On 10-Gun Steel Security Cabinet GCB-910 10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020) 17 x 13.5 x 53 in 7.5 Check price
GunVault Multi Vault FV2000C-STD Gun Safe 10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020) 15 x 10.5 x 8.2 in 7.5 Check price
VAULTEK Biometric VT20i Handgun Safe 10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020) 11.0 x 5.75 x 2 in 9 Check price
Stack-On Tactical Cabinet TC-16-GB-K-DS 10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020) 18 x 21 x 55 in 8 Check price
Viking VS-20BLX Biometric Security Safe 10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020) 8 x 12 x 8 in 8.5 Check price

Safe Type

There are quite a few types of gun safes available out there in the world. As a potential owner of one of these, it is extremely important to understand the options available at your disposal so you can make an informed choice. Our comprehensive review of different home gun safe options is meant to provide you with quick insights into this.

  • Gun Safe with Dehumidifier

10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)Before we even talk about the different kinds of choices available at your disposal, it’s crucial we talk about dehumidifying gun safes. Over time, your safe is bound to accumulate water – especially if you live in highly humid conditions. This humidity can easily damage your guns and ammo and that’s why it’s crucial to find yourself a dehumidifier.

Basically, an ideal dehumidifier is one that’s capable of fitting inside the safe and absorbing great quantities of water. While some high-end safes come with this either as an add-on accessory or built-in feature, most of the gun safe cheap options may not. That’s why it is critical to consider including this accessory in your future purchases especially if your preferred safe doesn’t come with one. Some features worth considering in this regard include:
  • Look for a dehumidifier that’s tiny enough to fit in your safe
  • Go for one that can be recharged in your oven/plug for ease-of-use
  • One that alerts you when it needs to be recharged
  • A dehumidifier that can last for several weeks and drop moisture content significantly

The good thing about dehumidifiers is that they are relatively affordable. Best of all, you don’t always need one unless you’re particularly concerned about high moisture contents in your safe.

  • Biometric Gun Safe

10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)Biometric technology is one of the safest, tamper-proof access technologies in use today. This is because all one needs to access the safe is their finger-prints.

In other words, this kind of safe would not open unless you authorize it. This makes it next to impossible for any intruder to tamper with it since the chances of two people having the same fingerprints are next to zero.

  • Fireproof and Waterproof Gun Safe

10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)The good news is that all the safes included in this review, be they cheap or expensive, are made of heavy-duty steel.

In addition to the resilience of steel, modern technology allows for the integration of special security features that are capable of withstanding high temperatures and also water.

This means that in case of a fire or floods, your safe would be perfectly secure. That’s why gun pundits across the world agree that investing in a waterproof and fireproof gun safe is one of the best decisions one can make.

  • In-wall Gun Safe

10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)What on earth is an in-wall gun safe?

Well, it’s a safe that’s mounted on the wall of your house. It’s that simple. The beauty of these kinds of safes is that they tend to be easy to conceal. One can hire a trusted interior designer to camouflage them, easily. The main feature – they are usually thin. Thin everywhere and it means that the metal layer is a bit lighter. Consider it before you buy one!

Heck! You can even use spray paint to do this job yourself. On top of that, in-wall safes tend to be difficult to move around which adds onto their tamper-proof benefits.

  • Hidden Gun Safe

10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)It doesn’t make any sense to keep your safe in plain sight. That’s because, the moment any person sees a safe, their curiosity is naturally awakened.

So, you’re better off investing in a safe that’s easy to hide. Such safes are usually designed to mimic basic objects around the house such as furniture or accessories.

This way, people can walk around without taking note of them.

  • Gun Safe for Car or Truck

10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)Cars tend to have limited space and, therefore, it’s not a surprise that most safes recommended for use in vehicles tend to be small and light in weight.

In fact, in most cases, such safes are only meant to accommodate a single handgun and a few other accessories.

Most also come with strong 2-hook cabling for easy-mounting as well as extra protection.

  • Under Bed Gun Safe 

10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)You may have taken care of your security in the car, office, and living-room, but what about when you’re sleeping.

Isn’t this the time we’re all highly vulnerable to attacks?

It is at this point that under-bed gun safes come in handy. You only need to mount one of these under the bed as a sliding drawer. This way, you can get all the protection you need in a matter of seconds.

On top of that, these safes are available in different weight levels and sizes – so, you can always pick one that best fits under your bed.

  • Bedside Gun Safe

10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)Bedside gun safes are primarily designed to deter potential smash and grab burglars. They also come in handy in stopping nosy guests.

These safes also tend to come with pre-made mounting for easy-installation as well as adequate space for a handgun or two (of course this may vary depending on the model you opt for).

On the flipside, though, these are mostly not designed with extreme fire or child protection in mind. They basically are family-friendly options which are secure and burglar-proof at the same time.

  • Gun Safe Drawer

10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)Disaster may strike when you least expect and rushing to the next room to access your gun safe might not always be a wise idea. Fortunately, drawer safes exist to deal with this problem.

Although they tend to be small in size, they provide enhanced access to handguns without compromising on your safety. You can have one of these in your office at all times or even in your living room. The key benefit to note here is that drawer safes tend to be easy to manage and access as well.


How to Choose the Best Gun Safe Under 500 – Buyer’s Guide

The best way to buy gun safes is by asking yourself the following crucial questions below.

Start by making a comprehensive list of guns that you own. You may also include a list of the guns you intend to own moving forward on this list as well. In addition, it is worth assessing the number of bipods, rings, scopes, grips, spare magazines and fore-ends that may find their way into the safe in the course of your ownership.

If this list is pretty long, then you may need to invest in a gun safe with shelves. However, if you primarily want to secure your Glock 17 handgun, for instance, then a tiny and discrete safe would be your best bet.

How easily would you like to access the gun safe?

This is an extremely important question to mull over. You don’t want to end up with a safe that makes it nearly impossible to access your weapons when you need them. Therefore, you want to go for a safe that’s not only accessible but also handy.

For instance, it would be a good idea to get a drawer gun as this may come in handy if attacked when working behind your desk. Likewise, an under-the-bed safe would be your best option if concerned about nightly raids. So, be sure to assess your specific situation so you can make the best pick.

What level of protection are you looking for?

Did you know that you may not always need a fire-proof gun safe? Wait – this might sound controversial but the point we’re simply trying to pass across is that it’s important to assess your risk/safety needs before making a purchase. For instance, if your main reason for investing in a safe is to prevent your kids from accessing the guns, then a simple safe would suffice.

However, if you’re specifically looking for a burglar-, water-, and fire-proof safe, you may need to diversify your search. For instance, for those who live in states like California, it’s recommended to find a safe that meets the UL 1037 RSC rating as well as the California DOJ requirements. Likewise, if you’re planning to insure your safe, be sure to consult with your underwriter about burglary rating requirements.

What additional perks would one ordinarily expect from a good safe?

From biometrics to foam lining and interior lighting, a good safe is one that offers you great value for money. Biometrics, for instance, make it impossible for burglars to compromise your safe – even if they somehow had a master-key or hand tools.

Likewise, interior foam lining comes in handy in protecting your precious guns from rattling or being damaged by the heavy-duty housing of your safe. Lastly, an interior light which automatically turns on when you open the safe would help improve your user-experience especially if operating the unit in the dark.


Why Should I Own a Gun Safe? – 3 Good Reasons

Owning a gun is an important step to safety itself. However, if poorly managed, this can turn out to be a nightmare especially if the gun ends up in the wrong hands. So, the next time you feel reluctant to get a safe, think about the following benefits that you’d miss out on.

  • Guaranteeing Your Family’s Safety

Can you imagine if a gun was to somehow end up in the hands of your daughter without you knowing it? Scary, right?

But believe you me, 89% of childhood deaths due to firearm misuse occur at home. It’s, therefore, quite important for you to ensure that you take extra precaution to eliminate any chances of anything like this happening. 

  • Protecting Your Guns from Theft

Good guns cost quite a few bucks. Besides that, there’s sentimental value attached to gun ownership and as such, you don’t want to end up losing your precious rifles and pistols to thieves. A well-made safe helps brings all these concerns to an end. Truth be told, if guns end up on the wrong hands, the already worrying issue of gun violence might get out of hand.

  • Keeping Your Life Organized

It’s good to be a well-organized person. Organized people tend to be successful and as such are loved by all and sundry. By simply getting yourself a simple tool such as a gun safe door organizer you can easily store your ammunition for many more years to come. Most importantly, you can keep your bedroom, living room and office looking neat and safe for everyone.

Gun Safe Accessories

Besides the safe itself, different accessories exist. All these are meant to ensure you get the most out of your unit. For instance, you can always find anchor kits on sale and these are mainly used for mounting the safe. Some safe users prefer to invest in a danger sticker – this can come in handy when you want to send out a warning message to any person who might not have an idea that gun safes are for storing dangerous weapons.

For an added layer of safety, an investment in a safe cover might prove necessary in keeping the unit discrete. It is also worth noting that some safes do not come with mounting gear. Once again, you can always turn to outlets that sell gun safe accessories for mounting brackets. The same case applies to safe lights and power adapters.

Other handy accessories include dehumidifiers, security cables, replacement locks (should be replaced by certified professionals), dusters, lock lights; mounting brackets, pistol hangers, as well as storage magnets.

Remember, in order to get the best accessories, you may need to liaise with your safe manufacturer. For instance, safety locks would be best if bought directly from the manufacturer so you’re sure they’re compatible with your safe’s design.

10 Durable Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews – Top Choices for You (2020)



Marketing in the highly competitive gun safes market propels manufactures to push the advertised size of the safe. For this reason, it is imperative to always note that what’s advertised may not always be what you get. That’s why it’s important for us to inform you of the different size options available for you.

A small gun safe would be best suited for everyday use especially if portability is a requirement. As you’d expect, small gun safes are mainly designed to fit small guns – handguns or pistol if you like. With a creative partitioning of the interior, though, some manufacturers have made it possible to include a few more accessories. For instance, you can put your gun cleaning kits as well as ammo.

It is always recommended to buy a large gun safe that’s bigger than you think you need. This is because most firearms are designed to last a long time and you may require to buy more over time. If that happens, you’ll fast realize that the large safe you bought in yester-years might be terribly inadequate for tomorrow’s needs.

Most manufacturers prefer to talk about the external dimensions of their safes. However, thick walls tend to cut into the inside space. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind just so you don’t get a rude surprise when your shipment arrives.


Stack On, Liberty, Cannon, Browning, Kodiak.

Long Gun vs. Pistol Safes

Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Security CabinetGunVault GV2000C-STD Multi Vault Standard Gun SafeLong guns tend to take up more space in the safe, unlike pistols. However, no matter how limited your budget is, we heavily advice against buying safes that require you to store your long guns diagonally. Guns are precious assets and you really don’t want to compromise on how you store them. So, always insist on getting a safe with the appropriate brackets for placing each long gun in its place.

As far as pistol safes are concerned, you want to go for something tiny but decent. Also, you may need to prioritize on quick access among other features such as a lit interior for easy access in total darkness.

Electronic or Mechanical Locks?

Modern technology has seen electronic locks grow in popularity. Some of the features to expect out of a good electronic lock include (but not limited to) biometric access and a programmable keypad. However, even the best made electronic lock is susceptible to jamming especially if the batteries run out of power. For that reason, some manufacturers include an override key alongside electronic access.

Mechanical locks, on the other hand, are the oldest known form of security for gun safes. As such, they’re quite reliable although they may require quite a bit of manual work to open and lock. However, as far as security is concerned, mechanical locks remain as reliable as ever.


Care and Maintenance

Thanks to the fact that most safes are built to withstand torture, most of them a virtually maintenance-free. However, you may still need to take good care of yours so it looks good and well taken care of.

While at it, it is worth keeping in mind that any kind of care and maintenance activity needs to be done skillfully. One can easily void their warranty when they use aggressive care methods. Don’t let that happen. A good care routine should comprise:

  • Cleaning the surface with clean water using a soft washcloth
  • Wiping silkscreens and logos while taking care not to rub them
  • Avoid using metal polishes or any solvents to the surfaces of your safe
  • Always store your safe in a cool and dry place
  • You’re encouraged to keep the safe in climate-controlled conditions
  • Avoid exposing your safe to direct sunlight or extreme weather conditions for too long
  • It is noble to invest in a gun safe dehumidifier; this will help lower the humidity inside your safe


Most gun safe manufacturing companies provide warranties for their products. You can find 2-year, 5-year or even lifetime-warranties on offer. It is important to read and understand the details of your warranty. Some cover everything from repair to replacements but others are limited to either one of those two.

You should always be clear on the kind of terms your preferred manufacturer offers so you’re sure what to expect in case there’s a need to replace the safe for whatever reason.


Is my gun safe airtight?

Most manufacturers claim that their safes are airtight although that may not always be the case at room temperatures. Steel, being a metal, tends to expand and contract. Therefore, most safes are only airtight at certain temperatures but not always. For an airtight effect, it’s important to add an additional sealant on the inside instead of just believing in what your manufacturer claims.

Do gun safes work?

Most gun safes work although, ultimately, it’s how you manage the safe that makes it effective. If you own a portable safe, you’d want to make sure it’s properly mounted and that the access code or biometric code is properly used/stored. Heavier safes tend to be easier to secure and that’s because they’re generally difficult to transport and also feature heavy-gauge steel which is difficult to break into.

How much do gun safes cost?

The price depends on the kind of safe you’d like to invest in. If you’re looking for a tiny safe to store your handgun in your office drawer, for instance, a typical gun safe under 300 would work. However, it pays to also go for a bigger unit especially if you’re planning to store quite a few guns. Generally, any gun safe under 1000 should be able to present you with good value for money.

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