Top 10 Durable Car Ramps Reviews — Compare and Shop For the Best Stuff

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp SetCar ramps are your go-to tools when lifting your car to a height necessary to operate beneath. Now they become a necessity.

Previously, people used jacks to lift vehicles but over time, this option has proven unreliable. This is the loophole that car ramps came to seal. They are basically alternatives which serve as a medium between the ordinary jack and the expensive floor jack.

The ramps are made using lightweight materials which mean they are easy to move into place – yet at the same time, they are not delicate at all as they can tolerate a magnitude of weight that some floor jacks would struggle with.

We take a look at the top 10 choices of car ramps made from a wide range of materials, designed to serve different functions across various budget ranges.

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RhinoGear 11909 ABMI 12,000 lb GVW Vehicle Ramp RhinoRamps

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp - Pair (12,000lb. GVW Capacity)

If you are looking for reasonably priced car ramps, there are few better choices than the 11909 from RhinoGear. 11909 are built using patented polymer design with wide tracks to accommodate up to 9 inches tires.

Interestingly, despite their interestingly sophisticated design, they still weigh under 18.8 pounds. That’s of course in addition to the fact that the pair clocks in a gross vehicle weight of 12,000 lb giving one supreme confidence when spending some time on the car’s underside.

  • Product
  • Designed with the lower profile car trailers and automobiles in mind. This is achieved by gently lifting your vehicle over 17 degrees.
  • Made with CoreTRAC non-slip materials to significantly reduce the risk of the automobile slipping when lifted.
  • Built for easy storage with stand on-end protruding less than 12 inches at their maximum distance measurement.
  • Offers unparalleled support with wide tracks that can support up to 9 inches of tires. This is combined with a minimalistic build that means these bad boys weigh surprisingly under 20 pounds.
  • Nicely engineered
  • Incredibly strong
  • No bending at all
  • They are low profile
  • They are hollow and not as solid as some would expect.
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RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps 16000 lb GVW Max Vehicle Ramp

RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp - Pair (16,000lb. GVW Capacity)

Boasting a rugged and structural design, 11912ABMI car ramps promise to provide reliable and convenient access to the underside of your automobile. It has a patented polymer internal support system with a wide stance offering incredible weight distribution and reliable strength.

  • Product
  • Utilizes innovative CoreTRAC non-skid technology, which reduces the probability of slippage even when the vehicle is inclined at 17 degrees.
  • Designed to provide convenient and reliable access to the surface under your vehicle including the stability for ample storage space.
  • Supports up to 16,000 lbs gross vehicle weight capacity which is adequate for anybody who owns a light-duty truck and prefers to do own oil changes.
  • Made of extremely durable materials with a solid core design which makes them incredibly strong while weighing in at just 20 pounds.
  • Slip resistant
  • Great GVW capacity
  • Sturdy design
  • Incredible weight distribution
  • They can disappoint when used on trucks that weigh more than 13,000 lb

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Scepter 08226 Plastic 12,000lbs GVW Automotive Ramp

Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set - 2 Piece

Comprising of two plastic ramps, Scepter 08226 is designed to elevate your vehicle for up to 6.5 inches off the ground. The ramps are built with a parabolic arch that runs right through the center and provides reliable support for up to 12,000 lbs of gross vehicle weight. Not only are the car ramps strong and burly, but they are incredibly lightweight.

  • Made of top quality polypropylene plastic, which provides a lightweight solution, which is still sturdy and safe to get underneath and operate from.
  • Has additional plastic stops to the rear and front, which keeps your car from sliding even when the surface is wet.
  • The car ramps are generally wide which ensures plate even distribution of weight and secure movement both on and off the ramps.
  • Lightweight plastic material
  • All-weather capability
  • Low priced
  • It is made in Canada which some people erroneously perceive to mean it’s cheaply made
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Race Ramps RR-56 56 Inch Race Ramp

Race Ramps RR-56 56 Race Ramp

Made of extremely durable materials, these car ramps utilize the solid core design which enhances the capacity to handle massive car weight. One unique aspect of RR-56 is that it has some strap included which make the car ramps easy to move around and store when the job is done.

From a glance, this unit is optimized for lifting the front end of cars with a maximum carrying capacity of 3,000 lbs per pair. This is a great choice for light trucks especially among owners who want to do some oil changes or basic undercarriage repair.

  • Product
  • These ramps up to 8 inches off the ground giving you a 10.75-inch incline which is just enough for all delicate jobs.
  • Solid and durable construction utilizing high-quality plastic to provide a platform that is not only strong but also lightweight and easy to carry around (weighs 10 pounds per ramp).
  • Can be used to handle light cars against any flat surface including sand, dirt, and grass. In addition, the car ramps design is meant to accommodate tires of any width including truck tires.
  • Great option for low profile vehicles
  • Anti-slide surface
  • Impervious to automotive chemicals
  • Lightweight
  • These car ramps are only suitable for very light automobiles

Race Ramp - 56 inch two piece

Yotube Video Review: Race Ramp - 56 inch two piece

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Race Ramps RR-56-2 56 Inch Race Ramp

Race Ramps RR-56-2 56 Race Ramp - 2 Piece

This is a special category of car ramps by Race Ramps that are designed to specifically handle low clearance vehicles with wide tires. They are made from 100% solid-core material weighing in at a light 15 pounds each despite being durable and wonderfully solid. Even more encouraging, RR 56-2 is backed by a car ramps warranty of 1 year.

  • Product
  • Provides you with ample 10-inch lift height which is recommended for routine maintenance that is ideal for low-clearance vehicles and corvettes.
  • Built with a gentle 10.75-inch incline which can handle tires with up to 12 inches width without any risk of scooting, sliding, slipping or even leaving scratch marks on your floors.
  • Features additional straps for easy storage and carrying. Moreover, you can remove the bottom portion for easy side access. This beauty means they are less bothersome to have around especially for DIY persons.
  • Non-skid surface
  • 100% solid core design
  • Comes with straps for easy storage
  • Not suitable when your car tires have mud on them
  • Not suitable for cars with speed tires
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Race Ramps RR-WC-12 12-Inches Wheel Crib

Race Ramps RR-WC-12 12 Wheel Crib

If you have an especially low vehicle, getting it up on car ramps can prove almost to be a big issue without scraping. Fortunately, with these ramps, you don’t have to worry anymore.

With a light weight solid design to prevent these ramps from sliding forward, Race Ramps RR-WC-12 12-Inches wheel crib can be used for changing your oil or even for car display. These ramps are available in various custom sizes including 12″ Adjustable, 8″ Adjustable, 10″ Adjustable, 8″ and 10″.

  • Product
  • Features a very special construction that won’t leave some scratches or marks on your floors every time you use these car ramps.
  • Measuring 30 inches by 17 inches by 13 inches, these ramps are capable of holding tires with diameters as small as 25 inches and as big as 30 inches.
  • The wheel cribs are unscootable hence they will not slide or even slip regardless of the surface.
  • Weighing 13 pounds only, these ramps are light enough for anyone to carry and even maneuver.
  • Easy to handle and even store
  • Versatile and durable
  • Gives you plenty of room to work underneath
  • Can work on virtually any type of surface even on sand
  • Can be big to fit under some cars such as Chevrolet Corvette
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Highland Ramparts 8-Inches Aluminum Ramp (0700100)

Highland (0700100) Ramparts 8 Aluminum Ramp Top Kit - 2 Piece

Manufactured by a market leader in loading ramps, these car ramps are manufactured to quality and at the same time designed to exceed every possible expectation. They are made from aluminum so you don’t have to worry about rust since aluminum is a great corrosion resistant metal.

Weighing 4 pounds, no doubt these car ramps are very lightweight hence easy to move from one place to another. Highland (0700100) Ramparts are also very affordable but very sturdy and reliable.

  • Product
  • Boasts a non-skid surface that is rust resistant to prevent sliding or slipping.
  • Well designed to turn any ordinary 2-inch by 8-inch boards into strong and all-purpose ramps.
  • Includes some protective pads to protect the tailgate and installation hardware.
  • This top kit-2 piece is made from high-quality aluminum hence very strong and guaranteed to last for many years.
  • Inexpensive car ramp solution
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Makes loading things into the back of truck very easy
  • For some people who are not well conversant with car ramps, it may be hard to attach to boards to make a ramp
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Race Ramps RR-TR-5 5-Inches Trailer Ramp

Race Ramps RR-TR-5 5 Trailer Ramp

Race Ramps RR-TR-5 5 Trailer Ramp are probably some of the best car ramps you can purchase for your vehicle when cost is not much of an issue. They are steeped thereby allowing your trailer door to rest flush with the car ramp to give you a longer and more gradual 4.3-degree incline in order to stop your vehicle from bottoming out.

In addition, these ramps are capable of supporting vehicles weighing up to 6000 pounds but are very lightweight enough to hang on the wall. They are 67 inches long, 5 inches high and 14 inches wide making them a great option for low ground clearance vehicles with extra-wide tires.

  • Product
  • Features a textured coating that prevents the ramps from sliding or slipping across any surface.
  • Can accommodate vehicles with tires up to 12 inches wide.
  • Built-in straps for easy transportation and to be hung on a wall for storage purposes.
  • Boasts a solid core hence no any type of hollows or even holes for spiders to shelter.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Custom sizes available to meet your exact size requirements
  • Highly durable and stable
  • Does not damage the trailer doors or the trailer itself
  • Expensive but worth every penny
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Pair of Plastic 4,400 lb. Capacity Mini Car-Ramps

Pair of Plastic 4,400lb. capacity Mini Car Ramps

Sturdy and durable, these car ramps from Rage Power-sports allows for convenient as well as reliable access to the underneath of the car. It is designed for low profile sports cars up to 4,400 lb and is perfect for many uses such as raising a low-slung car to get a low-rise jack underneath. Pair of Plastic 4,400lb. capacity Mini Car Ramps are also reasonably priced and come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Product
  • Made of a heavy-duty honeycomb plastic that prevents any kind of long term moisture build-up on the car ramps.
  • The ramps can load at 9.05-degree angle and up to 2.75 inches high. They, therefore, work well with cars with body kits or even Ground FX.
  • Serves as an excellent pre-lift option great for sliding a hydraulic jack underneath or just for maintaining your vehicle or for seasonal storage.
  • Includes two ramps in the package and provides for a curved wheel-groove to help in preventing flat spotting tires when stored for a very long time.
  • Has a low-profile angle design that assists in reducing slippage when driving onto this car ramp.
  • Strong for most vehicles
  • Works great
  • Affordable
  • Built solidly
  • Does not provide significant lift to get under the car
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Nicky Nice Auto Ramp Set

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set

Measuring 35 inches long, Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set by Nicky Nice can comfortably accommodate most types of cars for the best ramping experience. You can, therefore, do your general vehicle maintenance, change oil and do some repairs by yourself with these car ramps. The ramps give you a lot of clearance underneath your car at a pocket-friendly price.

  • Product
  • Includes raised safety ribs on the sides of the ramps with excellent extruded traction-holes on an incline to allow for anti-skid ability add great efficiency.
  • Can accommodate vehicles weighing up to 6500 pounds and 2000 pounds on each ramp.
  • Made of sturdy powder coat finish that allows for great performance as well as outstanding efficiency.
  • The set comes with 2 heavy-gauge stamped steel car ramp pieces and each can hold a weight of around 3 tons.
  • Solid and durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Reliable and functional
  • Little steep for lower cars

How to Choose Car Ramps?

When choosing a car ramp, you need to consider some factors so you buy a ramp that best suits your needs. They include:

  • The type of vehicle you have
  • How high you actually need to go
  • What purpose the car ramps are going to serve you
  • Width of your car tires
  • Angle and height of the slope
  • Weight of the car ramp if you’re going to move them around more many times
  • Storage space
Product Name Weight Capacity Overall Rating Details
RhinoGear 11909 ABMI 12,000 lb GVW Vehicle Ramp RhinoRamps 12,000 lb 9.5 Check price
RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps 16000 lb GVW Max Vehicle Ramp 16,000 lb 9 Check price
Scepter 08226 Plastic 12,000lbs GVW Automotive Ramp 12,000 lb 10 Check price
Race Ramps RR-56 56 Inch Race Ramp 6,000 lb 8 Check price
Race Ramps RR-56-2 56 Inch Race Ramp 6,000 lb 9 Check price
Race Ramps RR-WC-12 12-Inches Wheel Crib 6,000 lb 8.5 Check price
Highland Ramparts 8-Inches Aluminum Ramp (0700100) 1, 400 lb 8 Check price
Race Ramps RR-TR-5 5-Inches Trailer Ramp 6,000 lb 8.5 Check price
Pair of Plastic 4,400 lb. Capacity Mini Car-Ramps 4,400 lb 8 Check price
Nicky Nice Auto Ramp Set 6,500 lb 7.5 Check price


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