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5-Piece Panacea Fireplace Tool SetHow well equipped is your fireplace? 

It should be well equipped because this is one of the places you would like to spend most of your time when it gets cold outside. A fireplace tool set is one thing you shouldn’t be missing. It keeps your hearth tidy and you can strategically display the tools when they are not in use.

There are so many of tools out there but I understand you are only out to get the best fireplace set tool. This is why this post is all you need to make that choice.

Here are top 10 reviews for the best fireplace tools; be sure to find a match for your hearth.

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Woodfield 4-Piece Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Set

WOODFIELD Woodfield Black Wrought Iron 4-piece Tool Set Wring Handles 61221

Simplicity with the edge to get the job done is all this fireplace tool set is all about. Its simple design should not scare you; Woodfield 4-Piece Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Set is more than just a toolset.

The stand base is supported by 4 prongs to give it stability to support the height. It is a sure quality that will be at your service for a good number of years to come. It saves on space so if you have space issues you should not be worried if this is the set you are buying.

  • 4 hooks to hang your tools
  • 4-prong strong stand
  • Black finish that will fit well with different fire-places
  • A sturdy piece and you do not pay much for it
  • It is sleek in design
  • Strong to hold all the tools in place
  • Takes a small space
  • The tools will get the job done
  • It may be heavy for some people but apart from that, it is a perfect set you should have
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5-Piece Panacea Fireplace Tool Set


5-Piece Panacea Fireplace Tool Set

If you are looking for a fireside tool set that will give you heart a modern taste and a sense of style then you are looking at the right place. This is one of a kind fireside tool set made not only to serve the fundamental purpose but also comes with a decorative edge.

Panacea Fireplace Tool Set 5 Piece, Oak Leaf 30, Colonial Brown is embellished with an oak leaf and branches design making it a desirable piece to look at every time you are warming yourself. It will hold your broom, poker, shovel and tongs in place. It the all-inclusive piece you need and it will do a great job for you.

  • Comes in brown color
  • Oak leaf design
  • 31-inch height, base diameter of 10 inches and 8.5 inches width
  • The base has some space to collect any debris falling
  • Gives your hearth brightness
  • The base can break easily
  • The stand is a bit unsteady
  • Can easily catch fire
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Black Uniflame Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Set


Black Uniflame Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Set


Roaring flames need the right tools to tend to it. That is why this rustic Uniflame set should be your choice. Uniflame, F-11140, 5-Piece Wrought Iron Toolset, Black is fully equipped to deal with any fire eventualities since it comes with a brush, shovel, poker and log lifter. It is a top styling tool and will be a great addition to your fireside. The price is worth the value you are getting thus it should not be an add decision to make the purchase.

  • Crook handles for easy grip
  • A twisted base
  • The set has a log lifter, shovel, poker and a brush
  • Black attractive finish
  • Conventional styling compatible with many fireplace designs
  • They are decorative addition to your fireside
  • They versatile and would go for a range fireplace designs
  • The tool collection is incredibly helpful
  • Good price for a strong set
  • Would rust if you leave them outside
  • They are paint grade and not powder coat
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Country Wood Holder Cum Fireplace Tool Set

Minuteman International LCR-07 Country Wood Holder with Tools

Versatility is a quality you should look for in whatever fireside tool set you are buying. Here is such a piece that is quaint and will be what you exactly need for your fireplace.

Minuteman International LCR-07 Country Wood Holder with Tools has hooks all over to give you space to hang your stuff. It also has a bottom shelf to give more storage space where you can throw in your newspaper. The basic function is holding wood but it does well to keep your units where you want them at all times.

  • Powder coat of graphite
  • Dimensions: 23-inch width, 11.5 inches base diameter, and 30 inches height
  • Wood holder
  • Hooks for hanging tools
  • An attractive piece that makes your fireside look better
  • Comes with versatility since it does more than one function
  • Debris will fall over the newspaper
  • Does not come in a good package
  • The black paint may not what everyone may want
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4-Piece Harper Fireplace Tool Set

Pleasant Hearth 4 Piece Harper Fireplace Toolset with Log holder

Pleasant Hearth 4 Piece Harper Fireplace Toolset with Log holder is both a wood holder and a place to keep your set of tools. This versatility not only makes it ideal for the fireplace but also a must-have home décor.

Your logs and stuff will be neatly stored and your fire place will be in good order. That is more than you are paying for this piece. The base is sturdy and the arch-like design makes it an attractive piece.

  • Product
  • Comes with a poker, stand, brush, tong, shovel and a wood holder
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Sturdy arched base
  • Sturdy base makes it more stable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has aesthetic edge
  • Not a strong piece
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ShelterLogic Fireplace Tool Set

ShelterLogic 90390 5-Piece Fireplace Toolset, Black

For a perfect accent, this is the fireside tool set you should be going for. ShelterLogic 90390 5-Piece Fireplace Toolset, Black has an ergonomic design hence making it the perfect piece to tend to your fire needs. It sleeks in its black aura and you wouldn’t ask for more value for your money. It comes with the full set you need so rest assured it will add some décor edge to your fire place.

  • Product
  • Cast iron poker
  • Brush with strong bristles
  • Heady duty stand
  • Comes with poker, a brush, tongs and shovel
  • Easy to install
  • A strong base stand
  • The price is good for such a great product
  • Complain about the poles not being the same height
  • It does not have an installation according to a number of customers who bought it
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Enclume 3-Piece Fireplace Tool Set

Enclume 3 Piece Fireplace Tool Set with Stand, Hammered Steel

How does a single metal fireplace tool set sound? I think it is great. Then if you think like I do then you have perfect answer in this piece. Enclume 3 Piece Tool Set with Stand, Hammered Steel is a simplified design but one that will give you all you need.

It comes with a broom, a shovel and a poker. It gives your fireside a very appealing look and you would want to spend a longer time in there. It takes away all the clutter from around your fireside. Do not worry about taking more of your room space; this will save on so much of it.

  • Great design with curved hands
  • Dimensions: 33 inches height, 8 inches width, and 11 inches length
  • 3 fireplace tools i.e. a broom, a poker and a shovel
  • Takes less space just in case you do not have much of it
  • It is a durable piece
  • Easy to set up
  • A décor addition to your fireplace
  • Some complaints that it is rugged
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5-Piece Fireplace Tool Set with Log Rack

WoodEze HR2501WA Hearth Firewood Rack With Fireplace Tool Set - Black

If your fireplace does not have a lot of space to spare you need a fireside tool set just like this one. 5-Piece Tool Set with Log Rack is a combination of a rack and a tool stand. You have a bottom shelve to keep old newspapers to light fire and a top holder for the logs.

It is made from wrought iron and will give you a firm place to have your stuff as well as your logs. To ensure you of its durability and quality, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Firewood rack and a kindling holder
  • Dimensions: 30 inches height, 12.5 inches width, and 12 inches depth
  • Comes with a shovel, tongs, firewood poker and a broom
  • Offers good storage for the logs and newspaper for lighting fire
  • It is durable and the lifetime guarantee is a token of that
  • Top quality rack and gets the job done
  • For those with less space, this may not be ideal
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Amagabeli 5-Piece Fireplace Tool Set

Amagabeli Fireplace Toolset 5 Pieces Wrought Iron Tools with Ball Handles,31-inch High, Black

This one is designed for both modern and country home. It is an ergonomic piece that takes the least place by your fireplace. Amagabeli Fireplace Toolset 5 Pieces Wrought Iron Tools with Ball Handles,31-inch High, Black is stylish thus add a sense of decoration to your home. Above all that, it comes equipped with the right equipment to keep your fire tended to. It has an iron wrought finishing and you will not be burning your fingers as you turn around the woods.

  • Product
  • Set with ergonomic handles
  • Part repair and replacement one-year warranty
  • Heavy duty base
  • Comes with a brush, poker, shovel and a tong
  • Guarantee for replacement and repair of parts for one year
  • It is a sturdy piece and easy to assemble
  • Takes less space
  • Wrought iron finish that will ensure you do not burn your fingers
  • Some complaints on faulty tools
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Black Hand-Forged Fireplace Tool Set

Hand-Forged Fireplace Tall Tool Set, in Black

Hand-Forged Fireplace Tall Tool Set, in Black will definitely give you long term service. The design is simplified but does not be fooled by that because the piece has all your needs under check. It does not take much of your space so do not worry if you do not have much of it to spare around your fire.

  • Product
  • A set of hand-forged broom, tongs, shovel and poker
  • Dimensions: 32 inches height and 7 inches in diameter
  • Classic Shepherd crook style
  • Grooved beavertail end finish
  • Great on space saving
  • Will give you a long time of service
  • The quality is top notch
  • It is a pretty design and will add some beauty around your fireplace
  • Easy to put up together
  • Rough finish

How to Choose a Fireplace Tool Set?

The choice of a fireplace tool set is a personal process. You know what you want and the right set for your hearth. But that does not mean you should just go for any piece out there as long as it seems to be good for your fireplace. Here is a guideline on what to look for in the best fireplace tool set:

  • Quality: if you want a product that will serve you well then go for quality. You may have to pay more for it but it is worth every dime you are spending.
  • Choose a set that will be compatible with your hearth: your fireplace is not the same as that if another person. As you choose a fireplace tool set you should have that in mind. You will need a piece that is easy to removes and complements your hearth.
  • Saving space: you do not need a piece that will take most of your space around the fireplace. There are designs that will take the least of space.
  • Ergonomic tools: the tool set should be easy and comfortable to use. Go for the ergonomically designed sets.
  • Price: you do not have to spend so much to get a quality fireplace tool set. Go for something within your pocket means.
Product Name Dimentions Overall Rating Details
Woodfield 4-Piece Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Set 31 x 9.5 x 9.5 in 10 Check price
5-Piece Panacea Fireplace Tool Set 100 x 10 x 30 in 8.5 Check price
Black Uniflame Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Set 9.5 x 9.5 x 27 in 9 Check price
Country Wood Holder Cum Fireplace Tool Set 23 x 11.5 x 30 in 8 Check price
4-Piece Harper Fireplace Tool Set 15 x 13.8 x 30.8 in 7.5 Check price
ShelterLogic Fireplace Tool Set 7.6 x 7.6 x 30 in 9 Check price
Enclume 3-Piece Fireplace Tool Set 11 x 33 x 8 in 8 Check price
WoodEze Rack with Fireplace Tool Set 30 x 12.5 x 12 in 8 Check price
Amagabeli 5-Piece Fireplace Tool Set 7.1 x 7.1 x 31 in 9.5 Check price
Black Hand-Forged Fireplace Tool Set 7 x 32.5 in 9 Check price


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