Top 10 Best Watches Under 200 Reviews — An In-Depth Glance (2020)

Casio Men's MQ24-1E Black Resin WatchSince time immemorial, watches have existed in many forms. From huge, old sundials to small and petite wrist accessories, these timeless timepieces have evolved to become more than measly timekeepers.

Whether you want to get to that meeting on time or evoke a classy sense of elegance with a gold-plated work of chronological art, it’s all about getting the perfect watch.

However, there’s a very disturbing myth that lies underneath the breath of most watch shoppers. We all like to think that in order for us to get the best things in life, we have to shell out stupid crazy sums of money to acquire it.

We’re here today to debunk the crap out of this myth and show you that you can get an outstanding and beautifully crafted, versatile and multi-functional timepiece without having to take out a mortgage.

Here’s a full catalog of the best watches for men under 200 and how to know when you’ve found your dream timepiece.

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Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver 23k Gold-Plated and Stainless Steel Two-Tone Automatic Watch

Top 10 Best Watches Under 200 Reviews — An In-Depth Glance (2020)


Descriptions like classically stylish and high performance barely do this watch any justice. It could possibly be one of the best watches under 200 on this entire list. The Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver Two-Tone Automatic Watch includes a round stainless steel case with a robust bracelet gold-plated center links.

This particular model is designed for a quick and easy read-off even in the lowest of light conditions thanks to a clever electric blue dial. To sweeten things up, this masterpiece from Invicta’s Pro Driver Series offers an incredible three-hand function with fully luminous markers and an accurately magnified date display. The detailed hands add a significant degree of distinction because they come in Sword, Mercedes, and Breguet-style shaped logos.

The Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver 23k Gold-Plated and two-tone automatic watch is totally driven by Japanese automated movement that can be easily seen through the transparent skeleton case back. As one of the best watches under 200, this particular product offers superb water resistance for up to 200 meters.

Unsimilarly, automatic watches do not require any batteries to operate; they work through a series of gear mechanisms that collaborate seamlessly to tell time. As you wear this brainchild from Invicta, you wind the clock by moving your wrist. These watches are very power efficient since they utilize kinetic energy to the oscillator rotor to keep the watch ticking.

  • Product

  • Corrugated unidirectional bezel on round watch
  • Japanese automated movement with analog display
  • Up to 200 meters water-resistance
  • Gold plated stainless steel center links

  • Due to the automated movement, some customers claim that this watch loses accuracy with time — just set it about once a week and it should be okay

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Timex Men’s Weekender Canvas Strap Watch


Timex Men's Weekender Canvas Strap Watch

Introducing another spectacular piece from the Timex Weekender edition, this nifty slip through watch is designed to suit the modern needs of sophisticated men and women alike. Whether looking for that official touch or casual time-keeper, the Timex Men’s Weekender  Canvas Strap Watch will never go out of style. Much like well-known brands with best watches under 200, this product is effortlessly cool, suave and timeless.

Since the mid – 80’s, Timex has continued to deliver excellence with their ever-popular slogan – “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking”. Coupled with their durable and inexpensive quartz timepieces, the Timex Men’s Weekender Analog Canvas Strap Watch is a definite winner.

In addition to durable craftsmanship, the Timex Men’s Weekender Canvas Strap Watch is rugged, stylish and its straps come in a vast array of colors. With this product, you get to choose between red, blue or green straps with either black or gray dials to match your outfit.

The Timex Men’s Weekender Analog Canvas Strap Watch is not just a time-keeper, with the right color combination; it can add a hint of color and a brilliant personality to your wrist. Of course, every modern watch needs to be waterproof for those wet or rainy days.

The Timex Men’s Weekender Canvas Strap Watch comes with a durable stainless steel casing that is water resistant for up to 30 meters. Why not get a different watch on different occasions? The Timex Men’s Weekender  Canvas Strap Watch is definitely up to the task.

  • Product

  • Up to 30 meters water resistance (99 feet)
  • Durable protective crystal mineral dial window
  • Indigo night-light for night use
  • 24-hour time inner dial with Round silver-tone watch

  • Loud ticking. Some customers claim that the Timex Men’s Weekender Canvas Strap Watch ticks louder than most watches. While this shouldn’t be a problem when it’s on your wrist, try not to keep it too close on your nightstand.

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Penom Apple Band

Penom Apple Band


When it comes to optimum performance and versatile best watches under 200, Penom seems to know exactly what the people want. The Penom Watch Band features a stainless steel top mesh loop in one of the most elegant silver shades available. No matter what version of Apple watch you have, this refined strap can be personalized according to user preference. Nothing changes the look of a watch like a brand new, fun and classy band for a dramatic makeover.

Let’s face it, all those loops, straps, and buckles are long becoming outdated. The Apple Watch Band utilizes an extra strength magnetic steel closure clasp strap for maximum convenience and support. This bad boy is not coming undone no matter what you are doing.

Got big hands?

Or maybe your friend often picks on you for abnormally small hands. Not to worry, the Penom Watch Band can be adjusted to fit any size wrist thanks to the intelligent design and high-quality straps. Penom goes above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy customers on as many different levels as possible.

This 38mm Mesh Loop with Magnetic Stainless Steel Closure Clasp and Milanese Strap ideal for Apple iWatch Sports edition will make the perfect addition to your collection. On the plus side, the Penom Watch Band is great for best watches under 200.

  • Superior extra strength magnetic clasp for sports
  • Customizable refined straps
  • Easy and comfy to fit and wear
  • Full year’s warranty from manufacturer

  • Arm hair clipping. Some users complain that the Magnetic Steel Closure Clasp and Milanese Strap occasionally clips their arm hair. While this isn’t a problem to most hairless-limbed individuals, maybe trimming your wrist hair a bit will help.

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Casio Men’s MRW200H-1BCT

Casio Men's MRW200H-1BCT


When you hear the name Casio, you can’t help but associate this international reputable brand with exceptionally well-built products. Though simple in appearance, the Casio Men’s MRW200H-1BCT is among the most elegant and trending best watches under 200.

With some pretty nifty features like superior water resistance and lightweight components, this watch is more than ideal for a broad range of outdoor activities. Whether you’re swimming, playing basketball, football or just having a relaxing day at the beach, Casio Men’s MRW200H-1BCT will keep you company all through.

Don’t be fooled by a black, modest exterior, this crowd-pleasing time-keeper boasts of unbelievable features that you normally wouldn’t find in the best watches under 200. One such feature that has everyone excited is the crystal clear numbers embossed on the 60-second gear-edge bezel. Casio understands that telling the time alone is simply not enough.

This is why the Casio Men’s MRW200H-1BCT also has a round dial with a window to show you today’s day and even date.

Men tend to find themselves doing manual tasks around the house such as tending the yard or fixing the car. Nobody wants to reach into an engine to fiddle with the camshaft only to find their watch missing or damaged. The Casio Men’s MRW200H-1BCT is built for the great outdoors since it moves according to the motion of the wearer. With a resin strap, feel free to swim or snorkel to depths of up to 300 feet.

  • Product

  • 12/24 hour timekeeping
  • Sporty design with 60-second bezel
  • Easy to interpret analog display
  • Deal for snorkeling and swimming

  • Divers claim that although the water-resistance holds up to 100 meters, more could be done to reach much further depths

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Casio Sport Watch

Casio Sport Watch

If you are looking for a trendy and straightforward watch that keeps the right time without ripping your wallet in half, this is one of the best watches under 200 you will ever find. When Casio was designing the G-Shock, they had but one goal in mind.

To create the ultimate unbreakable watch that could live up to a triple 10 concept. Withstand a fall from over 10 meters, achieve a 10 bar water resistance rating as well as a battery that will serve the best watches under 200 for 10 years without needing a replacement.

Even back in the 90’s when G-shock was just beginning to show potential, millions of people already trusted Casio as a leader in its field. Today, you can find this handy watch on the wrists of police officers, soldiers, paramedics, firemen and a broad range of professionals. One reason why the popularity is at an all-time high could be because of features like atomic clock synchronization. This allows the Casio Sport Watch to be extremely accurate in all time zones.

Swimmers and divers will be especially happy to hear that the Casio Sport Watch has a water resistance of up to 200 meters. That’s double the rating of your average digital watch. This makes it more than ideal for a vast array of marine activities, extreme water surface sports, and even beaches. This product comes with an exciting range of features that will significantly improve your life.

They include a multi-function alarm, hourly time signal, 12 and 24-hour formats, auto calendar and even a stopwatch to time those laps in the field or pool. For night-time activities, the Casio Sport Watch has an afterglow EL backlight to see the time even in poorly lit environments.

  • Product

  • Digital Display Quartz movement
  • Shock-resistant sports watch
  • 48.5mm resin case inclusive of mineral dial window
  • 660 feet of water resistance

  • Some customers claim that frequent use of the backlight leads to a quicker drain of the battery. To avoid recurrent battery change, try to limit the use.

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Casio Men’s MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch


Casio-Mens-MQ24-1E-Black-Resin-Watch-0Simple, classy and versatile; all deserved words to describe the Casio Men’s MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch. This timeless timepiece is made with a resin case and a stationary bezel. The black rubber bracelet comes with an adjustable buckle strap to fit small and large wrists.

With this bad boy, men can now add a touch of class and suave to any outfit in their closet. Casio understands that boys will always be boys; which is why this magnificent timepiece is fully scratch resistant and can be taken with you in water up to 30 meters.

When it comes to style and functionality, men always find themselves coughing up a little extra. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered on this one. The Casio Men’s MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch one of the best watches under 200. Your brand new watch from Amazon is extra tough and durable and can confidently resist wear and tear.

If you want something sleek, minimal, and tough, this is the watch for you.

It’s important to always be on time, even up to the second if possible. This is why this inexpensive time-keeper is powered by none other than Casio’s rugged quartz movement. It is also very light on the arm at just under 5 grams in weight.

  • Product

  • 2 full years of battery life
  • 3-hand analog
  • Best watches under 200 is water resistant
  • Adjustable clasp for all sizes

  • Weak Bezel. Some buyers complain that the bezel gets scratched easily; what activity were they undertaking?

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G-Shock Men’s G100-1BV


G-Shock Men's G100-1BVWhenever a brand name like G-Shock gets a mention, you know it’s about to get exciting. The G-Shock Men’s G100-1BV is a perfectly balanced timepiece that features a black watch case combination and comfortable black resin sports strap.

Its timekeeping features include a stopwatch for marking up those laps, a 24-hour display with elapsed time mode and the all favorite dual time for seamless tracking of another second timezone of your choice. In addition to being among the best watches under 200, the G-Shock Men’s G100-1BV incorporates a daily alarm and the useful 24-hour format for the military man on the field.

As a bonus, the watch offers shock resistance for anyone who likes to play rough in vigorous sports activities. It’s also handy for a day out at the beach with friends, or a swim thanks to water resistance for up to 200 meters.

Other attractive features include an auto calendar that’s been pre-programmed until the year 2039; that’s right, with this baby, you can peek into the future. Military men and night runners have also been well taken care of thanks to afterglow backlighting. The G-Shock Men’s G100-1BV best watches under 200 is available with Digital or Analog time display.

Now, you may be wondering why include both?

For the sophisticated and affluent man, the Analog display is perfect. But if you’re always in a hurry, the Digital display is easy to read. Some of the best watches under 200 G-Shocks combine both Digital and Analog displays to give you a taste of the best of both worlds.

  • Product

  • An astounding 3 full years of battery life
  • EL backlight with afterglow
  • Superior G-Shock Sock resistance watch
  • 200 meter of water resistance

  • Although the G-Shock Men’s G100-1BV watch is designed to withstand magnetic forces, excessive exposure to strong fields could disorient it

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Timex Easy Reader Watch

Timex Easy Reader Watch


Timex; these guys do their thing so nice; we had to do it twice. Get ready to keep proper track of time with the Easy Reader. With a big and vivid white face with more than easy to read black hands and numbers, this brown leather watch is ideal for people on the go.

As a dominant force in the list of best watches under 200 watch, this bad boy has some nifty features that appeal to all. You have a convenient day and date display to remind you of that urgent meeting.

A brown, fancy stitched leather strap is magnificently coupled with the silvertone case for an absolutely classic design and a timeless, rugged masculine appeal. This product should be able to fit perfectly around your wrist. Small or big, the straps can be adjusted according to the size of the wearer’s wrist. It’s is up to the buyer to ensure that the case is adequately matched to your wrist. To add a subtle dose of color to the round dial, Timex included a red hand for the second timekeeper.

There’s no question about it; the Timex Easy Reader this is more than a steal at its price point. In addition to being among the best watches under 200, the aesthetics are minimalist but very pleasing to the eye. Like most analogs, this watch loses about two and a half seconds per month. Not bad for something that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. With insane levels of durability, you’ll be left wondering whether the Times easy read is bulletproof.

Yeap, love the great outdoors with your new piece from Timex. Just be very careful not to dive to depths over 99 feet deep with it.

  • Product

  • Made in the United States of America so you’re guaranteed great quality
  • Extremely easy to read oversized markers for the hour
  • Quartz movement watch with analog display
  • 30 Meters (99 feet) of water resistance

  • Indiglo light might drain the battery out faster with frequent use

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Casio F91W-1 Casio Resin Digital Watch

Casio F91W-1 Casio Resin Digital Watch


The Casio F91W-1 Casio Watch is a classic black digital watch that is heavily inspired by designs from the 90’s. In addition to holding a mantle as one of the best watches under 200, the watch is functional, unique, stylish and incorporated a rugged resin strap for maximum comfort.

This watch is an all-time favorite for many thanks to its classic and simplistic aesthetics which have remained more than authentic and fashion relevant since the first ever original design from Casio 20 years ago. The Casio F91W-1 Resin Digital Watch is controlled by three side-mounted easy push buttons. It features brand style and logos that ooze class and panache.

Boasting of a by-the-minute stopwatch that runs up to just a bit shy of an hour, this bad boy from Casio will even go as far as measuring different modes for split time, net time, first and even second runners-up place times. If your issue is with longevity, you and millions of other customers can rest easy thanks to a single lithium-ion cell battery button with a lifetime guarantee of approximately seven years.

That’s right; you could go through the whole of middle school with this bad boy by your side always keeping you right on time the entire time.

To sweeten the pot, this killer best watches under 200 is totally splash resistance and can even take a stroll in the rain no problem. For nighttime activities and poor eyesight, the Casio F91W-1 Resin Digital Watch has got you well taken care of thanks to a LED display for exceptional performance and maximum visibility in virtually all types of horrible weather conditions.

Whether at home, the park, church or in the office, the F91W-1 is the ideal watch for you.

  • Product

  • Accurate Quartz movement with digital display
  • Ribbed resin band for maximum grip and support
  • A wide variety of modes i.e., split time, net time and first and second place times
  • Superior and reliable water resistance capabilities

  • Water resistance abilities are low in deep water

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Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

We all knew that out list of best watches under 200 couldn’t end without yet another timeless masterpiece from Timex. The Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Watch couples a classic outdoor design with ultra rugged construction to give you a perfect balance of the two.

Like most men, it’s no doubt that you like to play it rough. Well, with this freak of nature, you can go ahead and get in touch with your wild side because the Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Watch is crafted to endure even the toughest sports and hiking trails while still all the time surprisingly complementing your wardrobe.

One of the most interesting features here are the genuine leather straps that promise stunning levels of comfort and durability all while adding a sophisticated touch to your everyday ensemble.

Timex understands the need to pay attention to detail; that is why your brand new watch features an array of natural tones, perforated patterns, and extremely aesthetic contrast stitching. The individual dials are beautifully colored with a palette that is found only in nature and that has been accented with occasional pops and dabs of bright hues.

The Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Watch boasts of three sub-dials track settings and has a super easy to operate date window that is conveniently located at the 4 o’clock position. Timex knows that you need to tell time even when it’s totally dark out.

This is why every piece comes set with Indiglo night-light for the easiest readability even in the darkest nights. Swimmers can go for a dive of up to 100 meters without fear of water damage. As per all I.S.O. standards, your Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Watch comes shock resistant for your protection.

  • Product

  • 20 mm brass case with mineral dial window
  • Extremely gorgeous leather band with buckle closure and contrast stitching
  • Features Indiglo night light for maximum visibility
  • Has black subdials with skeleton hands and ingeniously positioned date window

  • Some customers claim that the appearance is too rugged and manly, but what it lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in brilliant performance

Tips on How to Choose the Best Watch

As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves you a hell of a tear. But in order for you to know where the action is, you need to be there on time. A watch is without a doubt and unarguably the single most important accessory any person on earth can own.

In addition to helping you plan your day accordingly, watches make for a functional, fundamental accessory to every sort of outfit under the sun. Thanks to a recent renaissance of chrono-tech, buyers now have a wide range of options to choose from. Although you want to consider things like style and features, the first thing to consider when shopping for best watches under 200 is the purpose.

That’s right; what will the watch be used for?

Product Name Image Case Overall Rating Details
Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver Top 10 Best Watches Under 200 Reviews — An In-Depth Glance (2020) 40 mm 10 Check price
Timex Men’s Weekender Canvas Strap Watch Top 10 Best Watches Under 200 Reviews — An In-Depth Glance (2020) 40 mm 9.5 Check price
Penom Apple Band Top 10 Best Watches Under 200 Reviews — An In-Depth Glance (2020) 38 mm 8 Check price
Casio Men’s MRW200H-1BCT Top 10 Best Watches Under 200 Reviews — An In-Depth Glance (2020) 43 mm 9.5 Check price
Casio Sport Watch Top 10 Best Watches Under 200 Reviews — An In-Depth Glance (2020) 48.5 mm 9 Check price
Casio Men’s MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch Top 10 Best Watches Under 200 Reviews — An In-Depth Glance (2020) 35 mm 8 Check price
G-Shock Men’s G100-1BV Top 10 Best Watches Under 200 Reviews — An In-Depth Glance (2020) 48.5 mm 9.5 Check price
Timex Easy Reader Watch Top 10 Best Watches Under 200 Reviews — An In-Depth Glance (2020) 35 mm 8.5 Check price
Casio F91W-1 Casio Resin Digital Watch Top 10 Best Watches Under 200 Reviews — An In-Depth Glance (2020) 33 mm 9 Check price
Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Watch Top 10 Best Watches Under 200 Reviews — An In-Depth Glance (2020) 20 mm 8 Check price

Pro-Tip 1: Identify the Intended Purpose of the Watch

This is the most important stage to getting the most ideal watch among best watches under 200 for your lifestyle. Typically, this step involves asking yourself a couple of questions.

Is the watch going to a man or a woman? Do I need to have this or that feature? What kind of environment with the watch is exposed to?

Once you answer these and more questions, you will be well on your way to getting a watch that not only suits your style but also improves several aspects of your life as well. Let’s try and answer a couple of these questions to help you get the best watches under 200.

Tips on Choosing the Best Watches for Men

As a man, you want something that oozes masculinity, ruggedness and a sense of class too. Nothing matters more than making an unforgettable first impression no matter where you go. This involves both looking and acting the part; as a gentleman from head to toe. You might be dressed for success, but the kind of watch you choose could make or break even a designer suit.

We’ve all heard of the illustrious corporate deal that got canceled as the bosses were about to shake hands because one of them had a rival watch on. If you’re shopping for men’s watches, it’s all really simple. Just get the brand right, get the size right, and make sure you include some fancy toys here and there. Guys often end up playing rough or working on backyard projects, so don’t forget to get a strong, durable and built-to-last watch.

Match the Watch with other Accessories

For men, you typically want to avoid flashy and uncoordinated colors. Leather works surprisingly well with almost every man’s wardrobe. Just like fashion gurus insist that men should match shoes and belts, same goes for watches. If you’re wearing brown shoes today, match that with a brown-strapped watch and brown belt.

Some of the best watches under 200 here on our list come with black or silver straps, making them perfect for black dress shoes and a dark suit. However, for best watches under 200 that have golden tones, you may want to try a belt or shoe that has some dashes and hues of gold here and there.

Tips on Choosing the Best Watches for Women

When it comes to shopping, women tend to be very choosy and won’t buy anything that appeals to their personal tastes. If you are a woman looking for her gorgeous dream accessory or an unlucky dude confused about what to get his girlfriend, here’s everything you need to know about women and watches.

Trust me; these tips could mean all the difference between getting the ultimate fashion companion or a disappointed look on her face.

Match Colors to Personal Preference and Wardrobe

In addition to getting a functional watch, it is very important to grab some favorite colors and shades that ladies appreciate. If you usually wear certain colored clothes, then the watch should complement your entire wardrobe and function where possible. Your complexion should also marry well with the choice of watch.

You don’t want a watch that stands out in vivid contrast against your wrist. Decide on a casual watch for the casual girl or an official style for the working lady. This will serve you well in finding the best watches under 200 as a gift to others or yourself.

Tips on Choosing the Best Watches for Extreme Environments

If you’re job or passion involves operating in extreme environments, then a regular standard watch will simply not do; it would probably end up getting ripped to shreds when doing things like heavy labor and extreme sports. What you need are tactical watches that are designed for the sole purpose of meeting a unique set of needs of people like security forces, sports enthusiasts, and army personnel.

Of course, you can’t expect an old run of the mill pocket change wristwatch to survive a tour of Iraq or high impact Olympic athlete training sessions. This is why you need to get a tactical watch for yourself, friends or family members that are regularly involved in extreme activities.

  • Ultra Tough and Scratch Resistant Exterior

A great tactical watch that will be frequently exposed to harsh elements needs to remain fully functional even after years of abuse, impact, shocks and bumps that are all part and parcel of the great outdoors. This includes the crystal display that should remain absolutely scratch free and an exterior that won’t deteriorate with time. If you know that some heavy outdoor activity is coming your way, make sure you get a watch with the above features.

  • High Levels of Accuracy

If you’re an athlete or a dedicated member of the military, it’s always important to be on time to the exact second. While a mechanical watch is great at keeping time, nothing beats a quartz when it comes to consistency and accuracy. Quartz is extremely accurate because unlike digital watches that are powered by a watch battery; quartz runs on a tiny, electrified vibrating quartz crystal that keeps surprisingly close time.

Pro Tip 2: Evaluate the Features

Today, the best watches under 200 come with some outstanding and outright unbelievable features. They include calendars for people with busy schedules, a stopwatch for training and timing yourself, and even water resistant capabilities for swimmers and casual water lovers. Other higher-end watches even come with nifty features like a heart monitor to record the rate of heartbeats and help encourage a fit, healthy lifestyle.


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