Best 4 Cycle Weed Eater Reviews — Top 5 Models in 2020

Want to have a well-trimmed lawn around your home?

Ryobi ZRRY34420 18-Inch 30cc Curved-Shaft String TrimmerWell, the best 4 cycle weed eater might just be what you are looking for. This machine presents a higher technological advancement over the 2 cycle models. It packs enough power to get the job done quicker and in a more professional manner.

But how do you know the models that perform well in the world of weed eaters? Or which ones provide more smoothe & cost-effective work when it comes to eliminating weeds? Well, don’t scratch your head trying to figure out the machines that top the list on the market.

I have provided you with everything you need to know regarding the weed eaters powered by a 4-cycle engine. Outlined in a numbered list form, I will briefly touch on each machine and give the features that make it key to achieving a beautiful lawn. Even the best machines have their own advantages and disadvantages.

It is for this reason that I will go further to point out the pros and cons you experience from using them. And in case you want to have some basic knowledge when it comes to choosing the top machine, then you are in the right place. I will provide you with a comprehensive purchasing guide to help you make a wise selection. Read more and discover what I have in store for you.

Read more and discover what I have in store for you.

Models Considered
Hours of Research
Experts Interviewed
Reviews Analyzed
Product Name Image Engine Cutting Width Overall Rating Details
Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 4-Cycle Straight Shaft Trimmer Best 4 Cycle Weed Eater Reviews — Top 5 Models in 2020 29cc 17 in 9.9 Check price
Poulan Pro 966774301 4-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft Trimmer Best 4 Cycle Weed Eater Reviews — Top 5 Models in 2020 28cc 17 in 9 Check price
Ryobi 4-Cycle 30cc Attachment Capable Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer RY4CSS Best 4 Cycle Weed Eater Reviews — Top 5 Models in 2020 30cc 18 in 8.5 Check price
Ryobi RY34426 4-Cycle 30 cc Attachment Capable Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer Best 4 Cycle Weed Eater Reviews — Top 5 Models in 2020 30cc 18 in 8.2 Check price
Troy-Bilt TB525 EC 4-Cycle Curved Shaft Trimmer Best 4 Cycle Weed Eater Reviews — Top 5 Models in 2020 29cc 17 in 7.9 Check price

How we tested

Weeds can either make or break the aesthetic of a property. If you’re not careful, they could potentially even do damage to your landscaping structures. To help you control them, we wanted to put together a list of the best four-cycle weed eaters for you to consider. In order to figure out which products we actually wanted to test, we first read through a slough of real customer product reviews. We also made calls to retailers and manufacturers to get their opinions and confirm performance specs. Best 4 Cycle Weed Eater Reviews — Top 5 Models in 2020When it came time to actually test products, local home improvement and landscaping businesses were gracious enough to let us test out their products on different types of weeds. We ranked each product on an identical scorecard. The scorecard contained characteristics such as performance, price, and ease of use. Once all products were ranked accordingly, the data were merged to create the final ranking that you see above.

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Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 29cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Straight Shaft Trimmer

Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 29cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Straight Shaft Trimmer

This trimmer provides you with consistent cutting from season to season. It has an overall dimension of 12.4 x 11.25 x 41.8 inches and weighs at just 13 pounds for easy maneuvering. This trimmer can best be described as a whole package of tools. You might be wondering why? Well, it is designed to be compatible with 10 different attachments.

This renders it a multi-functional machine that can accommodate virtually any task around the home. The trimmer is powered by a 29cc engine that eliminates the need for mixing any gas or oil. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting messed up.

With Troy-Bilt TB575, cord pulling is a thing of the past. It provides the convenience of the world’s renown JumpStart Technology. Loading the line has been made much faster and easier. The SpeedSpool 2 bump head equipped in this trimmer can accommodate up to 20 feet of line. It feeds the line automatically so you don’t have to make frequent stops in the middle of your trimming task.

It has a 0.095-inch line and a cutting swatch of 17 inches. The trimmer has a straight shaft that enables it to reach beneath shrubs and bushes. It is definitely a real workhorse that provides a good combination of power and great flexibility.

Amazon provides reliable reviews for this trimmer. It had been reviewed by 160 customers at the time of writing. And after going through the Troy Bilt weed eater reviews on Amazon, it’s easier to see why it’s our best choice for the best 4-cycle weed eater. As long as you make use of its standard attachments, you’ll get to enjoy pampering and decorating your lawn for many years to come. It gets an average score of 3.3 stars out of 5. The trimmer is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

  • Product
  • 29cc gas-powered engine
  • JumpStart Technology for hassle-free starting
  • Automatic SpeedSpool that loads up to 20 feet of line
  • 10 different tool attachments
  • Straight shaft for extended reach

  • Lightweight for minimum user fatigue
  • Multi-functional
  • Easier to start
  • Can access hard-to-reach places
  • Automatic loading provides great consistency

  • Doesn’t come with an engine starter

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Poulan Pro 966774301 4-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft Trimmer

Poulan Pro 966774301 4-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft Trimmer

This is a solid weed eater machine that guarantees the best in any trimming operation. Poulan Pro trimmer is quite compact measuring 68.8 x 9 x 11 inches. It has a weight of just 13 pounds, which makes it an ideal choice for those that desire great power and portability in a weed eater. The trimmer is equipped with a 28cc gas engine that provides great performance for longer. The spring assisted start mechanism lets you get started with just one pull of the cord.

Like most 4 cycle machines it doesn’t require mixing of oil and gas. Poulan Pro 966774301 is simple to operate, efficient and accepts various attachments that turn it into a versatile garden tool. The trimmer boasts of a straight shaft with a cutting swath of 17 inches.

It is quite easy to maneuver and can be tilted at different angles to enable you to trim your lawn to any shape. The ergonomic handle is designed to be vibration free and provides a secure hold for perfect balance.

The trimmer has 66 customer reviews. Out of all the reviews, it gets an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  • 28cc gas-powered engine
  • Spring assisted start mechanism
  • ProLink attachment system
  • Split, straight boom shaft
  • 17-inch cutting path
  • Easy to start
  • Portable weed eating machine
  • Provides easy reach in any area
  • Accepts different attachments
  • The throttle modulation is not quite smooth

Poulan Pro

Yotube Video Review: Poulan Pro

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Ryobi 4-Cycle 30cc Attachment Capable Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer RY4CSS

Best 4 Cycle Weed Eater Reviews — Top 5 Models in 2020

Ryobi 4-Cycle Gas Trimmer provides the convenience of greater power and lower carbon emission. The trimmer is driven by a 30cc engine that packs enough power to help you cut tough weeds with ease. The trimmer weighs at 15 pounds and measures 35.5 x 9.8 x 9.6 inches.

Ryobi is ergonomically designed to balance well. There is no mixing of oil and gas which enables you to work in a cleaner environment. It has an attachment system that lets it convert to 6 different tools. This makes it a versatile choice for a trimmer.

The straight shaft provides easy extended reach. It can be used by users of different heights and enables you to reach areas that are hard to access with other types of trimmers. The handles provide a comfortable, non-slip grip for better balance. The flip switch integrated on the trimmer provides an easier time during starting.

The trimmer head has a cutting swath of 18 inches for greater efficiency in your trimming task. It is a trimmer that works just as good as new or even better.

Amazon is a more reliable place to get the best Ryobi 4 cycle string trimmer reviews. Why? Well, you’ll get to read authentic reviews from real buyers that aren’t made-up. It has an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  • Product
  • 30cc gas-powered engine
  • Expand-it Attachment converts to 6 different tool
  • Generic string head
  • StartEasy flip-and-go mechanism
  • Straight shaft designed for extended reach

  • Lower noise level and less vibration
  • Lightweight for reduced user fatigue
  • Easy reach in hard-to-access areas
  • Easy to assemble and start
  • Multi-functional attachments

  • Hard to tilt at varying angles

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Ryobi RY34426 4-Cycle 30 cc Attachment Capable Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

Ryobi RY34426 4-Cycle 30 cc Attachment Capable Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

Ryobi RY34426 is designed to perform like new. It is a top-of-the-line trimmer that gives your lawn and garden that clean neat cut. The trimmer measures 9.8 x 9.5 x 37.4 inches. At just 12.3 pounds, it is quite lightweight for its size. It provides you with the convenience of a higher power to size ratio to enable you to achieve more with less effort.

This is a trimmer that can be carried with ease from one job site to another. A powerful 30cc gas-powered engine lets you handle tough weed-cutting applications with ease.

Despite the great power generated by the engine, this trimmer operates quietly and produces less vibration. It comes with a distinctive curved shaft that makes it possible to reach under bushes and shrubs without straining much. The shaft is detachable to provide convenient storage after use.

The Ryobi trimmer is compatible with 0.095-inch line and accommodates up to two 11-inch lines. It has a cutting swath of 18 inches. The trimmer can accept various attachments that convert it into a tool that will shape your lawn in any way you want it.

This trimmer has 99 reviews on Amazon. It gets an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

  • Product
  • 30cc low-emission engine
  • 18-inch cutting swath
  • Expand-it Attachment System that converts to various tools
  • Curved Shaft Grass Deflector

  • Converts to different tools
  • Less vibration and lower emissions
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can reach virtually any area around the garden

  • Requires constant cord pulling to start

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Troy-Bilt TB525 EC 29cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Curved Shaft Trimmer

Troy-Bilt TB525 EC 29cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Curved Shaft Trimmer

TB525 is a string trimmer that stands true to Troy-Bilt’s reputation in the world of weed eaters. This is a machine that is designed with user comfort in mind. The trimmer is 37 x 10 x 10 inches and weighs at 15.8 pounds. It provides one of the easiest maneuvers of any weed cutting machine.

The 29cc engine is designed to power you through tough trimming tasks and has a reputation of lasting for longer. Like most of the company’s trimmers, it is equipped with a JumpStart Technology that makes starting quite hassle-free.

This trimmer is attachment capable. It can easily convert to a pole saw or edger in just a matter of seconds. Line loading is done automatically to save you time. The trimmer accepts 0.095-inch line size and has a cutting path of 17 inches. It accommodates up to 20 feet of line. The shaft is angled to provide better balance and make the cutting line more visible.

TB525 string trimmer has been reviewed by 103 customers. The machine has an average score of 3.1 out of 5 stars. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty to cater for any inconveniences.

  • Product
  • 29cc gas-powered engine
  • 17-inch cutting width
  • SpeedSpool 2 bump head that loads up to 20 feet of line
  • TrimmerPlus attachments convert it into 10 different tools
  • JumpStart technology provides easy starting
  • Angled boom provides clear view of cut line

  • Quick and easy loading of line
  • Easy to start
  • Cutting line is visible
  • Lightweight and balances well
  • Accepts multiple attachments

  • Doesn’t come with the engine starter

The TB525 EC gas string trimmer

Yotube Video Review: The TB525 EC gas string trimmer

Benefits of 4 Cycle Weed Eaters

There are lots of questions as to why most people tend to prefer the 4-cycle machines. I will try to give a clear answer by outlining the benefits that you derive from using these machines. Below are three of the most notable advantages of using 4-cycle weed trimmers:

  • Lower emissions: While trimming your lawn you need to take some consideration regarding its effect on the environment. Carbon-footprint is constantly on the rise and has contributed largely to global warming. The 4-cycle machines are equipped with an advanced technology designed to keep carbon emission at a minimum. This renders them a much healthier choice. The fact that they are CARB compliant also makes them legal for use in all states. Therefore regardless of where you live, be assured that these machines are certified for your needs.
  • Quieter: Some neighbors can be quite quarrelsome. However, they have a right to be so in case your weed eater machine proves to be a nuisance. You can avoid all these by using a 4-cycle machine. They generate lower noise level that is comfortable both to the user and those around. Some of these machines can even be used during odd hours without waking up the neighbors.
  • Easy starting: Starting a 2-cycle weed eater can be a gruesome task. But with the 4-cycle machines, the task has been made much easier. Mixing the oil and gas requires less priming. Unlike the 2-cycle machines that need constant pulling, only a single pull of the cord sets the engine running. These machines help you achieve more with just a little effort.
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What Is the Best Gas 4 Cycle Trimmer 2020?

If you desire a well-trimmed lawn, then you’ll need to go for the best gas 4-cycle trimmer. Which do we recommend? Well, the Poulan Pro PP428S wins the race and we’ve reviewed it in this article for you to understand better.

Why Is a Four Stroke Weed Eater Better?

Well, besides its cleaner emissions, a four-stroke weed eater removes weeds in two procedures: it pulls out the weeds in a downward action, throws them up and repeats the process to ensure that everything is removed, pressed and thrown out quietly and efficiently.

Do 4-Cycle String Trimmers Use Regular Gas?

Well, top 4-cycle string trimmers, like the Ryobi ZRRY34440 reviewed in this article, make use of unleaded or pure gas. This means you won’t need to mix oil and gas together before they can function and the result is a toxic-free environment.

What Are the Top Rated 4 Cycle Gas Trimmers?

We’ve reviewed the Poulan Pro PP428S and the Ryobi RY34426 in this article to make your decision-making easier. You can go for the PP428S and get to handle tough weed-cutting applications with ease or go with the RY34426 and get great, longer performance.

How to Choose the 4 cycle Weed Eater

If you desire a well-trimmed lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood, then you have to choose the right machine for the job. But where do you start from? Well, I will outline the different factors that you need to put in mind while on the market.

  • Price

Different weed eaters come with different price tags. Therefore, it would be better to first know your range. Don’t select a weed eater machine that will weigh you down in terms of cash. Go for one that is within your budget and has the right features that will deliver as per your expectations.

  • Brand

There are many manufacturers of 4 cycle weed eating machines. However, your main aim would be to determine those who perform the best and are known to produce superior quality machines. Brands to go for include Ryobi, Troy-Bilt, and Poulan, among others.

  • Warranty

What warranty does the manufacturer provide for the product? If there isn’t any warranty then it would be best to stay away from that product. Most string trimmers come with an at least 2-year limited warranty to cover defects in materials or poor craftsmanship.

  • Customer reviews

Reading customer reviews is the simplest way to choosing the best string trimmer on the market. Get to know what customers are saying regarding a particular model. Weigh the pros and cons they give to that model and decide if it’s the best match for your needs.


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