Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Pets

As cute as pets are, let’s face it – they’re dirty. They leave all sorts of residual everywhere they go. Sometimes, they can cause more unpleasant stenches and the like than they’re worth. Purifying machines are a potential solution to this problem. The unfortunate thing is, there are a plethora of these units for sale, and it is challenging to identify ones that a consumer can trust. Those wondering “what is the best air purifier for pets?” have fortunately come across the right review. Below are ten surefire pet air purifiers for those looking to meet these needs with a trustworthy product.

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hOmeLabs Air Purifier | All-around the Best Air Purifier for Pets

Best Choice
hOmeLabs Air Purifier
hOmeLabs Air Purifier
The hOmeLabs air purifier for pets that gives all of the others a run for their money. It is shaped like a cylinder and is colored a bright white. Around its center is a simple and thin steel-colored that tops off its elegant design. Its base and top feature circular fans for optimized airflow. In the center of its top fan, there is a control panel. Using the panel, consumers can adjust the settings of the product. The panel features a child lock so that curious kids cannot accidentally turn it off or on. It also has a button for choosing which of its three fan speeds the unit should be operating at. There is a button for choosing between the product’s two nightlight settings. Finally, there is a light to inform users when it is time for its filter to be changed out for a new one.
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The hOmeLabs air purifier is so great partly because it can tackle larger rooms. It filters the air in rooms as large as 194 square feet up to 4 times in only one hour! It dissolves even the strongest pet stenches. However, it also vanishes other odors and irritants. This product filters for smoke and other things that people should not be breathing in. The unit’s filters can last up to 2,100 hours of being used, although this, of course, depends on the intensity of contamination in the space that it is being used. It filters particles as small as 0.1 microns, and in total takes care of 99.97% of air pollution. Not bad, right? Overall, this product is referred to as the best air purifier for pet odors and pet hair dander out there.

  • Best air purifier for allergies and pets
  • Has two different night-light settings and a child lock
  • The three-stage method eliminates particles down to 0.1 microns
  • Best air purifier for pet odor
  • No automatic shut-off timer

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

“My daughter has a few smelly terrariums in her room for her pets, including a few lizards, frogs, and a turtle. While searching for the best air filter for a home with pets, we came across this one. Since buying it, the smell in her room has been completely gone!”

“My husband is horribly allergic to my cat, so I needed a pet dander air purifier. This is not only an effective air purifier for pet dander but a great air purifier for pet odor as well. You can’t even tell that a cat lives with us anymore and I love it.”

“This air purifier for pet dander has honestly saved my son’s life. This pet dander air filter stopped us from having to get rid of our family dog, Burno because of his terrible allergies. As an added bonus, its white noise also helps my son fall asleep and stay that way.”
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Levoit Vista 200 | Pet Hair Air Purifier and More!

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Pets

This Levoit purifier is likely the best air purifier for pet hair that is out for sale. Levoit air purifier reviews portray its incredible effectiveness at eliminating pet hair and other types of irritants. This Levoit air purifier filtration process contains three different stages. First, the air is sucked through a pre-filter, which collects larger airborne particles such as fur tufts. Then, it moves through a HEPA filter which traps smaller types of pollution. Finally, the air is sucked into an activated carbon filter, which eliminates unpleasant stenches and the majority of remaining irritants.

This Levoit Air Purifier Vista 200 utilizes a 360-degree operating system to ensure optimum air quality. Thus, care should be taken to keep objects at a distance from its fan. On top of this air purifier for cat hair, there is a circular fan and a control panel with a glowing night-light below it. The orange-yellow night-light has two different brightness settings, but can also be completely turned off. To complement this adjustable night-light, the unit also has a sleeping mode in which its fan runs as quiet as 26 dB. It has two additional higher fan speeds equalling three in total. From the control panel, users can also set an automatic shut-off timer. The timer has three different hourly increments – 2, 4, and 8.

What helps make this the best air filter for pet hair is that it runs at maximum energy efficiency. It only needs 0.9 watts of electricity to run. It will clean using roughly 30% less energy than other pet air cleaners. It can cost as little as $6 to have this thing on and cleaning 24 hours a day for an entire year. Those seeking a purifier to solve their pet-related problems might want to start with this Levoit air purifier filter.

  • Product
  • Incredibly energy-efficient cat hair air filter
  • Night-light with two different brightness settings
  • Automatic turn-off timer with various time increments
  • Excellent air purifier for pet hair removal
  • No washable filters

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

“My house used to be so dirty before I bought this air filter for dog hair. I was actually embarrassed to have company over. Now, I host parties all the time thanks to this Levoit compact air purifier! Between this product and my vacuum, my house is pet hair free!”

“There are a lot of pet hair air purifiers out there, but none compare to this one. I live in a small dorm with my kitty. Not only does it help clean her fur, but it is also the best air purifier for cat allergies I’ve come across.”

“Bless this Levoit filter! I got this as an air filter for dog hair and it has outperformed any other Levoit air filter I have ever owned! My family has been raising seeing-eye dogs for years, and now we can do so without sacrificing our clean home.”
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Coway Mighty Air Purifier | Environmentally Friendly with a Modern Look

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Pets

The Conway Mighty is a rectangular air purifier for pet dander and other airborne irritants. It has a relatively impressive coverage capacity. This unit can be used in rooms up to 361 square feet. One of the coolest elements of this product is its air quality sensor. It’s a circular light on the top of the unit. When the air is clean, it will glow a bright blue. However, the minute the air surrounding it becomes polluted, its color will change. When the air is heavily polluted, it will glow a bright red. When the air quality is somewhere in between, it will display a magenta color. This shows consumers that the machine is actually working.

This particular product comes equipped with a highly respected four-step filtration process. After the air in a room gets sucked through a pre-filter that weeds out larger irritants, it passes through an odor and HEPA sheet. Finally, it passes through a vital ionizer. This is a high-tech filtration method that physically reduces the particles in the air to make it cleaner. Though many purifiers contain the other types of filtration methods, very few contain this last one.

The pre-filter that comes with this unit can actually be washed, which helps save consumers time and money. At the top of the product is an indicator light to let people know when to change its filter. This product can also be set to automatically shut off after increments of one, four, eight, or twelve hours. That way, it can be turned on before going to sleep or leaving the house. These elements combined might make this unit a solid air cleaning system for homes that have one or more animals. Large homeowners may also want to seriously consider this product.

  • Product
  • An advanced method of filtration
  • Automatic shutoff timer with 4 options
  • A great option for larger spaces
  • Has been known to make loud noises
  • Uses 77 watts of power, which is a bit high

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

“In my opinion, this is the best air purifier for pet dander and dust. I used to spend hours every week cleaning my home because of my husband’s asthma. After buying two of these for my home, I only have to clean biweekly now – it takes care of the rest.”

“I have been so concerned about my health and the health of my family, including my furry friends! The wildfires in California have gotten out of hand. After using this for only a few days, I already began noticing the air becoming cleaner! I’d recommend this to anyone.”

“I have three really furry dogs. Their hair and pet dander began consuming our home, not to mention their horrible smells. I knew I had to do something, and a friend recommended this air purifier for dog hair to me. It has made taking care of my pet problems so much more manageable.”
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Levoit LV-H132 | Excellent for Small-Sized Rooms and Offices

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Pets

Though this Levoit purifier stands less than a foot tall, it is built to clean air in small to medium-sized rooms. It is shaped like a cylinder and it’s bright white. It is a trustworthy air purifier for pet smells. The lid of the unit has a fan and a night-light. The night-light can be adjusted to either shine bright or dim. It can also be completely turned off. The purchase of this product comes with the three included pet hair air filters as well as a user manual. The stages are pretty standard for the industry – a prefilter, a HEPA sheet, and then a carbon filter. This combined with the product’s two-year warranty makes buying it a safer bet than some others.

It claims that this unit should be placed in small to medium rooms. Truth be told though, the product’s coverage ability only hits about 86 square feet. This is closer to the size of a small room like an office or a college dorm bedroom. The product is well suited for small spaces though, capable of filtering the air in these rooms up to four times per hour. On the upside, it is ozone free. Its 3-step filtration process can pull particles out of the air down to 0.3 microns. These filters only need to be replaced every 6-8 months. By only having to buy new filters once or twice a year, users can save a good deal of their hard-earned cash maintaining this product.

This product can be as quiet as 25 dB while it is set to the lowest level. It has two other faster fan speeds as well. When being used, it should be placed 15 inches away from other objects around it.

  • Product
  • Nightlight with adjustable brightness
  • Filters can go a while without being replaced
  • Great air purifier for pet odors
  • Filters are not washable
  • Can’t be placed up against a wall or in a corner
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Airthereal APH260 Air Purifier | Low-Maintenance with Extensive Filtration

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Pets

This Airthereal is a great value buy. It will not break the bank, but it will do a fantastic job removing pet hair from the air, amongst other things. It has a rectangular shape and is colored bright white with black accents. It would blend into any entertainment system. The product utilizes a pretty unique seven-in-one filtration system. The first three steps are the common ones – a prefilter, a HEPA one, and then a carbon sheet. However, after the carbon sheet, four other types of filtration come, including a cold catalyst and photocatalyst filter. Then, to finish off the job, there are UV light and anion density filters. It is a pretty intense process but it gets the job done.

This unit is designed for larger spaces. It can purify the air in up to 355 square-feet rooms. After turning it on, users can physically notice the change in a room’s air quality in only ten minutes. There is a smart control system built into the unit that measures the quality of air in a room. The air can register as either good, moderate, or unhealthy. The machine will then automatically adjust its fan speed to eliminate the pollutants in the air as quickly as possible without wasting energy. Users can simply turn it on and let their purchase do the rest of the work.

Some people who have trouble sleeping might like to hear the sound of the fan while they try and get some shut-eye. For those who are sensitive to noise though, this machine has a sleep mode that can be enabled with the push of a button. It will then utilize the lowest fan speed so as to make as little noise as possible. This unit might be a good option for those who like low-maintenance products.

  • Product
  • Automatically adjust speed depending on air quality
  • Effective in rooms up to 355 ft2
  • Seven steps in its filtration process
  • Relatively large size
  • Instructions may be difficult to understand for some
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MOICO Portable Air Purifier | Cute On-the-Go Pet Dander Air Filter

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Pets

For those who are always on the move, this portable MOICO purifier might be a good option. Because it can be taken anywhere, it is one of the best air purifiers for pet allergies and asthma out there. People with asthma or bad allergies may sometimes have to sleep over other people’s homes who have pets. Likewise, they may work in a pet-friendly office. This product can be carried around just in case someone ever finds themselves having a reaction to their surroundings. It is less than six inches tall, so it can easily fit into a purse or a small bag. The purchase of the product comes with its filters, the machine itself, a USB cable, and an instruction manual.

The unit has two different modes – a normal mode and a sleep one. On normal mode, the product’s blue light will be glowing at full force. On sleep mode, it dims down and will automatically shut-off after eight hours. The unit is completely ozone free, and it filters up to 99.97% of air pollution down to 0.3 microns in its space. It will never operate at a noise level louder than 32 dB. Plus, it uses less than 2.5 watts while running and less than 0.2 watts when on standby. This is much lower than full-sized purifiers, and so it will be cheaper to use long-term.

Because of this unit’s small size, it is less effective at filtering all of the air in a room. It is definitely built for smaller spaces. It will work best in rooms around 164 square feet. Though it claims it can be used in rooms up to 492 square feet, it will not be able to cycle this air as many times.

  • Product
  • Can be easily transported
  • Super-quiet and doesn’t use a lot of energy
  • USB power cord makes it simple to use anywhere
  • Better suited for smaller spaces
  • Still consumes power in standby mode
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Enther AP1C Air Purifier | Best Air Purifier for Pet Allergies in Large Spaces

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Pets

Despite only being about a foot tall, the Enther AP1C is CADR rated to clean air in spaces up to 120 meters per hour (393 ft2/hour). It is white with a cylindrical shape, and it has a blue light wrapped around its exterior. On the very top of the unit is a control panel that lets users choose their preferred settings. For example, here an automatic shut-off timer can be set in increments of 1, 4, and 8 hours. On this panel, the unit’s night-light can also be turned on and off.

The user can pick their preferred fan speed out of the three options. Or they can choose to put their machine into auto mode. This mode figures out how bad the air in its room is, and then automatically switches to the fan speed it needs to clean it efficiently. When the light on the unit is bright red, it means that the air quality is very poor. When it’s orange, it means there is a good bit of pollution in the air but not an alarming amount. Regardless of what color the light is, when the unit begins cleaning, it will eventually reach a blue color, which means that the room’s air is clean.

One of the more unique things about this product is that it can also be used to add fragrance to a room. The unit has a scent box where people can add a few drops of their favorite essential oil. Then, after the machine cleans the air, it will release it back into the room smelling like whatever its owner wants it to – lavender, eucalyptus, etc. These oils have been known to aid in restoring mental health, and better air quality will help improve physical health. It makes for an overall win.

  • Product
  • Doubles as an aromatherapy device
  • Has an automatic mode so it can be turned on and left alone
  • The filter might need replacing before the six-month mark
  • 360 design means it can’t be set up against a wall
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Elechomes Purifier | Best Air Purifier for Pet Dander with Long-lasting Filters

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Pets

The Elechomes air purifier is built to clean rooms of medium size. It works best when placed in spaces up to 215 square feet. It is a rectangular shaped machine that comes in a solid white color. Its airflow holes are placed on its top and front so that it can be placed conveniently out of the way in a corner. Also, the front exterior of the product is a control panel. The panel has an on/off button, as well as a button to choose from the available fan speeds of 1, 2, and 3. Below this button is another that controls the automatic shutoff timer. Hourly increments of 1, 2, 4, and 8 can be chosen.

What helps this product stand out amongst the rest is that its filters last for up to 3,000 of average use. For those who only plan on using their filters for a few hours a day can get over a year’s worth of work out of a single filter. This makes maintaining the product after buying it pretty inexpensive. Those who plan on using their machine 16-24 hours a day, though daily, should plan on changing their filter at least twice a year if not more.

This unit’s 3-step filtration method helps it clean pet dander and pet odors out of the air. Then, it can replace a user’s gross pet smell with a smell of their choice. Users just have to add their favorite essential oil. Users should note that this product uses up to 2 watts of electricity when on standby mode though. This can add up for those who prefer to keep their purifier always ready to go. It can also be as loud as 51 dB, making it better suited for those who enjoy white noise.

  • Product

  • Best air freshener for pets thanks to aromatherapy abilities
  • Filters last up to 3,000 hours

  • Uses power even when it is not filtering
  • The highest setting is pretty loud

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Levoit Vital 100 | Ideal for Pet-Rooms Up to 500 ft2 in Size

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Pets

This Levoit Vital 100 purifier might be a suitable option for those who want to be able to move their machine around from room to room. This air purifier Levoit has three different fan speeds. Depending on what the fan is set to, it can filter larger or smaller spaces. On its lowest setting, it is suitable for smaller rooms such as bedrooms up to 139 square feet. On its second fan speed, it can be used in offices or other rooms up to 185 square feet. When set on its highest fan setting, it can take on larger rooms such as living rooms or kitchens up to 300-500 square feet. Even at 300 ft2, it will still cycle the air slightly over three times per hour! Its three-step filtration process takes care of pesky pet allergens, as well as smoke and other types of irritants. That way, people can own pets or make the occasional cooking slip without risking an allergy attack.

Though it does have a light for those who want it on, this light can also be turned off for those who prefer to sleep in the dark. Its volume stays below 23 dB for those seeking a machine that can hardly be heard. Its filter needs to be changed every 6-8 months, which is standard for the industry. A light will turn on indicating a user when this changing time has come. The purifier uses less than half of watt of electricity when it is on standby mode, which is impressive for a machine of this power. However, users should note that when it is filtering, it can use about 55 watts of electricity, which is on the higher side. This makes the unit a better option for those who prioritize effectiveness over energy efficiency.

  • Product
  • Different settings suit differently sized rooms
  • Low standby energy usage
  • Washable preliminary filter
  • High energy use when being used
  • Does not eliminate bacteria or viruses
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Hamilton Beach TrueAir | Available with a Specialized Pet and Odor Eliminator

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Pets

The Hamilton Beach TrueAir comes in both black and white. Buyers can choose which option works better with their home or office color scheme. It is shaped like a long rectangle, and its aesthetic is somewhat futuristic. At first glance, it resembles a speaker and would blend in perfectly with a sound system. On top of the unit, there is a knob that can be turned to choose the fan speed. There are three different speeds to choose from, the slowest obviously being the quietest.

Those who are specifically interested in using their purifier to take care of pet-related problems can choose to buy the version that specializes in this. Its filters are designed to filter for pet dander and odors better than others. It works best in rooms up to 140-160 square feet. Inside it, there are two carbon zeolite filters for dissolving and absorbing bad odors. It has other layers that filter for other types of particles to keep the air as clean as possible. Its prefilter is designed to catch pet hair, which usually clogs other types of purifiers. When it’s time to buy replacement carbon filters, buyers can choose the effectiveness level that they need.

The HEPA purifying sheet in this unit is capable of pulling 99.97% of pollutants out of the air down to a size of 3 microns. Those who are specifically seeking an air purifier pet hair might be happy with this one. However, they would need to wipe down the surface and filter of this unit every few weeks to make sure tufts of air are not blocking its air pathways. If they do not mind doing this extra bit of work, this is likely a solid option for those who need a purifier for pet stenches or allergies.

  • Product
  • Special version of the air purifier for pet allergies
  • Can be placed vertically or horizontally
  • Filters are cardboard-like and not washable
  • The packaging is not very protective during shipping

Buyer’s Guide

No human is exactly the same, and therefore neither are their reactions to living amongst animals. People should evaluate their own or their family’s reactions to their pets before deciding to buy an air filter for pet hair or other issues. Reactions to pets may be as mild as an occasional sneeze or runny nose. Other mild reactions include itchiness and irritated or watery eyes exemplified by a red coloring. People with more severe allergies or asthma may experience dangerous reactions as a result of pet dander or another pet-related particle in the air. Potential severe reactions include wheezing and trouble with breathing. If reactions to pets are left untreated, they could escalate into life-threatening issues such as pneumonia. Pet allergies air purifier can help reduce or stop these horrible reactions from occurring altogether.

That being said, the market is incredibly saturated with these types of products. Everyone is claiming to be the best air purifier for dog hair, or the best choice air purifier for dog smell. How can you tell the truth apart from false claims and dupe products that are actually defective? Reading online reviews is a good place to start. The ten products on this list do a good job of covering a wide variety of problems and solutions varying in intensity. Consumers should take time to search through the whole list, though, instead of just choosing number one.

Some of the lower-ranked purifiers on this list may better suit their individual needs. For example, some people only have problems with their furry friends smelling bad. In this case, they should specifically search for a pet odor air purifier. Others may find themselves with animals who shed more than average and in need of the best air purifier for pet hair. It is possible that neither of these things could cause a person any trouble, but their allergies do. In this case, the consumer will want to buy either an air purifier for cat allergies or an air purifier for dog allergies. If someone is having problems will all of these problems, they should search for the best air filter for pets they can find, with high-performance across the board.

When shopping for an air cleaner for pet hair and other pet-related issues, it helps to understand what different types of filters are. The three most popular filters used in purifiers across the board are prefilters, activated charcoal filters, and HEPA filters. The prefilter is probably the simplest sheet. They perform the job of catching all of the largest particles floating around in the air. Think of them as the first line of defense. They don’t take care of everything, and they are not technically required for a purifier to work. However, by stopping larger particles early on in the filtration process, the sheets that come later are saved from bearing this extra burden. Prefilters not only make for cleaner air but also can help the other filter sheets inside a unit last longer.

Usually, after a prefilter, a HEPA filter comes. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. The holes in this sheet are much smaller than those in the prefilter. For a filter to meet HEPA requirements, it must catch at least 99.95% of particles in the air that makes their way through them. These particles can include pollen, dust mites, and more. The U.S. actually has a higher threshold for these filters though, requiring that they catch 99.97% instead. This sheet is the heart of most purifiers – they would not work well without it.

The last step in most purifiers is the activated charcoal layer. Instead of physically catching floating particles in the air, these types of sheets actually absorb them. Consumers may see that they can absorb particles as small .5 microns. These are typically included in purifiers for taking care of bad odors. When searching for a cat air purifier or purifier for other animal types, make sure that this sheet is included. Even if the bad smell is not the number one reason a person is seeking out an air purifier, it certainly cannot hurt to find one that can eliminate bad odors.

Another less common but highly effective type of air purification is UV light. UV lamps are capable of sterilizing the air that makes its way through them. It eliminates germs and viruses that can get people sick. This type of process is likely to be found in the pricier purifiers. Truth be told though, it is usually worth investing in, especially for pet owners. Though it is not very common for animal germs and viruses to spread to people, it is possible. Outdoor pets can also carry bacteria or viruses into a home even if they are not personally infected by them. Containing a UV light is usually a tell-tale sign that an air purifier for dogs or other animals is legitimate.

The size and aesthetic of a purifier should also be taken into consideration by a buyer. Although it is not common for purifiers to come in many different colors, buyers usually have a choice between black and white. Purifiers also come in all types of shapes and sizes. Some may not mind plopping a bulky purifier in the center of their living room. Others, however, may rather choose a purifier that is more inconspicuous. Some of these products are small and designed to be hidden away. Others are designed to look like other products so as to not draw attention to themselves. It is a common mistake to assume that all air purifiers are bulky and let’s face it – unappealing to the eye. There are many options for those who do not want to sacrifice home design for clean air.

A factor that is frequently overlooked during the buying process of a new air purifier is the amount of energy it uses. This, of course, will depend on how energy-efficient a person’s home is, to begin with. People with solar panels on their roof might not even end up paying for the electricity used by their purifiers. Others may have homes with old electric systems and will find themselves paying a lot for running even a simple appliance like this one. For the most part, purifiers are transparent about the amounts of watts they use while running. Buyers can figure out by searching for something like “Levoit air purifier review for energy consumption.” Then, they can multiply the wattage found with whatever they pay per watt through their electric company. By doing this, they can see whether or not using a purifier will fit into their budget.

Buyers should also bear in mind the number of other maintenance costs of different purifiers before choosing one. For example, almost every air purifier on the market requires its interior filters to be replaced at some point. Filters can be as cheap as $15 to replace or much more expensive. It would be unfortunate to buy a purifier with replacement filters at the cost of $50 when there are many similar products with filters that are less than half the price. Another extra cost that could be accumulated while using an air purifier is the cost of essential oils for aromatherapy abilities. Consumers should not forget to factor these extra expenses into their budget when searching for the perfect unit. Otherwise, they may find themselves spending way more than they thought they would on their purchase long-term.

Tired of typing “air purifier pets” into the Google search bar? Consumers who have read this buying guide are now equipped with the knowledge to find the best purifiers for their individual problems. Now, all that is left is actually buying one and trying it out. Before buying though, just double-check that the product of interest has a decent warranty and/or return policy. That way, if the user is not satisfied with what they ended up ordering, it can be sent back or exchanged for another purifier.

How We Tested

While testing these products, we paid close attention to our main question: What is the best air purifier for pet allergies and odors? We purchased these ten above products because of their popularity in the purifier market, as well as their performance claims. First, after all the ten arrived, we looked them over for any damage or other defects upon arrival. The Hamilton Beach TrueAir had a minor scratch, but that was the only issue we were able to identify. Then, we placed each unit into a room the size of which matched its claimed capabilities. These rooms had each housed a cat and a dog for a day. Then, they were all measured and tinkered with until they had nearly identical levels of animal irritants and odors. The levels were all high enough to trigger allergies or asthma issues amongst people.

Each unit was turned on in their room for 8 hours. After the eight hour period was up, the rooms were measured again to identify their new level of pet-specific air pollution. We found that in general, the majority of the products worked as well as they claimed to. However, there were a few products that claimed to have wide square footage flexibility, when in reality they were only able to perform well in the lower end of their square footage window. This was common in the purifiers who claimed small to medium room usage.

The ten products above are ranked by the amount of pet-specific air pollution they were able to eliminate from their respective rooms. Some factors that also affected their ranking was their level of energy efficiency in relation to their coverage capacity as well as their bonus features. Bonus features included things like aromatherapy capabilities, washable or long-lasting filters, automatic shut-off timers, and more.


Some pets, such as reptiles or marine animals typically only cause bad smells on occasion. Other types of animals, such as small rodents, cats, and dogs shed hair or fur everywhere and pollute inside air with high levels of pet dander. Pet fur and dander can trigger mild to serious reactions in people who share space with these animals even for a small amount of time. Even if the problem is limited to smell and does not cause physical reactions, it is still unpleasant to constantly be inhaling. Sometimes, the smell is so bad that guests want to stop coming over. As cute as they are, animals can cause problems in their owners’ lives. This does not have to be the case though.

People should not have to sacrifice their comfort, health, and safety just to keep their pets in the house. Pet allergy air purifiers can help get fur or dander-related issues under control. If the issue is more smell-related, a special air purifier for pet odor might be a better bet. Whatever the problems are, there is a machine somewhere on the market that can make it more manageable. The days of feeling ill or unsanitary while sharing a home with furry and scaled friends could be over. Luckily, many air filters for pet allergies also clean other types of irritants out of the air. It can be a two-for-one deal with enough researching.

Throughout 2020, there are going to be a few new high-quality pet air filters coming out. As of right now though, a consumer may want to begin their search with the hOmeLabs Air Purifier, the best all-around pet air filter out there.

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