The Best Center Channel Speaker to Buy in 2020

Your home theater system is incomplete without the right center channel speaker. Why? Well, if you’ve got a home theatre then that means you’d be doing a lot of movie viewing from the comfort of your home. It also means you’d be looking to get a high-quality sound experience, right? That’s where the magic of having the best center channel speaker comes in.

In this article, we’ll be giving our reviews on the best center channel speakers that are available on the market. This will give you more room to make a more informed decision. Ready? Let’s dive in…

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Klipsch R-52C Center Channel Speaker – Best Overall Center Channel Speaker

Best Choice
Klipsch R-52C Center Channel Speaker
Klipsch R-52C Center Channel Speaker
When it comes to high-quality home audio equipment, the Klipsch R-52C center channel speaker is our top pick. With the Klipsch R-52C’s Tractrix Horn Technology, you’ll find that its high-frequency energy is aimed at you. That's not all, it also reduces distortions. It does this by using a reduced artificial reverb caused by the indirect sound bouncing off your walls. With this, you’ll be getting the best dynamics, detail, and clarity from your music or movies.
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Behind this technology are a 1-inch titanium tweeter and two 5.25-inch copper woofers. These offer an exceptional musical experience and an amazing low-frequency response. Its reinforced MDF construction ensures that you get a powerful contemporary design. Improved sonic accuracy and reduced vibration aren’t left out as well.

Seal it all with great aesthetics and what do you have? The best center channel speaker under $500 with a long-lasting listening experience. With its magnetic closed-back design, you can easily move or remove the center speaker as you desire.

Go for this if you want the best center speaker that will give you a clear dialogue without blasting your home theater system to the maximum.

  • Magnetically-attached grille for flexible placement options.
  • Great design.
  • Affordable.
  • Reduce dialogue distortions and reverb.
  • Perfect for movies and music.
  • Audible and accurate dialogue.
  • High-quality audio clarity.
  • An ideal integration into any home décor.
  • Amazing low-frequency response.
  • Detailed sound effects.

  • None

Customers’ Reviews:

This home center system was a huge improvement to my home audio system. I enjoyed a powerful, clear, and perfect surround sound. I can even hear sounds that would have been easy to miss. I like that its woofers are made from copper instead of carbon fiber.

It’s a perfect match made in heaven. It keeps getting better every day and I love how everything is so clean and crisp. With this, I can hear everything and not ask my wife if she got what the person in the movie said.

My parents were pleased and commended me for this center channel speaker. I got it for their anniversary. They’re always talking about how clear the voices are. I’m impressed. Highly recommended for sure.

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Polk Audio Signature Center Channel Speaker – Best for A Large Room

The Best Center Channel Speaker to Buy in 2020

The Polk Audio Signature S35 center channel speaker is designed to give you the perfect music experience. The Polk Audio Signature is a slim center channel speaker built to allow for flexible placement options. You can place it below or in front of your television – it won’t obstruct your view as it’s only 4.5 inches tall.

It also comes with a high-resolution 1-inch tweeter. This offers a crystal-clear high-frequency response and a perfect high-resolution audio file reproduction. With this, there’s a guaranteed detailed and clear high-end response to give you an improved vocal production for your music and movies. It’d feel like you’re right in the studio with your favorite artist as they sing your favorite songs.

Looking for the best center speakers out there that are durable, high quality, and resonant? Then this is a fantastic choice of the best budget center channel speaker for that remarkable soundstage and crisp dialogue.

  • Product

  • Good value for money.
  • It comes with six drivers and one tweeter.
  • Its slim design allows for maximum versatility.
  • Exceptional and outstanding performance.
  • Accurate sound production.
  • Easy installation.
  • Great aesthetics.
  • It can go up to 40kHz allowing for solid and rich bass response.
  • It comes with a keyhole slot for easy wall mounting.

  • It’s quite long at about 24 inches and weighs 15 pounds which can be a bit heavy.

Customers’ Reviews:

I’ve had the Polk Audio Signature for a week and I’m beyond impressed. It’s got a clear and bright sound. I installed it in front of my TV and it fits perfectly. No obstruction and amazing sound. Best of both worlds if you ask me.

The frequency response of this center speaker is remarkable. It meets all the demands of an amplifier. I love that despite its size, it fits right beneath our TV which is wall mounted as well. This is a well-designed and high-quality home center channel speaker. Highly recommend.

This center channel system has got an accurate frequency band to it with no distortions.  Now, it’s easy for me to enhance a low-quality movie sound and enjoy a clear dialogue. I recommend this for everyone looking for a great sound experience. Good value for money.

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Polk Audio Blackstone Center Channel Speaker – Best Engaging Center Channel Sound

The Best Center Channel Speaker to Buy in 2020

Why add the Polk Audio Blackstone Center Channel Speaker to your home? Well, it’s a great way to transform a lifeless movie dialogue into an engaging surround sound.

It comes with: a 0.5-inch silk dome tweeter, two 2.5-inch drivers, injection-molded cones, and a periodic-tuned rear port. These will boost your home audio when you mount this home center channel speaker on the shelf or wall.

Its uniquely curved design is ‘Time Lens technology‘ inspired. This technology allows the tweeter’s acoustic center to be aligned properly.

Its mid-bass is aligned in such a way that you hear the right sounds, at the same time, it’s reducing diffractions and distortions. We love that it easily connects to a receiver as a normal speaker would.

What about performance? It produces a gentle bass response as a result of the port’s controlled airflow. This is possible because of its smooth acoustic suspension enclosure.

Looking for the best center speaker with audible dialogue and special effects? Then you’ll find this center channel speaker to be a great choice.

  • Product

  • Easy to install.
  • It’s easy to use on its own.
  • Great compatibility with other components.
  • Pinpoint imaging and smooth highs.
  • A flawless listening experience.
  • Has controlled bass.
  • Lessened vibrations.
  • Long-lasting.

  • It lacks fine-tuning features and might have automatic audio adjustment issues.

Customers’ Reviews:

I got a new TV and I needed the perfect sized center channel speaker for it. A friend recommended this but I was reluctant as I felt it had small speakers. Having read numerous center speaker reviews, Polk Audio exceeded my expectations and I’m glad I went for it.

It produced nice and clear audio with a great voice reproduction. I also like that it doesn’t obstruct my view while watching TV. I’m quite happy with my purchase.

It did and still does what I expect it to do. The sound produced is solid. I love this home center system’s build and how nice it looks right in front of my 50-inch TV.

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Yamaha NS-C21 Center Channel Speaker – Best Designed Home Center Speaker

The Best Center Channel Speaker to Buy in 2020

The Yamaha NS-C21 Center Channel Speaker is four things. Stylish, affordable, compact, and powerful. With the Yamaha NS-C21’s innovative design, it’s easy to pair with your home theater system so you can enjoy an unmatched theater experience. This speaker’s receptive dome tweeters enable the production of high-quality audio. it does this by working together with the superior aluminum woofers.

With how elegant and slim this center channel speaker is, it will suit your home décor without looking out of place. There are reduced dialogue distortion, high-frequency response, and enhanced mid-ranges. The result? A well-balanced soundstage.

Are you on a budget but still want to enjoy great music and movie experience? Then this home center channel speaker is worth considering.

  • Has a balanced dome tweeter.
  • Brilliant design with a fully reproduced HD sound.
  • Slim and compact design to fit into any home décor.
  • Has got a wide range of frequency response.
  • Reduced distortions.
  • Reproduces the entire audio spectrum.
  • Very affordable.

  • Poorly reproduces low bass notes.
  • It’s not powerful enough for large rooms.
  • Lacks shielded drivers.

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Polk Audio 255c-RT Center Channel Speaker – Best In-Wall Center Channel Speaker

The Best Center Channel Speaker to Buy in 2020

The Polk Audio 255c-RT shows the way when the need to have the perfect home theater system with neatly tucked-away wires rises. This center channel speaker is well-designed for the ideal home theatre experience. Its top range sound is enough to enhance any existing music system you’ve got.

It comes with Distance Toggle, Polk’s patented Power Port technology and Dynamic Balance, two 6.5-inch woofer and a 1-inch dome tweeter. This is what makes a detailed and crisp sound – that’s not overbearing – to be reproduced with ease.

We also like how this center channel speaker has been engineered to nullify reflective surfaces in your living room. This makes it the perfect solution for your home theater system.

The installation is stress-free, easy and convenient. This is because it comes with Polk’s Rotating Cam System and templates that are the right fit. That’s not all. You can even paint it over to blend in with your wall painting.

Are you an audiophile looking for a center channel speaker with an impressive audio experience? Then the Polk 265-RT is yours to have.

  • Product

  • Good frequency range.
  • Crystal clear dialogue.
  • Directional effects.
  • Dynamic detail.
  • Good sound reproduction.
  • Paintable and easy to install.
  • It doesn’t obstruct the TV.

  • It needs a subwoofer for full power.
  • Lacks a rear enclosure.
  • You might need to get extra parts for it to fit on your wall.

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Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Center Channel Speaker – Best Magnetic Shield

The Best Center Channel Speaker to Buy in 2020

The Pioneer SP-C22 Center Channel Speaker pays special attention to two things. Reducing dialogue distortions and balancing out sound midrange and bass. Despite the Pioneer SP-C22 center channel speaker’s small size, it displays a remarkable low-end extension.

Let’s not forget its high-quality magnetic shielding attribute. This prevents all potential interferences with other electronic gadgets in your living room. It comes with a 6-element setup. This has quality capacitors and inductors that help cut down on bandwidth losses and produce a wider range of frequencies. Hence, you’ll be getting a superlative performance and more realistic, crisp sound effects.

Are you a movie fanatic who likes car crashes and explosions to sound louder with better effects? You’ve got yourself a winner.  Bear in mind that 99 percent of a movie’s soundtrack can be traced to a center channel speaker. With the SP-C22, every sound is top-notch.

  • Product

  • It has an impressively compact design.
  • Excellent crossover.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Has an innovative design.
  • Good sound quality.
  • It has a magnetic shield.

  • It doesn’t meet audiophile quality demands.
  • Might be underpowered for some systems.
  • Its broad profile makes it unfit for flexible placement options.

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Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker – Best Portable Center Channel Speaker

The Best Center Channel Speaker to Buy in 2020

There are many reasons why the Sony SSCS8 Center Channel Speaker is ideal for your home theater system. It has a 4-inch foamed mica-cellular woofer responsible for incredible sound reproduction. It comes with a 1-inch polyester central tweeter that has an impedance rating of 6-ohm for reduced distortions.

Its 145 watts of power allow for maximum crossover consistency so you get to hear high-quality audio from your favorite movies. The brand’s ‘wide dispersion super tweeter’ helps reproduce natural vocals and can project high-frequency audio up to 50 kHz.

It uses the dual-layer foamed mica woofer to deliver a soothing sound and stimulating bass responses. Sony SSCS8 has high versatility when the need for pairing it with other speakers arises.

Looking for a portable, simple designed and crystal-clear sounding center channel speaker? Then we recommend this. With its wooden cabinet, you’ll see that it blends in with your décor easily.

  • Product

  • It has a wide frequency response.
  • It’s lightweight with an impressive build.
  • Amazing bass response.
  • Compatibility with other speakers.
  • It has a natural sound vibration.
  • It’s got a lot of installation positions.

  • Not ideal for small rooms.
  • It fails to perfectly reflect the mid and low sound ranges.
  • It’s 2-way and can’t be paired with home theater systems with multi-channel speakers.
  • It can be quite loud.

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Klipsch RC-62 II Center Channel Speaker – Best Realistic Sound

The Best Center Channel Speaker to Buy in 2020

The Klipsch RC-62 II Center Channel Speaker also uses the brand’s patented Tractrix Horn Technology. This makes it another home center speaker with exceptional and remarkable sound clarity. The Tractrix Horn Technology’s capability is utilized to its full potential. Thereby, allowing for an improved and better listening experience.

With this speaker in your living room, the surround sound will be more vigorous, realistic and brilliant while using little energy. The Klipsch RC-62 II contains and integrates two 5.25-inches lightweight, ceramically rigid woofers.  This reproduces a sound that’s appealing and endearing to music enthusiasts and audiophiles.

It’s magnetically shielded. Its horn-loaded tweeter is also enhanced with a 1-inch titanium linear travel suspension. This helps erase distortions.

Looking for a natural sound that brings you closer to the music and artist you love? Then this center channel speaker has got you covered.

  • It’s got a magnetic shield.
  • More clarity and depth.
  • Exceptional looks and design.
  • It’s energy-efficient
  • Good value for money.

  • It is large and might not fit into most cabinets.
  • The surround speakers when mounted on the wall might be distracting.
  • It’s quite heavy.
  • Its design tends to create a slightly directional sound.

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Klipsch RP-450C Center Channel Speaker – Best High-End Center Channel Speaker

The Best Center Channel Speaker to Buy in 2020

We’ve already mentioned that the presence of a center channel speaker is indisputable. The Klipsch RP-450C Center Channel Speaker helps to strengthen this statement. While watching a movie, someone might walk in and you pause the scene so you don’t want to miss any of the dialogue. With the Klipsch RP 450C, this won’t be necessary.

We like to describe the Klipsch RP 450C as strong, powerful, and fantastic. It performs wonderfully and leaves you completely stunned when you find out how crystal-clear your TV dialogue can be.

Its four 5.25-inches Cerametallic woofers and Tractrix Horn ensure that each time you spend in your living room is memorable. We also love how there are no visible screws and fasteners on its exterior which adds to its great design.

Love being loud and lively? This center channel speaker will bring all the banging and booming sounds that you want to hear.

  • Product

  • The grille can be easily detached and attached magnetically.
  • Detailed audio production.
  • It delivers floor-standing bass depths.
  • LTS tweeter to ensure crisp and clear sound reproduction.

  • It’s quite large and requires a lot of space.
  • The tweeter dispersion angle is limited.
  • Its binding posts might be difficult to access.
  • It’s heavy.

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Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 Compact Center Speaker – Best Compact Center Speaker

The Best Center Channel Speaker to Buy in 2020

When compared with most speakers, the Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 is more compact. But with great performance. Its size tells little of how it uses the same technologies that its larger counterparts have.

This easy-to-use home center speaker is perfect for an exciting home theater system. This is because it reproduces realistic sound effects and crystal-clear dialogue.

It weighs about 8 pounds, so you’ve got more flexibility on its placement. With the added bass radiators on both sides, you’ll be impressed with the bass sounds that emerge from it. So, if you’ve got a small space available for a home center channel speaker, this is worth considering.

  • It comes in two color options; black and white.
  • Its compact design allows for a better natural fit.
  • Its two 4.5-inches pressure-driven planar radiators deal with low frequencies.
  • Clear, crisp and audible dialogue.

  • Dialogue at low levels might be unclear.
  • It lacks an option for a center mount.
  • Its grip material has a high tendency of sliding.
  • Its wire lugs are recessed and might seem difficult to use without using banana jacks.

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Buyer’s Guide

Here’s what you should consider when buying home center speakers:

  • Your Budget: When shopping for the best center speaker, it’s essential to stay within your budget. The good news is that we’ve got a list of the best center channel speakers under $500 in this article that you can choose from.
  • Quality and Performance: When shopping for a center channel speaker, we advise that you go for the one with a wide frequency range. Why? You’ll enjoy crystal-clear sounds whether you’re facing the speakers or not. Whether you want to have a fancy system or a simple one, always make sure that the sound quality is remarkable.
  • Size and Design: Your home center speaker’s size and style should fit in with your other surround sound speakers. This will allow for a flawless sound transfer between your speakers.

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They’re speakers that help create a balance between your left and right front speakers. They help improve audio output by enhancing natural sound across your speakers.

What is the Best Center Channel Speaker?

The Klipsch R-52C is the best center channel speaker.

Who Makes the Best Center Channel Speakers?

Our simple answer…the Klipsch brand. All the home center speakers made by this brand have a great surround sound quality and a great cinema experience. This is evident in the Klipsch R-52C model which is the best center channel speaker in the market.
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How We Tested

To make our research successful and more reliable, we put together a team of panelists so that we could get the most detailed results.

For our first round of testing, we tested for sound quality and performance. To do this, we made use of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car, the Star Wars movie and a few music tracks. We tested all of them on the smaller speakers before moving up to the bigger ones. We didn’t tell the panelists what brand each model was to allow for a more transparent verdict.

As the listening tests were on, we measured the frequency response of all the speakers. We blindfolded the panelists and asked them to judge each speaker based on the following:

  • How natural the speakers sounded as a movie dialogue is going on.
  • If there were any distortions or unclear sounds when we played loud movie soundtracks.
  • If there was any feeling of envelopment produced by each speaker as we played music tracks and movie soundtracks.
  • We also wanted to know how well the speakers blended with the subwoofer. We asked them if they felt each speaker’s bass was enough to prove that they were full-range speakers. Or if it felt like they were listening to a subwoofer and separate speakers.
  • To find out if the upper bass and mid-range region sounded well or had no depth.

 We then recorded their responses for each of the speaker’s sound quality.

Finally, we asked for their honest opinions on each speaker’s design and size. This was because we knew that these speakers need to be visible without taking too much space.

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A great addition to your home audio and cinema system is the ideal center channel speaker. It’s the best way to boost your entertainment experience for both movies and music sounds.

Ready to move your surround sound quality up a notch? Great. You’ve got a lot of solid choices that are worth considering in this article. With the different sizes and styles listed, it’s easy to pick ‘your’ best center channel speaker. You’ll find one that works for your budget, room size, and home theater.

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