Best Leather Conditioners to Bring Out the Best in Leather

Leather conditioner is commonly used to halt drying or falling apart leather in its tracks. It can restore products for either keeping or resale. It comes in a wide assortment of product types, from balms and lotions to liquid sprays. Because products are available in different types of leather, not all solutions are equipped to treat them universally. Finding the best-suited solution for a buyer’s leather may mean reading a leather conditioner review or several. These six products are a great place to start, from leather conditioner for cars to the best leather seat cleaner and more.

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FRYE Leather Conditioning Cream – One of the Best Leather Conditioners on the Market

Best Choice
FRYE Leather Conditioning Cream
FRYE Leather Conditioning Cream
FYRE leather conditioner is a top-rated cream that comes in a 100% metal container, making it very durable. FYRE is a product made in America. It promises to treat items with the best leather conditioner at a reasonable price-point. This jar is very useful not only for restoring leather but protecting it as well. The neutral-toned cream conditions the product and restores any oil-tanned leather’s original rich color. If restoring leather to its best shape is important to a consumer then this cream is a great fit. Consumers who would like to rehydrate their products will have their expectations met and exceeded with FRYE cream. That is what qualifies it to be known as one of the best options for sale today.
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You can apply this cream with ease to all leather of any age, whether it be brand new or beloved but beat-up. Besides restoring color, it also protects items from inevitable accidents with a useful waterproofing dressing. Waterproofing products makes them less prone to accidents and much more resilient. This waterproofing aspect defines it as the best product to clean leather car seats with. Due to its features, it is not only the best leather cleaner for cars but also the best leather cleaner and conditioner for boots. After applying this cream, a consumer’s leather will appear and feel much healthier and rejuvenated. Many customers have been satisfied with this leather fountain of youth. FRYE conditioning recognizes consumers’ leather struggles with wear, weather, and accidents and provides them with the tools to keep a versatile range of leathers in great shape.

  • Hydrates, which reduces risks of cracking
  • Waterproofs leather, great for protecting various products
  • Combined conditioner and waterproofer is more convenient and efficient

  • None

I used this product on a pair of cowboy boots I’ve had for fifteen years, and it truly worked wonders on them. They are more comfortable to wear than ever, and I get so many compliments on them. I can’t believe I ever went without this.

I have been using Frye’s cream about twice a year on my purses and belts. I don’t have to use it this often, but I like to because I find it gets me the best results. It has done wonders to restore their color and buff out old scratches.

I like to get my leather shoes warm before applying this. I put them in the oven for a few minutes at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for only like ten minutes before rubbing the cream all over them. I’ll do this twice in a row, and it works like a charm!
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Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Kit – Great Multi-Purpose Option

Best Leather Conditioners to Bring Out the Best in Leather

This kit comes with all of the elements a consumer needs to keep their leather products looking like they did when they walked out of the store. The purchase of the kit will come with two separate bottles. One is designed for cleaning items, and the other is designed to condition it. Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is actually odorless. The included conditioner has a very mild natural leather scent. It also is infused with Vitamin E, which plays a role in nourishing leather the same way that it nourishes human skin. Vitamin E is also beneficial when it comes to reducing damage brought on by UV rays. This is best used on leather that either goes outside or gets frequently hit by sun rays through a building or vehicle window.

This product can be used on a variety of objects, from boots and belts to sofas, chairs, and jackets. This brand believes that leather should be taken care of just like hair and skin– frequently and carefully. This is part of the reason this care kit comes with a pre-balanced pH to make it as effective but gentle as possible. This enables the kit to clean deep into a buyer’s leather and combat dust, oil, and grime. With this product, only small amounts need to be used to do a good job. It can be spread thin while still doing working effectively. That is why this is considered the best leather conditioner on the market, especially in terms of value for a consumer’s money.

This product is also attached to a satisfaction guarantee. Chemical Guys are confident in their cleaning and conditioning kit. If their customers are not happy with their product, they can reach out to customer service representatives to make things right.

  • Product

  • Both products come in separate bottles
  • Satisfaction guarantee protects consumers
  • Can be used on all kinds of leather products
  • Doesn’t leave any sticky residue
  • pH balanced to work well without causing damage

  • More time-consuming because users have to apply in two steps

I just noticed that the denim from my jeans began transferring onto the seats of my Camry. I used this product on them, and in only two sixty second applications and some paper towel wiping, my seats surprisingly look good as new.

I have used a lot of different products that claim amazing things, but none have exceeded this one. I have a service dog that always scratches up my car seats, and this is good at doing damage control for them. I also use it on my briefcase.

I have been using this to clean all of my furniture for over a year now. I love that it enhances the color of my couches and my kids love how soft it makes our seats. Plus, it never gets greasy. I recently began using on my husband’s motorcycle too.
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Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner – Great Leather Conditioner for Cars

Best Leather Conditioners to Bring Out the Best in Leather

This product is popularly sold in an 8-ounce bottle, though it can also be bought in a 2-ounce and a 16-ounce bottle. It has been a well-respected leather conditioner since 1882. Its main goals are to not only soften but also clean, protect, and polish. It does all of these things while only using one formula. This way, a person does not have to use several products, increasing the amount of time spent caring for their leather materials. Bickmore Bick 4 can be used on just about any type of items, such as motorcycle seats, accessories, shoes, and furniture. It is also specially designed to not affect the shade of someone’s leather, making it darker or lighter than it is supposed to be.

Some other brands contain wax, which has the potential to clog an item’s pores, but this one is wax-free and therefore avoids this frustrating effect. This keeps the leather soft and allows it to breathe. It also prevents the leather from getting sticky or too stiff to enjoy. Bickmore is also proud to be an American company.

Bick 4 is used in four easy steps. First, leather should be cleaned either using Bickmore’s Saddle Soap or a different leather cleaner. Then, Bick 4 gets applied. The formula is gentle enough to be applied using a person’s hand. That said, it can also be rubbed into an item using any cloth that won’t scratch the item. Once the conditioner dries, the leather can be buffed until it shines beautifully. This can be done with Bickmore’s Shine Cloth or a different cloth with similar attributes. This 4 step process can be repeated until the leather meets the standards of its owner. This conditioner is especially good at making old items seem new, making it the best leather car seat cleaner.

  • Product

  • All-in-one formula for a fast application process
  • American family-owned business with a great reputation
  • The wax-free formula protects leather
  • Best leather cleaner and conditioner for car seats

  • Does not come with an application or buffing cloth
  • The process may have to be repeated for optimum results

Bick 4 restores shine on my purses like no other. I applied this product to their outsides after briefly cleaning them with a damp cloth, and in only one hour they were completely transformed. It rapidly makes old products look as good as new.

I would buy this for all my friends. It feels like a hair conditioner and is surprisingly just as gently. I love that it works so fast, and I can trust it on my car seats. I can condition and clean my entire car in under forty-five minutes with this stuff.

I bought this product to restore my old boots and purses for selling, which cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 a pop. I am so glad I did! They originally couldn’t sell online, but after I renewed them with Bick 4, they looked as good as new. They went fast!
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TriNova Leather Cleaner – Best Leather Cleaner and Conditioner for Purses

Best Leather Conditioners to Bring Out the Best in Leather

This cleanser comes in a hefty 18-ounce container. It is safe to use indoors and on personal items such as purses because its components are safe and it does not put off dangerous fumes. This cleaner is also ideal for multi-use. It can be rubbed onto vinyl and fake leather, along with a few other types of materials.

This product is sprayed onto items using its included nozzle. This helps a person apply the product more evenly to their leather. It also helps prevent a person from using too much product at a time. Its all-natural formula was created without using harsh chemicals but it is still able to easily break up dirt. In addition to general cleaning abilities, TriNova Leather Cleaner can also remove tricky stains from fabric that a simple soap solution cannot. This product is designed to not only protect leather but to preserve it and elongate its lifetime. Leather is expensive, and so this can help it last a lifetime. TriNova’s before and after pictures speak for themselves. A good cleanse and condition with this spray will have a consumer’s leather or other material looking as good as the day it walked out of the store.

A purchase of TriNova will give a person much more bang for their buck. It comes with a special towel that will not mess up the surfaces being cleaned with it. It also helps give a person’s leather the extra mile of smoothness they would expect when putting the effort in to clean their leather. The good thing about TriNova’s cleanser though is that it has a matte finish as opposed to a shiny one. This is more natural and good for accessories such as purses. Though this product markets itself as a premium solution, it is well worth it.

  • Product

  • Comes with a microfiber towel
  • No harsh or dangerous chemicals used
  • Can extend the life of the leather
  • Is able to be used on many more materials than just leather

  • Spray bottle application may be messier than hand application

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Furniture Clinic Leather Recoloring Balm – Best Leather Seat Conditioner

Best Leather Conditioners to Bring Out the Best in Leather

Furniture Clinic’s Leather Recoloring Balm was developed to restore even the oldest of leather furniture. It comes in an 8.5-ounce jar. It has a creamy texture and is sold in several tones. No matter what color a buyer’s leather is, they will likely be able to find a good color fit for their product, be it dark brown, light blue, black, or lilac. There are 21 color options in all. Plus, Furniture Clinic refunds buyers who order the wrong color the first time as long as they re-order the balm in the correct color. They also offer a money-back guarantee if consumers are not completely satisfied with their results.

This balm may not be an option for those searching for leather cleaners, but it is amazing at making leather look good as new, and feel like it too. Its balm has the power to wipe away scratches and restore vibrant color. It should be noted that this product cannot be used on all types of leather. It can only be used on absorbent leather. They recommend that buyers check first to make sure that their item is able to absorb the liquid before purchasing this product. They can test this by letting a small bit of H2O onto their item and seeing whether or not it sinks into the material.

This balm is used in three simple steps. First, the leather must be cleaned to allow the product to sink in easily. Then, the balm should be rubbed by hand or cloth onto the item in slow circles with excess product buffed out. Afterward, a leather protectant can be applied to preserve results. It should also be noted that this product received the Good Housekeeping Seal for living up to its promises and expectations.

  • Product

  • Perfect for restoring old furniture
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Received a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval
  • Comes in an assortment of 21 different colors

  • Does not double as a cleanser

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Lexol Conditioner Cleaner Kit – Everything Needed in One Package

Best Leather Conditioners to Bring Out the Best in Leather

The Lexol Conditioner Cleaner Kit comes with a cleaning solution, a conditioning solution, and two separate sponges for applying each product. Each of the bottles contains 8 ounces of product. The sponges are different shapes for optimum performance. The conditioner sponge is rounded and the cleansing sponge has more of a block shape. All of these pieces are tucked neatly into sleek black and gold packaging. Despite the fact that this kit’s cleaner and conditioner are separate, the application process is still relatively quick. It can be used in three simple steps.

First, the consumer should apply the Lexol to their item and wipe away all grime that has accumulated. During the cleaning process, the product actually bubbles like regular soap, showing the user what a good job they are doing. Some say it is too mild, but it is better for the cleaner to be too mild than too strong and risk damaging expensive leather. Then, they should apply the conditioner to their leather to prevent it from developing cracks and rehydrate it after the cleaning session. The last step, which includes applying a preservation cream such as Lexol’s All Leather Quick Care is optional but recommended. This kit, unfortunately, does not come with this preservative.

This formula has been changed from its original formula and has taken on a less artificial smell. Some users prefer this while others would prefer the old leather-scented smell. Some argue that this is the best car leather cleaner and conditioner because it comes with all of the necessary bonuses to do a great job. In addition to being used for car cleaning, it can be used on other objects too, like shoes and briefcases. It does so without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling.

  • Product

  • Comes with different shaped sponges
  • Can be trusted with an expensive car leather interior

  • Users have to apply two separate products
  • Soap is somewhat mild compared to others

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How We Tested These Options

The first thing we did upon receiving all six of these leather treatment products was to evaluate them for any manufacturing defects or missing parts. After this, we organized a testing process with three steps to see how each product performed. The first thing we wanted to test was how easy each product was to apply. Then, we wanted to test each product’s performance on various types and ages of leather. Finally, we tested the six leather treatments’ feeling after the products were applied.

To begin, we gathered a few different types of leather of various ages. We had a piece of a leather car seat that was 15 years old, a leather purse that was 9 years old, a leather shoe that was 6 years old, a horse saddle that was 4 years old, and a leather couch that had only been purchased one year prior. We applied each product to a segment of each type of leather in the way we were supposed to. For those that required two separate products to be applied, we applied the second as well. It took almost three times as long for these two-step products because the cleanser had to be cleaned up before the conditioning step began. For a small item like the shoe, this was not a problem. However, for the larger items, this took too long for our preference.

Then, we let each product sink in for a day. We found that the products that were applied by hand were greasier in some sections because it had been harder to apply the product evenly. For the cloth and spray application methods, the leather did not have any lingering residue. We reapplied all products in the second round of testing and verified these findings to be true.

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Buyers Guide

Wondering what is the best leather conditioner? How about what the best leather conditioner for cars or shoes is? Leather is an expensive product that is labor-intensive to make and can only be treated with very special formulas. Searching for the right leather treatment for a consumer’s product can sometimes be a stressful experience. Accidentally applying the wrong type of treatment or a poor-quality treatment can potentially damage a product permanently. This is particularly important when treating the leather seats of vehicles, which are very expensive and difficult to replace.

There are a few different popular types of leather conditioners. The first is a pigmented leather conditioner, which is designed to actually add pigment to leather and reverse fading. Then, there is a protective leather conditioner, which typically contains some type of silicone or other water-resistant elements. This not only softens leather but protects it from water damage, which leather is very sensitive to when left untreated. There are also different types of leather conditioners that tackle different types of leather. Leather is split up into different grain types. Two popular ones are aniline and nubuck. There are special conditioners made for these types of leather, but many are capable of handling both.

For those in search of the best car leather cleaner, reading these best car leather conditioner reviews is a better place to start than just buying a random one. One should first take note of the age and absorption rate of their leather. After determining this, they should search for a conditioner that either has no effect on the color of the product it is being applied to or is an accurate color match. For treating items with a large surface area such as car seats, it is probably best to find a product that either comes with an application rag or sponge or purchase one separately. This will ensure even application of the product and minimize the potential for damage. Different types of cars also have different types of leather inside that can sometimes require unique formulas.

When trying to find the best leather cleaner and conditioner for car seat items, it is important to do research on what the car manufacturer recommends. Usually, a car manufacturer will even recommend a specific category or type of car leather cleaner. For example, Nissan gives buyers tips on how to clean its leather seats. They specifically recommend a leather cleaning kit with separate cleanser and conditioner. They also note that a leather conditioner is a good way to remove staining on their seats.

Leather conditioners can do a variety of things for leather. Common result buyers expect from the best leather cleaner is the ability to soften old dry leather. Another is the ability to eliminate shallow surface scratches and make leather appear and feel smoother to the touch. Some people want their leather conditioner to also remove stains or tough dirt patches from their material, while others simply want their leather’s original color to be restored. It is often found that the best leather treatment products are those that are only designed to do one thing, be it color, condition, clean, etc. However, for consumers who have all of these needs, it is more economically feasible and generally speaking, more practical for them to purchase one product that can do all of these. For these people, some good options may be leather cleaning kits that offer multiple services in the same package without combining them all into one product.

The needs of the buyer should also be evaluated. For example, the owner of a leather horse saddle may frequently take it outdoors where it gets dirty. These buyers probably need a conditioner that also deep cleans. Furniture owners’ leather may come in contact with a lot of different people, making it susceptible to accumulate germs. These types of owners probably also need a conditioner that doubles as a cleanser. On the other hand, those who are looking to treat leather on an item like a jewelry box, which just sits on top of a dresser and never really gets dirty, may just require a conditioner with color-restoring properties. Depending on the consumer’s needs, a different leather conditioner should be purchased.

Buyers should also purchase conditioner based on the size of the product they need to condition. Some buyers may accidentally buy the biggest jar or bottle of product they can find because they think they will get more product for their money. However, not all leather conditioners are able to sit on the shelf forever. Many will only last for about five years before beginning to go bad. Once a leather conditioner goes bad, it can actually harm leather as opposed to restoring it. For those who own very small amounts of leather, such as a belt or a small purse, a smaller bottle should be purchased so that it can be used in its entirety. Otherwise, the buyer will lose money if their product expires, and they end up having to throw some of it away. Those who are looking to use their leather conditioner for large pieces of furniture or as an auto leather cleaner are the ones who should look into purchasing larger containers.

The application method of the leather conditioner also matters a great deal. For those who have been conditioning leather their whole lives, this is less important. They likely have the experience required to do a good job regardless of the application method they are using. However, for beginners, it is better to find a leather conditioning kit that comes with an applicator such as a towel or sponge. Applying with hands, as was discovered during the testing process, can sometimes result in uneven application. This may lead to the leather item looking blotchy or feeling greasy. Spray applicators or other types of application methods help a user apply their conditioner more evenly and get better results.

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Many leather treatment products are very similar, which can make it hard to choose between them. For those in search of a solid kit, the Chemical Guys kit is probably their best bet. If they are looking for a lotion that is easier to apply for beginners, they may prefer to purchase the Lexol Conditioner Cleaner Kit. The two unique sponges this kit comes with will improve their end results. Frye’s leather conditioning cream stands out thanks to its amazing results, but Furniture Clinic’s balm is the top dog when it comes to restoring color.

Whether the buyer is looking for the best car leather conditioner or a more diverse conditioner, reading reviews is the easiest place to start.

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