Best Double Jogging Stroller: 2020 Evaluation & Ranking

Parents with twins or with children as close in age as possible know the struggles of needing to go out on a run or go out in public and cannot physically push 2 strollers. The jogging strollers double editions are wonderful inventions that are a modification to the traditional version, yet have more storage, more weight capacity, and better control to allow your daily life to continue without worry. The best 3 on the market are listed below.

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BOB Gear Revolution Flex – Best Overall Double Jogging Stroller

Best Choice
BOB Gear Revolution Flex
BOB Gear Revolution Flex
The best double jogging stroller is certainly the BOB Gear Revolution Flex which ranks number one in use and number two in the price range. While you might expect a double stroller to be one that has four wheels, this double running stroller is proof that with the right design and structure, that extra space is not needed. The three tires are part of a suspension system and the entire carriage is both travel- and running-ready and usable with any brand car seats. There is also a large storage capacity in the handlebar, the basket under, and 10 pockets.
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The entire carriage only weighs 33 pounds and can hold a weight of 220 pounds, which can accommodate the older child as well as the very young one. This jogging double stroller has reflective printed fabric that is also repellent of water with plenty of padding for protection. There is also a large canopy with UPF 50 protection, which is an excellent rating to block UV rays. This is highly recommended to parents with two children of any ages that need to go for jogs or runs and want high quality and stable stroller.

  • High UV protection
  • High weight limit
  • Travel + jogging capable
  • Stable and secure design
  • A little bit pricey

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

This twin jogging stroller is superb in terms of its seating, canopy, handlebar, pockets, well – everything! Even having two children with differing ages works fantastic.

This carriage works great for those on-the-go and has a well-adjustable handlebar for tall parents like my husband and me.

This is the best of several jogging strollers I have tried. It maneuvers very easily and with just a push of a button, the seat lies down or sits up. The canopy works wonders during rain and sun alike!
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Thule Urban Glide 2 – Most Easily Controlled Double Jogging Stroller

Best Double Jogging Stroller: 2020 Evaluation & Ranking

This is the most costly jogging double stroller on the list but does come in 5 different color combinations. The wheels on this stroller are 16” in the rear and 12” in the front and have a suspension system and the front wheel is a combo swivel/lock type. One of the most exclusive features is the ability to use it and open/close it with just one hand. Along with this, there is a hand brake that can be twisted. This gives you the most control and allows for controlled speeds while you are running.

There is also an easy-to-hold handlebar for the adult. For the child, there is a reclining seat complete with a 5-point harness. Until 6 months, babies should have a reclining seat, making this great for that purpose. There is a 100-pound weight capacity for this Thule Urban Glide 2. There is a huge storage compartment below, and a magnetic closed window that allows the baby total privacy from the elements and the world. This jogging stroller double is not recommended since the model number 3 in this list is very similar, yet more cost-efficient.

  • Product
  • Large wheels
  • Easy use/compact feature with only one hand
  • Hand brake
  • Very expensive
  • Low weight limit for double stroller

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

This was the best double jogging stroller for infant and toddler that I could find because it allowed me to have both kids together but was still the perfect size to accommodate a newborn!

This is a perfect buggy not only for jogging but also for daily use. It is super smooth to move around and the handbrake helps with going downhill a lot.

This is my second BOB branded stroller and it wins for me! It really does close with only one hand, which is super easy and fast for a mom-on-the-go like me.
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Joovy Zoom X2 – Best Double Jogging Stroller for Young Twins or Siblings

Best Double Jogging Stroller: 2020 Evaluation & Ranking

This is the most affordable of the double jogging strollers. It seeks to respond to the common issue of parents being hindered from doing their traditional physical activity after having kids. Now you can fit both of your young ones into a slim inline double jogging stroller and tackle nearly any terrain. The entire device, made of aircraft aluminum, only weighs 28 pounds and can hold up to 100 pounds. It is designed for children 6 months and older.

There is one lock capability that allows for super quick storage. The Joovy Zoom X2 comes with a tire pump as well, for its 3 tires. There are adjustable seat positions, adjustable canopies, and a front lock/swivel wheel. This buggy has all the bonuses. This is highly recommended for parents with young twins or children extremely close in age since it holds up to 100 pounds.

  • Product
  • Made of lightweight high-quality material
  • Has a lot of customization
  • Low weight limit
  • Limited storage compared to other models

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

Of all the lightweight double jogging strollers out there, this one is unbeatable. It opens and closes extremely smoothly and does not take up much space.

This is so easy to use, and after several trial and error runs, I have found this one to be the winner. It takes literally 10 minutes to put together, only weighs 28 pounds, and is easy for super tall people to use, too.

I used to not see the point of a double stroller, but once I had kids that were only 3 years apart, I learned. This stroller is comfortable for my kids, is excellent and very necessary for my life.
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