Best Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum in 2020

Despite the bustling of everyday life, maintaining a tidy home remains essential. As a pet owner, you’d agree that trying to keep stray hairs in check daily with the help of a heavy vacuum cleaner can be quite tiring. Plus, it always seems like an endless task. It’s even more difficult knowing that your pet’s hair can get everywhere – from the furniture to the stairs.

In this article, you’ll see how we’ve taken the time to do our research before coming up with the best pet hair handheld vacuums. Let’s get started with the best handheld vacuum for pet hair in 2020.

Models Considered
Hours of Research
Experts Interviewed
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LOZAYI 7KPA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Best Overall Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum

Best Choice
LOZAYI 7KPA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
LOZAYI 7KPA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Our top recommendation for the best handheld vacuum for pet hair is the LOZAYI 7KPA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. It’s the best handheld pet vacuum for your daily cleaning as it does the job efficiently. Why? It comes with a high 100W performance motor that helps make this vacuum cleaner a great cyclonic cleaning system.
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The LOZAYI 7KPA is lightweight and portable, so you’ll find it easy to move around with it as you clean your kitchen, furniture, and stairs. The best thing about this pet hair hand vacuum is that once it’s fully charged, it can last up to 30 minutes. That’s enough time to have your entire furniture or room cleaned up.

It comes with four extra accessories that support all-round wet and dry cleaning. They also add versatility and simplify house cleaning.   Let’s not forget its anti-backflow valve. With this feature, you won’t need to worry about dust or stray hair falling off as you clean.

Looking for the ideal handheld pet vacuum for your furniture or stairs that’s also low on noise? This handheld pet vacuum has got you covered.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Has a strong suction.
  • Very lightweight and portable.
  • Good battery life with an LCD.
  • Charges fast.
  • LED light for visibility in dark areas.
  • Easy to clean filter and debris canister.
  • The noise level is below 75dB.
  • It’s affordable.
  • None

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

“I’m in love with this vacuum cleaner. It came with extra attachments that made it easy for me to reach tight and tiny corners. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a better supplement to the larger vacuum cleaner we’re all used to.”

“It’s cordless and so, moving around with it isn’t a burden. It lasts for a long time and its suction power is strong enough for my routine cleaning.”

“Everything about this vacuum cleaner is way too convenient from its suction power to the bag it comes in. It exceeded my imaginations!”
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Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Best Lightweight, Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum in 2020

At 1.4 pounds [0.64kg], the Shark WV201 WANDVAC Vacuum Cleaner is the most lightweight pet hand vacuum on our list. This is the handheld pet vacuum that you’ll love showing off as it’s got a sleek and modern look. It even won a design award in 2019.

It comes with a cool charging dock that gives you easy access for a quick mess cleanup. It’s powered by an 115-watt lithium-ion battery which allows for fast charging [takes about 2.5 hours]. It also has a strong suction although it only lasts for about 10 minutes.

The Shark WV201 also comes with two extra attachments besides its tapered nozzle. There’s a 2.3 inches cleaning path crevice that works great for tiny corners.

You’ll love also its multi-surface pet tool. This attachment [has a cleaning path of 3.6 inches] makes it the best handheld vacuum for removing pet hair on furniture. Emptying the dust canister is easy – it’s just at the press of a button. With its spring-loaded design, you won’t need to worry about getting your hands dirty.

We recommend this model if you’re looking for a handheld pet vacuum that’s unique, stylish, powerful and portable. However, it lacks a HEPA filter and so, not recommended if you’ve got allergies.

  • Product
  • It comes with a charging dock.
  • Fast charging time of 2.5 hours.
  • Weighs only 1.4 pounds.
  • Easy to use, no technicality involved.
  • Emptying the dust canister is easy.
  • Washable filter.
  • Lacks a motorized brush tool, making cleaning difficult if your pets are long-haired.
  • Small dust cup.

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

“I generally use this pet hand vacuum for my car and around the house. It’s great for cleaning loose hair or flour/powder spills on the kitchen counter. It’s got an interesting design with a nice slim profile.”

“Gave this a try and it exceeded my expectations. It works great for picking up debris. I haven’t tried it with anything else but I believe it’d work great as well as it’s got strong suction.”

” I had wanted to get the Shark Rocket Corded Vacuum but my friend recommended this. I’ve used it for a few days but it has gotten rid of parakeet feathers and seeds. It also cleaned up my cat’s hair from the carpet as well.”
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Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Best Long-Lasting, Cordless Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum in 2020

The Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is the best handheld cordless vacuum for pet hair. It comes with four high-efficiency 2,200 mAh lithium-ion batteries.

According to the manufacturer, this handheld pet vacuum can be reused for about 500 times with a lifespan of about five years.

It takes about three to four hours to be fully charged, but you’ll get a full 30 minutes runtime with this cordless vacuum. Its charging base allows for easy access and its 100-watt motor provides a strong enough suction as well.

With Homasy handheld vacuum cleaner, you’ll get to enjoy three different cleaning attachments. With its rubber jar attachments, you can say goodbye to about 100 ml of spilled liquid. It also comes with a crevice and brush nozzle and a motorized brush roll. The dust canister has a good storage capacity of about 0.6 liters and with a simple button, you can empty its contents.

We recommend this vacuum cleaner if you appreciate a pet hair hand vacuum that’s designed with your wrist’s comfort in mind. It also offers temperature and short circuit protection which will help keep you and your family safe.

  • Product
  • Quite comfortable to use with reduced wrist pressure.
  • Good runtime up to 30 minutes.
  • Good dust collection capacity of about 0.6 liters [600ml].
  • Strong suction capacity.
  • Temperature and short circuit protection for safe use.
  • The filters are easily clogged up and hard to clean.
  • Not ideal for deep cleaning embedded pet hair.

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

“I use this portable vacuum for cleaning up the liquid mess and many hard to reach places. I like the fact that it’s got strong suction and functional accessories. Once it’s fully charged, it picks up all it’s supposed to. Highly recommend!”

“I was reluctant to buy this cordless vacuum at first but it exceeded my expectations. It’s a great vacuum cleaner that delivers awesome cleanups.”

“It’s relatively quiet and has got more suction than the past handheld pet vacuum cleaners I’ve used in the past. It’d do you much good to read the instructions about the filter to know how best to clean it.”
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BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Best Hand Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum in 2020

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner that has a decent suction level that’s enough for a good cleaning. It’s designed to clean everywhere your pet goes making it the best hand vacuum for pet hair.

With its crevice tools and handy attachments, you’ll find it easier to clean out pet hair from those nooks and crannies of your home and car. Let’s not forget to mention its motorized brush roll does a great job at pulling up pet hair from carpets and furniture.

It’s bagless, so all the pet hair and dirt will get sucked into the main compartment. It’s also transparent for you to see through and know when it needs emptying. You’ll also find emptying the bin of the Bissell Pet Hair handheld vacuum to be easy and time-saving – everything is at the press of a button.

If you’ve got pets everywhere then we recommend this.

  • Product
  • Its attachments work well.
  • Great for cleaning pet hair.
  • Comes with a motorized brush roll.
  • Long recharge time of about five hours with 10-12 minutes run time.
  • Lacks a stand for storing the vacuum and its attachments.
  • Lacks a HEPA filter system.
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Shark Pet-Perfect II Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner – Best Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair on Stairs

Best Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum in 2020

The Shark Pet-Perfect II comes with a motorized brush-roll attachment that cleans out stubborn dirt and picks up stray pet hairs.

For cleaning hard surfaces like shelves, stairs, and worktops as well as underneath furniture — its dusting brush attachment is up to the task. For narrow and tight spots, the crevice tool works great for this.

We’re quite sure you’d appreciate that it comes with slots for its accessories so you can keep everything in one place. The Shark Pet-Perfect II runs on an 18 V lithium-ion battery that’s rechargeable. Its charging stand makes it easy to be mounted on the wall or a table.

It weighs about 4.92 pounds but we appreciate its ergonomic design which makes it easy to hold and use. The dust canister can be emptied by the push of a button and the filter is washable. We like that its filter can act as an air cleaner too.

We recommend this if your pets shed a lot and you want to keep their stray hairs away from everything.

  • Product
  • Transparent dust canister.
  • It can work on different surfaces.
  • Its twister cyclonic technology allows for consistent and strong suction.
  • It takes about 16 hours to reach full charge with about 12 minutes run time.
  • The heaviest handheld pet vacuum cleaner on our list.
  • Lacks HEPA filtration.
  • Lacks a swivel head.
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Buyer’s Guide

Handheld vacuums for pet hair work best for spot-cleaning and tricky areas, like the stairs and shelves. They’re an affordable, convenient, and great option for getting rid of loose pet hairs around the house. Here are what you should look out for when shopping for a handheld pet vacuum:

  • Running Time: Depending on what you will be using the handheld vacuum cleaners for, you’ll need to find out if the runtime is always sufficient.
  • Weight: Lightweight designs are more ideal for those with agility issues as anything 5 pounds and over might prove a challenge. Every handheld pet hair vacuum on this list doesn’t exceed 4 pounds which is still lightweight.
  • Wet and dry-cleaning ability: With this, you won’t need to use mops or a paper towel to clean up spills again.
  • Price: We believe the last thing you’d want to do is to pay for what you won’t need. So, you need to be clear on what you need out of a handheld pet vacuum cleaner so as not to overspend.
  • Fast charging: You wouldn’t want it to take the whole day to charge and only work for a few minutes. So, after considering the runtime, look out for the recharge time too.
  • Additional attachments for effective cleaning.
  • An LED light addition is also useful as well as a dust canister with good storage capacity.
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Should I Go for a Corded or Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

Indeed, all the handheld vacuum for pet hair on this list are cordless. However, that doesn’t mean all the hand vacuum cleaners out there are cordless. Besides its portability, the best cordless handheld vacuum cleaner for pet hair is battery-operated. This means it won’t draw as much power as a corded vacuum cleaner that’s always plugged in.

How Many Attachments Should All Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair Have?

The best handheld vacuum for pet hair will have more than one attachment. Why? Well, for it to be more efficient, it’d need to have different tools that can tackle various situations. Let’s say you need to clean out tight corners, a crevice tool will be the ideal attachment. What about if you need to clean out furniture? An upholstery attachment will come in handy and so on.

What Is a Bag or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

Nowadays, you’re more likely to come across more bagless vacuums than bag vacuum cleaners. This is because bagless vacuum cleaners are easier to empty and won’t need replacements like bagged vacuums. They’re also transparent, making it easier to see what’s inside.

Although few pet owners prefer the bagged vacuums as they feel they’re more hygienic and cleaner. Yet, if a bagless vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filter and multi-filtration system, you won’t need to worry about that.

What Is a HEPA Filter?

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) is a filtration system in vacuum cleaners. It helps to trap in dust particles that are as tiny as 0.3 microns so that you don’t inhale them.  It’s an ideal feature in a handheld pet vacuum cleaner for pet owners with allergies and sensitivities.

Since inhaling clean air remains ideal then a vacuum cleaner that can help filter out contaminants will be a good value for money as well.

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How We Tested

For the first round of testing, we tested for usability. We tested each of the handheld pet vacuums on bare floors and carpets. We wanted to see if they could pick up dirt like pet hair, protein powder, dry oatmeal, and flour.

We then measured how much surface debris each could pick up in 15 seconds. We did this by dispersing uncooked rice, orzo pasta, and sand on a medium pile carpet. We then tested how well each vacuum gets into tight spots, tiny areas and cleans edges.

For the second round of testing, we tested their power capability and suction. We used weighty items like nuts and screws to see how heavy an object each could lift. We know that handheld vacuums for pet hair aren’t intended for deep cleaning like the big vacuums. And so, we adjusted our techniques to match their expected power capabilities. We then recorded their weight and run time.

For the third round of testing, we analyzed how each filter was easy to clean or change and how easy it was to empty the dust cap.

Then we checked how convenient it was to hold each vacuum at awkward angles and in tight spots. To do this, we tested each of them out in a car. We measured how well they could clean the car’s floor mats and crevices in the seats. We didn’t leave out any of the attachments each came with as we wanted to know how useful the attachments were.

We know that comfort is different for everyone, so we all took turns to try each vacuum to know what each person loved or hated about each design.

The final test to identify the best cordless handheld vacuum for pet hair was to measure and record the noise levels of each vacuum cleaner in volume and frequency. We did this by holding a sound pressure level meter at about one inch away from each vacuum cleaner.

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So, what’s the best hand vacuum for pet hair? Well, our top recommendation is the LOZAYI 7KPA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Yet, we understand that tastes and needs differ.

So, if you’re looking for the best lightweight handheld pet vacuum, we recommend the Shark WV201 WANDVAC Vacuum Cleaner. Or do you want the best handheld pet vacuum with a long battery life? Then, our recommendation is the Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

Finally, as a pet owner, all you need is a portable pet hair hand vacuum that takes out all the dirt whenever needed without wasting time. We believe that this article will make your decision-making quite easy.

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