10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020)

Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen PlaysetThe best way to nurture the confidence of your little chef-to-be is by finding them a play-thing that encourages them to explore their talents. In order for that to happen, though, you need start by getting them the best play kitchen available. But what exactly is the real deal in a market flooded with options? Here are our two cents – comprising a detailed review, buyer’s guide and a lot more.  

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KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

 KidKraft is a renowned brand in the manufacture of kitchen playsets. It shouldn’t, therefore, be a surprise that we have picked this model as our top choice. First off, it’s jam-packed with amazing and interactive features including a chalkboard on the freezer door so that your little one can draw or write her daily specials. To top it off, it features a wide array of appliances such as a microwave, oven, refrigerator, sink, freezer, and dishwasher with doors that open and close easily. In addition to this, the knobs click and even turn for a real-life kitchen experience.
  • Product
  • Made of molded plastic, composite wood, and metal
  • The oven is fitted with four raised burners
  • Has a pretend ice machine located on the fridge door
  • Oven drawers easily slide in and out
  • Plastic sink with innovative countertop design
Conclusion The versatility, reasonable price, and quality of this Uptown Espresso Kitchen from KidKraft make it one of the best modern play kitchen sets to buy today. It feels super realistic with a modern and sturdy design so it can be passed on from one generation to the next.
  • Large enough for multiple children above three years to use at once
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Includes step-by-step instructions for ease of assembling
  • Comes with pegs and a paper towel holder
  • Consumes a lot of time to put it together since it ships with so many pieces

Uptown Espresso Kitchen Assembly Instructions

View this manual

Product includes small parts, sharp points, and sharp edges in unassembled state. Keep unassembled parts away from children under 3 years of age.

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Play Kitchen

Yotube Video Review: KidKraft Uptown Espresso Play Kitchen

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KidKraft Vintage Kitchen In Blue

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue

 Here is another kitchen play set from KidKraft featuring a sturdy construction to ensure long-lasting performance. Aside from its lovely blue color, it comes with various kitchen accessories such as a fridge, sink, oven and even a microwave. Surprisingly enough, the sink is removable to allow for quick and easy cleaning. And another thing, it is packaged with step-by-step instructions to help you assemble it with ease. However, while it is easy to put together, the entire set up process can be quite tedious because of the many accessories it comes with.
  • Product
  • Oven knobs are made to click and turn
  • Boasts vivid and custom-designed artwork for a modern design
  • Fridge, microwave and cabinet doors open and close
  • Made of premium materials and durable wood
  • Microwave plate is designed to rotate
Conclusion With its close attention to detail and lifelike kitchen features, this play kitchen set for kids would make a nice gift for any young chef above three years of age. And thanks to its vintage look, it makes an excellent addition by KidKraft to any play area.
  • Comes with a wireless phone
  • Storage space above the sink for added convenience
  • Baking tray in the oven is removable
  • Includes an anchoring kit for safe mounting to the wall
  • Sink pops out for ease of cleaning
  • No ice dispenser
  • Only the kitchen is included so no things like play food or utensils

Kitchen Assembly Instructions

View this manual

Product includes small parts, sharp points, and sharp edges in unassembled state. Keep unassembled parts away from children under 3 years of age.

KidKraft Blue Vintage Kitchen

Yotube Video Review: KidKraft Blue Vintage Kitchen

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Little Tikes Super-Chef Kitchen

Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

 With a compact and stylish design, this modern play kitchen for toddlers can be placed just about anywhere including against a wall or in the corner of a room. Like most play kitchens, Super Chef boasts a working microwave and a cordless phone. What’s more? Super Chef Kitchen is packed with multiple utensils including a frying pan, coffee pot, forks, plates, spoons, and cups. This way, your child can begin playing pretend as soon as the playset is put together. Beyond that, it has feet under the base for added height.
  • Product
  • The refrigerator has plenty of room to store food
  • Burner produces electronic cooking sounds
  • Has a clicker knob located above the oven door
  • Cabinet offers more storage and has a door that opens
  • Has a chrome-look towel rail
Conclusion Everything about this play kitchen with sounds from Little Tikes is well made. Besides, it includes nearly every accessory your kid could possibly want including a collection of kitchen toys to get started.
  • Easy to assemble by yourself
  • Refrigerator door easily opens
  • Tons of cabinets for extra storage
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Play food not included

Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen Assembly Instructions

View this manual

Keep these instructions for future reference

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KidKraft Corner Grand Gourmet Kitchen

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

 Another great play kitchen that is sure to delight your kids is this Grand Gourmet Corner from KidKraft. It is designed to be large enough to accommodate multiple children at once. Best of all, it comes with a set of metal accessories including two spatulas, pot, and a pan. In addition to that, this play kitchen for girl boasts some lovely touches such as pink cloth curtains located behind the sink, a dishwasher, fridge and even a microwave. On top of that, the fridge has an ice water dispenser and a door that opens and closes.
  • Product
  • Removable sink with faucet for effortless cleaning
  • Small built-in washing machine
  • Crafted from wood and plastic for durability
  • Four cooking accessories made of metal
  • Freezer, oven and microwave doors all open and close
Conclusion Loaded with an entire set of accessories and fun details, playing with this play kitchen is sure to make any child feel like a top-class chef. So, if you have more than one kid or your child’s friends’ love coming over to play, you should consider this Grand Gourmet kitchen.
  • Plenty of counter and storage space
  • Feels like a real kitchen
  • Can be used by kids between 36 months and 12 years
  • Sturdy construction
  • Includes detailed and easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • Might take a long time to assemble although the process is straightforward
  • Few cooking utensils and no play food

Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen Assembly Instructions

View this manual

Product includes small parts, sharp points, and sharp edges in unassembled state. Keep unassembled parts away from children under 3 years of age.

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

Yotube Video Review: KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

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Step2 Little Bakers Playset Kitchen

Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen Playset

 If you are looking for an interactive and creative play kitchen set for your children, nieces, grandchildren or nephews, the Step2 Little Bakers is worth checking out. It is fitted with a granite-looking counter-top and a sink with a faucet. To top it off, the kitchen is equipped with a high chair where your child can place her favorite doll for enhanced playtime. Also included are a pretend refrigerator, oven, and microwave. As if that’s not enough, it comes with great accessory sets such as dishes, pots, cupcake set, pans and other kitchen utensils.
  • Product
  • Pull out vegetable or fruit basket
  • Special boiling pot and frying pan that makes realistic sounds if placed on the stove
  • 30-piece accessory set with play food
  • Powered by two AA batteries
  • Decorative plate rack for storing extra dishes
Conclusion Apart from being compact, this kitchen is also colorful, upscale and well-made for your young chef. Best of all, it feels just like a real kitchen thanks to the battery-operated sounds. Not to mention, the assembly is not as time-consuming as other kitchen sets.
  • Compact enough to fit in a small apartment
  • Easy to assemble
  • Burners make sizzling noises like you’re cooking
  • Plenty of play accessories like a phone, microwave, and electronic oven
  • Lacks pre-drilled holes so you need a drill to make them
  • Batteries are not included
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KidKraft Ultimate Corner Kitchen

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen

 For a modern and sleek kitchen design, this Ultimate Corner Kitchen coming from KidKraft is probably one of the best options to gift your tots. It is made from composite wood to easily stand up to the rigors of enthusiastic play for many years to come. Besides, the kitchen is big enough to allow multiple kids to play together without stepping on each other’s feet. But wait there’s more. The KidKraft Ultimate Corner Kitchen is fitted with functional doors and shelves where your little chef can store his/her utensils. In addition to that, it boasts an ice maker that is battery powered in order to make realistic ice cube noises.
  • Product
  • Fitted with a cordless phone, dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, and microwave
  • Life-like stove burners that light up
  • Ice maker comes with sounds and lights
  • Granite-style countertop
  • Sink includes storage space below, faucet and taps that can turn
Conclusion With tons of cool features and upscale look, this play kitchen for boy and girl will provide your kids with hours of fun cooking and keep them entertained. And thanks to the lights and sounds, your little chefs will definitely appreciate the realistic kitchen experience it has to offer.
  • Has a unique-angled design to save as much space in the play area
  • Shipped flat for safe delivery
  • Knobs are designed to turn and click
  • Ideal for young and older kids up to 15 years of age
  • Heavy and sturdy so it doesn’t fall over on your child
  • Does not come with any accessories
  • May take you up to four hours to assemble

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Assembly Instructions

View this manual

Product includes small parts, sharp points, and sharp edges in unassembled state. Keep unassembled parts away from children under 3 years of age.

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds

Yotube Video Review: KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds

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Melissa and Doug Wooden Cook’s Corner Kitchen

Melissa & Doug Cook's Corner Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

 If you are looking to keep it simple yet very interactive, this Wooden Cook’s Corner Kitchen by Melissa and Doug can be a nice addition to your kid’s toy collection. It does not have any of those battery-powered features like other playsets but it is furnished with everything a young chef would need. Made of wood, the playset feels sturdy and durable enough to offer your children years of pretend cooking play. What’s more? The kitchen comes equipped with a swiveling faucet and taps as well as clicking buttons that make for more imaginative play.
  • Product
  • Working three-minute timer
  • Removable and washable sink
  • Spacious countertop and shelves
  • Meets or exceeds the different US toy-testing requirements
  • Includes a fridge, three stoves, and oven with handles
Conclusion When combined with other kitchen or food-related toys, this playset is sure to provide your little chefs a solid foundation for their imaginations. However, while it comes with visual and written instructions that are well detailed for ease of assembling, the process may take a couple of hours to complete.
  • Compact enough to fit in small spaces
  • The sink can be removed for use as a bowl
  • Comes with a cutting board
  • Free of any toxic coatings for added safety
  • Tons of pieces to put together so it may take a couple of hours to assemble
  • Some doors may be hard to open and close if the assembly does not go smoothly

Melissa and Doug Wooden Cook’s Corner Kitchen Assembly Instructions

View this manual

Product includes small parts, sharp points, and sharp edges in unassembled state. Keep unassembled parts away from children under 3 years of age.

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Step2 LifeStyle Custom Playset

Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset

 Here is yet another kitchen set by Step2, one of the renowned brands in the toy industry. With a compact and modern design, the kitchen is sure to look amazing in your kid’s bedroom or playroom. But despite being compact, it can accommodate several kids thanks to the tons of accessories it comes with. Additionally, the Step2 LifeStyle Custom Playset boasts a microwave with an electronic keypad coupled with a refrigerator and oven made of “stainless steel”. As if that’s not enough, it also includes a sink with faucet, plate rack, granite-style countertops, and storage shelf.
  • Product
  • Comes with a 20-piece kitchen accessory set
  • Includes boiling pot and frying pan
  • Makes electronic sounds resembling noises of real kitchen appliances
  • Wooden-style finish to match today’s different decor trends
  • Comes with a pull-out drawer and a recycle bin
Conclusion Coming with a huge selection of kitchen accessories, the Step2 LifeStyle Custom Playset is no doubt a great play kitchen for toddlers. It is designed with so much attention to detail so that your child can stir up his imaginations.
  • Can be used by kids as young as two years
  • Assembly is easy and fast with a power drill
  • Includes plates, spoons, cups, forks, dishes, and knives
  • Lots of play space for up to three kids
  • Plenty of assorted play food
  • No pre-drilled holes so you will need a power drill to create them
  • Fitted with only one shelf so storage is limited

Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen Assembly Instructions

View this manual

Thank you for purchasing the Step2® Custom Kitchen™. We’d appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete a brief survey so we can continue providing you with great products.

Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

Yotube Video Review: Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

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Naomi Home Gourmet Espresso Kitchen Set

Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set, Espresso

 Boasting a realistic-style design, the Naomi Home Gourmet Espresso Kitchen Set is designed to keep your young chefs entertained as they prepare tasty imaginative meals. It features a stovetop alongside knobs that click and even turn. But wait there’s more. The refrigerator, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher have functional doors that open and close for a more realistic experience. And you know what else? Crafted from wood and premium materials, the kitchen is made to provide your kids with long-lasting performance.
  • Product
  • Includes an ice-water dispenser
  • Convenient storage shelf above the stove for spices
  • Movable faucet along with sturdy turntable handles
  • Four active stove burners with clicking knobs
  • Boasts a dish/paper towel bar
Conclusion Although it does not include even a single piece of kitchen accessory like cups, pans, and pots, it does come with some cool graphics. Moreover, the kitchen has a modern look that any kid is sure to love.
  • Chalkboard on the freezer for note taking
  • Strong and heavy for safe use by toddlers
  • Easy to put together but a little time consuming
  • Shipping is super quick
  • Screws for holding the fridge door are not strong enough
  • Some already drilled holes don’t line up
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Hape Purple Wooden Kitchen Playset

USA Toyz Hape Kitchen Playset

 Fancy play kitchen set for kids can get quite expensive. However, you really don’t need to break the bank to buy one for your kid. Hape Purple Wooden Kitchen is an affordable option with tons of realistic features to help your kid’s imaginations blossom. First of all, it spots 13 kitchen accessories and utensils made of premium wood that is 100{%} safe and free of toxins for superior durability. In addition to that, the playset features a sink, oven and a stovetop. You have to buy play foods separately though.
  • Product
  • Includes wooden cookware and utensils
  • Plastic sink that is removable
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Shelves located beneath the sink for extra storage
  • Oven opens and closes for a more lifelike kitchen experience
Conclusion Combining unbeatable construction with a wide array of accessories, this play kitchen for boy and girl does offer value for money. The kitchen is made for kids aged three years and above to help them improve their developmental skills.
  • Designed to offer your tot years of culinary fun
  • Compact enough to fit in various play areas
  • Lightweight but extremely sturdy
  • Cultivates imaginative learning
  • Does not have a refrigerator and microwave
  • Quite small to accommodate all your child’s food toys
Product Name Image Product Dimensions Overall Rating Details
KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen 10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020) 42.5 x 17.1 x 41 in 10 Check price
KidKraft Vintage Kitchen In Blue 10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020) 33 x 11.7 x 35.7 in 8 Check price
Little Tikes Super-Chef Kitchen Source: https://jonsguide.org/?p=7001&preview=true 10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020) 28 x 14 x 40 in 8 Check price
KidKraft Corner Grand Gourmet Kitchen 10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020) 42.3 x 17.6 x 43 in 8.5 Check price
Step2 Little Bakers Playset Kitchen 10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020) 14 x 28 x 41.5 in 9.5 Check price
KidKraft Ultimate Corner Kitchen 10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020) 42.4 x 32.7 x 36.6 in 9.5 Check price
Melissa and Doug Wooden Cook’s Corner Kitchen 10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020) 16 x 20 x 36 in 8 Check price
Step2 LifeStyle Custom Playset 10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020) 14 x 28 x 41.5 in 9.5 Check price
Naomi Home Gourmet Espresso Kitchen Set 10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020) 40.5 x 16.8 x 41 in 8.5 Check price
Hape Purple Wooden Kitchen Playset 10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020) 21.6 x 27.8 x 12.6 in 9.5 Check price

How to Choose – Buyer’s Guide

Before you purchase a play kitchen, it’s important to take a few factors into consideration. By thinking about these factors in advance, you’ll be able to adjust your purchase and avoid some common pitfalls.

  • Space

Space can be a real limitation especially for urban-dwellers who are required to put every inch of their apartments to good use. If you think space is going to be an issue, we’d encourage you to go for a portable toy kitchen. On the other hand, if you can find some wall space, a single, multi-story unit would be your best bet. Have some space in the middle of your home? The best idea would be to choose an island kitchen. Only go for a multi-piece play kitchen set if you have lots of space available.
  • Age

Whether you’re looking for the best play kitchen for the older child or your 1-year-old toddler, going for a unit that suits their size would be ideal. The older the kid, the larger, and complex the unit should be. Why so? Because as kids grow, they tend to crowd the play kitchen with all manner of accessories and, therefore, require a bit more space. Younger kids, on the other hand, would prefer to work with kitchen stands of to 25 30 inches in height. So, basically, you want to make sure you pick the right-sized unit for your little one while keeping in mind the fact that kids grow quite fast.

  • How Long Do You Want To Keep It?

If you have no plans of moving out soon or your kid has shown deep interest in the play kitchen, it’d be justifiable to go for a large and sophisticated unit. However, if you’re living in a rented apartment and are only purchasing the plaything to see if your little one will like it, consider finding an inexpensive play kitchen instead.
  • Your Taste

Do you have a taste for the finer things in life? It would be an excellent idea to look for an exotic play kitchen as well. So, be on the lookout for play kitchens that match your interior design needs. At the same time, it’s always ideal to give excellent craftsmanship a shot by sampling some of the hand-crafted kitchens as well.

  • Storage Availability

Play kitchens come with lots of accessories. For that reason, you need to be prepared for additional items including play pots, pans, and even countertop appliances. In fact, some kitchens even come with play laundry machines and refrigerators. It’s important to consider that all these appliances will end up eating a significant portion of your storage area as well.
10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020)


Which one is the best between plastic and wooden play kitchens? Well, there are quite a few differences which set these two materials apart. Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen Playset

  • Plastic

Plastic is a material that is known for being incredibly soft and kid-friendly. At the same time, though, plastic play kitchens tend to offer a wider variety of colors worth sampling from. Best of all, unlike units made from metal, these ones don’t rust even when water is poured on them. On the flipside, though, plastic is delicate especially if exposed to heat.
  • Wooden

10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020)Wooden toys generally offer a better deal in terms of durability. What’s more? Unlike plastic toys that can warp or fade, well-made wooden toys tend to offer a better experience in the long-haul. Also, wooden toys can always be repurposed by altering their appearance yet this isn’t possible with plastic play items. One downside with wooden play kitchens, though, is that they’re pretty heavy and bulky. So, we’d generally recommend considering your specific needs so you can choose IKEA play kitchen or any other brand that complements your unique requirements.


Age is a huge factor to mull over when you consider how kids grow. For instance, at two years of age, your toddler may not be in a position to handle complex stuff and, therefore, would prefer a simple kitchen. On the other hand, a 5-year-old would most likely look forward to something bigger and sophisticated in line with their advanced cognitive development.

Play Kitchen for 1-Year-Old
At 1 year of age, most kids may not have any major demand as far as their play items are concerned, but simplicity remains key. Generally, your little one would prefer a play kitchen where they can stand, open the drawers, stir stuff and, so forth. That said, you want to go for a unit with lots of doors that open and close easily as most kids at this age enjoy doing that quite often.
Play Kitchen for 3-Year-Old 3-year-olds are naturally a curious lot. So, it would be a good idea to find them a play kitchen with different accessories. For instance, you can get them a stove that seems to light up. If they like going shopping, you can even get them a shopping cart that they can push and pretend like they’ve gone shopping for their mini-kitchens. So at 3 years of age, it’s time to start introducing some more accessories to the equation. The idea is to keep widening the scope so your little ones can jog their minds while exploring new stuff.
Play Kitchen for 4-Year-Old 4-year-old toddlers tend to be imaginative and getting them the play items that inspire them to think and take decisive actions would be a great thing to do. The good thing is that most kids enjoy using the play kitchen even when they’re 8-year-olds. So, if you’re wondering if your kid is too old for this, we hope that confirmation helps settle your nerves. 10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020)

Play Kitchen Accessories

Play cooking; laundry, shopping and the like are great ways to build a kid’s confidence. But in order for that to happen, you’d need to start out by investing in a bunch of accessories to stock up their culinary playroom.

  • Play kitchen food

10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020)Play food can be a great addition to any playhouse. All your little one needs to do is get busy in the kitchen and then invite you over for a snack. In short, getting your little one to mimic exactly what momma does in the kitchen would provide them with the perfect playtime experience. Some varieties of foods included in typical play food assortments include meats, vegetables, bread, fruits, breakfast, dessert, and snacks.

  • Play kitchen dishes

10 Fun Play Kitchen Reviews – Latest Updated List (2020)Is there a better way for kids to spend their weekends than in pretend play housekeeping? With a set of spoons, forks, cups, knives, plates, sponges, pots, and play kitchen sink, you can keep your little angels busy at all times. They won’t have to bother you in the kitchen as they’ll be busy doing the dishes. No set of kitchen appliances can be complete without kitchen pots and pans. Therefore, it’d be a good idea to get a few of these as well.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining play kitchens and their appliances may sound like basic common sense – until you think of the fact that your kid might actually end up stuffing some of these items in their mouth. This is why we recommend paying close attention to the following care and maintenance tips:
  • Always pay attention to what your kid does when they get “busy” in the kitchen or at least have an adult watch over them.
  • Keep all accessories in good condition and discard anything that might be broken.
  • Teach your kid how to put the accessories away, responsibly, when they’re done playing with them.
  • Try your level best to keep the entire set germ-free. You can do that by spending time with your little ones cleaning the accessories as well as the “main kitchen” itself. You can also take a step further by sanitizing the play items with a sanitizing solution.
  • It’s highly recommended to use play kitchens on level surfaces.
  • Experts recommend regularly checking the entire set up in order to tighten hardware when necessary.
  • The best way to clean a play kitchen is by using a mild dish-washing liquid and a damp cloth. Avoid using products that may contain ammonia or alcohol.


Before you settle for any product, it’s imperative to make sure it’s properly warrantied. Ideally, such warranty should cover manufacturing defects with the options of having a part or the entire unit replaced applying. Note, however, that the warranty coverage period may not cover slight imperfections especially when the product is handcrafted from wood.


Why do I need to get my kid a play kitchen?

Kitchen play is lots of fun plus it also empowers you kid to think independently. Apart from nurturing their passion for cooking, this pass time activity can help your little one master some basic safety rules early in life.

How do I assemble my kid’s play kitchen?

Most manufacturers provide the assembly guidelines for play kitchens. Generally, though, the assembly process should be handled by adults. As long as you can use the screwdriver or multitool to tighten a few screws, the rest of the process should be pretty straight-forward.

Where can I find replacement parts for my young one’s play kitchen?

You can always find replacement parts for your play kitchen from your supplier or by directly ordering from the manufacturer. Note: General safety rules require that you dump any parts or accessories that get broken.

What is the best age to buy a kid a play kitchen?

The best age is at 3 years and above. However, some kids tend to grow up fast quite fast and can start to enjoy kitchen play as early as when they’re 1 year old.
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