Top 10 BVLGARI Watches Reviews — Finding the Best for You

Bvlgari Lvcea Automatic Mother of Pearl Diamond Ladies Watch 102382Watches are great additions to your dress code. They send the right message of sophistication. If you have the right watch on your wrist then you know what I’m talking about.

But not just any other watch will give you that. BVLGARI watches are just what you need to be at your A-game.

There is a lot to choose from and be sure you will find a match. Just to give you a glimpse of what awaits you, here are detailed reviews on BVLGARI watches.

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Bvlgari New Lady Serpenti


Top 10 BVLGARI Watches Reviews — Finding the Best for YouLadies love it when they have gold and diamond on their accessories. If you are that kind of a lady, this is one of Bvlgari watches that will hand you that without any struggle. New Ladies Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas 35mm 18K Rose Gold Diamonds Watch comes with an 18k rose gold casing. This is only a tip of the iceberg. The bracelet is flexible and can fit in any size of wrist.

How do 38 diamonds all set on a bezel sound?

Great, I know and this watch gives you just that. Easy to go with any outfit, this is a watch you can wear for casual as well as formal occasions. The shape is specifically done for ladies and you cannot help it but throw a glance at it all the time. If you want your friends to notice that you have a new piece on your wrist, do not search for any other of the Bvlgari watches for this one is all you need.

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This is one of the Bvlgari watches with an attached meaning in its name. Bulgari means 8 and you know the significance of the number 8 when it comes to science and mathematics (but you do not have to a science or math fanatic to buy it).

Designed with precision, the watch is a combination of 2 shapes at the top: a circle and octagon. It is the kind of a piece on your wrist that not only defines your personality but boldly spells your preferences for the best accessories out there.

For a man who wants to express boldness and at the same time some delicate nature then you have a perfect match with this watch. BVLGARI Bulgari oct BGOP41BGLD will give you the value of every penny you are paying for it.

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B-Zero Bvlgari Watch

Bvlgari Watch B-zero1 Bz22wlss.s


Who wouldn’t want a watch that would serve more than one function?

I bet nobody. Bvlgari watches know just how to get on top of the chain. The B-Zero watch is the gem that will not only pass for a watch but also as jewelry. Its circle shape and a sleek white color is a constant reminder that you have real value on your wrist. It is in a small size to make a perfect match for the lady’s hand that never would augur well with big accessories.

It is widely argued that the design of this watch is a symbol for the transition of time. I bend to agree with this argument since the watch seems to be a merge of the past and modernity. If this is not one of the Bvlgari watches that every fashionable lady would want to have on her wrist then it is extremely difficult to impress ladies (which is not the case).

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Top 10 BVLGARI Watches Reviews — Finding the Best for YouIf there is any brand that knows to keep up with style then Bvlgari watches would take a medal for that. But even among the best, there is always the extreme best that all others cannot beat. BVLGARI BB26C2SS/DN watch is the top cream when it comes to style. It is attractively designed from the face to the bezel. The inside has a dirty brown background with a dissected circle of silver conclaves. The digits are clearly done for easy time reading even in darkness.

The overall silver coating sends a message of taste only for the best. If you want something that is what watches used to look back in the time then this watch is the best choice to take you there. The strap can be adjusted to fit by removing one of the joints (do not worry you can always have it back when your wrist gets wider).

Simplicity is defined in every aspect by this watch but do not mistake this for low quality; there is more than meets the eye in there. The real value of this watch is only vivid to the one wearing it.

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BVLGARI Pearl Diamond Watch for the Ladies

Bvlgari Lvcea Automatic Mother of Pearl Diamond Ladies Watch 102382

Who said ladies cannot have a relatively big watch on their wrist?

Sure they can and the best answer will be from Bvlgari watches. This watch comes with a stainless touch on the bracelet, bezel and case and the three are solid steel. The watch is sapphire crystal and will glitter from afar announcing your entry to an important occasion. But wait until you know where it gets better.

This watch is water resistant and you can take a dive for as low as 100 feet. If you are the kind of a lady who can’t stay away from swimming pool and open water then you have no worries with this watch. Bvlgari Lvcea Automatic Mother of Pearl Diamond Ladies Watch 102382 will be yours truly in and out of the water.

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BVLGARI Men’s Diagono Professional Watch

Bvlgari Diagono Professional GMT Grey Dial Automatic Mens Watch DG40C14SSDGMT

Here is another of the Bvlgari watches that takes you back to the time of wrist watches. Bvlgari Diagono Professional GMT Grey Dial Automatic Mens Watch DG40C14SSDGMT is all gray save a blue semicircle line on the inside. It is a perfect reminder that analog dial watches are not going anywhere any time soon.

The bezel, casing, and bracelets are made from stainless steel giving you a guarantee of quality. The sapphire crystal is scratch resistant so you do not have to worry if you unintentionally rough up your watch on something hard.

For the man who cannot resist a quick dive into the water without having the trouble to strip off your watch then you are at home with this watch. It remains water resistant for a depth of up to 100 meters (330 feet). Even for a professional diver this watch would something to go by.

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Bvlgari Ashoma Watch


Top 10 BVLGARI Watches Reviews — Finding the Best for You“Ashoma” is Italian for “claim”. This is for the men who want to claim their rightful place when it comes to looking handsome and fashionable. Thanks to the diversity of Bvlgari watches, this artistically curvaceous gem is not only stylish but a true definition of a luxurious watch.

The alluring gloss of the watch is one feature that keeps men buying this watch time and again. To be honest it is never enough just have one of this. The touch of diamond makes it a treasure and worth every dime you are spending on it.

BVLGARI Ashoma Chronograph Gray Men Watch AA48C14SLDCH is a revolutionary watch that gives you a glimpse of how the Italian jeweler can be serious when it comes to carving out something for the big serious boys. For your money and style sake, you are in the right direction to make this a top buy from all the other collection of Bvlgari watches.

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Bvlgari Rose-Gold Men’s Watch


Top 10 BVLGARI Watches Reviews — Finding the Best for YouWhen it comes to compelling simplicity, none does it better than Bvlgari watches. But in that simplicity always lie invaluable watch that will prove to more than you paid for it. The rose-gold watch is a proof of all that. 18k rose-gold case and a brown bracelet is the package that comes down to you once you make the purchase.

You do not have to worry about scratches as sapphire crystal will take good care of that. If you still love swimming you will not be stripping your watch before you have a dive. Bvlgari Rose Gold Anthracite Automatic Mens Watch BBP41BGL is water resistant for a depth of 30 meters (100 feet).

The inner circle is dark gray with a light gray arch on the lower section. Out of a scale of 10, this watch would score a clean 9 for it great physical appearance.

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Bvlgari Bulgari for the Ladies (with White Pearl Dial)

BVLGARI watch Bulgari Bulgari white pearl dial BBL26WSS 12 Ladies

Ladies would not have a thing that does not complement their every look. They trust Bvlgari watches and that is why making the choice for this sleek white watch is not a hard decision. The design is small enough and perfect for a lady’s wrist. The alluring hue in every part of the watch draws all attention to it.

For those who are not keen may take it for jewelry on your wrist. To crown it all, BVLGARI watch Bulgari Bulgari White Pearl Dial BBL26WSS 12 Ladies is waterproof so if you get rained on do not be bothered. A right choice for the money this one is and you will not regret buying it.

How to Choose a Watch?

When it comes to choosing a watch whether it is from Bvlgari watches or any other brand that is a personal choice. Even if you have quite a collection of timepieces, you took the time to choose each of them. This is because every piece you add is a new part of your body. So, how do you choose a watch: what are the things to know and look for?

  • Why do you need a watch? The first question you should ask is why you need a watch. Is it for telling time, defining your personality or impressing the opposite gender? Whatever the reason is, it will direct you to get the best watch for your needs.
  • How much should you spend on a good watch: they say expensive is quality but that has proven to be wrong so many time. You should not buy what you cannot afford. There are great Bvlgari watches for the price you can afford. You only need to know the kind of watch you need and why you need it. The rest will take care of itself and you will get a match for your watch needs.
  • Automatic vs manual winding: watches come in two winding options — manual and automatic. You can go for either of them depending on what you find suitable for you. The automatic types are more popular nowadays but that does not mean you have to move with the tide.
  • Water resistant and waterproof: there is confusion when it comes to waterproof and water resistant. A waterproof watch will not take in water when you are rained on or when you accidentally pour water on your wrist. On the other hand, water resistance means that you can swim with your watch on and come out with it intact. If you are the swimming type then you will need a water resistant watch. If swimming is not your thing then a waterproof watch will suffice your needs.
  • Material: watches range from simple to luxury timepieces. There are those made of stainless steel, bronze, silver diamond, and gold. Your material preference is what will determine the kind of watch you will buy. The more luxurious watch you buy the more you will pay for it.
  • Digital vs analog dial: people make choice of a watch they will buy depending on the kind of dial option. There are analog and the digital dial. For the classic watches, the analog dial is more preferred. But if you want the digital one you should go for a watch with that provision.

A watch is a very crucial part of your dressing code. You should have a timepiece that complements you in every way. Grab one or two of the Bvlgari watches and turn around your demeanor. As long as you get your choice right; you will love the new you.


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