Top 10 Smart Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews — An Unbiased Research (2020)

Litter-Robot III Open-Air - Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter BoxHave you ever considered the benefits of owning a self-cleaning litter box?

Well, cleaning up the mess for your little cat is by no means a cute undertaking. You have to deal with all kind of mess amidst a disgusting smell, which is no fun at all.

Enter the era of a self-cleaning litter box and the ordeal of cleaning for the pet has been greatly reduced.

Take a look at some top litter box options and how they can help you keep the pet’s room clean, comfortable and safe.

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ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

With its unique system of disposable litter trays, this ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box provides unbeatable odor control and hands-off convenience. It has a cat sensor that usually detects when your pet uses the litter box and 20-minutes later start the race timer so the waste is swept away into a covered receptacle.

In addition, this self-cleaning litter box comes with a one disposable litter tray with a lid and a bag of original scent litter.

  • Product
  • Features Premium-Blue crystals litter that usually absorb urine and dehydrate solid waste thereby eliminating odors.
  • Includes a covered trap that normally locks-away waste and even odor so you never have to see or touch disgusting waste.
  • The litter box self-cleans for weeks without the need of refilling, scooping or even cleaning and is best paired with Scoop-Free Anti-Tracking Litter Mat.
  • Measures 27.4 inches by 19 inches by 7 inches while weighing 18 pounds only.
  • Easy to use and even clean
  • Very reliable
  • Offers convenient disposable system
  • Expensive to maintain the litter box — the pre-filled trays

ScoopFree Automatic Litterbox

Yotube Video Review: ScoopFree Automatic Litterbox

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Quick Clean Cat Litter Box

Quick Clean Cat Litter Box

Designed and developed by a cat lover, this self-cleaning litter box takes away the need to scoop daily thereby providing your pet with a comfortable, clean and safe place.

Measuring 18 inches by 20 inches by 14.5 inches with 7.5 inches opening, it easily accommodates most cats. To use this Quick Clean Cat Litter Box, you just need to fill the bottom of the box with clumping cat litter. On the other hand, if you want to clean it, simply spin one turn and your litter box is completely clean.

  • Made in the USA and available in several color options to choose from.
  • It does not use any batteries, cords or even plugs.
  • Made of durable, high-quality and recycled polypropylene.
  • Cat waste is usually separated into an easy-to-empty drawer.
  • Can use any type of self-clumping cat litter.
  • Built with solid materials
  • Helps in reducing the common litter odors as well as controlling litter and dust
  • Easy to use for cats
  • It is dark inside so some cats may hesitate to use it
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Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Self Cleaning Litter Box

Are you looking for an affordable self-cleaning litter box but aren’t able to find one that meets all your needs? If yes, this Self-Cleaning Litter Box by Omega Paw is just what you’re looking for. It is suitable for multiple-cat households or big cats and enables you to clean your cat’s waste in just seconds with the need of scooping.

Additionally, it works great with silica and clumping litters while containing odors and controlling dust.

  • Has 9 inches by 9 inches opening while measuring 19.5 inches by 22 inches by 20 inches.
  • Self-cleans by rolling the litter box to the right and back to the upright position and the waste collects in the pull-out tray for easy disposal.
  • Features a patented grill that separates the clean litter from the waste thereby putting the clumped waste into the scoop.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and no expensive filters, electricity or liners needed.
  • Easy to put together and use
  • Affordable
  • Provides the cat with privacy with the covered pan design
  • Takes away the need to scoop litter
  • Works only with clumped litter so clean litter is never thrown away — this may cause some inconveniences to people who want all litter thrown away
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CatGenie Self Washing Cat Box

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

This is one of the best self-cleaning litter box on the market capable of working on complete auto-pilot right from disposing the waste and even cleaning to disinfecting the litter base area.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box normally uses a SaniSolution cartridge which is a green, recyclable and biodegradable solution to help break down the entire cat waste in the tray while disinfecting the cat box area. Each cartridge usually holds 120-washes but when set on Cat Activation, it provides at least 240 washes.

  • Product
  • Uses reusable litter-like washable granules for your cat to dig and cover instead of clay litter. These granules are 100% dust free.
  • Includes a 2-year warranty, T-Adapters for setup and an easy DIY set up.
  • Includes three different settings to start cleaning which include Set on cat activation, Preset the litter box to run automatically up to four times daily and press the start-button any time.
  • Boasts many Cat Activation choices and requires hook-up to an electrical outlet and cold water.
  • Features a dryer that heats and dries the granules thereby leaving them warm enough and ready for use the next time
  • This self-cleaning litter box is suitable for one to two cats and no more than three of average sizes and six months or older
  • Flushes away cat waste hence no need to dispose
  • Washes itself clean
  • A bit pricey
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Hagen Catlt SmartSift Litter Box

Hagen CatIt SmartSift Litter Box

If you are looking to eliminate scooping and at the same time reduce dust and odors, then this self-cleaning litter box is just what you need.

Hagen CatIt SmartSift Litter Box has a pull and refresh system that you need to pull down the lever to dispose of the cat waste seamlessly. Clean litter is usually recycled back into the pan while waste clumps are normally deposited in a lined-collection bin for easier disposal.

  • Product
  • Has a closed design with an integrated carbon filter hence no odors, no mess or even dust. This design also provides offers a private and cozy are for cats.
  • Features eco-clean technology and dual-cat pan liners that ensure easy clean-up.
  • Clear view access window and a large swinging door that enables cats to enter and even exit with so much ease.
  • This self-cleaning litter box includes a maintenance access door and an automatic litter sifting cat pan that will make you forget about litter maintenance.
  • Ideal for cats of all sizes and all types clumping litter
  • Does not require expensive parts or motorized-pieces to replace
  • Quiet and safe to use
  • Holds up to two weeks worth of waste
  • Can only hold cat litter of up to 11 pounds
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PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box

PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

If you’re looking for a great easy to maintain self-cleaning litter box, this litter box is definitely an excellent option for you. It’s an innovative automatic box that usually works continuously to clean your cat litter-box via a ringed litter-bowl. The system works best with a premium clumping litter and is good at controlling odors from the litter box.

PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box is ideal for cats weighing up to 15 pounds but not suitable for kittens under six months or cats with any type of physical limitation.

  • Product
  • Uses a low voltage with an AC adapter and less clumping litter compared to most traditional litter boxes.
  • Boasts one year warranty and a waste bin that can be easily lined with recycled bags for an easy clean-up.
  • The bowl of this great self-cleaning litter box usually completes one rotation in an hour — this motion is continuous and slow and doesn’t disturb your cat at all.
  • Simple to operate
  • Offers great value for the price
  • Saves litter
  • Some cats may get scared of the continuous rotation of the system

PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box

Yotube Video Review: PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box

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Litter Robot III Open-Air Self-Cleaning

Litter-Robot III Open-Air - Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

When your pet uses Litter-Robot III Open-Air, a 3 to 7 minutes countdown starts and the glove rotates in a self-cleaning cycle. The mess is moved to a receptacle which once full you only need to pull a drawer and grab the bag for disposal.

Even better, the robot has a LED indicator that alerts you when the receptacle gets full so you can empty it at the right time.

  • Product
  • This is a fully automated self-cleaning litter box and it, therefore, eliminates the need for frequent scooping.
  • It has an ergonomic chamber which can accommodate cats of all sizes including big cats all thanks to a larger upward facing entry.
  • For added convenience, it comes with an adjustable wait time for a cleaning cycle, ON-OFF button, filtration system, and lip extender.
  • Has a self-adjusting sensor that is calibrated to detect any weight from 5 lbs for cat safety.
  • Easy to set up because it comes fully assembled
  • No clogs
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Can be triggered manually using push button
  • The unit is large-sized and so it’s a bit bulkier

Litter-Robot Open Air

Yotube Video Review: Litter-Robot Open Air

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Litter Robot II Litter Box

Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

From a glance, this looks like a sophisticated self-cleaning litter box. Its design has a rotating system that separates the waste from the clean litter and deposits it inside a receptacle that is found under the machine. All this is done in under 7 minutes after your cat uses the box.

Best of all, Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box can accommodate cats of up to 15 pounds.

  • Made to clean itself automatically thus eliminating the need for manual scooping.
  • Very easy to set up as it comes already assembled and no expensive trays or disposable receptacles are required.
  • Has a special carbon filter which reduces cat litter odor. Best of all, you don’t have to buy supplies periodically to keep it working.
  • Has an efficient sifting system which keeps the cat’s paw and the litter clean.
  • No contact with waste
  • Good odor control
  • Quieter than most other self-cleaning litter box models
  • It has to be manually operated for cats that weigh less than 5lbs
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Littermaid Classic Litter Box


This classic machine looks much simpler than other robots that we’ve seen in this review.

First, it comes with a detachable rake mechanism which is designed for easy cleaning and efficient use. Secondly, LitterMaid is enhanced with extra-high sidewalls that prevent litter spillage thereby reducing the amount of manual scooping one needs to do around the house.

  • Product
  • It comes with 4 waste receptacles and 4 carbon filters all which ensure the room is clean, easy-to-maintain and odorless.
  • It has natural corn-based grains which camouflage the litter scatter and play a role in keeping the house consistently odor free.
  • Its manual litter boxes are built with heavy gauge plastic which is both light-weight and durable in addition to being easy to shake out.
  • Easy to set up as it comes ready to run
  • Maintains an odor-free environment
  • Well built
  • Produces some noise, which makes some cats hesitant to use it
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Pet-Zone Smart-Scoop Litter Box

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box

This self-cleaning litter box is built with special sensors that are capable of detecting when the pet uses and leaves the box in a 15 minutes cycle.

If the cat re-enters before the cleaning cycle ends, the system automatically detects and turns on a red light to engage another 15 minutes delay leading to another cleaning cycle. Such genius and intelligent operation makes Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Cat Litter Box one of the best self-cleaning litter box options available on the market.

  • Operates quietly despite housing one of the most powerful motors systems among the 10 units we’ve reviewed so far.
  • It comes with 6 no-touch bags and a cleaning scoop. Moreover, no expensive crystal cartridges or replacement receptacles are needed.
  • Has carbon filters that keep odor under control – thanks to a modular construction that comprises removable parts like a motor, rake, waste unit, and deflector.
  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Much quieter than other models of similar make
  • Can use any clumping cat litter
  • Easy disposal of waste
  • Occasionally some clumps may pour onto the floor when the unit is cleaning

How to Choose the Best Litter Box?

The foremost aspect you should consider when looking for a self-cleaning litter box is material. Ideally, plastic is a good material to go for because it is light-weight, odor absorbent and easy to clean.

If you are raising a small cat, consider going for a box with lower sides (not more than 3 inches). For big cats consider going for a box of at least 24 inches long and 4-inch side walls. Self-cleaning robots are better at sifting out waste and storing it in disposable containers.

Product Name Size Overall Rating Details
ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box 27.4 x 19 x 7 in 10 Check price
Quick Clean Cat Litter Box 18 x 14.5 x 20 in 7 Check price
Self-Cleaning Litter Box 23.5 x 21.2 x 10.5 in 7.5 Check price
CatGenie Self Washing Cat Box 24.5 x 19.2 x 21 in 9 Check price
Hagen Catlt SmartSift Litter Box 26.6 x 19.3 x 18.5 in 7 Check price
PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box 26 x 19 x 10 in 7 Check price
Litter Robot III Open-Air Self-Cleaning 26.8 x 24.4 x 29.1 in 8.5 Check price
Litter Robot II Litter Box 24 x 22 x 29 in 9.5 Check price
Littermaid Classic Litter Box 17.7 x 9.8 x 28 in 6.5 Check price
Pet-Zone Smart-Scoop Litter Box 26.5 x 16.9 x 7.6 in 6.5 Check price

Litter pans, on the other hand, are preferred because they typically cost less but they are a bit tricky to clean. It is, therefore, a good idea to consider an option that meets your standards and needs.


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