Best Water Heaters Gas – Professional Reviews

Water heaters are important and sometimes scary purchases. People question what are the best hot water heaters gas, electric, or something else? Nowadays, the tankless water heater is known to be pretty great, but what makes the best gas hot water heater? Some people want high efficiency in terms of gallons per hour, while others care more about a direct vent system. Simply searching for gas water heater ratings may lead consumers into a purchase that they do not need. It is an important first step for consumers to determine what their top factors are in their future water heating equipment.

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Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series Indoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater – Most Efficient Heater

Best Choice
Rinnai is one of the best gas hot water heater brands, and the RUC98iN made the top of the list. This is one of the most efficient gas water heaters on the market. This energy star certified water heater comes with everything a consumer could need to install it and have it run properly in their home. This top-rated gas water heater also comes with a warranty, the warranty for commercial and residential use covers many of the most expensive issues for up to 12 years and is included in the initial purchase price.
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  • Easy to control
  • High-quality product
  • Lont-term warranty
  • Easy temperature settings
  • The best performance in heating efficiency
  • None

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

I was reading gas hot water heaters reviews when I came across this product. When it came, I was ready to have a professional install it but they said it was going to be three times as much as the heater itself, so I installed it with my dad.

I put this heater in my bathroom and it is very quiet, also I haven’t experienced a lack of hot water and nd have not seen any dip in water temperature. We switched from electric to gas and this will pay itself off soon. This is the best hot water heater gas, hands down.

My family has had this for almost four years, and there are six of us. We have NEVER run out of hot water! The unit is small and quiet, but super reliable. This is a great design and I don’t see myself switching it out anytime soon.
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Rinnai V65IN Tankless Water Heater – Best Flow Rate

Best Water Heaters Gas – Professional Reviews

The Rinnai V65IN is one of the best natural gas water heaters available. This Wifi-connected water heater comes with a mobile app that allows users to schedule performance levels throughout the day and it even has a vacation mode to save energy when nobody is going to need hot water. The V65IN water heater has the potential to move up to six and a half gallons of hot water every minute with an energy factor of 0.82. Being tankless, it can be placed almost anywhere in a home, and this also comes with a long factory warranty.

  • Product
  • Extremely compact design
  • Energy efficient
  • Controllable via app
  • No isolation valves included

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

If you haven’t done it yet, it is time to go tankless! I absolutely love this water heater, living in a small home with three faucets, one shower, and a washing machine means that there is a good bit of hot water used, but I have had no issues.

As a landlord, I have installed too many different brands of water heaters at my properties. This one is definitely the best-built and most reliable over a long time. If you are looking for something that will constantly produce hot water for a four-person household, look no farther.

Replaced the unit I had for 10 years with this recently. This has given me more flow and I haven’t had any problems with the hot water. There is a slight pressure change when I run multiple water sources simultaneously, but nothing serious.
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HB HaoBang Gas Water Heater Tankless – Best Safety Precautions

Best Water Heaters Gas – Professional Reviews

The HB HaoBang Gas Water Heaters reviews speak for themselves. This product is designed to be hung on a wall and is very light, which makes installation easier. It uses liquid petroleum to heat the water which sounds like a fire hazard, but HB has a multi-level design that protects the heater from fire, freezing, over-pressuring, and over-heating.

  • Product
  • Great water pressure
  • Very high heat efficiency
  • Easy to install
  • Compact
  • Slightly lower flow rate
  • No warranty
  • Does not include batteries or exhaust pipe

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

The HB HaoBang Water heater is beautiful, it is stainless steel and fits right on my wall. It came really quickly and I was able to get help from their tech support and service team to get a little help with the install. It is all-in-all a fantastic piece of equipment.

This thing is super efficient! I have been running it for almost a year and have noticed a huge change in my gas bill. If you need a new one, there is no need to look at anything else…this is the one.

I was nervous to buy this because it was cheap, but it has been the best decision I made. My water has been consistently hot, no matter if I take a 5-minute or 20-minute shower. Get this product!!!
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