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Smoking food is a tradition that goes back ages but is still popular today. The best electric smoker can enhance the taste of any food, from cheese to nuts and meat. In order to engage in this ritual, you used to have messy and high-maintenance smoking huts nearby. Today, all you have to do is buy an electric grill smoker in whatever size you need. Are electric smokers good though? The answer depends on whether or not the one you buy is of high-quality. Read this review to identify three top electric smokers that you can trust.

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Masterbuilt MB20070210 | New and Improved Version

Best Choice
Masterbuilt’s MB20070210
Masterbuilt’s MB20070210
Masterbuilt’s MB20070210 model is the best small electric smoker. Its analog is only about 30 inches, but you can pack it pretty full. It may be a good option for someone looking to smoke food for a small number of people, such as a single-family. To get a good idea of its size, its manufacturers indicate that it can hold up to three chickens, two turkeys, or three cuts of pig. You can, of course, put other types of food on its three different interior racks as well.
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The item weighs a little under 60 pounds. You will be able to keep it outside without worrying about it blowing away or getting knocked over. It provides you with the ability to control your inside temperature and a drip tray to prevent a stubborn mess from forming. To get that rich smoky taste, all you have to do is remember to replace wood chips on its designated chip tray every so often.

  • Temperature dial
  • 3 racks
  • Small but spacious
  • Won’t get blown over
  • Has a drip tray
  • Air damper controls smoke
  • None

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

This outdoor electric smoker is great for my little homestead. I use it to smoke meat that I give as gifts to friends and family around the holidays. Everyone always loves the taste of what I make.

After getting fed up with maintaining an old room I used for smoking, I decided to try out one of these little electric guys. It has ended up saving me more time and frustration than I could have imagined.

Time has taught me that small electric smokers are the way to go. My family has owned this thing for months now and it has never given us any trouble.
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Masterbuilt MB20073519 | Complete with High-Tech Capabilities

3 Best Electric Smoker | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The Masterbuilt MB20073519 model is a modern food smoker’s dream. Its advanced technology has enabled it with a convenient Bluetooth connection so that you can control its internal temperature via your smart device. You can also use this feature to turn your machine on and off, time, and even monitor your meat’s temperature with the product’s built-in probe. To get a good idea of its size, here are some examples of what you can fit inside: 6 chickens, 2 turkeys, or 4 cuts of pork. Not bad, right?

It has a special feature on the top of its interior for grilling and broiling meat and fish to make sure they come out nice and crispy. The product weighs about 60 pounds so again, you will not have to worry about it going anywhere when you leave it outside. Standing on extremely short legs also helps add to its balance. Overall, this is likely a good choice for those who are down to do away with some tradition to smoke efficiently and easily.

  • Product
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Precise meat measuring probes
  • Patent-pending grill/fish technology
  • Can hold up to 6 chickens
  • Have to request warranty

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

I used to always mess up the cooking process because I’d have to take my food out to measure it. With this thought, I don’t have to break the seal and let out smoke to make sure my meat is cooking properly.

This electric smoker and grill was sent directly from the heavens. I love that I can control the internal temperature without even having to leave my house to fiddle with it. Perfect for winter!

Since it is so well made, I know it will last me many years to come. It’s built like a brick house. Bless the Masterbuilt brand and its best digital smoker!
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Cuisinart COS-330 | Great for Beginners

3 Best Electric Smoker | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

You do not have to have racked up experience to use the Cuisinart COS-330. The smoker comes with a thermometer on its door that even old eyes will have no problem reading. To use it, all you have to do is fill its pan with water and a mix of your preferred wood chips. Then plug it in and let the product do its job. Its three interior racks can hold an entire meal of meat, veggies, and potatoes, and appetizers. It is likely a good option for those seeking the bare necessities from their smoker.

  • Product
  • Temperatures are easy to see
  • 100°F to 400°F
  • Warmth often fluctuates
  • Difficult to assemble

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

Smoke hollow held enough to make like, ten pounds of brisket for a Christmas feast I held a few days ago. I definitely will be using this for every gathering I have in the future.

The chrome-plated racks glide in and out of their places easily to load and unload yummy meals. My apple-scented wood chips always taste deliciously soaked into my favorite foods.

This reliable brand has never let me down– their smoker is no exception.
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