Senco Air Compressor Review — An Unbiased Research 2020

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Senco Air Compressor Review — An Unbiased Research 2020The Senco Air Compressor PC1010 is a very efficient machine that makes finish and trim tasks easier.

It is designed to tackle many different jobs that are related to trim and finish labor. This revolutionary compressor can also handle craftsmanship projects.

It features a compact design as well as an exceptionally high performance, thus, making this contraption a must-have for any person with portable tools.

Senco PC1010 Review — Features and Functions

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Read the Senco PC1010 review to find out more about its features:

Portability – The Senco air compressor is incredibly portable and weighs below twenty pounds, making it the most convenient model. Its attached handle grants more convenience as it makes it a breeze to shift between jobs with ease. Moreover, measuring 12.5 by 10.3 by 14, the compressor is compact enough to fit in any room.

Versatility – The appliance boasts incredible versatility as it suits both professionals as well as handy workmen. Its one-gallon capacity and PC1010 makes it suitable for a vast variety of functions — from the simple crafty jobs to the time-consuming and demanding home renovation projects, as Senco Air Compressor reviews say.

Quiet operation – the Senco PC1010 works quietly unlike many pancake compressors. There is only a little noise when it is on. That means that you can work on your projects without having to disturb neighbors or other people in close vicinity.

Rubber Feet Application – The rubber feet application of this appliance will ensure that the compressor does not damage the flooring when it is in use.

Many drives per minute – The Senco Compressor delivers anywhere between 20 and four drives every minute depending on the kind of tool being used, thus, allowing for increased recovery time. The tank attached to the compressor stores enough pressure that comes in handy when you have longer, time-consuming jobs. Its oil-free pump reduces the mess from your job. Thus, there’ll be no oil disposal.

Oil-free feature – This characteristic ensures that oil doesn’t seep from the compressor. The presence of this feature means that there is absolutely no need for an oil separator because the oil will just be sealed inside the appliance for additional ease and optimal use.

Affordable – The Senco PC1010 is one of the best-priced compressors you can ever find. It will set you back only $119.

No Assembly required – You can begin using the appliance immediately upon purchase as there is no assembly required.

Air Coupler and Plug – The compressor’s air horse also features factory-installed air coupler and plug which work to reduce labor and prevent any leaks from happening.

  • Product

Technical Characteristics
  • Oil-less motor, meaning less mess
  • 4 amps at 115 volts
  • 1/4’’ quick disconnect coupler
  • Individual gauges for tank
  • 120 psi maximum output
  • One-gallon air capacity
  • O.5 HP when running and 1 HP at peak
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  • The 1 HP power and one-gallon tank make the PC1010 compressor ideal for small craft jobs by professionals or home improvement projects by amateurs as it is powerful and safe to use at home.
  • Selling at $119, the appliance is inexpensive, yet it packs very innovative features.
  • The device uses only four amps at 115 volts — an amazing thing with air compressors.
  • It has a sturdy handle and a rubber padding at the base that makes the unit portable and easy to use.
  • It is a Senco product. Senco is one of the best manufacturers of quality powered fastening systems. It is a great brand and, thus, they always feel the pressure to produce products that are up-to-scratch. Therefore, you can trust the Senco PC1010 continues Senco’s legacy of innovation.
  • The appliance comes with a one-year warranty and a frustration-free certificate.
  • The compressor is not powerful enough to run some tasks simultaneously.
  • It is not suitable for bigger, more complex projects.

10 Total Score

The PC1010 is undoubtedly a great appliance. It is designed for both amateur DIYers as well as professionals. It is portable, meaning you can transport it easily to wherever you would. If you'll be using it at home, there is no worry as it can run quietly without disturbing neighbors or waking up your kids. At Amazon, the appliance receives glowing reviews.

In fact, over 70% of its users have rated it more than 5 stars, which is no mean feat. Simply, this is a must-have appliance for your simple home projects or crafts. What are you waiting for? Get this appliance already. It is a wonderful one, I guarantee.

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