Best Food Dehydrators of 2020

A food dehydrator can be useful in many ways. There are endless possibilities of food you can make in these dehydrator machines. For example, they can be used for crisping nuts and seeds to incubating homemade yogurt. Another popular way that people like to use their dehydrator is as a beef jerky maker. The following dehydrator reviews are intended to provide the best choices for potential buyers. These are all great options to choose from.

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Cosori Premium Food Dehydrator Machine | Best All-Around Product

Best Choice
Cosori Premium Food Dehydrator Machine
Cosori Premium Food Dehydrator Machine
The Cosori Premium Food Dehydrator comes with six stackable stainless steel trays that deliver an unmatched cooking experience. With an intuitive touch-control display and 50 included recipes, you can be sure that this is a top-rated food dehydrator on the market right now. This product is a pretty large food dehydrator, so it is best for those looking to make large batches at a time. Nonetheless, it is still considered a home dehydrator and great for household kitchens.
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The product also has an auto-shutoff function for safety and energy conservation reasons. It comes complete with a customizable timer for up to 48 hours in 30-minute increments. Lastly, the dehydrator is very easy to clean. Users can just pop the trays into a dishwasher with no hassle.

  • Comes with 50 free recipes
  • Can make large batches at a time with its six stackable trays
  • Intuitive touch-control display
  • Auto shutoff
  • Increments programmable timer
  • Dishwasher friendly for easy cleanup

  • None

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

“This has to be the best dehydrator for beef jerky. It makes perfect jerky every time. I’m addicted to using it. When my friends and family visit, they are always so impressed when I tell them that I actually made the jerky myself. I highly recommend.”

“I buy dried fruit all the time for my homemade cheeseboards. I love hosting, but it was getting a bit expensive. After buying this dehydrator, I’m able to dry fruit on my own. They look beautiful on my boards! This is the best fruit dehydrator.”

“I got this dehydrator for my mother. She grows her own chilies in her vegetable garden and uses the dehydrator to dry the chilies and make her own chili powder. She gets so happy that she is able to make her own spices now. It really is a great gift.”

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Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator | Best Dehydrator for Temperature Control

Best Food Dehydrators of 2020

The Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator is another great option. It features an adjustable thermostat that ranges from 95 degrees to 160 degrees. This temperature control provides the flexibility needed to ensure the best quality results. The drying process system provides fast and even drying and the top-mounted fan eliminates any worry of liquids dripping into the heating chamber.

The dehydrator also comes with a few accessories. Accessories include two fruit roll sheets, perfect for drying semi-liquids like soups, sauces and fruit rolls. It also comes with flexible screens that allow for easy drying of small items such as herbs, spices, and potpourri. Lastly, you will receive three original jerky spice packets.

  • Product

  • Temperature control
  • Top-mounted fan
  • Fun accessories to help in the dehydrating process!
  • Comes with three jerky seasoning packets
  • Converge-flow drying system that provides even drying

  • Only five trays

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

“I absolutely love my new dehydrator. I got it out of curiosity because it thought it would be a fun new toy to play with. I am experimenting with all new kinds of foods, and I’m even starting to perfect recipes. So fun!”

“Buying this dehydrator was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has completely changed how I work in the kitchen. I am now able to make myself so many things that I would buy in stores. This product has come in handy so many times!”

“My dinner parties have improved so much now that I can greet my guests with a nice appetizer tray of beautiful fruits and nuts. This device is amazing, and I’m so happy that I found it online. It has the perfect amount of space for the batches I need to make.”

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Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Food Dehydrator | Best Compact Dehydrator

Best Food Dehydrators of 2020

The Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Food Dehydrator is yet another one of our favorites. It has an adjustable digital thermostat that you adjust the drying temperatures. The temperature ranges from 100 to 160 degrees. It has continuous airflow that provides even drying and comes with five stackable drying trays. The machine also has a digital control panel for easy temperature manipulations.

The dehydrator comes with one fine-mesh sheet for drying small food like herbs and one solid sheet for making fruit rolls. This allows for added versatility. This food dehydrator opens the door to endless possibilities and can save you a lot of time in the kitchen.

  • Product

  • Comes with different sheet options for different types of foods
  • Adjustable drying options

  • Only five stackable trays
  • Smaller than the other two products

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

“I recommend this product to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet. There are so many fun things to make! For beef jerky lovers, this is definitely a must-have kitchen tool. It barely takes up any space on my counter and is totally worth it!”

“Being a mom, it can sometimes be hard for me to find healthy snacks for my children. Bun not anymore, thanks to this food dehydrator. My kids love fruit rolls as an alternative to unhealthy store-bought snacks. Packing lunches has never been easier!”

“My husband loves having healthy snack options in the house. We have both been trying to lose weight, but we also have a sweet tooth. This is the best of both worlds. We can eat healthy without sacrificing sweetness. How could we not want that?”

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