Best Tile Floor Cleaner in 2020

If you’ve got tile floors, you’d agree that keeping them clean can be quite a daunting task. Tiles tend to hold on to dirt and dust a lot and if not cleaned, they’d end up looking dull. The dust left behind after sweeping and the streaks left by wet mopping is enough proof that you need a better solution to clean tile floors.

In this article, we’ve listed the 10 best vacuums for tile floors to help you choose the ideal vacuum cleaner for your tiles. Let’s get right into it…

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GeeMo 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner – A Powerful Cleaning Device

Best Choice
GeeMo 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
GeeMo 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
Our top pick for the best vacuum for tile floors is the GeeMo Vacuum Cleaner. It comes as a corded vacuum and can be turned into a regular handheld vacuum cleaner as well.The GeeMo has a strong suction power that’s up to 17kpa. Unlike other cordless vacuum cleaners, the GeeMo motorized brush’s high suction speed will clean out everything in its path and won’t stop cleaning till you’re done.
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You’ll find GeeMo Vacuum Cleaner quite convenient to use – thanks to its great handle. It has a match extension tube that you can use to adjust its length to about 40cm – 70cm. When you need to clean the furniture, car seats or tiny corners, you can easily switch to the handheld cleaner. It’s got two adjustable floor brushes that make this easy.

Its 1.2L dust cup helps to separate air from the debris the vacuum cleaner picks up. Thanks to its HEPA filter, it can absorb up to 99.99% of microscopic dust and keep the air clean from pollens.

Do you have allergies? And you’re looking for the best tile vacuum that will leave your tile floors sparkling? Then the GeeMo 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is up to the task.

  • It comes with a HEPA filter
  • It’s lightweight [weighs about 2.8 pounds]
  • It comes with a built-in 500W motorized brush for more cleaning power
  • It’s easy to switch between floor and carpet cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • It’s easily adjustable
  • Strong suction power
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean and remove dust cup
  • None

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

“I love that this vacuum cleaner for tiles. It’s got a strong suction. It’s lightweight and I can easily pull it apart to use as a handheld vacuum for the stairs and pet hair. I also love that it’s quite affordable.”

“Its attachments are great. I find it easy to use and it picks up all debris, dust and pet hair easily and fast. I’ve got three pets and so I always have to clean up pet hair. This is the best vacuum for tile floors and pet hair. Highly recommend.”

“I needed something lightweight that I could take up and down the stairs and this is my best floor tile cleaner. This vacuum is great and quite easy to switch from a full corded vacuum to handheld. My little daughter can even do it. Cleaning up dinner spills is a breeze!”
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Eureka NES210 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner – Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Best Tile Floor Cleaner in 2020

We love how easy it is to transform the Eureka NES210 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner from being a stick broom vacuum into either a special vacuum for stairs or a handheld vacuum. Its 3-in-1 versatility is what truly makes this vacuum cleaner stand out as you can customize your cleaning experience in any way you like.

The NES210 comes with a crevice tool attachment, which makes it one of the best vacuum for hard floors and carpet. With this attachment, you can easily reach and clean between your furniture and any other tight corners. If you need to get to higher surfaces, you can do that easily at the press of a button and it will turn into a handheld vacuum. If you need to clean your staircases, this vacuum cleaner is up to the task as well.

Besides being easy to use, its 18 ft power cord gives you more room to cover more floor surfaces conveniently.  With its exclusive capture nozzle, you can easily pick up large debris without stress and get your cleaning completed at once.

Inside this vacuum cleaner is a 2-amp motor that picks up small dust particles and pollen that other traditional vacuums can’t. Pair this up with a washable filtration system and you’ve got a floor and carpet vacuum that improves the general air quality of your home.

  • Product
  • Strong suction power
  • It works great for all surfaces
  • It’s got 3-in-1 convenience
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • 18ft power cord for more floor coverage
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • Great value for money
  • It lacks a motorized brush

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

“This is one great vacuum cleaner. I moved into a studio apartment and I needed a convenient and fast way to clean. This delivered on the job! I was surprised at how strong the suction power was. I also love that the cord was long enough for me to move around.”

“It cleans great on hardwood floors. Also my ideal vacuum for tiles and carpet. The rubber wheels ensure that my floors aren’t scratched and it’s flat enough to reach under my bed. My cat hair problem was finally fixed and I always have a great cleaning time.”

“After seeing my friend with one, I’ve always wanted to get a stick vacuum. I got this because there were great reviews about it and the price wasn’t bad. I vacuum every day because I’ve never thought cleaning could be easy. My best tile cleaner machine.” 
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MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Home

Best Tile Floor Cleaner in 2020

Efficiency, visibility and durability. These are the bases the MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner covers without stress.   If you’ve also got a soft spot for the Transformers movie then this floor and carpet vacuum will grab your attention.

Besides its silver finish, the LED dust searchlight helps to illuminate hidden dust in dark corners. The MOOSOO has a detachable body and its flexibility takes so much stress off your shoulders. So, you won’t need to lift your furniture before you can clean under them.

If you’ve got pet hair everywhere all the time, its strong suction will help you get rid of the mess in no time. Since it’s cordless, you won’t need to battle with tangled wires or look for a power source each time you move to a separate room. That’s not all. This cordless vacuum cleaner gives a 30 -45 minutes runtime after every 5-hour recharge time.

It weighs 3.3 pounds which is lightweight enough for you to carry and move around your home without any inconveniences. When it comes to allergen control, the dust cup comes with a HEPA filter to make that possible. If you’re short on space around your home, you’ll appreciate the wall-mounting hook it comes with.

  • Product
  • It comes with a washable dust cup and HEPA filter
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It comes with a brushless motor
  • 120-watt strong suction power
  • 30 – 45 minutes runtime
  • 1.2L dust cup capacity
  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s not ideal for wet cleaning

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

“I use this vacuum cleaner for my furniture, floor, carpet, etc. It was easy for me to assemble and disassemble. Since it’s light-weight, my children even help me vacuum as well. In my opinion, it’s the ideal vacuum cleaner for tile floors.”

“It was worth the money. My life of cleaning has changed. I find it very easy to install and it’s so light. I always have a lot of hair and dust around my house but with this vacuum, it’s easy to get rid of everything. It’s my go-to cordless broom vacuum.”

“I used this vacuum cleaner for a week and all I’ve got to say is that it’s the best vacuum for tile. I used it to clean my carpet and my dog hair and it works great. You can use it as a handheld and I like that.”
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MOOSOO 2-in-1 D600 Corded Vacuum Cleaner – Best Vacuum for Tile Floor and Pet Hair

Best Tile Floor Cleaner in 2020

The MOOSOO 2-in-1 D600 Corded Vacuum Cleaner has got two main qualities that are appealing which are its motorized brush technology and strong suction power, making it an ideal vacuum cleaner for tiles and probably on of the best vacuum for tile floor and pet hair.

Although corded, it’s unrestrictive as the power cord measures around 17 ft. It can be easily operated and switched to being a handheld vacuum to reach those areas that a stick broom vacuum can’t.  For the stairs, furniture and every part of your home, the brush and crevice nozzle make cleaning fast and easy.

From large debris to pet hair only one pass is needed to get out all the embedded dirt from carpets and hard floors. Thanks to its HEPA filter, there’s always a breath of fresh air around the home. It’s safe to say that this is the ideal tile cleaning machine for home use.

With its rotatable brush head, the ability to steer around obstructions and reach tight corners is easy and quick.

So, if the value for money, power, and performance matters to you then floor tile cleaning machines like the MOOSOO D600 will help you cover the bases.

  • Product
  • Strong suction power
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use for the elderly
  • It’s easy to reach and clean under the furniture and around the house due to its rotating head
  • Its adjustable tube helps to reach above-floor areas like the ceiling and so on
  • Easy to empty and clean dust cup
  • Effective HEPA filtration
  • It’s not suitable for area rugs or carpets
  • The power cord length isn’t ideal for larger rooms
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Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Lightweight Vacuum

Best Tile Floor Cleaner in 2020

Just like its name, the Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner is designed to be accessible, easy to use and versatile for use on many surfaces. This stick vacuum cleaner can pick up debris and dirt from spaces that you can’t access easily and quickly with a full-size vacuum for tile.

What makes this vacuum cleaner stand out from other floor tile cleaning machines is its size and weight. It’s slim and weighs only 3 pounds and isn’t much of a hassle. It comes with a 15 ft. power cord that allows you to move around as you clean.

The Bissell Featherweight vacuum is a 2-in-1 meaning, you can use it as a stick vacuum and as a handheld vacuum. All you’ll need to do is to remove the stick and you’ll have a smaller vacuum cleaner to work with.

You’ll get its full performance on hardwood floors but it can also clean up pet hairs and carpets. We love that despite its size, the vacuum cleaner has strong suction for getting rid of dirt and debris. It’s made of plastic but you’ll find out that it has a firm and long-lasting feel to it.

If you’re on a budget and you want a lightweight vacuum that will always be ready to use then this will be a good investment for you.

  • Product
  • It’s not as loud as other vacuum cleaners
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s lightweight at 3 pounds
  • Picks up pet hair easily
  • Easy to empty dust cup
  • It comes with attachments that are suitable for cleaning between cushions
  • It has a short cord
  • There’s no hook for wall mounting
  • It can only collect a small amount of dirt and needs to be emptied before continuing
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Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop – Cleaner for a Hardwood Floor

Best Tile Floor Cleaner in 2020

The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop is a well-built and lightweight steam cleaner that can be used as either a mop or as a handheld vacuum. As a tile floor cleaning machine and grout remover, it does a great job of leaving you with sparkling clean tile floors.

With its flip-down scrubber brush, it’s easy to break up tough stains without you bending your knees to scrub hard at them. Without the need for harmful chemicals, the Bissel Vacuum Mop relies on steam to help clean and sanitize your tile floors – removing 99.9% of floor germs. It is often called the best tile and grout cleaning machine. If you need to adjust the steam, you can easily do that via its smart digital control set.

It comes with spring breeze fragrance discs, microfiber scrubby pad, soft microfiber pad, and a carpet glider. All these make it the best floor tile grout remover. It also has a 23ft length power cord and a swivel steering.

There are situations where you’ll need a tile floor cleaner machine that can also sanitize your tiles while remaining eco-friendly. If this sounds like you then this is the best tile floor cleaner for you.

  • Product
  • It cleans quickly
  • It’s quite easy to use
  • Its scrubber brush removes the toughest of stains
  • 23ft power cord
  • It has a sturdy build
  • It can’t stand on its own
  • It can’t work cordlessly
  • There are limited accessories
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INSE Corded Vacuum Cleaner – Great Hard Floors Cleaner

Best Tile Floor Cleaner in 2020

With the INSE Corded Vacuum Cleaner, cleaning numerous surfaces around your home including hard floors just got easier.

This hard floor corded vacuum has got a 600W motor, an 18 kPa suction and a multi-cyclonic filtration system that helps to spin away dust from the motor. Now, you don’t only suck up dirt with this vacuum cleaner, you also get to keep away all the dust and dirt away from its motor. The result? A long-lasting vacuum cleaner.

It’s a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner that you can easily convert into a handheld vacuum and use it to reach all the difficult and tiny corners. It’s lightweight and its different attachments make for a better cleaning experience. These attachments are:

  • A 2-in-1 brush for cleaning your curtains;
  • A suction nozzle for your furniture or fabrics;
  • A long crevice for reaching tiny corners.

Its dust cup can hold up to 1L of dirt and it’s easily emptied at the press of a button. Its power cord can extend up to 20 ft and is easy to wrap around the vacuum cleaner when not in use. Its sponge and cylinder filters are washable thereby preventing blockages.

  • Product
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Gets into tight corners
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable power cord
  • It’s easy to clean and remove the dirt in the dust cup
  • It might be difficult to clean large debris
  • It doesn’t work so well for pet hair
  • It can’t stand on its own
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Meiyou Handheld Corded Vacuum Cleaner – Best Value Ceramic Tile Cleaning Machine

Best Tile Floor Cleaner in 2020

The Meiyou Handheld Corded Vacuum Cleaner is a simple stick vacuum for tile floors with a strong suction power capacity of 18kPa. This is the best ceramic tile cleaner that has got an automatic high-temperature power-off function inside it. Hence, there’s no risk of it burning up due to high temperatures. To also prevent liquid from entering its engine, it comes with a water-tight funnel.

With this 2-in-1 handheld floor tile cleaning machine, you won’t only get rid of floor debris but also the dirt in tight corners and on furniture as well. With its three utility tools; motorized brush, aluminum push rod, and crevice nozzle, you’ll save plenty of time and effort.

It can rotate in four directions – 180° on the front and the back and 120° on the left and the right. So, cleaning out dirt in different locations in your home is easier.  Once you’re done cleaning, you can take out the dust cup easily and have it emptied.

To help control the allergens in the air, it comes with a HEPA filter that is also washable and effective in leaving the air free from dust particles.

  • Product
  • It comes with a HEPA filter
  • High-temperature control
  • It’s easy to use around edges and underneath furniture
  • Strong suction
  • Its power cord length [19.6 ft] isn’t ideal for larger spaces
  • It doesn’t work great on carpets
  • The suction is in the middle
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Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner – Wash-Dry Mode for Hard Floors

Best Tile Floor Cleaner in 2020

The Hoover FloorMate Deluxe is the best tile and hardwood floor cleaning machine that gives plenty of room to vacuum dirty water and scrub floors. With the Hoover Floormate, you’ve got two different brush sets to choose from and attach to its nozzle for cleaning. It has great furniture guards and rubber wheels that make it easy to operate on different surfaces without damaging anything.

It comes with the company’s patented Spin Scrub brush technology that allows for plenty of brushes to spin both clockwise and anticlockwise at the same time for maximum efficiency and coverage. After cleaning, the liquid used is held in a separate tank and can be easily poured out.

Its flexible crank float is also worth discussing. This feature helps to turn off the suction as soon as the dirty water tank gets full. The Hoover FloorMate also allows you to soak up excess liquid and dry your floors faster. If you also have to clean up spills after dinner or after your children mess up the floor, this feature will be a great plus.

Looking to clean your kitchen without wearing yourself out or you can’t stand heavy floor tile cleaning machines? Then this is the best floor cleaner for tiles and the best vacuum broom for hardwood floors.

  • Product
  • It makes for easy cleaning due to its soft wheels
  • Thoroughly cleans tiles, hard floors and grout
  • It has a ‘clean boost’ control for getting rid of tough stains
  • Its Dual Tank Technology allows for clean and dirty water to be stored separately
  • It’s a bit difficult to pick large debris around furniture
  • It’s quite noisy
  • Vacuuming power isn’t as strong as other upright vacuums
  • The motors aren’t very good
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Bissell Symphony Steam Vacuum Cleaner – with Microfiber Mop Pads

Best Tile Floor Cleaner in 2020

When it comes to the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors, the Bissell Symphony is a versatile model that we can’t easily overlook. This vacuum’s 2-in-1 design allows you to clean up light debris and loose hair easily followed by steam cleaning immediately. The digital controls will allow you to switch easily between high and low steaming levels.

Its 25ft power cord gives you more freedom to reach around spaces in larger room spaces. There are different mop heads provided for floor and carpet cleaning that makes it a vacuum steamer that can operate on many surfaces. You have the option to add specially-scented refill waters odor-fighting scent discs to freshen the air as you work. For removing the dirt cup, you won’t need to get your hands dirty as all you need to do is to push its plunger down to empty its contents.

The Bissell Symphony can generate steam with high temperatures that exceed 200℉ – sufficient enough to get rid of 99% harmful microbes. You can conveniently control the flow as the buttons are located on the handle as well.

This vacuum cleaner is among the best tile floor cleaner machines that can slide easily around furniture and meet its expectations. If you’re looking to do some steam mopping and light vacuuming on the go, this vacuum cleaner will suit that purpose well.

  • Product
  • It allows you to pick up the debris and mop up the mess left behind
  • Effective for cleaning pet hair
  • The steam isn’t automatically on at all times
  • Its suction isn’t as strong as most vacuum cleaners
  • The power cord is attached lowly and can be easily tangled
  • The tank can only hold 13 ounces of water
  • It’s hard to clean under furniture and other objects
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Buyer’s Guide

You’d hardly come across manufacturers that make vacuum cleaners only for hard floors or tiles. You might want to buy a vacuum cleaner that’s strictly for hard floors only to end up with a vacuum cleaner that vacuums tiles only. So, it’s important to know what to look out for when you’ve got a particular need you’d want to meet with a vacuum cleaner. When searching for the best vacuum for tile floors, here’s what to consider:

What Type of Vacuum Is Needed?

The first and most important choice you’ll need to make when searching for a tile vacuum cleaner is the kind you want. Besides being used commonly, upright vacuums offer a lot of versatility for tiles and hard floors.

Are you short on space? Then you’ll be better off with stick vacuums as they’re lighter – – but they won’t have strong suction like the bigger upright vacuums. Canister vacuums have the most suction power ideal for serious cleaning but they’re not portable enough to carry around the house and you’d have to tow them behind you.

You can also consider if you’d like a handheld vacuum for cleaning tight corners. There are 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners that have this option and can offer you the best of both worlds.

Finally, ask yourself if you’d prefer a corded or cordless vacuum. Cordless vacuums give room for more flexibility as you won’t need to worry about power cords or outlets. But they’re limited by battery power. Corded vacuums, on the other hand, might be limited in their distance from the wall, but you’ll be able to clean for hours on end without having the vacuum shut down on you.

The Brush

You might not need a motorized brush for your tile floors but you might have other surfaces that require cleaning like carpets and area rugs. For cleaning these surfaces, you’ll need a motorized brush. Our advice? Get a vacuum cleaner that lets you switch off the brush when you’re cleaning tiles and switch it on when you’re cleaning carpets.

Suction Power

There is a common belief that the more powerful a vacuum’s suction is, the more efficient it would work. This isn’t always true and it’s because a vacuum with a strong suction power can leave your carpets damaged but would work great for your tile or hardwood floors.

It also depends on the amount and size of debris you’re looking to clean. If you’d need a very high suction power that other vacuums can’t provide then a canister vacuum might be the best option.

Filtration System

Cleaning tile floors might seem more straightforward than other floors but there’s more tendency for dust and allergens to be accumulated as well. Sweeping your floors won’t be the best solution as they won’t go away. Making use of a vacuum machine will be a better choice.

Yet, you’ll need to ensure that the vacuum cleaner has an effective filtration system like the HEPA filter. Vacuum cleaners that come with HEPA filters provide the perfect filtration performance as they remove allergens from the air and make sure that it doesn’t get out into your home again. When going for vacuums with HEPA filters, we advise that you buy one that has its HEPA filter sealed completely. If it’s not sealed then the allergens can get out again and pollute the air in your home.


Besides tiles and hard floors, you’ll need to clean your upholstery, shelves, ceilings and other surfaces in your home too. Most vacuum cleaners are versatile enough to be switched into handheld vacuums.

Other vacuum cleaners might have attachments that improve the reach and cleaning of pet hair, edges, tight corners, under furniture and so on.

Tile Types

Some tile types will need extra care while cleaning while others are sturdy enough to go through rough cleaning. Glazed tiles repel dirt and dust better than quarry tiles. If you’ve got glazed tiles, you’ll have an easier vacuuming with less suction needed. If you’ve got unglazed tiles, you’ll need a tile cleaning machine with a strong suction power to get rid of large debris and dust.

Dust Cup or Bin Capacity

The dust cup capacity is also important. Bagged vacuum cleaners have the biggest dust holding capacity for dirt and dust but you’ll need to have extra bags available. Bagless vacuum cleaners still have reasonable dust holding capacity. You’ll just need to know what you’ll be cleaning. For example, food spills and pet hair can fill up your vacuum’s dust cup faster.

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Why Should I Use A Vacuum Cleaner for My Tile Floors?

Tiles floors might seem like the easiest floors to maintain but they’ve also got a high tendency to get dirty easily. With the right vacuum cleaner, you’ll be able to remove debris and dirt even from within the grouts.

What Is the Best Tile Floor Cleaning Machine?

Our simple answer…the GeeMo 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner.

What is the Best Cleaning Solution for Ceramics?

Most cleaning experts will recommend that you clean ceramic floors daily with soap water and scrubs. But is there any solution for the allergens and dust particles as well? Of course. An easier way is to have your floors vacuumed. By using a vacuum with strong suction power, you’ll get to remove dirt buildup and debris on your tiles without doing so much.
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How We Tested

With so many vacuum cleaners out there, you must be wondering why and how we picked some vacuums for testing. Well, we did our research, surveyed manufacturers and checked the market sales information. From the information gathered, we created a list of vacuum cleaners and bought them all from retailers like normal consumers.

For our first round of testing, we tested for the cleaning performance of each vacuum cleaner. We embedded sand evenly into a carpet section and then vacuumed it at a set speed and pattern. We kept track of the amount of sand we applied to the carpet so we could know how much dirt each vacuum cleaner got rid of. Almost all vacuum cleaners can pick up dirt from hard floors but we still tested to be sure and to know which vacuum performed best at it.

After the first round of testing, we wanted to know how much dirt each vacuum cleaner could pick up to ensure a completely clean carpet. We also recorded how many passes each vacuum needed to thoroughly clean the carpet.

For the second round of testing, we got some cat fur [from a pet grooming store nearby] and had them embedded in the carpet. We vacuumed the carpet and checked for how much hair was left after the test. We repeated this for all the vacuum cleaners as well.

For our third round of testing, we tested for how well each vacuum cleaner could clean edges and corners. We spread some sand in a tiny corner and using each vacuum, we studied how close each one could pick up the dirt and how effectively.

For our fourth round of testing, we tested for each vacuum’s ease of use. We gathered our results based on how easy it was for us to use and move each of them under low furniture and on the carpet. We tested the attachments each vacuum cleaner came with as well to see if they were useful and easy to store.

Finally, we checked the dust filtration of each vacuum cleaner. We checked if there were HEPA filters or not. However, some models that lacked the HEPA filter still did excellent in keeping the air clean.

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Final Verdict

Keeping tile floors clean can be hard but a vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use and with a strong suction power will make tile cleaning a lot easier for you. Your choice of the best vacuum for tile floors boils down to your needs, budget and preferences.

Indeed, there might be no vacuum that’s specifically designed for tile floors but the factors that make a vacuum ideal for tile floors have been discussed in our buyer’s guide.

With the buying guide provided and our review of the best tile floor cleaning machines, we’re quite sure that we’ve made your decision-making a lot easier.

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