Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020

Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam BackrestMonkeys and bats hanging upside down in trees must have realized the incredible benefits of inversion therapy long before we figured it out!

Modern day inversion therapy utilizes inversion tables to reverse the effects of gravity and help humans in the most profound ways.

You may be surprised and at the same time delighted to learn that it is one of the most effective ways of treating back pain, improving the nervous system, eliminating joint pains, reducing mental stress, boosting the immune system and defying the aging process…the list goes on and on.

However, the secret is now out! What follows is a list of top 10 inversion table reviews to help you realize the amazing benefits of inversion therapy.

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Innova ITX9600

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table

The Innova ITX9600 receives rave inversion table reviews on the Amazon website at a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 1300 consumers. It is touted as having both superior functionality and sturdy support thanks to its heavy gauge steel tubing. Additionally, the inversion table boasts a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

You will certainly be pampered with its extra wide back support and extra-long body rest, which is fully padded for superior comfort. The five unique side inversion pins make adjusting to various degrees straightforward and relaxed. And as for positioning, you have thick foam rollers and handlebars for comfortable inverting.

  • Product

  • By simply positioning the pins in the desired positions, you get safe and comfortable inversion every time
  • It can be folded for easy storage

  • Sometimes it flips when folding

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IRONMAN Gravity 4000

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

The IronMan Gravity is the ideal inversion table for anyone looking to grasp the numerous reimbursements of inversion therapy. It is specially designed with a durable tubular steel frame and coated with scratch resistant powder for the ultimate upscale look. Additionally, it sports a thick memory foam vinyl backrest to give you unbeatable comfort when resting on it.

Regarding safety, it has non-skid floor stabilizers that provide maximum stability when inverting. As if that’s not enough, it has molded ankle holders for security and convenience and folders for easy storage. As you will see in most inversion table reviews, you can never go wrong with a product made with the end user in mind.

  • Product

  • It has easily adjustable straps to control the maximum 180 degrees angle of inversion
  • Its tubular steel frame is extra wide to support additional weight

  • It is quite heavy thus moving it around can become a hassle

Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table

Yotube Video Review: Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table

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Body Champ IT8070

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

The Body Champ Inversion Table makes a great addition to your daily therapy experience by helping counteract the forces of gravity to improve circulation and relieve pains as far as the muscles and joints. Using this inversion table is a breeze. First, it is extremely easy to adjust thanks to its deluxe dual pin system that lets you find the right position quickly. Secondly, it has a lower spring-loaded pull pin that allows for easy ankle adjustments.

Once you rest your body over the pad and lock your feet, all you have to do is reach your arms over your head. Your body will automatically go upside down the minute your arms go up. And as far as inversion table reviews go, you can never go wrong with this best inversion table for sciatica, a product that is loved by most customers.

  • Product

  • It is a very basic table but does quite an impressive job
  • It is incredibly easy to assemble and use

  • In most inversion table reviews, most customers complained that the table does not change angle in small increments

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table - Product Review Video

Yotube Video Review: Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table - Product Review Video

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Exerpeutic Inversion Table

Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest

The Exerpeutic Inversion Table is yet another top-notch product that makes it to our list. Its attention to detail is quite impressive. The table is built with a sturdy steel frame and coated with a scratch resistant powder finish. Regarding comfort, it has a foam vinyl covered back and head rest for firm support when inverting. Its extra-long handles serve to provide additional support and safety when reverting to the upright position.

Additionally, it boasts an adjustable tether strap to allow users get different inverting angles for maximum benefits. It is worth mentioning that its inversion table reviews from customers on Amazon are very impressive.

  • Product

  • It is incredibly affordable
  • It is extremely easy to invert completely and independently at home
  • Nicely padded table with high-quality fabric

  • The toggle tether strap may not be suitable for users heavier than 300 pounds

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Ironman Gravity 1000

Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

If you want to eliminate fatigue and stimulate blood circulation, the Ironman Gravity makes a great addition to your inversion therapy accessories. It has great inversion table reviews on the Amazon website. Furthermore, it has a perfectly finished tubular steel frame with a wonderful system that makes it a breeze to realize the incredible benefits of inversion therapy.

Once you rest your body against the comfortable nylon backrest and slip your feet into the molded ankle cushions, all you have to do is lift your arms over your head, and your body will gradually invert 180 degrees. Regarding safety, it is fitted with non-skid stabilizers for firmness and extra-long safety handles for easy inversion.

  • Product

  • Assembling and using the table is a breeze — just find the right height and you’re good to go
  • It has an amazing height adjustable frame of 6 feet 6 inches and can support up to 300 pounds

  • The overall table feels rock solid with the exception of the leg supports which might seem low quality for heavier persons

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Teeter EP-560 Ltd

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

The Teeter inversion table is uniquely designed with superior features and additional accessories to help you reap maximum benefits during inversion. It boasts of amazing teeter inversion table reviews from customers on Amazon. It specifically has lumbar bridge and neck arch designs to provide a point of support and traction for the lower back and cervical area. The storage caddy is not only ideal for storage when inverted but also easily installs onto the frame. Its bonus accessories include acupressure nodes that can be inserted anywhere to bring about healing pressure.

Furthermore, it has the pressure reducing ankle supports, a patented track style bed, and heavy gauge steel materials. The best part is that it is engineered to for precision balancing with a secure lock-out inversion system that allows one to rotate to any desired angle.

  • Product

  • Easily adjustable, comfortable to use and a breeze to fold and store
  • It comes highly recommended by chiropractors and doctors
  • Using it only a few minutes every day will improve your posture for weeks

  • The teeter strap can only allow 60 degrees of inversion

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Ironman LX 300

Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table

Reduce back pain and stress overload with the Ironman LX 300 inversion table. This best inversion table for lower back pain helps reduce nerve pressure and muscle tension as well as decompress your spine for an overall healthier you. Specially constructed with a sturdy steel frame and featuring a soft foam backrest, the Ironman is one to beat in terms of comfort and support. It boasts additional ankle support to hold ankles in a secure position when inverting.

Other notable features include an easily adjustable tether strap for different rotation angles and easy pin release on ankle holders. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the inversion table has an incredible inversion capacity of 180 degrees. Backed up by good inversion table reviews on Amazon, you can never go wrong with it.

  • Product

  • Just 5 minutes of therapeutic inversion every day with the Ironman LX can help you realize benefits beyond your wildest imaginations
  • Provides stress and back pain relief at an extremely affordable price

  • Hard to move around the house when folded

Ironman LX 300 Inversion Table

Yotube Video Review: Ironman LX 300 Inversion Table

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Teeter Hang Ups EP-950

Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table With Healthy Back DVD

The EP-950 inversion table has one of the highest inversion table reviews on Amazon for a noble reason. It’s sleek, elegant and sturdy for compactness and convenience. Never before has an inversion table impressed so many customers the way EP-950 does. It utilizes Teeter’s patented Flex technology design to move as your body moves. By working with your body, the table has the ability to promote realignment of the spine and relax your tired muscles.

As if that’s not enough, it has an optimal surface for decompression with a strikingly smooth surface texture to allow your body to slide and achieve the maximum stretch. The table also comes with sturdy stretch handles to enhance the stretching experience by offering more traction. To make inversion easier, the table has tether straps that rotate at preset angles to provide a straightforward guide to the benefits of inversion therapy.

  • Product

  • Additional features include the auto-locking hinges; heat treated steel parts, special pivot bearings and corner feet that ensure a lifetime squeak-free rotation
  • It is made of scratch resistant powder coating and triple-plated chrome for a durable and elegant finish

  • Can only allow 20-60 degrees of inversion

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Invertio Premium Folding

Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table w Padded Backrest

Invertio Premium Folding is yet another top-of-the-line product that helps relieve fatigue and back pains. This unit has eight adjustable supports to provide a quick and perfect fit for any user. The ankle supports lock securely and is also easy to release once you are done with your session.

Additionally, this best inversion table for back pain has three pivot joints that allow you to control the speed of rotation. Its high tensile straps allow rotation up to 240 degrees while its luxuriously padded back and head rest provide comfortable support. The unit also comes with additional support cushion at the lower back, foam roller ankle supports and padded handrails which are soft to the touch and comfortable on your body. Most customers awarded it excellent ratings as seen from the inversion table reviews chart on Amazon.

  • Product

  • It has a black upholstery and silver frame which makes it extremely attractive
  • Has tubular steel frame which makes it safe for users up to 300 pounds
  • It is easily foldable and portable for storage

  • It comes with scanty instructions for assembly

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Pro Deluxe Table

Inversion Table Pro Deluxe Fitness Chiropractic Table Exercise Back Reflexology

The Pro Deluxe Table from Best Choice Products is the definition of sturdy support and exclusive comfort. It is definitely the ideal platform to rest your tired muscles and reap the benefits of inversion therapy. Backed by excellent inversion table reviews online, you can be sure it is a great buy. It features nylon support pads for elite coziness when converting. The nylon pads are removable for cleaning when you want.

Additionally, it is made of sturdy steel frame to offer the best support. Its padded ankle clamps and a range of adjustable heights make it easy to rotate at preset angles. Benefits of using this inversion table include reduced back stress and fatigue as well as improved blood circulation.

  • Product

  • It is quite sturdy and can hold weight up to 300 pounds
  • It is priced affordably

  • Although not as deluxe as other models, it is easy to assemble, use and operate.

Product Name Image Weight Capacity Overall Rating Details
Innova ITX9600 Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020 300 lbs 10 Check price
IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020 350 lbs 9.5 Check price
Body Champ IT8070 Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020 250 lbs 8 Check price
Exerpeutic Inversion Table Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020 300 lbs 9 Check price
Ironman Gravity 1000 Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020 300 lbs 9 Check price
Teeter EP-560 Ltd Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020 300 lbs 8.5 Check price
Ironman LX 300 Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020 275 lbs 8 Check price
Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020 300 lbs 8 Check price
Invertio Premium Folding Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020 300 lbs 8.5 Check price
Pro Deluxe Table Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020 300 lbs 9 Check price

What Is the Best Inversion Table?

Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020Like many other people out there, you are probably having a difficult time selecting the best inversion table for you, as there are so many different models and brands in the market. You’re probably tired of reading inversion table reviews out there that try to endorse what they consider the best. And let’s not forget that all inversion table reviews claim to be the best.

We decided to purchase the products so we can try them and give you all an unbiased review. After all that, we updated our buying guide with information to help you make a more informed decision when purchasing an inversion table:

  • Safety

Since you will be hanging upside down, safety should be the number one determining factor when buying an inversion table. To ensure your safety, check the quality of the parts until you can confirm that it can accommodate your entire weight and hold you safely in position. Additionally, look for a table that will support your ankles securely and comfortably.

  • Comfort

Comfort should be a major consideration too. Most experts will recommend a comfortable, thick padding, but it’s really a matter of what gives you the most comfort. For some people having just a nylon pad is okay, while others want extra thick padding. It all comes down to what works best for your tastes. Consider reading inversion table reviews to assess the best table for your body.

  • Durability

You want to buy a table that will be durable and stable enough to support even the weightiest persons. Of course, there will be a trade-off in frame weight as the most durable frames are obviously the weightiest. Be sure to consider the table’s weight also as you will need to strike a balance with your own weight concerns too.

  • Versatility

Experts recommend choosing an inversion table with a full range of motions. This means the setting has to be up to 90 degrees. However, most inversion table reviews recommended that you start at a lower range especially if you’re a beginner. For newbies, the safest range is around 40 degrees while for the injured it is around 30 degrees.

  • Attachment Position

Most inversion tables have an ankle support system; although there are a few that have knee suspension systems. When looking for a table, you may want to consider one that suits your height ratio and can adjust well to give you the maximum benefits of rotation.

Why Choose Inversion Table?

Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews — Best Models in 2020Inversion as a therapeutic therapy has been around for centuries, although the use of inversion tables is relatively new. The concept behind this therapy seeks to decompress the sensitive parts on our backs and help us realize benefits as far as the neck, back, and spine are concerned.

By completely reversing the effects of gravity, inversion therapy inverts the stresses placed on the spine allowing the joints to realign and decompress. It’s sometimes referred to as gravitational traction since what you get is the same as a reverse standing effect. The best part is that it is accessible at home and can be used anytime to relieve a backache, fatigue, and stress.

With that said, inversion therapy is not for people with certain conditions, for instance; the elderly, pregnant, people with glaucoma or severe cardiovascular and blood pressure problems. If you fall under any of the listed categories, you should consult a health professional before buying or using an inversion table. It will definitely be a useful addition to your gym or yoga exercises in the house.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Rated Inversion Tables

  • It is imperative that you take your time to identify an ideal inversion table for you. Reading inversion table reviews to get an opinion is totally okay. The same won’t be said if you decide to follow the cheaper route and end up getting a table that can’t support your weight and ends up falling apart.
  • Of particular note is the fact that most inversion tables are heavy. While it might seem ironical to look for a product that can elevate your back problems, it is worth noting that durability and weight often go together. So go for a product that will last, without having to worry about its portability.
  • Spend your cash on recognized brand names. They are brand names for a reason; either because they are high quality or because they are top drawer. Oftentimes, they have more reliability and excellent customer service as they are trusted by most consumers to deliver. You will also notice that all inversion table reviews favor recognized brands.
  • Look at what other customers are saying in their inversion table reviews. Most often customers offer honest insights on the pros and cons of a product. You don’t want to buy a table out of sheer ignorance and end up with a jagged, uncomfortable table that won’t give you value for money. Again, go for brands that are reliable and trustworthy.
  • As you will see in most inversion table reviews, many tables can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds. However, there are other models which are heavier set. Note that not all tables are created equal and not all can hold heavier weights. Some cannot even hold weights of 200 pounds, so be sure to get one that can comfortably accommodate your weight.


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