The Best Above Ground Pools of 2020 | Reviews

A large above ground pool is exactly what your home needs to help keep you and your friends and family cool when the outside temperature gets too hot. It’s a perfect option for those who don’t have the room, money, or desire for an in-ground one. Even big above ground pools are less work than below-ground ones. The only thing is – it’s important to buy a reliable one. Otherwise, you could risk it breaking and causing flood damage or ruining your summer. Read these trustworthy above ground pools reviews to figure out which one might work for you.

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Intex 26339EH | Comes with Shape and Size Options

Best Choice
Intex 26339EH pool
Intex 26339EH pool
Your neighbors will definitely be jealous of your new Intex 26339EH pool. Thanks to its treated steel frame and genius locking system, the manufacturers of this product can ensure its durability. You can trust that the metal pool frame will not rust. Just in case though, the product comes with a manufacture’s warranty that lasts up to 2 years. Included with your purchase will be a filter pump, ladder, and ground cloth. You will also get a cover to minimize your time spent skimming leaves and other debris.
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The ground cloth will help reinforce the product’s bottom as an extra precaution against leakage or damage. The ladder included with this pool can support up to 300 pounds. Additionally, its pump has a timer that you can use to turn on pre-set cycles that will keep the water clean. No matter what size your yard is, you will likely be able to find this pool in a size that works for you.

  • High-tech pump
  • Size and shape options
  • Resistant to rust
  • Covered under warranty
  • Modern aesthetic
  • None

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

After like six months of my telling my husband about this, he finally caved and bought me it for my birthday. It was super easy to set up. The day we got it, we were able to fill it up, get in, and enjoy the water on the hot, sunny day.

I was on the market for affordable above ground pools when I came across this one. It was an economical option that sounded like it would be safe to keep near my house. So far, so good!

My two sons use this product so much, we joke that they live in it! It’s a great size for them to play it, but it’s also big enough for me to get some exercise in. I’m so glad we decided to purchase it.
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Intex 26725EH | Chic Minimalist Design

The Best Above Ground Pools of 2020 | Reviews

If you are in search of the best above ground swimming pool that will also look good in your yard, then you might like Intex 26725EH. Its light grey and white colors won’t stick out like a sore thumb next to your home. It is wide enough for several people to enjoy at a time and its prism frame is super strong. Since it was crafted from UV stabilized polymer material, it will be more resistant to rust or caving. Your purchase of this product will come with the typical pump, bottom cloth, and cover that defends against debris. You will also get a DVD showing instructions, which will make setting up your purchase and maintaining it much easier.

  • Product
  • High-capacity pump
  • Instructional DVD simplifies set-up
  • Subtle coloring
  • Prism frame
  • Complaints of leaky seals have been reported

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

I placed this in my backyard two years ago and it still works great! I put up netting around it so that it stays clean and never requires maintenance. Couldn’t be more delighted.

Since this was one of the best rated above ground pools, I decided to give it a chance. My kids ended up loving it, and so did their friends! I’d recommend it to anyone.

Last year, I traded in my laborious in-ground for this easy above ground pool. Because I spend less time tending to it, I can spend more time inside it. Was definitely worth it.
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Intex 12 Foot| Great Pool for Families

The Best Above Ground Pools of 2020 | Reviews

This Intex 12 Foot Pool is a good choice for those who have little ones in their family. Its small size is suited for short sizes, but will still provide enjoyment for fully grown adults. This particular option is simple to assemble and is covered under a limited warranty that protects your first year of ownership. It holds over 1,700 gallons of water, which can be easily kept clean with an additional purchase of chlorine tablets or a filter. Weighing just over 50 pounds, it is also relatively lightweight. If you live in an area where there are intense climate swings, you will be able to easily take it down and put it back up depending on the season.

  • Product
  • Fits in suburban yards
  • Short enough for small children
  • Aeration technology
  • No included pump
  • Reported leakage

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon:

I can definitely see why this is a top-rated above ground pool! It’s wonderful to have around in Arizona – my family uses it almost year-round.

Because the rim of this is lower to the ground than its alternatives, I can look out the window and check on my kids while they swim instead of having to go outside. It makes me feel more comfortable about them swimming without me standing there.

Trust the “best above ground pools consumer reports” this thing has received. This thing is a tank and will provide you with endless fun and relaxation.
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