Top Dewalt DW715 Review – Does This 4000 RPM, 12 Inch Blade Unit Stun?

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It’s rare to find a miter saw that goes for a reasonable price yet packs dozens of useful features – and for sure, the DW715 is one of those rare breeds. Built by Dewalt, an American company that has been in this business since 1924, this compound miter saw presents you with just the right kind of power needed to ace crown molding projects. That said, it is always worth appreciating the fact that no machine is perfect. It’s not uncommon to find even highly reputed machines falling below par in performance, safety or durability. Therefore, before you settle for any miter saw in particular, it’s always a good idea to look closer and pay attention to unbiased feedback. That’s exactly what this Dewalt DW715 review seeks to help you do. Apart from cross-examining the many wonderful features that this saw brings on board, we’re also going to zoom into some of its flaws as well. Ultimately, our objective is to help you get better value for your money. Read on.



Power tool type Corded Tool weight 42 LBS
Blade diameter 12″ No load speed 4,000 RPM
AMPS 15 Arbor size 5/8″ OR 1 IN
90° cross-cut capacity (dimensional lumber) 4X6 IN Horizontal capacity: baseboard lying flat 8 IN
45° miter cut capacity (max height) 4X4 In 90° cross-cut capacity (max width) 2X8
Vertical capacity: crown molding vertically nested 5-1/4 IN 45° miter cut capacity (max width) 2X6 
Item Dimensions 19.57 x 26.06 x 17.2 IN Voltage 120V
If you’re a busy woodworker who often has to move their tools around (especially when working on large sites), you probably have an idea how difficult it is to carry some of these power tools. Well, the good news is that the DW715 weighs 42 pounds which is way below the industry average – in fact, this saw is often ranked the lightest within its class. Besides weight, this saw is compactly built which means you can easily carry it from one floor to the next without needing any assistance. DEWALT DW715Does it cut smoothly? Well, the blade this machine comes with is good enough for general carpentry duties. It can comfortably handle cross-cut, miter cuts, and bevel cuts. However, it may not serve you for long if abused and so, if you’re an aggressive user, it would be a good idea to invest in an 80-tooth or 100-tooth blade to deliver smooth cuts. There’s no doubt that Dewalt is the market leader in the production of base fence support systems on the market. You can’t help but notice the awesome machined aluminum base of this miter saw. As you might be aware, CNC-machining is a relatively new technology – and so far, it has been lauded for lowering the cost of production whilst improving quality. By simply looking at the DW715’s solid base, you’ll get an idea just how strong and reliable this machine can get. This stability further guarantees you of precise cuts, safety, and machine durability. On top of that, the DW715 comes with 3 hardened steel bevel stops which operate on the angle ranges of 0, 33.9, and 45 degrees.
  • 12-inch carbide tipped saw blade
  • 15 AMP, 4,000 RPM motor
  • Generous fence supporting 6-1/2-inch crown molding
  • 11 positive stops for enhanced cutting accuracy
  • Bevel angle range of 0 to 48 on the left and 0 to 3 degrees to the right
  • 0 to 50 degrees left and right miter angle range

The Design

DEWALT DW715With all the power and might of this miter saw one might want to question whether the design of this machine lives up to expectations or not. Indeed, this Dewalt DW715 review can confirm that this machine is designed with beginners in mind. Everything, right from the setup process to changing the carbon brushes, is rather straightforward. The angle calibrations are clear and tamper-proof and that gives you an unparalleled advantage in setting the measures prior to embarking on making cuts. The unit, however, doesn’t come with a laser guide and you have to rely on the same old positive stops thumb control method.


Precision and Performance

DEWALT DW715While having a laser guide would have provided this compound miter saw with an edge over the competition, the fact is that it’s not an absolute necessity to have one so as to make accurate cuts. This power tool has sufficient bevel positive stops to help you measure and deliver accurate cuts with no qualms. On top of that, if you must use a laser guide, you can always purchase a compatible one for under $100. In regards to performance, this unit stands tall as a loyal servant. As we’ve already mentioned, it comes with an above-average motor which operates at 4,000 RPM. Combined with an 80-tooth blade, this machine can do wonders. Worth noting, also, is that the DW715 can accommodate loads of 2×8, 4×4, 2×6, 4×6 and 2×8 inches at various miter, bevel, and cross-cut angle settings.

Top Dewalt DW715 Review – Does This 4000 RPM, 12 Inch Blade Unit Stun?
Pro Tip

Always loosen the bevel knob at the rear side of this miter saw to adjust the bevel angle as you’d like.


Safety Features

It’s one thing to be an awesome performer but another to guarantee safety. What we found out about the DW715 is that it comes with a blade guard which is designed to cover the blade completely whenever the head is raised. Then as you lower the head toward the lumber, the guard rises gently leaving just enough space for the blade to do its job. Other than that, this machine comes with an interlocking trigger which effectively prevents the machine from starting unintentionally.

  • Light in weight and compact in design
  • User-friendly and safe
  • Powerful motor
  • Accurate positive stops
  • Sturdily built and stable
  • Well priced
  • Poor dust collection bag
  • Lacks laser guide


Things we liked about it

If consistent performance, power, and safety are your concerns, this is definitely the compound miter saw to go for. It may not have any of the fancy stuff but at its price, we think it offers a pretty good deal. We also like its design and sturdy body – the two do an incredible job of stabilizing the blade and that means you can make accurate cuts with absolutely zero risk of wobbling. To wrap it up, the Dewalt DW715 has an efficient motor that delivers above-board performance whilst keeping this unit energy-efficient. [/wpsm_box]

Things we didn’t like

The absence of a laser guide is a bit of a turn off for such a promising model. It would be a good idea for Dewalt to consider upgrading this model to accommodate this handy feature. That said, it’s worth keeping in mind that the DW715 miter saw is quite cheap – and that’s probably why it didn’t make business sense for them to include a laser guide at this price range.


General User Experience

DEWALT DW715The DW715 deserves to feature highly in any best compound miter saw review because, to be honest, it offers quite a number of wonderful features. The machine is pretty powerful and its motor is highly reliable. Further to that, it is clear that Dewalt engineers have paid close attention to calibrations and positive stops – and, needless to say, this machine is highly accurate. With safety, power, and accuracy well taken care of, this unit comes out as a fantastic, value-packed choice. But how user-friendly is it? Well, as you know most power tools are pretty difficult to tame unless you’re a pro. However, Dewalt engineers have really outdone themselves in making this compound miter saw as friendly as possible. Feel free to check Dewalt DWS709 also. Of course, you might need to use the manual to set it up but in general, you’ll not break a sweat setting the angles right. One of the issues that most users complain about is the poorly designed dust collection bag. This is a common issue with almost all saws we’ve come across. It seems like this is an area where innovators need to really think about otherwise, we’ll have to put up with dust (and the possibility of airborne diseases) for a few more years.

DeWALT DW715 12

Yotube Video Review: DeWALT DW715 12


Can this make a straight cut on a 2x4 lumber?

Yes, it can. Just be sure to get yourself a model with a blade that’s 90 degrees to the bed.

How many teeth does its original blade come with?

This one comes with a 32-tooth carbide tipped blade although you can always upgrade to an advanced blade.


This single bevel compound miter saw presents you with a value proposition other units would struggle to match. It may not have the best dust collection bag but it certainly does make up for that with its well thought-out design, user-friendliness, and lightweight. You don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a good miter saw. This one is no doubt a good pick especially keeping in mind that 90{%} of the so-called advanced features in pricier models aren’t as useful as the salesmen might want you to believe. So, it’s two thumbs up to the Dewalt DW715 from us.


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