Top 10 Queen Pillow Top Mattress Reviews — Best Models in 2017

If you’re looking for extra foam and padding on your bed, a queen pillow top mattress should, by all means, be at the top of your list of preferences. It can ease your back pain and neck pain problems by helping in maintaining a natural posture throughout the night. But again, not all queen pillow top mattress models work the same. Some are a big disappointment due to a couple of flaws here and there. Below we compare 10 pillow top mattresses in order to observe which one(s) of them offers the best combination of features and value for money.

Sleep Master Ultima Comfort 10″ Pillow Top Spring Mattress

Sleep Master Ultima® Comfort 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress, Full

In the event that you are searching for a reasonable queen pillow top mattress that provides for you the best pocket loop and memory foam, this is a great option at a great cost. Sleep Master Ultima® Comfort 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress, Full is a perfect combination of both supple spring support firmness, plush, and soft body conforming comfort. In addition, it comes in queen, twin, short queen and full sizes, and in several thickness levels to help you get the exact level of firmness you need.

  • Features an iCoil system with hundreds of independent iCoils that provide durable support while minimizing motion transfer from a sleeping partner.
  • This queen pillow top mattress layer includes 1″ layer of Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam, 1.5″ of Comfort Foam, a High-density foam layer and a 7.5″ layer of iCoil spring unit to provide maximum support.
  • The memory foam padding is CertiPUR-US approved for content, durability, and performance.
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Sleep Master Ultima® Comfort 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress, Full

The Sleep Master iCoil 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress by Zinus features hundreds of independent iCoils providing customized support while minimizing motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep. The ...

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I know there were not many reviews yet for this mattress and so I wanted to give you my initial thought in case it might help you in your comparison to other similar products. I'll update my review when I've had it longer.The mattress arrived two days ago rolled up and folded into a box. It was wrapped in plastic and tape. When my husband unraveled it I looked in skepticism at what was before me, a wrinkled 1 inch thick bumpy piece of fabric. I was feeling very worried about my purchase. What happened over the next hour boggles my mind. Truly, I wish I could watch it again. The fabric expanded and A giant mattress was before me. I would say within the hour it was about 12 inches thick.The fabric was very clean and a bright white color. The material was soft to the touch. After reading many amazon reviews of similar mattresses I moved on to my most important criteria. How did this thing smell? I saw lots of comments of other mattresses in this category having disgusting odors for days or weeks until they aired out. My sniffer is very sensitive so I was concerned. I hopped on the mattress and took my first big whiff- nothing alarming at all. Pleasant smells.The paperwork that came with the mattress said it would take about 48 hours for the mattress to be fully expanded but it was ok to sleep on right away. W gave it a try and have slept on it two nights thus far. My husband slept perfectly on it both nights, no complaints. Of the two of us he is the easiest to please sleep wise. I think that man could sleep on a bed of rocks. As for me, I have a lot of back pain so a mattress is important. We had been enduring a broken sleep number bed and I was sleeping crooked no matter where I decided to rest my head.Read more ›
March 2, 2013
I was leery of purchasing this mattress because it comes boxed like it was packed by a steamroller. Amazon reviewers said to wait 48 hours before laying on it, even though the instructions in the box said it is ready to use as soon as you can put sheets on it. As always, I went with the reviewers. After 48 hours, I found it to be a perfectly firm, ever-so-comfortable bed with a nice pillowtop. You can sit on the edge of it without squishing it at all. I cannot feel any springs while laying in it and my body leaves no indentations. I am extremely sensitive to chemical odors and this mattress has none. Zero. This is a quality mattress, great for every night use by a normal-sized adult. I am pleasantly surprised by how nice this mattress is. I spent $1800, on sale, for an inner spring mattress on my queen sized bed, and this mattress is every bit as good as that one. UPDATE: 14 months later, I just bought another of these mattresses. The one I bought last year remains in perfect form and is extremely comfortable.
February 3, 2014
I'll start this out with a bit of history: I've purchased 2 memory foam mattresses from Amazon, and was eventually disgusted with them both. (Don't get me wrong, I do love Amazon. I buy practically everything but food on here.) Memory foam has serious flaws that I just cannot endure. They eventually (within a few months) start to sink in where most of your body weight is. They also absorb heat from your body and eventually warm up themselves. This change of temperature of the bed results in widely varying degrees of support. For example: if it is icy cool, you will find a great deal of support and firmness...until it warms up from your body. This usually results in feeling very satisfied as you are going to sleep, and then waking up either sore or hot or both. That is my experience with memory foam mattresses, and is for anyone reading this that is considering memory foam.Now about this product: This mattress is not a memory foam mattress. It does say in the description that it has an inch of foam, but it doesn't seem to be memory foam. The bed offers a great deal of support and firmness, yet seems to give willingly in those areas that naturally need to sink lower to maintain a natural spinal position (hips, shoulders). It is not fluffy, or akin to sleeping on a cloud. You will not become submerged or have to fight to claw your way out. It is firm.Now keep in mind that this is a $200 mattress. I will be honest: If you intentionally try to feel the coils--for example, pushing into it with your fingers, or feeling near the sides of the bed--you can feel the vague shape of them. But don't let this discourage you, because this is not anything that can be felt while sleeping.Read more ›
June 18, 2014
  • Odor free
  • 10 year limited warranty against damage from normal use or shipping or from faulty construction
  • This queen pillow top mattress can be used with or without a frame box spring

  • Mattress cover is not removable although it can be spot cleaned easily

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Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt Pillow Top Mattress

Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt Pillow Top Mattress, Short Queen

This is an ultra plush memory foam ideal for side sleepers and people with lower back pain, muscle injuries, headaches or neck pain and even for pregnant women. You can get it in short queen, California king, full/XL, king, twin/XL and queen sizes hence it works on all types of beds from traditional frame beds to day and trundle beds. What’s more, Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt Pillow Top Mattress, Short Queen is 100 percent made in the USA using USA-made materials, therefore, quality is guaranteed.

  • This queen pillow top mattress features a TriZone Foam core for extra support. This feature also helps in reducing or eliminating virtually motion transfer between sleeping partners.
  • The foams are CertiPUR-US guaranteed to meet all regulations for safety and environmental quality.
  • Boasts are not too firm not too soft-medium feel thereby allowing your body weight to be distributed evenly to relieve pressure points.
  • Comes shipped direct to your home in a compressed, rolled package that is easy to decompress.
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Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt Pillow Top Mattress, Short Queen

The Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt Pillowtop Mattress is the perfect mattress for any sleeping style. The not too firm not too soft pillowtop will allow for pressure point relief and contouring, while ...

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When I received the matress it came rolled up in a box. To say the least I was worried. After cutting the plastic it blossomed into a cloud from heaven. I have been laying here for 30 mins now and I have no motivation to move. This was money well spent. I wish I had found it earlier because at this price it is a better bargain than any store I have come across.
January 16, 2015
UPDATE: After 10 months daily use, mattress has significantly less springiness in the center than the sides and is becoming pretty uncomfortable as a result. I would have liked to see more like two years, so I'm taking a star back. I should probably take more than one back, but I did really like this mattress while it lasted, and it is crazy cheap after all.I'm a 180-lb (and tall) side sleeper, I purchased the full size, and I've been using it for two weeks. I bought it in a pinch just to use until I had time to shop around, but it is nice enough that I'm sticking with it. I will try to remember to update this review whenever it wears out.I read on another site that these mattresses are made by the reputable Brooklyn Bedding. I do not know to what extent that is or isn't true, but it did arrive in a Brooklyn Bedding box. None of the four fabrics on what I received match the photo shown here (they are different off-white patterns/textures than shown), but otherwise it looks just like it. There were a few stray threads on the pillow top, but the overall construction looks sturdy to me, and everything seems way more durable than I was expecting.For the most part, this pops right up after unrolling it, and doesn't change much at all after a few hours. I think the top part did keep expanding a little for a day or two, though. I measure 11.5" thick, not 14". There was a faint laundry-ish odor to it, nothing much.It is pretty soft. Just about perfect for me, but a heavier/shorter person or back sleeper might find it sinks too much in the middle. Also, since it does not have a firm section around the outside edges like some more expensive mattresses do, if you sit on the edge it will REALLY sink - could be annoying with some bedframes.Read more ›
May 14, 2014
Take a look at my video review for a closer look!Looking for a budget-friendly queen mattress, I came upon the Dramfoam Bedding brand. I chose it primarily because of the affordable price. At $275 including shipping (with Prime) it's one of the most affordable mattresses around.It ended up being a great deal and purchase for me. The quality of the materials is great. No factory smell on this Made In The USA product.The mattress comes compressed and rolled-up. It comes handy because it makes it easy to move around even for a single person. It comes new and wrapped in protective plastic. Once you open it, the mattress expands to its regular size.I measured the mattress and the dimensions are exactly: 79x60x11 inches. It fact, it is a bit thicker than 11 inches because of the pillow-top feature.The pillow-top feature does add a big layer of softness to the already soft mattress. This is a product for people that like to sleep on very soft mattress. If you are used to sleeping on firmer mattresses, it might take a bit of time to get used to it. Either way, a great product for the price.Pros:- Queen size- Great packaging. Fast shipping (with Prime)- Nice pillow-top feature for people that like soft mattresses.- Affordable- Quality materials.Cons:- A bit too soft for my taste.
April 22, 2015
  • This queen pillow top mattress allows for contouring to your body
  • Affordable
  • Great packaging and fast shipping

  • Stomach sleepers find it too soft

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Classic Brands 10.5″ Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress

Classic Brands 10.5-Inch Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

Built keeping in mind the restless schedules of modern day people and thus works great for delivering them maximum comfort, this queen pillow top mattress is medium, not too firm or too soft. Classic Brands 10.5-Inch Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress, Queen is built to support every part of the body evenly and adjust to your body’s weight and temperature. In addition, the mattress features a complete, stress-free and luxurious support that enables the spine to stay aligned.

  • Boasts a 2″ top Cool Gel memory foam layer that is ventilated to allow air to circulate thereby creating a cooler sleeping surface.
  • The Gel-infused memory foam feature also helps in retaining the pressure relieving properties of traditional memory foam hence tossing and turning are great diminished.
  • This queen pillow top mattress is covered with detailed knit top and charcoal gray knit sides for breathability and is available in queen, California king, twin XL, king, twin and full sizes.
  • Features 6.5″ support base layer that maintains the strength of the mattress and two 1″ layers of Poly Gel-Supportive Foam that offers support for the Gel Foam layer.
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Classic Brands 10.5-Inch Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

The Cool Gel 10-Inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress combines two leading sleep technologies at incredible value. Gel-infused memory foam keeps you cool during sleep and body-contouring memory ...

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This is the 2nd one of these mattresses I have purchased for my home in the past several months. I LOVE IT! I ordered a queen size for a guest room, and realized that the mattress was better than the one I currently had in my own room. For the price... this completely took me by surprise. Coming from the mattress industry on both the retail sales AND manufacturing end, I am very familiar with this manufacturer and have purchased their products with confidence over the years. (Also check out their Cool Gel pillows.. best I've ever used). For this price, I was expecting a great quality GUEST ROOM mattress, but what I got was a lush feeling, top of the line feeling product. See notes belowThis video (under 4 mins) walks you through the complete process from how the mattress is shipped from the Manufacturer, how to properly open and set up, as well as a full description of materials, quality, and my experience with the mattress.Delivery Method: This mattress is delivered roll pack compressed. Meaning it is sealed air tight in in plastic, and rolled for easy shipping. I love this because it fits through doorways easily, and more importantly for me, stays nice and clean!Unpacking: The outer package is cardboard, the plastic casing is inside, its very easy to remove both. Just make sure you cut away from the fabric so you don't ruin your mattress (explained in the video)Look: 10.5" profile is a nice looking mattress. VERY soft lush ticking (fabric) on top that is nice, breathable and stretchy. Fancy looking grey knit border is a nice modern touch.The feel: This to me, although very subjective, is the most important part of mattress selection. I've always liked this company's product because of their support.Read more ›
April 29, 2015
My husband and purchased a memory foam mattress at the suggestion of my doctor. I have a genetic autoimmune disease called Hypermobility Syndrome which has deteriorated 80-90% of the connective tissue in my body. It leaves me in constant chronic pain and because of that I have been sleeping in the recliner for the last 8 months. Sleeping in our bed left me in so much pain I would have to wake up when he did at 4am each morning so that he could help me out of the bed as I cried. Because I am permanently disabled we weren't able to afford an expensive tempur-pedic mattress. I researched for two months before deciding on this mattress. I was a little nervous because of the low price, but the reviews were decent and it had what I was looking for, mostly the cooling gel because pain medication will cause you to sweat, and I hit the purchase button. Bed arrived about 4 days later and my husband put it on our box spring. I have heard from several people that getting used to a memory foam mattress will take time and may be more painful than your original mattress at first. I agreed to give it two weeks before back to the recliner I go. Last night was our first night sleeping on it and my husband was so comfortable he over slept. When he jumped up he couldn't believe I had also gotten out of bed and had my walker trying to beat him to the bathroom. I was still in pain, but I could move on my own after sleeping in our bed. If it takes time for it to become comfortable to you, by my two week deadline I may never get out of bed again. I slept wonderfully! If you suffer from chronic pain that is only worsened by pressure on and certain part of your body for too long, or if you just want an awesome nights sleep without spending a fortune, order this bed!! I promise it'll be the best decision you've made!!
November 24, 2015
Classic Brands 10.5-Inch Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress, FullThis is an important review of the reality of this Mattress.I was so excited to receive this product based on mass positive reviews that all seemed to be consistent.90% are utterly inaccurate and I wonder if they are being paid. I received this product on Jan 2nd, allowed over 24 hours to fully "take shape" and slept on it starting the evening of Jan 4rd, 2016I am not an angry Amazon reviewer. I love Amazon and rarely do returns. Pictures included to show proof of the mattress with two other great amazon products: DHP Maven Bed underlit with TaoTronics Strip RGB Lights to show I am a real person, not a bot or a paid reviewer!Me: I've been a good sleeper all my life. I can sleep in a bathtub, sleeping bag in the wilderness, boxspring mattress, foam mattress, gel mattress, latex mattres, etc;I'm not picky! I wake up very happy each and every day, pain free (even though I have an extra vertebrae), and love sleeping. I am and extremely active male 30yr old male with 14% body fat, 5'11, 175, and do not take drugs or alcohol (which greatly affects sleep).The Mattress:1. This mattress is not firm in the slightest as mentioned by 100 reviewers. You sink in many areas especially where weight is concentrated, creating horrible pressure points, dips, recessions and I hate to say this, pain each and every morning. It's beyond squishy.2.The heat captured in the bed is unreal. My home is 65 degrees on average in Denver, CO and I wake up soaking wet with only a top sheet.3.Read more ›
January 24, 2016
  • Resistant to dust mites, allergens, bacteria and mold
  • CertiPUR-US certified to ensure environmental and personal safety
  • Boasts a 10-year warranty

  • Produces a strong funny smell after unwrapping the pack but usually, goes away within 48 hours

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Signature Sleep Signature 13″ Independently-Encased Coil Mattress

Signature Sleep Signature 13-Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam, Full. Available in Multiple Sizes

If you’re looking for a large firm, soft and comfortable queen pillow top mattress for your home then Signature Sleep Signature 13″ makes the cut. It offers a perfect combination of comfort and superiority that you would expect in high-end queen pillow top mattress but at a great price. The multiple foam layers are CertiPUR-US certified to meet specific criteria for physical performance, environmental stewardship, and indoor emissions.

  • Made using 100% Rayon from Bamboo fabric hence absorbs moisture, dries quickly and insulates when you’re cold and ventilate if you are hot.
  • Features a foam pillow top with 1 inch 3-Zone foam to offer a lower body and soft upper comfort with a firmer center to support hips and the lower back.
  • This queen pillow top mattress boasts 10 inches of Independently Encased Coil springs that are optimized specifically to contour to your body to help in balancing the weight distribution.
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Signature Sleep Signature 13-Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam,...

By combining all the elements of comfort and quality the Signature 13" Mattress with CertiPUR-US certified foam provides an unparalleled night

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The mattress industry jig is up. I love this thing because it's both cheap and as comfortable as any pinkie-out bougie mattress I've slept on. The unboxing was a blast, and cured me of my number one fear - Pillsbury biscuit tubes. It was like finally facing the boss biscuit tube, and beating it at it's own buttery game. Now I sleep on this mattress every night. I have really good dreams now, mostly about flying around on a medium-firm biscuit. It's going strong after 9 months. I fully expect this to be my deathbed in 2066, it's just that good.
April 24, 2014
Once you remove the plastic film, out pops a perfect mattress. The mattress is a medium of firm and softness. You'll find yourself molded to the pillow-top, but not enough to sink into the mattress. I noticed that there were multiple areas subject to wrinkles/creases , however after hours they subsided. Overall once complete with all bedding, I had the best sleep of my night.
April 24, 2014
First of all, all the kudos in the world to the UPS delivery person(s) that dropped this off at my door. I'm hoping that it was two really big and really strong guys, because the monstrous duffle bag this mattress came in was extremely heavy (even for me, and yes, even though I'm a girl I can lift 80 lbs no problem. I had a lot of difficulty just dragging this thing.) and they were good enough to bring it up the few steps to my porch without me ever even hearing them.Opening this beast is absolutely AWESOME. It's like the coolest present you'll ever open, because in your mind you can't possibly fathom how a 13" full size mattress can FIT in this giant duffle bag of doom. Using a box cutter I very carefully began to operate, slicing away three tightly-bound layers of bag, thick plastic, and finally sealing plastic. Upon the first cut into the last layer of plastic, all the air suddenly rushed back into the mattress (it comes incredibly vacuum sealed; think of the process like those space saver bags you shove giant blankets into and can vacuum down to 1/8th of an inch. They do that to this mattress.) and in about 20 seconds it was fully inflated. The directions with it say to let it sit and inflate for about 48 hours, so I ended up opening it before work and when I returned around 5 hours later I threw sheets and blankets over it and slept incredibly the whole night through.I took a major gamble buying something like a mattress online, but I was crunched for time since the double-sized queen air mattress I had been sleeping on had sprung a leak, and I was only borrowing another, single-layered twin mattress to sleep on until I could get something permanent to sleep on. Though extremely heavy, this mattress turned out to be perfect.Read more ›
November 15, 2012
  • Comes with a pillow top for additional comfort
  • Affordable and odor-free
  • Provides excellent back support

  • Quite heavy hence, difficult to move in the house alone

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Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate 14″ Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate 14-Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress, King

If you are looking for that perfect night’s sleep, then the Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate 14″ mattress is sure to win you over. It is ideal for people who wish for a soft yet supportive queen pillow top mattress that provides both give and temperature regulation throughout the night. The mattress is available in queen, California king, twin XL, king, twin and full sizes and combines two leading sleep technologies at unbeatable value and quality.

  • This 14″ queen pillow top mattress depth includes the following layers 2″ top layer of ventilated Cool Gel foam that enhances airflow throughout the mattress, 2″ of Memory Foam that reduces tossing and turning, 8″ of High density base foam and 2″ Comfort Foam to provide extra support and comfort for a good night sleep.
  • 10 Years full warranty and 15 pro-rated plus two free gel pillow tops included with California king, full, king, full-xl and queen sizes and one gel pillow top with twin/xl.
  • Features new improved design with waterfall edge cotton knit cover and a contrasting border.
  • CertiPUR-US certified.
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Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate 14-Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress, King

The Cool Gel Ultimate 14-Inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress combines two leading sleep technologies at incredible value. Gel-infused memory foam keeps you cool during sleep and body-contouring ...

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My wife LOVES this mattress, If she is happy, I am happy. She is the most important person to me!!Very well made, cool, very heavy so it don't slide around on the box-spring getting on and off the bed.It is a bit firmer then expected after reading other reviews, most people like firm.LETS NOW TALK ABOUT THE SELLER, Classic Mattress.Classic Mattress contacted me a couple days after receiving the mattress to make sure I was happy, I mentioned a little issue I had (no big deal still very happy). Before I knew it Classic Mattress went ABOVE & BEYOND to make sure I was 100% satisfied, 99% was not good enough for there customer service. I AM A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE.
March 19, 2016
I used to sleep on a regular spring mattress until my one and only pregnancy. After that I purchased a memory foam mattress and will never go back. I purchased a Linen Spa and also purchased a Sleep Innovations for my guest room. I was more familiar with Sleep Innovations but put the Linen Spa in my master bedroom. I liked that it was more firm. It was a 10 inch and I added a two inch topper to it to fit my liking, it was perfect!I had never heard of Classic Brands and did a search on them and saw they were located here in the US; they even have a showroom not too far from me. I am in North Carolina, home of a lot of furniture makers. However, I thought I knew my companies but seem this one is trying to make a comeback from the waterbed day that is what I go from reading their page. Even though they are located here, the mattress is imported from China.I received the Queen and the shipping weight is a little over 90 pounds. The UPS man left in on my covered front porch lying on its side. It was very well wrapped but I brought it in myself. I have Pergo floors down my hallways to the bedroom and Berber carpet in the master. I cut the box off in the entryway and slid the rest of the mattress down the hallways with the plastic. I found the mattress to be well packed; I was able to take scissors to the plastic without worrying about slicing the mattress. I also was able to lay the mattress onto my platform bed by myself; it is a little over 80 pounds. Once it rolled out though it was upside down, I did have to flip it on my own. If you have someone to help you, I would recommend it. I did it by myself and did not hurt myself but could have used an extra hand.With any memory foam mattress, make sure you have the right platform bed and support to put it down.Read more ›
March 4, 2013
I was on the fence about buying a memory foam mattress at first because most of them are too firm for my wife. This mattress however has a softer layer on top, with supporting foam under it. So you get a semi soft feel when you lay on it, but great support. Also none of your limbs go numb, which I've experienced from other memory foam mattresses that were too firm! If you're on the fence about buying a memory foam mattress, get this one! You will not be sorry! Both my wife and I have been sleeping like a baby since we purchased this mattress. Also, I have 3 bulging disc in my back. Those of you with back problems know how picky we are about our mattresses. This is a terrific mattress and a great value!
March 11, 2016
  • Helps in relieving pressure points
  • This queen pillow top mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers
  • Has a cooling effect as it draws heat away from the body

  • The firmness of the mattress is a bit inconsistent

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Sleep Innovations Taylor 12″ Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations Taylor 12-inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

Made in the USA from premium foamed and swirled cooling gels, this queen pillow top mattress is equipped with an enhanced airflow feature to provide you with the best temperature when sleeping. Sleep Innovations Taylor 12-inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress, Queen offers advanced spinal alignment to your body thereby giving you a healthy sleeping experience. This makes it ideal for all types of sleepers including side, stomach and back sleeper. If you normally toss and turn while sleeping, this would be a good bet.

  • Features TriComfort design with 2″ Cool plush top layer, 2″ Air Channel Foam middle layer to support the air flow and 8″ ultra support bottom layer.
  • Has a medium-firm feel, personalized alignment and proven pressure point relief for the average to bigger body.
  • Includes 20-year limited warranty so there is nothing to lose by purchasing this queen pillow top mattress as it will last for a long period of time.
  • Product
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I purchased this King bed for $589 shipped after reading the reviews here and trying out mattresses in various local retail stores.Notes* Once opened and stretched out the mattress expanded to a about 11.5 inches within 15 hours. I still let it sit, undisturbed, for 72 hours. There are a few very shallow dips along the edges of the mattress. Nothing noticeable when the sheets are on.* It definitely has a that chemical "memory foam" gas smell. The smell is still here one month later but it is VERY faint; my partner can't smell it at all. I'm very sensitive to smells and after the first two nights it didn't bother me.* This is a FIRM mattress. I was expecting a slightly softer mattress but little did I know the firmness of the 12in Gel Swirl was something I would enjoy.* I have no clue how you would return this mattress. It's gigantic and weighs quite a bit.* 12 inches is a TALL mattress. Keep this in mind when you're buying your foundation.PROS* Feels well made. I don't get the feeling it's going to tear or wear out easily.* Responsive foam. I'm 6'2", 340 lbs, So far the foam retains its shape within seconds while still providing a comfortable, supportive sleep* Low motion transfer. I tend to move in my sleep. My partner doesn't seem to notice with this mattress.* Price. This is half the price (or less) of the retail equivalent* Warranty. Comes with an (untested) 20 year warranty. I read it over and it seems legit.* It sleeps cool. Like I said, I'm a big dude and my partner is large as well. We haven't hit summer yet but we keep the house at 70F and have had no problems with heat.CONS* Smell. It does have the chemical memory foam smell.Read more ›
March 18, 2014
I know memory foam quite well, having used a bunch of them over the years. I bought a Tempurpedic in 2002 and it's still as good as the day I got it (the best thing about memory foam: it LASTS) and is very simply the ultimate foam mattress, in my opinion. It conforms perfectly to my body and never causes stress on pressure points. It sleeps a tiny bit hot, but that's the only negative I can think of after 11 years. Oh yes, there is one other negative: it costs well over two grand.That's where all the other new memory foam companies come in. They know their foam is not as good as Tempurpedic's, but their price point is the selling point. Just don't believe the hype: I have slept on or tried out at least a dozen firms' memfoams, and Temp is the best. Period. So if you want the best, and can afford it, spring for a Tempurpedic, and get the adjustable base! Being able to lift your legs and head is a major plus in every way.But gee whiz, is this a Tempurpedic review or what? Nope, but now we come to this Sleep Innovations mattress knowing what it is not: as good as a Tempurpedic.BUT.But, it costs less than 25% of the price! And all told, this mattress is about 70-80% as good as a Tempurpedic, and better than any other memory foam I've tried at any price, even over double this, except for the Temp. For those who recognize value, that's probably close enough. But wait: what if there was a way to make this mattress 90% as good as the Temp...for only a hundred bucks or so more? Well, there is.You see, the first of two semi-truths told by SI about this mattress is that they call it "medium to medium-firm". WRONG. It is firm, period. Unless a sheet of plywood is firm. Then this would be medium.Read more ›
November 4, 2013
I did a great deal of research before I decided to purchase the King sized Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam. I think I went with the right one. Along with the bed platform it seems like a great height for a bed like this. The mattress is on the firm side which I like, but it offers great support on your back or side. The arrival was difficult because the box the king comes in is 100+ lbs. So you will want to have someone help y ou carry it if you have to go up stairs. Once opened simply and carefully cut open the outer raping and then move it to the location you want to allow it to regain it's shape. Then cut off the inner wrapping and in no time it will regain it's designed shape. I noted some reviewer saying it did not gain it's full shape or needed to wait 24-48 hours. My instructions said you could sleep on it right away. I also noted small off gassing but nothing too strong. I would suspect that is the individual's sense of smell.Generally everyone liked this and I will note any concerns in a future update if necessary.
May 14, 2015
  • Sleeps cool
  • Less motion transfer
  • Great for back pain

  • Has the chemical memory foam that smell but usually, it dissipates with time

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Textrade USA Inner Spring Pillow Top Mattress in A Box

Textrade USA Inner Spring Pillow Top Mattress in A Box, Queen

Though Textrade may not be an incredibly well-known brand name, Textrade USA Inner Spring Pillow Top Mattress in A Box, Queen specifically stands out because of its inner spring pillow top design. This design provides body support and minimizes motion disturbances. Therefore, when you toss or turn, get into or out of the bed, your partner won’t feel your movements. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty long enough to cover any premature deterioration.

  • Features a plush 3″ pillow topper that consists of 20 layers of Denier foam with Damask quilted fabric cover.
  • The foam padding used in the pillow top boasts 1000 15-gauge tempered steel coils which work to provide firm body support and reduce motions disturbances.
  • Includes a border wire around the perimeter of this queen pillow top mattress that ensures the edge of the bed doesn’t slump.
  • Comes in a box with wheels and a handle making it easy for a single person to move around as it’s quite heavy.
  • Product
  • Photos

Textrade USA Inner Spring Pillow Top Mattress in A Box, Queen

Designed to help you get a perfect night

Available: In stock
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My husband & I decided on this bed after much research & deliberation. We moved 1600 miles, decided not to bring any furniture with us & we didn't have a large budget to work with. The mattress came within a couple days of placing our order in a box that was very easy to roll into the bedroom & open up. There is a lot of packaging, but once you get through all of it, the mattress pops open & quickly forms to its normal shape & size. It has a mild odor at first, but aired out within 12 hours or so. The mattress is the most comfortable one either of us has ever slept on & within the first week we were both better rested & my husbands chronic back pain is beginning to subside. No, I am sure that it is not the same as sleeping on a $1000+ mattress, however, for the price it is impossible to complain about the quality. Definitely would recommend if this is the budget range you are working with.
July 19, 2010
I was really hesitant to get this one, especially without trying. But the reviews were so good, I took the chance. I am glad I did! I have tried several mattresses before this, much more expensive ones, but not found anything as comfortable.The pillow top is *very* soft so if you are looking for a firm mattress, this is not for you. But if you do like soft mattresses then this one is sure to please you!Also, there was a strong smell when I first opened it like a lot of reviewers mentioned. But I could sleep in it after 24hrs. I kept the windows open and the mattress close to it. There is absolutely no smell now.The packing was awesome, the box came with wheels, so if you are going to do this all by yourself, its going to quite easy 🙂
January 2, 2011
I had my hesitations about a bed delivered to Hawaii in a box! How does this work? First it did not come with wheels but the box was in great shape! Anything that is shipped to Hawaii has a chance of getting a little beating so I was pleased that this box looked great! The mattress is compressed in a huge seal-a-meal and rolled into the box. I bought the Handy Living King Wood Slat Bed Frame which when built properly is a mighty sturdy frame. We removed the mattress roll from the box and unrolled it onto the frame. Then came the fun part, you take scissors and start cutting the plastic around the outside of the mattress, it then starts making a hissing sound as the air rushes in and the mattress starts expanding. About 6 hours later, I was able to make the bed and use it that evening. The first week of use, it had a plastic smell to it but that went away. It also was extremely soft and especially after I added the Calvin Klein mattress pad but over the past 3 months of using it, I've become adjusted to it! It's really comfortable and I feel it is was so worth the money!! I added images of the bed before and after on this site.
March 26, 2013
  • Sold at reasonable and affordable price
  • Provides a restful night
  • Easy to set-up

  • Edges of this queen pillow top mattress may be too soft making sitting on the edge of the bed a little difficult

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Classic Brands Mercer 12″ Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Inner Spring Mattress

Classic Brands Mercer 12 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress, Full Size

This is a well-built memory foam mattress that is recommended for different types of sleeping positions. Classic Brands Mercer 12 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress provides great support, contouring and cradling effect and personalized worthy of a memory mattress safe from memory retention worries. You will find it easier to fall and stay asleep with this queen pillow top mattress under you.

  • Boasts a 0.5″ gel infused top layer memory foam for dispersing heat, two 0.25″ layers of comfy foam, additional 0.5″ of comfort foam, another 0.75″ layer of foam and 8″ base layer made of individually standing coils.
  • Comes with a quilted pillow top knit cover that is beautifully finished with corded edges and coordinating knit sides for maximum breathability.
  • Has individually wrapped inner springs that move independently to reduce motion transfer.
  • CertiPUR-US certified and comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Product
  • Photos

Classic Brands Mercer 12 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring...

The 12-inch profile Mercer Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress combines the support of a wrapped steel coil innersprings with the conforming response of gel memory foam. Starting with a .5" ...

Available: In stock
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I waited almost an entire year before posting a review. I figured you can't really evaluate a bed until you've properly broken it in.Here's what I've found:COMFORT: I was coming from an old spring mattress when I purchased this bed so I felt like a spoiled brat when I first started sleeping on it. So I may be a little biased when I say that this bed is REALLY COMFORTABLE! If you're coming from a spring mattress then this bed will be wonderful for you.PACKAGING: As you'll see in my pictures, the bed came in a rather small card board box. Not what I was expecting. It's got some weight to it so be prepared when handling it!UNPACKING: This was actually a fun process. I have some video of it and I'll be uploading it when I've finished editing it. If I recall correctly, the bed should already be facing upright when you cut the plastic (be careful on this part!) and unroll itself.THE WAIT: You can sit/sleep on the bed after you first unroll it out. Just be aware that it's got a certain... plasticky... smell to it. I couldn't really describe the smell but it wasn't a problem for long as the smell went away within a few hours. I would get hints of the smell every now and then but after a couple days/weeks it should be gone completely.FILLING ITSELF OUT: Some people who also left a review made a huge deal about the bed not filling out to it's full size. What I mean by that is when you get the bed and let it unroll, it doesn't immediately take its full size. It took almost four days for my bed to fully expand. Although it did expand, it didn't expand all the way into a full queen sized bed. There's still a couple of inches left to fill after all this time but I'm not going to make a huge deal out of it.Read more ›
November 17, 2015
This bed is beyond great. We put the bed up this past Saturday and are still talking about it even know. The bed feels like a big pillow. It is made from memory foam which is wrapped around each steel coil innersprings...yada, yada, yada...OK...I don't know much about mattress but here is what I do know.When you lie on the bed you feel as if you are lying on a pillow that completely fits every part of your body.The moment you first sit you can feel the difference. You body just relaxes and you sink into a cloud of amazingness. Is that even a word? The mattress literally conforms to your body.My son is thrilled with his new mattress and we can't stay off his bed.With memory foam when you move off a certain area in your sleep the memory foam fills in any gaps and re-configures to your body shape.Falling asleep is not a problem. My husband and I are looking into a king size for our room and my daughter wants one for her twin bed.The bed is truly heaven and we have spent the last three days being kicked out by my son who wants HIS bed.
March 2, 2015
**Very thorough/long review** I can't even say enough good things about this mattress. I worked for a large corporation who specialized in high end mattresses, so I know way to much about them, and I know the difference been a good deal and a cheap mattress. This mattress came rolled up in a box which was concerning to say the least. How do you roll an innerspring mattress into a tube and not damage it in some way? It turned out to be very convenient and easy to move it into the room we wanted it in. Once you open the box there's two layers of plastic you have to cut to open it. Once you get the outer plastic off, it'll start to decompress and it goes pretty quickly from that point on, so be ready. Once you get both off, it'll still be kind of misshapen, curled up on the corners a little, but that's ok. It'll also have an odd smell, it's called off gassing, and it's totally normal no matter where you order from, unless you use a natural material mattress company. We opened it up in the evening, and just cracked the window a bit in that room and let it off gas through the night while our daughter slept in the other room. It says to wait 4 hours, but if you could go overnight that should give it enough time to air out, especially if you're sensitive to smell, because it is noticeable. The next evening, we put the sheets on and dressed the bed, and we took turns laying on it and checking it. This is a plush mattress which is what is recommended for side/back sleepers, so if you're a stomach sleeper this wouldn't be a good fit for you. The stitched designs throughout the quilt top of the mattress does create little pockets or dips in the mattress, it's kind of noticeable but not uncomfortable. It's very soft, and the quilt is nice, very similar feel to a cotton/cashmere blend.Read more ›
November 21, 2015
  • Relieves pressure points
  • No maintenance is need
  • Odor-free

  • Mattress base/foundation not included

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Sarah Peyton 10″ Queen Memory Foam Firm Support Mattress

Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Queen Memory Foam Firm Support Mattress with 2 Contour Pillows

Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Queen Memory Foam Firm Support Mattress with 2 Contour Pillows comprises two separate layers which are intertwined to provide you with great back support thus helping eliminate pain/aches. It is 100% hypoallergenic which is perfect for people with allergies. In addition, the queen pillow top mattress never needs to be turned as it can always be conveniently used with any platform bed or box springs available.

  • Includes a removable zippered velour cover that is ultra soft and easy to clean and two bonus pillows.
  • Includes 2.5″ viscoelastic foam top layer on a 7.5″ polyurethane base foam layer.
  • Its supportive high-density memory foam helps in alleviating back pain linked with traditional mattresses.
  • Made using a combination of next generation memory foam over an energy absorbing Intellifoam polyurethane base to give you customized support and comfort that your body needs.
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Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Queen Memory Foam Firm Support Mattress with 2 Contour...

The Sarah Peyton 10- inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress is made of a combination of next-generation memory foam over an energy absorbing Intellifoam polyurethane base that work together to give you the ...

Available: In stock
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After one full year of using this mattress, this is what I have to say:STAY AWAY FROM THIS MATTRESS!!!!!At first it feels great.. But then after a few (3-4) months, there are two very deep permanent dips in the bed. We rotate our mattress every 30 days (which we shouldn't have to do so often) and it is the most uncomfortable sleep I have EVER had the misfortune of experiencing.This mattress is poorly made with cheap materials, and I only wish I could get a refund for it.Never again will I buy anything Sarah Peyton.It is terrible that ONE YEAR after buying a mattress that is supposed to last several years, we are already researching new mattresses.
January 30, 2011
This mattress came rolled up, about the size of a heavyweight punching bag. I unwrapped it, and let it sit on my floor to air out it took about 12 hours to come to full form. After that, it felt wonderful. I slept through the night, never waking, and felt refreshed in the morning. The smell was a little weird, but putting sheets over it solved the problem mostly. Also, if you're trying to save money by buying this, opt out of the two extra pillows and pay less for just the mattress. I found two much more decently sized pillows at the local Bed Bath and Beyond for $14.00. If you want save even more money, make your own foundation for the bed. I used two by fours, some plywood, and six cinderblocks, all dressed up with a little fabric to make it look good. All in all, a very good mattress for the money. Time will tell if it holds out.
July 31, 2009
I've owned both the brand name and regular memory foam mattresses. Loved them both! This time the bed didn't meet up to the same level of comfort. The bed came curled up like a rug and must be laid out to let it rise, which was to be expected. However, it didn't rise to the full 10 inches - still hasn't. I'm not sure if the bed is extra firm memory foam either, but I'm not very comfortable on it. My other memory foam beds I just sink into and immediately feel comfort. I wake up stiff and not well rested with this one. Disappointing for me. If you like firm memory foam then maybe this will work for you.
June 26, 2009
  • Resistant to odor-causing germs, mold, and mildew
  • This queen pillow top mattress meets all federal flammability standards
  • Available in queen, twin, king and full sizes and is an economical choice for anyone

  • The firmness of this queen pillow top mattress is very inconsistent

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Best Price Mattress 10 Inch Independent Operating Coil Euro Top Spring Mattress

Best Price Mattress 10 Independent Operating Coil Euro Top Spring Mattress, Full, White

This may be a cheap queen pillow top mattress but by no means is it poor quality. Best Price Mattress 10 Independent Operating Coil Euro Top Spring Mattress is a great mattress that will help you sleep undisturbed. It has been tested to exceed both durability and longevity hence it’s a great investment.

  • Features 7″, 12 gauge independent operating pocketed coils that provide an equal weight distribution by contouring the curves of your body hence relieving your pressure points.
  • Includes premium knitted poly-Jacquard fabric cover that encases the entire mattress.
  • This queen pillow top mattress boasts three main layers including 1-inch comfort layer, 1.5-inch premium comfort foam layer and 0.5-inch high-density support foam layer.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Product
  • Photos

Best Price Mattress 10" Independent Operating Coil Euro Top Spring Mattress, Full,...

Best Price Mattress 10" Independent Operating Coil Euro Top Mattress gives you sweet and comfort sleep, each independent operating Coil spring moves independently, responding to body movement and the ...

Available: In stock
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My entire family (including the little kids) all have Tempurpedic beds. All except me, that is. The Tempurpedic I've found is far too hard and the shocking amount of heat that the bed absorbed is simply too great for me to be comfortable when I sleep. I've always found Spring mattresses more to my liking but the likely hood of finding one that is comfortable but not too hard or soft was an enormous challenge. And let's not get started on something that is affordable.I just moved to Albuquerque from Chicago and did not bring the mediocre mattress that I had been using there. I took a risk by ordering this mattress rather than buy one in a store (something I would NEVER do under normal circumstances.) But with limited time to spend at mattress stores I took the risk and purchased this bed. The 1/3 of my life I spend sleeping is thanking me for it.The bed gives me the perfect amount of support. The softness of the bed is unmatched. No matter where on the bed you're laying the comfort level stays. My first night with the mattress my AC died and I was forced to sleep in my room at 86 degrees. Somehow the bed kept exceedingly cool and I was able to sleep. With a tempurpedic? Not a chance.Put it this way. This mattress is how you expected a tempurpedic to be that the tempurpedic in reality isn't. It's got the same support, softness, durability, and overall quality without the back pain from waking up on a rock hard tempurpedic after sweating in the heat it traps.You're not going to be disappointed with this bed. And for some reason, when I took it out of the box and plastic, it smelled like chocolate which was a nice little surprise.The only thing to be aware of with this bed is it is quite heavy. I wont remove a star for that but you should be aware that it will not be particularly easy to transport. But then again, what bed isn't?
July 14, 2011
6/11/2015 UPDATE: Mattress is still going strong after 3.5 years. It does bow a little bit toward the center like all mattresses do over time, but not enough to convince me to buy a replacement. And it, uh, still gets lots of vigorous use.----After more than 6 months of use, I'm happy to say this mattress is great. Don't let the low price fool you.You won't likely find this at any bedding or department store because they mainly sell expensive stuff. That means you can't try it out before you buy. That means you have to rely on reviews like this one for insight. The biggest question I found I couldn't get a good answer to is the degree of firmness. I would describe this as being medium firm. I was afraid it might be too firm for me, but I'm quite comfortable. I have a partner who has a strong preference for very soft mattresses, but she's nevertheless reasonably happy with this one, too.I sweat easily, so I had a keen interest in a bed that would breathe. I had a waterbed in the past and found the key to how they breathe is a thick pillow top. So I realized the key to a comfortable bed for me was going to be a thick pillow top. I think the expensive memory foam beds are a waste, in part because I think you really only need the foam in that last 2 - 4 inches of topper. The rest of the firmness comes down to how the springs or foam under it compress. Tight springs compress less and thus make the bed feel firm. Loose springs (or foam) compress more easily and so conform more easily. The number of springs doesn't seem to matter as much as this factor because you won't feel them through the thick topper, anyway.Let's talk about sex. It's hard to imagine being able to enjoy it on a big foam mattress. Go to a store and try bouncing on one.Read more ›
August 25, 2012
This mattress is comparable to the $1200 posturepedic I tried out in the store. Soft top, yet pretty firm coils. Still was able to sleep quite well on it. Doesnt come with a box spring like the posturepedic mattress I was looking at, but I would think any box spring would be fine with this one. For $289, I dont think I could've found a better mattress and still have it delivered for free. Its a one-sided mattress and the soft side is just right for my tastes, dont feel a single coil through the padding.The two downsides are the fact that it comes folded in half, compressed, and rolled up in a small(ish) box, which concerns me. Yet, unpacking it was pretty simple and it grew to its full size in about 5 minutes. The other down side is the mattress is quite heavy (90lbs) and very flexible with no handles of any kind, making it awkward and hard to move around, especially alone.Only had it a day, so I guess I'll have to wait and see how long a $289 mattress is able to hold up.Update 7/24/13: Mattress is still holding up just fine after 2 years of sleeping on it. There is a bit of sag in the middle starting to form... but its still comfortable as it always has been.
June 16, 2011
  • Affordable
  • Firm and fits perfectly on all bed types
  • Provides a soft, gentle, comfortable night sleep

  • May feel too firm for the first few nights

Tips on Choosing Pillow Top Mattresses

Consider the following when shopping for a new queen pillow top mattress:

  • Level of softness and firmness
  • Length of warranty
  • Sleep preferences — side or back sleeper
  • Level of comfort
  • Size of the pillow top mattress
  • Affordability

Why Choose a Queen Pillow Top Mattress?

  • Relatively easy to maintain
  • They offer luxurious softness and extra comfort
  • Features sophisticated spring systems to keep movement isolated
  • Ideal for both side and back sleepers
  • Lasts longer than traditional mattresses
  • Helps in alleviating back pains and reducing tossing and turning at night

Competition — Which One Is The Best among Reviewed and Why?

Each one of these queen pillow top mattress units has its benefits and disadvantages. Sleep Master Ultima Comfort 10″ is a worthy competitor for the top spot but it loses out marginally due to the fact that the queen pillow top mattress cover is not removable. The second runner-up in our top list is Best Price Mattress 10 Inch Independent Operating Coil Euro Top Spring Mattress which only misses out on the top position due to the extra firmness that is experienced in the first few days of using it.

The overall winner among our queen pillow top mattress reviews is Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate 14″ Plush Mattress – its pros clearly outweigh its cons. It offers adequate depth, chiropractic benefits and extended durability with its only downside being inconsistent firmness (rarely reported). Having done extensive research on this subject, our verdict is that Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate 14″ Plush clearly deserves the top-most spot.



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