Top 10 Best Knee Scooter Reviews — Which One Should You Go For in 2019?

KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter - GreenA knee scooter is an invaluable asset to help you recover once you have a knee, leg or foot surgery. But not every medical scooter out there will be ideal for you.

The fact that there is a lot to choose from makes it very difficult to arrive at the best choice. You will need some sort of a guide to get the best piece out there. Well, you are in luck since this post is exactly what you need to guide you through as you decide to make the right choice.

But first things first, what are the available choice for you to choose a medical scooter from?



Deluxe Knee Cycle Scooter

Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter Knee Cycle Leg Walker Crutch Alternative in Blue


Contemporary designed, this medical scooter has all that you may need. Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter Knee Cycle Leg Walker Crutch Alternative in Blue is a beautifully crafted machine that will take on a number of challenges. It will come in handy for situations such as broken bone case, after surgery as well as for someone with ulcers. Its compatibility with both left and right legs makes it even a better choice.

  • Product
  • It is tough and stable way better than walkers
  • It is for both inside and outside use
  • Easy to maneuver once you put it in use
  • It is ideal for very many situations making it better than any walker out there

  • It is a bit tricky when it comes to assembling
  • Maybe a bit sturdy for someone who wants a medium-sized medical scooter

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Medline Knee Walker

Medline Weil Knee Walker, Burgundy


This is a Medline 3-wheel scooter and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Medline Knee Walker is considered a big size piece since it can take up to 300 pounds. It is a very innovative walking aid and best suited for injuries below the knee. Another good thing is that you can adjust it to as high as 6’4 inches.

  • It has locking handbrakes to keep it steady as you use it
  • Comes with a large basket
  • Relatively large capacity of up to 300 pounds
  • It is stable thanks to the 3 wheels

  • The boot is quite bulky

Medline 3-Wheel Knee Walker

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Roscoe’s Knee Scooter

Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket, Burgundy (ROS-KSBG)

If you desire a medical scooter that will offer you comfort and stability as you recover, this one comes as a top choice. Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket, Burgundy (ROS-KSBG) comes in 4 wheels giving you stability not only indoors but in tough terrain outside. The easy folding mechanism is something you will appreciate when you store or when you will have to travel with it.

  • Product

  • It has a heavyweight provision of up to 350 pounds
  • It has an easy-to-adjust mechanism giving you easy time when you have to readjust
  • Very stable with 4 large wheels
  • Has an offset post for easy left-right adjustment

  • The brake is so tight that you will like flipping over the handlebars
  • Not an easy piece to assemble
  • Front wheel will touch your toe as you back up while the will do the same as you go forwards

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Kneerover Steerable Scooter

KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter - Green

Do you want something tested and proven to be not only effective for after-surgery exercise but also will give you a long time of service? This KneeRover is just the best scooter you should get your hands on. KneeRover Steerable is ideal for so many situations and you should not worry because it will deliver for whatever need you are buying it for.

  • Product

  • 2 choices of great colors i.e. pink and green
  • Gives you control and stability as you use it
  • Will be ideal for so many uses so you are not buying a single-use scooter

  • You have to be careful as you use outside since stones and rugged surfaces make it unstable

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All-Terrain Kneerover Scooter

All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Heavy Duty Crutches Alternative in Blue


Technologically, this is the most advanced scooter you will find in the market. It is versatile giving the freedom and stability even for a serious case that may put you down. All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker is compatible with both legs and you will appreciate the ergonomic aspect coming from it. Good news is that you will use over any terrain of your choice and such is the value for every coin you are spending on this one.

  • Product

  • It is built to last and won’t relent on giving you the best service
  • The all-terrain feature makes it good on any surface you want to choose it; This is a diversity that hardly comes easy in other options
  • The large tires (5 inches wide) make it stable. You will be stable on bumps so do not worry if you have to get rugged surface
  • The seat is super comfortable and you will love being on it

  • It is sturdy hence may present a problem if you are using it indoors
  • The brakes may not lock as instantly as you may desire

KneeRover Knee Walkers

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Walker Cum Knee Scooter

Knee Scooter Walker - wMost Sought Features -Silver - Removable Basket, Non-Scuff Wheels, Locking Brakes---and one just for fun---a Bell


Honestly, this one scooter has features that everyone would be looking out for. Knee Scooter Walker – w/Most Sought Features has a basket but you can remove it if you do not have any need for it. Other pleasant properties are bell, scuffles wheels, and instant locking brakes for parking. You will not need any kind of tools to adjust it making even better for someone who just had surgery and not lots of energy to do the hard stuff.

  • Product

  • As you can see this medical scooter has the most sought-after features. You are not wrong to follow the lead
  • The braking system is advanced and will be at your service when you need it
  • It is a very stable piece
  • Adjusting it is easy; no tools are required

  • It will leave marks on your floor
  • You will need an extra cover for the seat

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DV8 Steerable Knee Scooter

Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative

The best way to take care of your knee, leg or foot injury is giving it the mobility and support you can get. DV8 is the scooter that will effortlessly hand that down to you. It is as comfortable as a cushion and will give you a long service probably beyond the time you get well. If you want to travel it is easily foldable and takes only a minimum space. Safety is a priority for this one and you can bet your life on it.

  • Product

  • For adjustment, you will not need any tool
  • It has a leg pad that gives you both stability and comfort
  • Will support a considerable weight limit of up to 300 pounds
  • It is physically appealing with a stylish vein finishing
  • Durability comes with every part of it

  • There are complaints that some cannot be adjusted making the too low for any comfortable use

Drive DV8 Steerable Knee Walker

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Dual Pad Drive Medical Scooter

Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker with Basket, Alternative to Crutches

The double pad option is one thing that should be making Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker a must-buy medical scooter. The wheels are will give you stability giving, even more, conviction that you are buying the right product. You can steer it thus you are fully in charge. The seat has a pad to provide more comfort on your knee as you move.

  • Product

  • The braking system is super reliable
  • Can support weight up to 350 pounds
  • The height adjustments do not need any tool at all
  • The frame is durable and made even better in appearance by the vein finish
  • Front wheel steering gives you all the control you need

  • It has one hand brake
  • The alignment will present some problems

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Free Spirit Knee Scooter

Essential Medical Supply Free Spirit Knee and Leg Walker


The engineering put into this piece is one thing you cannot ignore. This is what makes Essential Medical Supply Free Spirit Knee and Leg Walker a state of the art scooter. It is pretty sturdy and can take up to 400 pounds of weight and a height of 6’6″. Light frame and easy folding are tow properties that give it an edge over the rest.

  • Can take weight up to 400 pounds
  • The frame is durable
  • The frame comes with a limited life warranty
  • It can turn up to 30 degrees radius

  • Quite narrow so you feel less stable
  • It is not very light and if you are weak you may need some help with it
  • It will prove difficult to find your balance

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ROS-KS2 Knee Scooter

Roscoe Medical ROS-KS2 Economy Knee Scooter

This economy piece is affordable and the best medical scooter you can bet on for mobility. If you are lacking in space for storage you should not worry as this one is foldable and taking even lesser space. The knee space and handlebars will be easily adjusted offering a chance for different heights. Roscoe Medical ROS-KS2 is specifically manufactured with your comfort in mind so you can rest easy on that.

  • Product

  • You can steer it for easy maneuverability
  • Quick and easy adjustments to allow for different heights
  • It is foldable hence occupies less space for storage; It is also easy for you to travel with it

  • The weight limit is too low at 250 pounds
  • Not recommended for soft surfaces and grass
  • Lacks lateral balance
  • The brake does not work well

How to Choose a Knee Scooter?

Not every other medical scooter out there will be ideal for your needs. In fact, something that works for another person may not work for you. You will have to specific with what you want if you are to get your desire.

To help you make the best decision for you knee scooter here is how to choose one:

  • Wheels are very important: one of the features you should get right with the medical scooter you are buying is the wheels. Wheels make your device stable. For wheels the bigger they the better. They will be stable in different situations and you need that if you will use your scooter outside.
  • Steering option: this is a crucial feature and you should ensure it is there before you make a final choice. For the best of it go for the automatic option since you may not have enough energy for the manual option.
  • How easy does it fold? Folding is a necessity you cannot miss. It makes it easy for you to store or carry your scooter wherever you go.
  • Does it have a knee pad? Yes, you need all the comfort you can get from your knee scooter. The pad makes it easy for you to have you knee placed on the seat for quite long.
Product NameImageWeight CapacityOverall RatingDetails
Deluxe Knee Cycle Scooter 300 lbs 10 Check price
Medline Knee Walker 300 lbs 8 Check price
Roscoe’s Knee Scooter 350 lbs 9.5 Check price
Kneerover Steerable Scooter 300 lbs 9.5 Check price
All-Terrain Kneerover Scooter 350 lbs 9 Check price
Walker Cum Knee Scooter 300 lbs 8 Check price
DV8 Steerable Knee Scooter 300 lbs 8 Check price
Dual Pad Drive Medical Scooter 300 lbs 9 Check price
Free Spirit Knee Scooter 400 lbs 9.5 Check price
ROS-KS2 Knee Scooter 250 lbs 8 Check price
  • Weight capacity: you should consider the weight limit for the medical scooter you are buying. Most of them come for a weight range of 300-350 pounds. This is adequate for most users but if you weigh more than this you should look for one that will give you your weight range.
  • The price you are paying for it: you have a budget before you even decide to buy your knee scooter. There are pieces ranging from cheap to expensive and each comes with particular attributes. What matters is getting something that will be good for you. Do not pay much that your pocket since there pieces out there that are affordable yet they give you all that you desire.
  • Will you need tools to assemble it? Easy assembling is something that you should not look down upon. You need to purchase a device that will not take most of your time and effort. The ones that you will not need a tool will best meet this criterion.
  • Adjustability: your medical scooter should be able to adjust for your height. You should go for something that is easy to adjust.


9.5 Total Score
Competition -- Which of Them Is the Best Reviewed?

Customers have had their say on the best-reviewed medical scooter. The best-reviewed piece and one that enjoyed maximum purchase from use is the Deluxe Cycle Scooter. Its stability and ease of use made it a top spot piece. It has all the modern features you can ask for. To be honest it is a piece worth every dime you are spending on it.

Kneerover Steerable Scooter takes the spot for the competitor reviewed piece. It is an innovative knee scooter that was designed with a diversified mind. As such it will offer good exercise and support for a number of situations. It is the easiest choice you can make given that other buyers have given it thumbs up. On the downside, you do have to worry about that since it is something you can get an easy solution.

Do you already have a choice for the knee scooter you are going to buy?

You must have arrived at this decision since everything has been made easy for you. Each of the reviewed pieces here was thoroughly vetted so if you are buying one of them just know you are making a right decision. But the room is all yours to choose what is best for your needs. But whatever purchase you settle for, make sure you follow the guidelines on how to choose the best knee scooter.

Happy shopping!

Top 10 Best Knee Scooter Reviews — Which One Should You Go For in 2019?
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