Top 10 Benchtop Drill Press Tools — Best Reviews in 2017

A benchtop drill press is a go-to tool for drilling holes on exposed and even curved surfaces. This handy tool is meant to make your work easier at home by helping you utilize available resources with minimal wastage. On the flip-side, though, not all benchtop drill press tools are equipped with the necessary features for your typical DIY tasks. In order to make an informed choice, it’s imperative to compare some of the top options available. This article delves deeper into best drill press units from different manufacturers.

Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station

Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station


Would you like to make the perfect holes that are very consistent with the required dimensions? If you’re searching for such kind of benchtop drill press, then Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station is the ideal choice. It is highly flexible considering that it can actually be used both for machining exposed surfaces and curved surfaces. And in terms of compatibility, it’s great as it is compatible with Dremel rotary tool models and works with various accessories even those not manufactured by Dremel.

  • For safe storage of power cords, this benchtop drill press boasts cord management clips.
  • Equipped with a flexible shaft tool stand which means you can also adjust the tool height between 16″ and 29″.
  • Comes with an inch/metric marking on its base to allow you to perform very accurate drillings and crow’s nest to provide onboard storage for wrenches, drill bits, and other accessories.
  • Tool holder that is able to hold tools at 90-degrees horizontal for various tasks like grinding metal or polishing metal pieces.
  • Allows you to bore holes perpendicular to the assembly or even perform holes that are angled anything between 15 and 90-degrees.
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Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Articulating Drill Press- Drills Perpendicular and Angled Holes in 15-degree Increments, up to 90 Degrees Horizontal; Tool Holder- Holds Tool at 90 ...

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This is an excellent accessory for the already-versatile rotary tool. The trick to its use is to recognize the inherent limitation of all rotary tools.They are high-speed, low-torque tools. The work is done in the same way that a dentist's drill works: Very light pressure lets the bit in effect shave away the material. As the manual says, you need to adjust the tool so the bit is very close to the workpiece, then slowly lower the bit into it.This means you can't use the Dremel drill press the same way you would use a full-size drill press, where you can bear down on the lever and force the bit to dig into the work. If you try to use it that way, you'll get the "slop" that some other reviewers mention.When it's used correctly-- and the manual makes it very clear how to do so-- this is a very good accessory to have.
November 4, 2006
The first time I tried using it: I attached the rotary tool and lowered it on a small plastic part. I heard a snap and it wouldn't move. I took it apart to see if there was something I could do. The pinion broke. I've uploaded a photo.
January 11, 2012
Dremels' work station for their rotary tool is a great little station. You are able to bolt it onto your workbench if you prefer. Some folks don't think you need to but I like to work with different jigs and such and need a very stable base, so I bolt mine. And along that line of thinking is the fact that you can tilt the tool anywhere from 15° to 90° which will help you when you want to turn it into a sanding and polishing tool for more intricate work.It has a great little tool "caddy" which they like to call the "Crows nest" that you can store some of your more favorite bits. Or the way I use it is to place the bits and collets I'm going to use for whatever project that I'm working on at the time because I put all my bits and things up when done and cover the station to prevent dust build up.The telescoping tool stand holds the tool when you are using the FlexShaft(tm). The base of the station has both metric and standard symbols as does the depth gauge.All in all it's a great station for the rotary tool. But, the one little drawback that I've found in my working with it is that with other stations like this one, the others usually have a strap to clamp the upper portion of the tool securely to the tool stand. I find this helpful when drilling fine holes into decorative stones that I tumble and polish. Without that strap, using the the fine diamond drill bits will sometimes try to "travel" across the stone which will cause scratch marks. But, the great feel that the handle gives you allows me to prevent that by very delicately bringing the bit down to the stone in minute strokes until the bit has the hole started and then it's drilling as usual when using a fine diamond drill bit. That's why I give this station a 4 out of 5.Read more ›
January 10, 2007
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes with a plethora of accessories and extras
  • Very affordable

  • If you are not a patient person, installing this drill press may be a nuisance as the instruction manual is not that straightforward

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WEN 4208 8″ 5 Speed Drill Press

WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press

This is a small benchtop drill press but strong enough to drill holes through wood, metal, plastics among other materials. WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press features a 1/2 inch keyed chuck with onboard key storage for holding drill bits for safety purposes. It also boasts powerful and durable a 1/3 horsepower induction motor that provides enough capacity to tackle even the most resistive supplies. The motor boasts ball-bearings for smooth operation for longer life.

  • Operates at five different speeds including 740, 3140, 1100, 2100 and 1530 RPM, therefore, it is sure to meet all your drilling operations.
  • Worktable bevels up to 45-degrees right and left to provide you with the ideal right angles consistently especially for those taxing operations.
  • Slotted table for better mounting clamps and predrilled holes on the base for convenient mounting against a bench or even a work-stand.
  • Spindle travel of up to 2″ with an easy to read linear depth stop for accurate and repeatable drilling procedures.
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WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press

Remember when power tools were actually powerful? WEN

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Very happy with this drill press. Came on time in a double box package. Easy to assemble with good instructions. Very quiet smooth motor with very minor vibration to the table. Be sure to bolt this unit down to a solid stand as it is top heavy. Love the variable speed control and RPM digital readout. Also, the rotary depth gauge wheel works great for setting the drill depth or using a drum sander to set and hold that position to free your hand to hold your work piece while sanding.I really don't use the Laser except to align/center the table, but still is a nice feature. The chuck is good quality and despite what others have said about the spring loaded chuck key it is not a problem or an issue.
December 31, 2014
This thing is just great. The chuck, bearings, and alignment is spot on. There is no wobble from the end of the chuck that i have the ability to detect at all. A long quality bit doesn't rattle around at all. The variable speed adjustment works fine. Digital readout is easy to read. I don't think i'll ever use the little fence or roller, so i took those off. The crank to raise and lower the table works fine.Gripes:- The chuck key has a little spring loaded pin in the end that prevents you from accidentally leaving the key in the chuck. This is just stupid and makes it harder to tighten the chuck. I cut it almost completely off and now it's fine. If i ever leave the key in the chuck and turn it on, who cares. It's not like it turns into a high speed projectile! Some people watch too many movies.-The set screw on the base for the pole was stripped out. I had to back the screw out to get the pole in, then the screw had no threads to pinch on the pole. I remedied that by drilling holes straight through and put a bolt across the entire base through the pole. This is much more secure and i'd recommend doing this anyway.-The table tilt requires loosening a nut (it comes with cheap wrench to do this). I wish it was easier, but it's good enough for me since i won't be tilting it much.Pros:-Strong motor! 2/3 HP. You won't find another motor this big on anything else this size or price point.-Smooth operation of press!-There is a depth gauge with a depth stop AND a retraction stop. You can set both and just move the bit up and down rapidly if you're making several holes.-No wobble!Other things:-The roller on the table rolls easily and adjusts easily.-The fence is good enough if you can use it.Read more ›
September 15, 2014
OK, I had a 8 inch harbor freight drill press and needed a taller drill press, so after some research I decided on splurging for the WEN 4214 12 inch, wow, when it arrived a used my hand truck to get it up stairs to my work shop. unpacked and assembled. It was easy to figure out what went where... Once assembled I put it side by side with my HF 8 inch... I now feel like I have a real drill press... Here are the photos they speak for themselves.... Overall It looks and feels like a winner. oh and it is nice and quiet....UPDATE: 02/02/2015 OK, finally had a chance to use my new WEN 4214 12 inch drill press.when turning it on it is very quiet, setting the speed with the handle to the left is very easy and very useful... I tried to drill a project of 160 PVC parts, that I have drilled in the past with my older HF drill press, and what a noticeable difference. The HF drill press speed was way to fast and always heated up the PVC and made it bind to the PVC. now with my new WEN 4214, I adjusted the speed down to a slower speed using the handle to the left, and it eliminated this problem. This drill press drills very smoothly and accurately... and it did the job in less than half the time of my old HF Drill Press, and was easy on my hands when I was holding the PVC in place. I think it was well worth the money, because I am a happy camper.
December 5, 2014
  • Sturdy as it is built with a firm frame made of cast-iron
  • 2-year warranty
  • Does the job precisely and conveniently
  • This benchtop drill press gives you versatility through a choice of bits

  • May occasionally wobble throughout the drilling operation

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SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10″ Drill Press

71S6oT4-8HL._SL1500_SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

If you are tired of expensive drill presses that offer little value for money, then you should consider investing in this benchtop drill press. SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10″ Drill Press is equipped with many great features including the adjustable work surface, adjustable depth control, a large chuck capable of accommodating most drill bits, adjustable speeds, and laser sights.

  • Work surface table that can be tilted either left or right up to 45 degrees that make sure a great deal of easy movement on the work surface thereby ensuring you drill angled holes.
  • 5-speeds, 570- 3,050 RPM that offers the power you require to complete the very challenging drilling tasks.
  • Laser X2 2 Beam laser system that works to accurately align drill bits and an on/off switch with a built-in safety key for extra safety while working.
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SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

10 in. Drill Press with Laser

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I had a Floor Drill Press for years until we sold our house and bought a condo. I bought this one for a project not expecting much for the price.Boy was I surprised.This is one quality tool. It is extremely well built and very smooth and quiet in its operation. In fact, it has the feel of a precision tool as opposed to a plain old drill press. This thing looks and feels like it should cost twice as much as it does.I used to buy all my tools from a National Retailer who has their own brand of tools ( you know the one- begins with a C ).I borrowed a friend's drill press first who had this well known brand and it was total junk. So I went out and bought the Skil instead. I usually buy only Dewalt and Bosch and this is every bit as well made as those two other brands. In fact, Bosch owns Skil.Finally- in case you're wondering, the laser really does work and is a great assist when drilling small holes. Just remember to take the batteries out when you are not going to use it for a while.
December 2, 2010
I found the product to be well made mechanically. If there is any run out, it is undetectable to me. The assembly instructions are pretty good, I only had to pause once or twice to think about them. Be prepared to take your time though, as there is quite a bit of assembly. The shipping packaging is excellent and protects the product well. As others have noted, it's mysterious why the chuck isn't pressed on at the factory.The speed change process requires loosening the motor, placing the belt on the desired pulleys, pulling the motor taut, and fastening it down. I wasn't able to do it without greasing the slides, but after that it works well if not elegantly. Realistically, I expect to do 95% of my drilling at the middle speed setting. The other non-elegant feature is that the lasers are battery operated. I'm not complaining about these two aspects as the basic implementation of these features is reflected in the price.I did have one problem with the drill, which prompts me to write a review, and that is that one of the lasers was working intermittently or not at all. I called the service number and with no hassle, they offered to send me out a new one when I told them I could install it myself. The laser arrived within a few days and it took me about 15 minutes to install. The installation requires a tool to strip 20-22 gauge wire and some means to complete the connection. I opted for soldering.I give it a 5 star rating because it seems to be an excellent value, that is, excellent design and quality relative to the cost. I also give it 5 stars because of the service support such that they sent the replacement laser out right away. The excellent service support is why I'm writing this review.
December 13, 2011
I am a retired cabinet maker. Sold most of my tools a few years ago but now I am doing some smaller stuff and needed a drill press. My experience with industrial tools makes me fairly critical with machine quality. I expected this Skil drill press to be so so. Not so. It is much nicer than I expected.I may be one of the lucky ones but my drill press came without any damage. Even the box was in tact. The assembly was quick and everything works smoothly. I would give it five stars but the laser is a little fuzzy and not quite centered. There may be an adjustment for that but I haven't yet taken the time to check that. Besides the laser, this drill does its job.You probably can expect this DP to last many years but I can't vouch for that since mine just arrived yesterday. It is made with cast iron base and table and all parts fit well. I suppose the motor would be the only thing that may crap out some day but the rest of the drill should be fine. For this price, you can't really go wrong. And I checked around. Go Amazon on this one.edit: Uh Oh. Price jumped up. You might be just as well to check Lowe's since they are currently $119.00 + tax.
October 20, 2011
  • 1-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee
  • Easy to assemble and very quiet in operation
  • Well balanced and accurate

  • Changing the speeds of this benchtop drill press is a manual process hence can be very tiring when you need to change the speeds now and then

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Shop Fox 3/4-HP 13″ Bench-Top Drill Press (W1668)

Shop Fox W1668 ¾-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press Spindle Sander

If what you’re looking for is a benchtop drill press that is capable of drilling both on wood and metal, this is a versatile option to consider. Featuring various types of speed and a high voltage 3/4 HP motor, Shop Fox W1668 ¾-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press Spindle Sander is a real performer as an effective and efficient automatic drill press.

  • 3 piece spindle sander drum-kit along with mandrel and 80-grit sanding paper that fits the 1″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ that makes it possible for you to accomplish all your sanding operations.
  • 3-1/4″ spindle travel that is long enough to meet all your drilling needs with spindle speed that ranges from 250 to 3,050 RPM.
  • Worktable that tilts up to 90 degrees right and left. The table’s height can also be adjusted depending on your needs.
  • A 5/8″ drill chuck that makes it easier for deep drillings and 13-1/4″ swing.
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Shop Fox W1668 ¾-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press/Spindle Sander

Shop Fox bench top drill press and spindle sander

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Dust port size


12 Speeds

250-3,050 RPM


Round 12-3/8" dia.

Table swing

360 degrees

Table tilt

45 degrees left & right

The press was well packaged and undamaged. The instruction and assembly manual did not completely match the drill press I received. I guess, if you can't figure out how to put it together, you shouldn't be using it anyway. I have a small shop. Everything is on casters. For my shop, it's perfect. Easy to operate, change drill speeds and engage the oscillating feature. It comes with a set of sanding drums. The mounting hardware doesn't hold on to the sanding drum very well, but it works. I added a 3/4" plywood deck to the adjustable platform for sanding and drilling larger stock. This helps in keeping your stock square to the drill or sanding drum. The oscillating feature works well, but you need to be careful how much pressure you place on the object you are sanding to keep from damaging the mechanism. Once you figure out the proper pressure on the sanding drum, the results are quite good. The extra money you pay for all the features is worth it.
February 4, 2004
I looked at over a hundred New and used Drill Press's on line and in person.Finding the right one for my budget at the time was difficult, Under $300.00 to my door. I had just bought a older 1940's Craftsman that seem alright in the noisy driveway that I heard it run in. When I got it home I could hear that some bearings were worn & saw the wobble when I drilled into some steel. Goodbye $200.00 for a machine that needs some work that I don't know how or have the time to fix.I have a full time Knife making and Sharpening biz. Especially with all the holes I drill to light up my knife handles. This Shop fox machine real works well with 5/32" Carbide bits to drill in 1/8" & 1/4" thick non-heat treated S30V and 440C Stainless Steels, Both of witch get gummy and soft when hot.I am happy with the adjustments/Layout so far, The machine took about half an hour to setup. Straight forward easy directions were provided. Some reported trouble changing speeds?, I had none.I haven't used the oscillating sander feature, And I think it would put a lot of stress on the Quill.I have other machines that were made for contour sanding.The motor has plenty of power and for the price of this machine, I would recommend it to any and all people in the one step above entry level drill Press Market.A work light is about the only thing I would add.
September 19, 2010
Many of the internal parts were damaged (deformed, scraped up, bent). Many small parts (screws, washers, nuts, bolts, etc.) were missing.First thoughts: It is big! I wanted a benchtop drill press, this is almost a floor drill press with a short stand.As for the actual use: I haven't been able to use it yet because some key pieces were missing from the box. It is solidly built and appears to be pretty heavy duty. All the labels are cheap stick on paper that has already warped and wrinkled. The belt lid doesn't latch close and the label on the front is way crooked.
November 5, 2014
  • Clearance hole with a dust accumulation port thereby making your sanding jobs less messy
  • Built to last with 2-year warranty
  • Compact design

  • Assembling this benchtop drill press drums takes a bit of time

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Delta Laser 18-900L 18″ Drill Press


Delta Laser 18-900L 18" Drill Press

Featuring 16 different speeds for drilling to provide you with a wide range of drilling options, Delta 18-900L 18″ Laser Drill Press is versatile as well as rugged enough for professional use. It comes with an oversized table and 5-year warranty for your peace of mind. This benchtop drill press also features a heavy duty motor that is powerful enough for better drilling performance on various materials. Additionally, it is enhanced with a full-adjustable TWIN LASER that usually projects a bright-red set of cross-hairs on the work surface at the point of bit contact.

  • 6″ quill stroke that offers best in class capacity and accuracy so you can drill some pretty deep holes.
  • Independent depth scale that allows you to zero the scale and quickly set-up for repetitive drilling easily coupled with micro adjustable stops.
  • Auto-tensioning belt-drive system that ensures you easy and fast speed changes without losing precision or efficiency.
  • LED light to illuminate your work surface for better visibility and non-tip cast-iron base that offers maximum stability.
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Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Includes 18 in. Laser Drill Press - 18-900L

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I have had the Delta 18-900L Drill Press since February 2012. The overall look, feel and performance of the tool impress me, but I have had a few problems:Problem 1Initially, the chuck appeared to wobble. The fact is, the part that you turn to tighten or loosen the chuck, does wobble because it is not round. However the center portion of the chuck that grips the bit does not wobble, I checked it with a dial indicator and it is less than .0012 of being perfect.Another reason I thought the chuck had excessive runout was because the brad point on some of my brad point bits was not perfectly centered. When boring a hole, as the point of the bit initially comes into contact with the work piece, the off center brad point caused the work piece to shake. At first I blamed this on the chuck, but I was wrong. I tried other bits and did not experience the wobble of the work piece because the other bits were perfectly true.I even purchased and installed a genuine Jacobs chuck just to see if it made a difference. I was surprised that the Jacobs chuck was .0025 out of round, so I returned it. Live and learn.Problem 2Once I determined the drill press and chuck did not wobble I was very pleased with the tool. It is very quite and has a lot of power. I love the depth stop system and the overall quality. But..The task light and laser, for no reason, just quit working. I called Delta tech support and Delta referred me to an authorized service center. Guess what? This drill press is considered by Delta to be "portable" and they insisted that I haul it into the service center for repairs, or pay $150 for travel time and a service call. This is a huge and heavy tool, and would have to be disassembled to safely load and haul it anywhere.Read more ›
December 30, 2012
i have purchased tools for 39yrs. and have used them both professionally as well at home. this is the first time i've had to finish the manufactures' tooling for them. as i unpacked and inspected each part, i noticed the key-hole slots in the base were blocked by "squeeze-out" from the molding process to the extent a bolt would not fit into them. i got a small cold chisel and gently #it's cast so be careful not to crack it# tapped the thinnest portions off. i then took a coarse file and removed all i could and finally took a Drehmel tool w/a conical stone and re-shaped the slots and corners. the metal machines very easily so the job sounds harder than it actually is-about 20 minutes it was like new #gee, i seem to recall recently dropping about a grand for a new one#.the assembly of the machine was easy, but definitely line up a friend to help set the headstock. it's only [i'm guessing] about 80lbs. but it's tall and you have to raise it about chin high.with the assembly finished and the power off, i checked all the moveable components. when i went to raise and lower the spindle, the action was extremely rough and it would not return to full-up would hang-up half way. the return spring tension felt fine, something else was wrong. rather than go any further, #i was pretty 'hot at this point-first the base now this!# i immediately called Delta and told them about it. they told me to check for any debris or filings, blow it out with air and-"be sure to were safety glasses" SAFETY GLASSES???!! that's the fix?!!as i checked the spindle for grit etc.Read more ›
February 13, 2013
This is my first drill press that I've added to my well equipped wood shop. It was easy to set up. I was able to carry the base, shaft and table by myself. A buddy helped me carry the head to my basement shop. I had it running within minutes. It does not come with a fence. So I ordered the Delta 18-901 24-in Biesemeyer Drill Press Fence The laser was spot on. It also comes with a light that mounts on the left side. When the light is on the laser is very difficult to see. Not a big deal but worth noting.I really like the 6" quill travel. It runs super smooth. Changing speeds is fast. Pop the lid open, push the handle which losens the tension on the belt, and move the belt then move the handle back. There is a chart glued to the bottom of the lid. Pick the type and size of bit along with the material and you have your needed speed. There is a spot on the right side of the head to put the key chuck. Which helps guys like me who are bad about misplacing tools. I am really impressed by the spindle nuts. They have a side button which allows them to quickly move without turning. Not new to those more knowledgeable about DP's but a nice for me. Machine operates quietly and looks great in my shop with the mobile base HTC HTC2000 Universal Mobile Base Delta supplied all the necessary hex wrenches necessary for assembly.So far the only problem I've had was the left over locknut after finishing the build. It is around 1/4". ??? Great machine that is probably more than I need. Just don't tell my wife!!
November 22, 2010
  • Very user-friendly and precise
  • Adjustable locking levers that allow for easy angle adjustments
  • Operates quietly
  • Well-built and durable

  • Sometimes it can be a challenge to see the laser of this benchtop drill press when the additional LED light is on

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Small Benchtop Drill Press-DRL-300.00

Small Benchtop Drill Press DRL-300.00

Measuring 6-3/4-inches by 6-3/4-inches and weighing 13 pounds only, Small Benchtop Drill Press-DRL-300.00 features a compact design and is certainly no heavyweight. It is easy to use and ideal for all drilling operations despite being very small. In addition, this benchtop drill press comes with one year warranty which is good enough for your peace of mind though short.

  • Powerful motor with 110 volt capacity for improved performance as well as for improved precision and accuracy.
  • Boasts variable speed up to 8,500 RPM to choose from thereby giving you the flexibility to be able to match bit-size to the specific type of material being drilled with a very reasonable amount of accuracy.
  • It is corded electric hence no batteries required and comes with other extras along in the package including a bare tool.
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Small Benchtop Drill Press | DRL-300.00

This easy-to-use benchtop drill press is very small, but powerful enough to use for all of your drilling projects. With a platform measuring only 6-3/4" x 6-3/4", it is space-saving as well as ...

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First, the drill press seems to work fine. As another poster mentioned, I was surprised that it does have a speed control knob, and starting at low speed, it can't even spin the chuck. (If you run it fast and then slow down, it keeps running, but the power at low speed is pretty much nil.) But it gave me nice precision control drilling holes in 1/8" aluminum stock.But a few things that I would call sloppy or maybe "fit and finish". First, the table was covered with oil. I understand that oil is part of the manufacturing process, and it surely prevented the table from rusting, but it was excessive. Even the product box had oil stains, and I had to unpack it with paper towels. On the other hand, the collar where the plunge lever screws in WAS rusty. It was hard to screw in the lever. I'm not sure I have it all the way in even now (and I put some lubricant on it).The plunge lever seems to be geared rather coarsely. As you pull it down, it does not feel smooth. I did not notice a problem with the actual drill head moving jumpily, so I'll put this in the fit and finish category.Apparently someone took to heart a couple of the earlier complaints: Mine has a spare belt. The manual is perfectly ok English, but it is really only a 1-page flier with a photo and labelled parts. It does not say very much.Packaging: It came in a shipping box a few inches bigger in two dimensions than the product box, and it had a single piece of paper crammed into one side. It was completely lose on all the other sides. That did not SEEM to be a problem, until I got it all together and noticed that the vent on the top of the belt cover was partly broken. I don't know if that was from packing, and it does not really cause a problem.Read more ›
December 31, 2013
I own a large drill press but bought this smaller version so it would be portable and fit on my jewelry work bench. It has worked like a charm right from the box. I drill through all types of recycled metals. The thickest so far with this drill were old coins.The chuck holds the drill bit nice and straight without any misalignment. The gear ratio is easy to change and it includes an extra belt.The machine does have a variable speed knob that is , to me, useless. Like the other reviews, you can turn it on low but the motor will not turn the chuck. You have to turn on the drill at full bore then slow it down, but at the super slow speed does not drill through anything I need to drill through. Also when you want to turn it off quick it takes extra time to reach around to the side and then spin the dial to shut of the machine. I don't know about you, but I like my power tools to shut of fast incase there is a mishap. I would have preferred a simple on/off toggle on the front.But in spite of the variable speed on/off knob, I am happy with my purchase and use it almost everyday. It's solid and sturdy and meets my needs as a jewelry I would recommend buying a portable drill press vise to hold small objects down as the it is hard to clamp anything to the drill plate as it serves as the base of the machine.Pros: Size and QualityCons: On/Off VariSpeed Knob
March 13, 2014
I just got it in this after noon. Anyway I put the item togeather and it was pretty much hasle free simple and to the point tride itout on a couple peaces of stainles steel and wood no prob. Speed adjustment works great and it takes up almost no room at all.its compact and powerfull for its size.just need to find out where to get new belts when the one it comes with weres out.
February 12, 2014
  • Affordable and provides efficient performance
  • Economical and space saving
  • Easy to use and put together

  • Does not have an on/off variable speed knob, therefore, you have to change the speeds manually

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TruePower 01-0822 Precision Mini Drill Press

TruePower 01-0822 Precision Mini Drill Press with 3 Range Variable Speed Control 0-8500 Rpm

If you are a weekend woodworker searching for an economical benchtop drill press that offers greater precision compared to hand-held drill, TruePower 01-0822 Precision Mini Drill Press with 3 Range Variable Speed Control 0-8500 Rpm constructed with durable materials so it can withstand the test of time is the perfect investment. It features a cast iron worktable and provides you with that speed and accuracy that you crave. It is also easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary accessories needed for successful drilling operations. In addition, this benchtop drill press provides superb versatility and effortless control thereby allowing you to operate it confidently.

  • Delivers a drilling capacity of 0.79″ to 6mm diameter holes.
  • Equipped with a permanent magnet motor coupled with variable speed control for a variety of applications.
  • Boasts spindle travel of 1″ meaning it can actually drill a hole 1″ deep through a workpiece held securely on its work-surface.
  • A chuck capacity of 6mm to make sure there are no incidences of lost drill bits plus a chuck key for your safety.
  • Infinite speed selection varying from 0 to 5000, 0 to 6500 and 0 to 8500 RPM allowing you to work on a variety of materials effortlessly.
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TruePower 01-0822 Precision Mini Drill Press with 3 Range Variable Speed Control...

Permanent magnet motor with variable speed control ; Infinite speed selection within the machine's three speed ranges (0-5000, 0-6500, and 0-8500 RPM) ; Accommodates drills from 0.79 to 6mm dia. ...

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This little guy is a champ for it's small size; It has seen 3+ years of heavy use since I bought it in 2012. I've since added a modified Proxxon KT-70 milling table with Nema 17 stepping motors, successfully converting into a 3 axis CNC mill. While ideal for lighter materials and applications such as circuit boards or jewelry, I've even used it to mill and drill even stainless steel. Currently I'm using it to build a pocket turbine for charging cellphones with steam, and while it requires some patience with the tougher jobs, it definitely has got the precision for it's price.
June 23, 2015
Hello again!Just wanted to "thank you" for the prompt response in sending me the drive straps for my mini drill press and for your generosity in supplying me with not "two" straps I had requested but sending me an extra drive strap. What a welcome surprise to see this type of customer service coming back into play. It's been a long time since I've been surprised with a positive customer service experience. Again "Thank you".I'd like to share with you my experience with the mini drill press so far. I just finished drilling 60 holes in 1/16" thick aluminum plate using a 1/16" size drill bit, not bearing down on the part but providing intermittent pressure until I drilled thru the plate. Seems to be a workhorse if not abused. No bogging down of the motor. I really like the fact that this mini drill press does not have any runout, unlike my big drill press! From now on, I will use the mini drill press to pre-drill a start hole prior to switching over to the big press for precise hole locations.I invited a fellow hobbyist over to see my new "toy" and asked him to bring a few parts from his own project that need some holes drilled. When he arrived he said he wasn't that impressed with the appearance and that it looked "cheap". I told him "price wise - it was!" Just to let you know, he's the kind of guy that has to have "name brand" equipment - LOL!! I responded by saying "don't judge a book by it's cover" and I let him use it to drill his parts.I wished I had a video of his expression (which was incredulous!) because he would not believe how precise this mini drill press was - considering the way it looked to him - hahaha! He told me he wanted to borrow it - I told him "NO!Read more ›
October 5, 2012
So, I bought this because I wasn't interested in spending $200+ for a "real" drill press for a small project. Caveat emptor: save your money. This unit has no (almost zero) torque, so really is unsuitable for anything but the most minor jobs. It's very small and cute, but your money is better spent on a real drill press. My hand-held DeWalt drill has more power than this thing.That said, for very thin metal, small holes, or thin wood with sharp bits, this thing does OK. It's much more of a toy than a real drill press.
August 25, 2015
  • Solidly constructed to ensure lasting precision
  • Ships with a user manual making assembly of the unit easier
  • At 12 pounds, it is a lightweight drill

  • At the onset, the drive belt tends to be a bit difficult to start but fortunately after several hours of operation, it starts working smoothly

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Rikon 30-100 RIKON 8″ Drill Press

Rikon 30-100 RIKON 8-Inch Drill Press

This is a small benchtop drill press with all the power of handling a wide range of drilling activities. Rikon 30-100 RIKON 8-Inch Drill Press comes with amazing features that enable you carry out all your drilling operations and achieve great results. Therefore, whether you’re drilling hardwoods or heavy metals, this drill press will be a valuable tool. It is also easy to set up and boasts a robust construction.

  • Clutch depth stop to help you set your desired drilling depth in order to get high-quality drilling. It is also perfect for repeatable drilling.
  • Features solid steel and cast-iron construction that gives this benchtop drill press heavy-duty body which makes it very stable throughout all your drilling tasks without any vibration.
  • Adjustable worktable that makes using this machine very easy as it allows you to adjust it to your desired height.
  • Five spindle speeds that range from 620 to 3100 RPM that make drilling on different types of materials effortless.
  • Product

Rikon 30-100 RIKON 8-Inch Drill Press

Great for drilling pen blanks. All cast iron and steel construction with solid cast-iron handles, depth stop w/scale, toggle switch and a speed selection chart.

Available: In stock
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very little runout, solid little drill press. Looks and feels more professional than the 10 inch drill presses you find at the big box stores. The table will fit a 4" vise, but only if you clamp it since the holes won't line up to bolt it. Rikon sells a 3" that will bolt down for $20. It rattles a bit, but easily drills metal at low rpms and wood at higher rpms. No problem with the motor bogging, but i also work slower to save my drill bits. Customer service was helpful when inquiring about the vise. 5 year warranty is nice.
July 15, 2013
This is a nice, little smooth running drill press. Most likely won't drill a 1/2" hole in 1/2" thick stainless-steel, but it's perfect for what I need. It's a lot smoother than I expected and a lot smoother than my older, bigger chinese-made drill press.It arrived with no visible damage on the outer carton but when I opened it I found that the head of the unit must have pushed through the foam and broke the handle. I was able to epoxy it to hold, but I sent an e-mail to Rikon customer service and they quickly sent me a new handle. Good customer service!
January 1, 2014
I love this press! I was at first skeptical because it only has 1/3 hp. motor, however the 5 yr. warranty convinced me. I bought it primarily to drill knife handles. It easily drills through 1" very hard wood. ( persimmon) It was easy to set up, light enough to move around if I need to. It is the perfect size for all my needs.
January 22, 2014
  • Offers a smooth running
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Powerful motor

  • When installing the chuck, hammering is required to install it correctly

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Rockwell RK7033 10-Inch Drill Press

Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press Replaces RK7032 Drill Press, 10-Inch

The RK7033 benchtop drill press has the power to make anyone fall in love with every drilling job they undertake. It provides one with an opportunity to perform tough to delicate tasks on plastic, wood and even metallic surfaces. It boasts a high function capacity motor which produces sufficient energy for all manner of projects. So if you have a large project that requires you to drill holes on various types of surfaces, this is your best bet. The tool is easy to use and can cut down your drilling time significantly.

  • Has multiple settings that among others enable you to take advantage of the 4-degree left and right bevel.
  • Has a rack and pinion table known to enhance adaptability ensuring you are able to take on different heights with ease.
  • Further reinforced by a 6.2 amp motor system with 2/3 HP motor system which delivers an amazing level of performance and value.
  • Features 5-speed settings that allow one to work on different surfaces
  • Product

Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press Replaces RK7032 Drill Press, 10-Inch

The Shop Series 10-inch drill press makes a great addition to your home workshop. The powerful 6.2 amp, 2/3 HP motor and the 5 speed gear box deliver great performance making this a fantastic value. ...

Available: In stock
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I got this as a Christmas present and have had it set up for about two weeks now. It's a decent little drill press. Especially for $190. All the features of this drill are nice and solid. There are a few items I wish it had but that doesn't take away from the build of what it has.First of all, when you get it, it comes disassembled. The base, post, table, height adjustment and top assembly are seperate. It comes with the allen wrenches you need but yous need a different wrench/socket to attach the three bolts at the bottom. I will assume if you are buying this, you have the right tool needed for that.Asssembling the drill press was simple but the directions were not helpful. There are a few steps with pictures but I couldn't figure out what they were trying to tell me really. I just put it together freehand and it was obvious. Make sure when you put the height adjustment spline collar on you leave the spline with some room to move up and down by a 1/16 or so. That way is can spin around the post without binding. Also, the chuck is not attached. It's a taper style so slide it on and pull the handle down on to a 2x4 or something and give it a good squeeze. It's not going anywhere. If you want to put a keyless chuck on there, it should be possible. There is no drift included for removing the chuck so you may want to do that before you attach the included one. Finally, there is a little knob behind the press handles that looses the motor mount so you can tension the pulleys or loosen for speed changes. It works fine.I checked the table for square and it was out of the box and tilted to zero. Right on. I haven't test the run-out with any instruments but a spinning bit looks good with no wobble.Read more ›
February 3, 2014
The Pros - solidly built, powerful motor.The Cons - the head is several degrees off "plumb," the table is quite small, the unit is top-heavy for its small base and MUST be bolted to a stand or bench for stability. The table does NOT tilt 45-degrees unless you pull out the stud holding it in place. Then it rotates 360-degrees! (There should be a curved slot for the stud to ride in but mine had only a hole. The stud pulled out when I tried to adjust it so I left it out.)I got the alignment issue mostly straightened out by shimming the table to the column to match the angle of the head. It's off by only 1 or 2 degrees now. The problem is that the head is not square to the column, but there is no room for a shim there. This misalignment issue is why I didn't give it five stars. You buy a drill press to drill straight holes, right?I placed a length of 1-inch angle iron underneath my work stand and bolted through it using the the mounting holes in the drill press base. The base is no longer "tippy."As for power, it drills well. I drilled a half-inch hole through 3/8 inch steel alloy plate without issues. I stepped from 1/8 inch upward, used cobalt bits with plenty of cutting oil and I took my time, letting the bit do the work, not my arm.The spring-loaded chuck-key was very irritating until I removed this little "safety feature" by pressing out the handle and removing the spring.One final tip - the instructions say to "loosen the knob and lift the belt cover". The knob doesn't unscrew because it's riveted in. Just lift the cover to access the belt.All in all, not a bad home drill press for the money, but if you need a shop-quality tool, this is not it.
September 6, 2015
So full disclosure, I just recieved this and set it up last night so my review will cover assembly. overall build quality and the experience of getting it calibrated it will clearly not cover longevity or durability.First it is worth noting that this is of a nice intermediate size, almost 2/3 of a full size floor model and feels more like a professional tool than many of the pure table top models which tend to feel more like a toy.The table surface is well made, the verticle table adjustment could be a bit smoother,and there is a bit more lateral play than I would like, this makes re-centering after adjusting table height a little tedious. Belt changes are a little wonky, but not terrible and fairly typical of DPs of this type.The motor has plenty of power for any of the materials that I used to test / calibrate the DP, which were soft wood, hard wood, 1/8 inch mild steel plate and 1/8 inch hardedned high carbon steel plate. The motor operates smoothly and quietly with very little vibration and generally a very tight responvsive feel. The press is smooth and accurate with good even tension and a good return. The yellow knobs on the end of press handles are a little "plasticy" feeling (they are plastic after all) and could have been de-burred a bit better, but this is a very minor point.A keyless chuck would have been nice, but using the old fashioned keyed chuck isn't terrible, although I didnt do too many bit changes.
February 18, 2014
  • One of the most adaptable benchtop drill press available
  • Offers multiple speed settings for optimized performance
  • Powerful motor for dependable performance
  • Energy efficient

  • Comes disassembled

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Grizzly G7943 Heavy-Duty Benchtop Drill Press (12 Speed)

Grizzly G7943 12 Speed Heavy-Duty Bench-Top Drill Press

G7943 is renowned for its shorter column, relatively big drill press – specs that are optimized for tough projects. One thing to note about this benchtop drill press is that it has a 3/4 HP motor alongside a 5/8 degrees chick complementing its large square table. Weighing a hefty 142 lbs, this solid machine soaks up vibration pretty well making it pleasant to use from one hole to the next.

  • Manual speed switch to help one take full advantage of the drill press’ 12 speeds.
  • Boasts twin hex nuts that lock depth settings securely over molding upon other controls thereby making adjustments more comfortable
  • Has a built-in light socket with a 60-watt bulb that keeps the drilling surface illuminated.
  • Product
  • Photos

Grizzly G7943 12 Speed Heavy-Duty Bench-Top Drill Press

All the features and dependability of an expensive industrial grade drill press

Available: In stock
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When shopping for my first woodworking drill press for my shop, I wanted something that was solid, powerful, reliable, and something that I wouldn't outgrow. I've grown tired of buying cheap and low-end machines and later wishing I had sprung for something better. I've also been disappointed in Delta's quality lately (my second choice), so I decided to try another brand. Having used this drill press on a project of mine for about a week now, I'm convinced this is the machine.I received my drill press about a week after I ordered it. The box is too heavy to be handled by one person alone, but most people should be able to move it piece by piece once they've received it. Assembly is easy, but you will definitely need help mounting the head onto the column as the head is very heavy. This machine is quite a beast for a benchtop drill press -- be sure your workbench can handle the size and weight of this machine.At 3/4 hp, this drill has more than enough power to drill through wood. In fact, it's sometimes hard to tell if your bit has punched through the bottom of the wood since the motor never seems to strain when drilling. You'd think a motor like that would create a lot of noise, but it's much lower than I had expected.The only irritation I've had so far is Grizzly's addition of a depth stop gauge on the left side of the head. Now don't get me wrong, this is a fine addition, but they've removed the scale on the collar lock on the right side without removing any of the hardware. So essentially, you have two methods for a depth stop. The depth stop gauge on the left is easy to bend if you're not paying attention, so I'll be using the collar stop on the right after adding my own scale. (This change has not been incorporated into the manual yet.Read more ›
February 22, 2004
Here's my story.After discovering that the very expensive Kohler lavatory sink I purchased from my local home center was the wrong part and that it only had a single faucet hole rather than three...and my home center couldn't/wouldn't take it back even with a restocking fee, I figured I was out of luck.Eventually, and after lots of web-based research and cost versus risk discussion with my wife, I decided to try to drill the missing holes in the sink, which is made of vitrous fireclay. On the web, I found a 1.375 inch diamond coring bit used for floor tile work as well as a set of guildlines for boring holes in ceramic materials. I needed a 150-200 rpm drill exerting 8-12 pounds force on the bit which must be immersed in water.Based on these guidlines, I looked at varous drill presses both in person and on the web. The criteria I used to select this particular model were: it had the lowest spindle speed; the lowest cost; and an adjustable spring-loaded spindle return which helped me control the downward force on the bit. Of all the drills I looked at, this was by far the cheapest that had all of the features I required.I'm pleased to report that I now have a very nice Kolher sink installed in my bathroom. It has three round holes spaced four inches apart, great faucet hardware with no cracks nor chips.This drill press is a great value for the money. It isn't perfect -- some of the castings were not quite compete, but all of the machined surfaces are flat, the motor is powerful enough for mortising 4x4's, and the spindle/chuck are straight and without play. The movement of the head is good.Read more ›
October 11, 2006
I just got this drill press and it is a huge improvement over my previous Delta, but I do have one suggestion. I use a drill press almost exclusively for woodwork, and that needs a larger work table with a fence. The table can be easily made to suit and attached to the existing table, but then the fence interferes with the crank handles when using a short drill bit. I have had to shorten the crank handles to provide clearance.
December 23, 2006
  • Excellent depth settings
  • Built-in light socket
  • A good combination of no-nonsense features
  • Solidly built

  • Gives best result on metal work and less than stellar results on woodwork.

Why Choose a Benchtop Drill Press?

A drill press is one of the most important tools every DIY person needs to have around for many reasons. The first reason to choose this tool is accuracy. With this unit, you can drill more precise holes at the desired angles and depth. In addition, this tool enables you to work more quickly – all thanks to their immense motor power. The powerful motors save your energy as drilling holes take less effort. Lastly, the main reason why people choose a benchtop drill press is that it is a functional tool. It allows one to take on challenging tasks guaranteeing the much-needed safety for demanding projects.

Competition – Which One Is the Best and Why?

Given all the factors one needs to take into account when acquiring a benchtop drill press, our choice of the best is the Delta Laser 18-900L Drill Press. It has advanced laser technology which increases accuracy alongside fast speed for maximum efficiency. The machine drills some pretty deep holes by combining its top-level accuracy with its rugged nature. In addition, it is protected by a 5-year warranty.


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