10 Supreme Laser Measure Reviews – Top Tool for Any Homeowner (2019)

uMeasure Laser Measure 328ft Handheld Digital Rangefinder Laser Distance MeterAre you still using the tape measures?

If you are doing so then it is outdated just like the 20th century. You need to up your game and step into the advancement by purchasing the best laser measure tool. It can help you in your everyday work within the confinement of your home. If you are an electrician, contractor or a real estate agent you need to immediately grab one.

Laser measure is a must as you can no longer depend on those traditional tapes for measuring purposes. They are not effortless and the results that they provide are also not error-free.

Why depend on them anymore?

Get your own laser measure and lean towards the advancement in style and with grace.

Bosch Compact Laser Distance Measure, 120-Feet GLM 35

Bosch Compact Laser Distance Measure, 120-Feet GLM 35

If you are in search of a small and compact laser measurer that efficiently carries out various functions such as measurement of area, length, volume, distance, continuous measurement along with addition or subtraction then this Bosch product is right for you.

To commence measuring in real time, we just need to press this product’s measure button. Since it is compact in size, it is easy to carry anywhere. It comes with backlighting that allows us to read all the information even during dark hours. It measures up to 120 feet.

  • Product

  • This product is designed to measure long distances. Its measuring capability ranges from 1/16” to 120 feet.
  • It is also designed to measure continuous measurement, area, volume, length and addition or subtraction.
  • It comes with a button which when pressed commences the measuring. Thus, it is very easy to use.
  • It allows us to measure in real time which means that the product gets automatically adjusted as we move far away or closer to the target.
  • To enable readability of instructions with better resolutions even during late hours or in dark regions, the product is equipped with a backlit display.
  • GLM 35 allows the product to measure as far as 120 feet.
  • It comes with AAA batteries.
  • Dimensions of the product- 1.8 x 5.2 x 8 inches


This product is compact and can be carried anywhere. It accurately measures long distances and also is designed to measure area, volume, and length. It can easily add and subtract. It can efficiently be used even during dark hours. It is easy to use and is a real value for money.

  • As the product is small in size, it is portable enough to carry anywhere and fits in the pocket.
  • It comes with a warranty period of 2 years.
  • Bosch laser technology makes it productive and efficient in working. It delivers 100% accurate results.

  • It does not come with easy to use instruction manual.
  • Inaccurate results when measuring small distances. It does not measure the inches.

Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure Review

Yotube Video Review: Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure Review

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DEWALT DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer


If you are in search of a digital laser measure that should be equipped with skills to calculate automatically and produce quick results then this product can deliver the exact results for you. This DEWALT DW03050 laser measurer can measure the distance up to 165 feet. It can also accurately measure the area as well as volume.
  • Product

  • This product comes with AAA batteries and a user manual. A pouch is provided that will facilitate its easy carrying. It also comes with a belt loop.
  • It uses Pythagoras in order to measure the indirect distances when the points A and/or B are not accessible for carrying out the linear measurement.
  • It comes with an over-molded housing. IP65 facilitates resistances against all sorts of debris as well as water making the product highly durable.
  • It comes with a backlit display of a 2-line that ultimately aids in enhancing the visibility of screen not only in bright areas but even during dark hours.
  • Dimensions of the product- 5 x 2.9 x 7 inches


This is the ideal laser measurement tool for all those who are looking for accuracy and convenience. This product is highly durable and efficiently resists water, dust, and debris. It is easy to carry as well as easy to use.

  • It is designed in such a way that adds up to its durability.
  • It can easily store the last 5 measurements that were taken in its memory.
  • It has accuracy within 1.5mm and can easily measure up to a distance of 165 feet. It is the best product to measure the distance from one corner to another corner.

  • The laser does not work efficiently on reflective surfaces.



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Bosch Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure, 65-Feet GLM 20

Bosch Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure

If you are in search of the product that offers long-range measuring then this product is best for you. Blaze offers the measurement of long distances up to a range of 65 feet. It not only measures distances accurately but also accurately displays measures in various units such as inches, meters and feet/inches.
  • Product

  • It is equipped with a button and is simple and convenient to use. This feature makes the device one single-button tool operative. It is compact in size and easy to carry along with your Dewalt tools.
  • It facilitates real-time calculations and automatically adjusts as we move towards or away from the target.
  • It is equipped with Bosch laser technology that permits us to become more efficient and productive in our work as it promises precision and 100% accuracy.
  • It comes with a backlit display that permits the readability even during dark hours and in dark areas.
  • Dimensions of the product- 4 x 1.4 x 0.9 inches


This product is easy, quick and accurate in delivering the results. It is precise and measures in real-time mode. It is square and small in design making it easy to carry anywhere.

  • It allows the real-time measurements.
  • Just a single-button operating system makes it easy to use.
  • It is versatile in taking measurements even in places which can be reached with great difficulties and around dark corners.
  • It is portable and can be carried around in pockets.

  • It does not come with a user manual.
  • It does not offer indirect measuring.

Bosch BLAZE 65 ft. Compact Laser Measure - GLM-20

Yotube Video Review: Bosch BLAZE 65 ft. Compact Laser Measure - GLM-20

Pro Tip

Laser dots are easy to track on smooth as well as light colored objects. It's not suitable for objects like grass.

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Bosch Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measure GLM 50C

 Bosch Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measure with Color Backlit Display GLM 50 C

If you are looking for compact, advanced, accurate and live measuring laser measurer then this product is highly recommended to you. Bosch GLM 50 is good and ready for everything. It offers a lot of functions including measurement of length, volume, area, indirect measurement and real-time measurement.
  • Product

  • This product is highly accurate and can measure from within 1/8” to 165 feet of distances.
  • It comes with a Bluetooth that helps in storing and transferring the measurements taken. Data can be transferred through the Bosch app to any smart device.
  • The color display is upgraded in this device and is equipped with a backlighting that increases the resolution and visibility during the night time.
  • It comes with inclinometer that helps in the advanced measurements like minimum/maximum, double indirect, measurement of angles etc.
  • Dimensions of the product- 4.2 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches


This product is highly advanced in its features because of its in-built inclinometer. It is compact in size and delivers accuracy in its results. It even supports Bluetooth features and thus we can transfer our stored data to smart devices and share it using Bosch app.

  • It offers various functions such as real-time measurements, indirect measurements, volume, area, length etc.
  • It is water and dust resistant and highly durable.
  • Small in measurement make it pocket-friendly.
  • It supports stakeout measurements.

  • It is not good for everyday use.
  • It does not work efficiently in the outdoors i.e., it fails to be an efficient outdoor laser measure tool.

Bosch Power Tools Laser Measure - GLM 50 C

Yotube Video Review: Bosch Power Tools Laser Measure - GLM 50 C

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General Tools LTM1 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure

 General Tools LTM1 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure

 If you are looking for one-button operating laser measurer that is highly versatile in delivering results that are quick and accurate then this LTM1 by General Tools is best for you. It measures distances up to 50 feet and is precise in its measurement.
  • Product

  • It is provided with two measuring tools. It is laser measurer that can measure the distance up to 50 feet. It is also equipped with a tape measure of 16 feet.
  • It has a single button that helps in easy and convenient operation.
  • Measurements are highly accurate and precise. It has a distance range from ¼” to 50 feet.
  • Its small dimensions make it portable. Thus, it is easy to fit in hands or else can be hung on a belt.


This product can be used to get fast and convenient long distance measurements. At the same time, it is highly efficient in delivering precision of short-span. It is portable and fits into the hand perfectly. Single button operation makes it convenient and easy to use.

  • It can be used single-handedly and just one button operation makes it easy to use.
  • Large screen facilitates easy readability.
  • It has a laser capable of measuring 50 feet. Measuring is quick – 10 times faster than other tools.
  • It comes with 16 feet measuring tape.

  • It does not support metric system.
  • The reference point cannot be changed.

The ULTIMATE TOOL | LASER Tape Measure | 2 - in - 1 Tape Measure

Yotube Video Review: The ULTIMATE TOOL | LASER Tape Measure | 2 - in - 1 Tape Measure

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Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure

Leica DISTO D2

  Leica DISTO D2 is best option for those who want a measuring range up to 330 feet. It is highly advanced in its function and the end piece permits us to get the product in the corners for seeking the perfect diagonal calculations. Leica calculates everything from area to volume and can record the previous 10 measurements that were taken.
  • Product

  • This product offers 1/16” accurate results. Measuring distance is of 330 feet range.
  • It comes with a Class 2 laser and output is 1Mw.
  • It supports Bluetooth 4.0 through which data can be transferred to smart devices.
  • Dimensions of the product- 116 x 44 x 26 mm
  • It uses Pythagoras to measure indirect width and height.
  • The end piece is automatic and advanced. It thereby promises accurate results even in remote corners.


This product is an addition to DISTO lineup. It is highly advanced and supports various functions. It also supports Bluetooth that can be used to record and transfer the measurements taken.

  • Advanced and automatic end piece for accurate results in the corners.
  • It supports Bluetooth through which data can be transferred to the software of our choice.
  • Measuring range of the product is very high.

  • It does not come with the optical viewfinder.
  • It is not water resistant. Thus, it does not fit to be used as a laser tape measure outdoor.

How to use the DISTO™ D2 endpiece

Yotube Video Review: How to use the DISTO™ D2 endpiece

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Suaoki S9 330ft Laser Distance Measure, Laser Measure with 2 Bubble Levels

 Suaoki S9

Do you want a user-friendly device that supports multi-measurements then this is the best choice for you?

If you are working in sectors like engineering, real-estates then look no further than Suaoki S9. Whether you are a contractor or constructor, it will deliver quick and accurate results for you.

  • Product

  • It supports metric as well as imperial units. It delivers the exact measurements and the measuring distance ranges from 0.05 to 131 feet.
  • The product comes with an LCD backlit display that helps in easy and clear readability in the dark.
  • It can save the previous 20 recorded measurements in its memory.
  • It supports multiple modes. It uses Pythagoras to measure the height and triangular sections. It measures continuous distances, volume, and area. It can add as well as subtract.
  • Dimension of the product- 4.5 x 2 x 1.3 inches


This product is highly advanced and supports measurements in multiple modes. Measurements obtained are accurate and quick. It supports easy readability and saves the previous 20 data recordings in its memory.

  • It delivers quick and accurate results when compared with a traditional tape measure.
  • It comes with a rubber case that is water resistant and offers protection against water, dust, and dirt.
  • It is equipped with a switch that allows the device to record in both metric as well as imperial units.

  • It always defaults to the meters mode. To change it to feet, we need to long-press one of the buttons.

Pro Tip

Advanced laser measurers are equipped with keys for subtraction. Use them for triangulation calculations and measurements.

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uMeasure Laser Measure 328ft Handheld Digital Rangefinder Laser Distance Meter

uMeasure Laser Measure 328ft Handheld Digital Rangefinder Laser Distance Meter

 uMeasure is great for giving accurate results in large areas such as playgrounds, warehouses, gardens, and buildings. It comes with a hand strap and is ideally designed for easy portability. Its dimensions are kept small. It is light in weight so this makes it easy to carry around.

What else you could ask for?

  • Product

  • The package contains laser measurer, user manual, hand strap, portable bag, and 2 sets of AAA batteries.
  • It can measure accurately up to 328 feet. Its accuracy is 1/16”.
  • It supports various measurements such as cubic continuous measurement, quick distance, square etc.
  • It has a button that helps in switching to various units such as meters, feet, and inches while measuring.
  • It comes with an LCD backlight display that enhances readability.
  • Area and volume calculation is done automatically.


This product can be appreciated with respect to its design and appearance. It is highly versatile in its functioning and delivers quick and accurate results. Wide measuring of distances that ranges up to 320 feet distinguishes it from the others.

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty for free repair. It has a 30 days money back guarantee.
  • It is water and dust resistant. These features make it highly durable.
  • It can store in its memory the last 20 measurement recordings.

  • It does not deliver accurate results when measured outside or when not measured level and straight.

Laser Measurer

Yotube Video Review: Laser Measurer

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Bosch Bluetooth Enabled 330-Foot Lithium-Ion Laser Distance and Angle Measurer GLM 100 C

Bosch Bluetooth Enabled 330-Foot Lithium-Ion Laser Distance

Are you looking for a precision and accuracy in a laser measurer that also supports upgraded features such as Bluetooth?

If yes, this Bosch product is highly suitable for you. It measures up to 330 feet and within 1/16”. As far as accuracy is concerned no product stands in front of it.

  • Product

  • In-tilt sensor helps in displaying 360 degrees of angle measurements and that too in the dual axis.
  • Backlit display and the tilt-screen allow better readability in all the directions.
  • GLM 100C supports measurements in 10 different modes such as single indirect length, single indirect height, length, volume, area, angle, continuous, min/max, multi-surface and combined indirect height.
  • Dimensions of the product- 7.8 x 2 x 7.2 inches


This product supports advanced technology with the help of which it can record measurements in 10 different modes and styles. It supports Bluetooth for easy transfer of data.

  • It can calculate complex lengths and areas.
  • It is equipped with a charger and battery made up of lithium-ion making it reliable to last long.
  • It supports 10 different styles of measurements.
  • Readability is enhanced and better.

  • It does not come with easy to use manual.

Bosch Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance and Angle Measurer - GLM100C

Yotube Video Review: Bosch Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance and Angle Measurer - GLM100C

Pro Tip

Use a magnified viewfinder in newer laser measuring tools. Some even come with an optional external viewfinder it allows up to 4x magnification.

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SUAOKI Laser Measure 197Ft with Multi Function Laser

SUAOKI Laser Measure 197Ft with Multi Function Laser

 Are you looking for an ultimate laser measurer?

This is the one that is best suited for your home as well as for construction sites. SUAOKI Laser is an advanced laser measurer that also serves as an angle sensor that is highly ultra sensitive. Moreover, it works in various modes. Laser measurement sensor is equipped with it making it highly advanced.

  • Product

  • P7 is automatic in functioning. It measures the distance between two points automatically. It supports Pythagorean measurements, single measurement, continuous measurement and measures volume, area etc.
  • It can measure from 0.66-328 feet. Accuracy-related to measuring distance is 2 mm. Accuracy-related to angle is 0.3 degree.
  • It can measure in various modes or units such as meters, inches, feet, and feet/inches.
  • It can capture the space measurements very easily. It gives access to us to draw the floor plan using CAD sketch.
  • It supports the operation of 2-button. It has a 2 inches color touchscreen.
  • Dimensions of the product- 4.5 x 1.9 x 1.1 inches


This product can measure from 0.66-328 feet and is highly accurate and precise in its measurements. Since it supports Bluetooth, it facilitates connectivity to transfer the recordings to the software of our choice.

  • It is water and dust proof.
  • It is compact in design and thus can be carried around in pockets.
  • It captures the space dimensions accurately and easily.
  • It can save up to previous 30 recordings in its memory.

  • It does not support viewfinder.

Product Name Image Distance Overall Rating Details
Bosch Compact Laser Distance Measure, GLM 35 120-Feet 9.5 Check price
DEWALT DW03050 Laser Distance Measurer 165-Feet 10 Check price
Bosch Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure, GLM 20 65-Feet 9.5 Check price
Bosch Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measure GLM 50C 165-Feet 9 Check price
General Tools LTM1 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure 50-Feet 8 Check price
Leica DISTO D2 New Laser Distance Measure 330-Feet 9.5 Check price
Suaoki S9 330ft Laser Distance Measure, Laser Measure with 2 Bubble Levels 330-Feet 8.5 Check price
uMeasure Laser Measure 328ft Handheld Digital Rangefinder Laser Distance Meter 328-Feet 9.5 Check price
Bosch Bluetooth Enabled Lithium-Ion Laser Distance and Angle Measurer GLM 100 C 330-Feet 8 Check price
SUAOKI Laser Measure 197Ft with Multi Function Laser 328-Feet 8 Check price

What is a Laser Measure Tape?

Laser measure tape is a device that uses a laser beam to calculate the distance of the objects. With more and more advancement in technologies, laser measure tape is supporting a number of functions. It is becoming more accurate and precise in the measurement. A laser beam is sent in the form of a narrow beam. It is directed towards the object. Time is measured that is reflected off the object that returns to the user.

It is a device or a tool that is best used in various fields. It is particularly used along with the Walabot by contractors, construction workers, carpets, flooring professionals, architects and in real estate business. Even in other fields, it has found its well-renowned place i.e., it is very well used by archers, golfers and forestry professionals in some form or the other.

Just imagine a conventional tape measure. The concept of laser measure is the same as that of the tape measure. To measure the distance using a tape measure, we need to hook it on an object. To find the distance between that object and the other point, we slowly unroll the tape.

Laser measure does the same thing. The only difference is that it does that with lasers. Since laser technology is used, results are 100% accurate and quick. It notes down the distance between the target and itself using a beam of a laser in the line of sight. It then receives the reflection which is purely natural and is hit by the object. It is the principle that is used in its design.

We hardly need to make any efforts and on the plus side, we get to enjoy the technology while our complete work is done by this simple yet innovative tool.

Laser Measure Types

  • Laser measure with Bluetooth

Bluetooth wireless technology is nowadays equipped with laser measurer. The accurate measurements that are displayed on the screen can be easily transferred to our smartphones or software of our choices using this innovative technology.

Many laser measurers are coming with free to download an app that offers an overview of the digital project. They also include floor plans, notes, photos, and measurements.


  • Laser measure with level

Laser measurer tapes vary as per the level. The laser beam in each one of these tools is designed to reach a certain distance. Once it reaches the object, it gets reflected back and the distance gets calculated.

How Does a Laser Measure Work?

The device is placed on one end of the object of which distance needs to be calculated. The laser beam is then aimed. This laser beam hits the object. Once the laser is directed in the right direction and at the accurate spot, the button is pressed. The tool calculates the accurate distance and the results get displayed on the display screen. The phase-shift method is the basis through which calculations are made.

The laser is a beam of light that is pure and is in concentrated form. Optical pulse of laser calculates the time that beam of light took to travel to travel to and fro from the object. Time span usually is in nanoseconds because of high velocity of light. This will help in identifying the correct distance where the object is located. Reflection is very important in this scenario.

Therefore, we cannot manage to hit a wrong target as it will result in creating an error in relation to the measurement or calculation part. To get an accurate reading, hitting the right object is very essential. In certain cases, the object isn’t present anywhere. In such cases, we need to create objects.

We can place some objects and hit them by the laser beam. It is better to use plastic ones. Also, make sure to use the smooth surfaced and light-colored objects. Always make sure to use evenly surfaced and light-colored objects in order to track down the laser dots.

The formula used is Distance= (Speed x Time)

Benefits of Using Laser Measure Tool

  • It is automatic and error-free – Since all the results displayed are automatic, it leaves no room for human error.
  • Simple design – Most of the laser measurement tools come with a single button. This feature helps the user to use it easily. As it lacks complex design, it can be very conveniently used as and when required.
  • Highly durable – Most of them are water and dust resistant and thus there is no sense in doubting their durability. They can efficiently be used in all sorts of the work environment.
  • Portability – Laser measuring devices are now designed to have a compact and small size. Thus, they can be easily carried around and easily fits inside the pocket. On a given single day, it can be easily carried around and used to measure the distances on various locations while working with DEWALT DWE7491RS.
  • It saves energy – Since the device runs on battery, it does not use up our essential energy. Even it does not suck up lots of battery power and runs for a long time once it is recharged fully. This proves its durability as well as its cost-effectiveness at the same time.
  • It can continuously run in laser mode – There is a need to decrease the keystrokes number and for this, the device has to continuously run in laser mode. Since laser measurer does that, it can efficiently measure distances and hardly fidgets with the panel.
  • Calculations are quick – Laser measuring tool works with precision and delivers quick results. It does not run on errors and while it is operating, it minimizes the working time. There is no need to double check and run trials again and again as it delivers quick and accurate results first time itself.
  • User-friendly – It comes in various shapes and added features. It is equipped with numerical characters. We can use it and get measurements in the units of our choices. Units can be centimeters, millimeters, meters or feet. We ask and the device delivers the instant result. It offers us numerical as well as decimal benefits.

How to Choose Best Laser Measure Device – Buyer’s Guide

There are many different laser measure tools available in the market. Laser tape measure outdoors is becoming more and more popular among users. Consider the following factors before choosing the right one.

  • Price – It is an important factor to consider. These tools are available at different prices. Choose the one which best suits you.
  • Uses – Different laser measurers are equipped with different distance measurement features. What we need to measure is an important factor to be considered.
  • Outdoor/Indoor usability – Some are good for indoor, others for outdoors whereas very few support both of them. If needed for outdoor usability, purchase outdoor laser measure.
  • Durability – Some laser measurers are waterproof and dustproof and others are not. Do we really need the device where we need to consider environmental factors? If yes then we need to purchase a highly durable one. If using within indoors, we don’t need to buy a durable one.
  • Magnification – Check for the magnification range that device offers. If it has a magnification feature between 4x and 8x then purchase it as per the needs. For example, a hunter needs a device with 4x magnification whereas a golf player requires at least 8 x magnifications.


Bosch, Dewalt, Leica, Stanley, Klein, Hilti, Ryobi, Kobalt.

How to Use the Device?

  1. Place the laser measurement tool on one end of the line that needs to be measured.
  2. Laser beam needs to be targeted on an object. If the object is not available, place the one, preferably a plastic object.
  3. Laser measurer button is pressed. Distance gets calculated and displayed on the screen.
  4. If areas and volumes need to be measured then further calculations need to be done. On-board functions can be used to calculate.
  5. Make sure that ground is level and the device is completely stable before hitting the target with the laser beam.


Different laser measurers have different ranges to capture and different laser measurement distance to measure. A laser beam is bounced from the tool and reflection of the same is obtained on the lens surface.

  • Laser measure 40 m

These laser measurer tools can bounce the laser beam and measure the object or distance that is 40 m away. They are good for simple home-based construction works. They are fairly basic devices.

  • Laser measure 50 m

These tools are designed to cover at least 50 m of distance. These devices fair well especially as indoor devices.

  • Laser measure 80 m

These laser measurers can reflect the laser beam as far as 80 m and thus are good for outdoor construction-related work.

Laser Measure VS Traditional Tape Measure

An old measuring tape is a very conventional approach. It may seem simple and easy to use but it is not completely reliable. Here a few differences between conventional measuring tape and an innovative laser measuring tool. These differences depict how accurate and versatile laser measurer is over the limited measuring tape.

  • Laser measurer requires only one person to measure the distance between two objects. It does not even require the support of two hands. Just hold it in one hand and use the other one for something else. Traditional tape demands more than one person to get the measurements. We need to make some trials and errors before final results are obtained.
  • Laser beam never bends. Tape on the other hand bends and error will be seen in the measurement.
  • Long distance measurements can be taken with convenience but in the case of tape measurements, the same thing is not feasible.
  • Innovative technologies such as laser measurement sensor and laser measurement floor mats can deliver far better results than traditional tape measure where the results are mostly inaccurate.
  • Results obtained are quick in comparison to the conventional approach of measuring the distance through measuring tape where the results get delayed due to the twisting and sagging caused in the tape. In laser measurer, results can be obtained in as good as a fraction of the second.
  • A digital display will easily deliver the result within no time when laser measurer is used. In case of measuring tape, we need to count those little lines present and calculate the whole thing.
  • Whether it is high ceilings or complicated remote spaces which are hard to reach, using laser measurer we can get the results in no time. If the conventional approach is taken and measuring tape is used, it can take up hours together just to get the gross estimation of the distance. We need to climb up the stairs and walk through the wet and damp surfaces if measurements are to be taken.
  • We can choose the units such as inches, feet, meters when we use laser measuring tape. When we measure using measuring tape, we cannot choose the units and even slightest of misreading if take place can cause errors or blunders in the measurement process.
  • Laser measurer can be used flawlessly even when lights are dim as it is nowadays equipped with a backlit display which improves readability even in dark hours. Laser dot is another added feature that will help in targeting the object. A measuring tape cannot be used if lights are not bright. There needs to be proper visibility to adjust the tape and get the measurements.
  • Laser measurer demands very little. All that it asks for is to have an access to a line of sight to the target which should be within the range. If this minor requirement is fulfilled, it can within no time find out the distance with high accuracy. Measuring tape, on the other hand, does not work in that way. Obstacles present on the floor, cables, and pipes all can hinder the measurement process.
  • Laser measurer is particularly helpful when used in hazardous and not so favorable environments. It is safe, accurate and versatile in functioning. In such environments, it may not be feasible for us to wander around with a measuring tape in our hands. There is no scope over there to make plenty of to and fro movements.

Care and Maintenance

  • Leica DISTO D2All the parts and accessories along with the laser measurement device should be kept away from the children.
  • A special case is provided for storing it while purchasing. Make sure to keep it in that case when not in use. It prevents scratches on the device which is a common thing if placed along with other tools in the toolbox.
  • Always keep it in a dry place. Though water resistant, still long exposure to moisture can affect its functioning.
  • After every use, clean these tools properly and get rid of all the dust, dirt and moisture before placing them in their cases.
  • Don’t drop the device. Regularly check it even when not in functioning.
  • Keep the laser properly cleaned as well as aligned. The tool is completely dependent on the laser for the measurement of distance. Use lens cleaner for cleaning purposes.
  • Regularly check the alignment of the laser. If the device is regularly moved here and there then alignment check should also be done regularly.
  • Most of the devices come with the manual. Carefully read all the instructions before using the laser measuring device and follow all the listed care and safety measures that will help in the long-running of the device.


Before purchasing laser measure, make sure to purchase the one which comes with a warranty period. There is no point in purchasing the one which stops functioning after a few uses. The manufacturer can replace the broken parts or the whole unit if the purchased product comes with a warranty.

Before purchasing make sure to read the warranty related rules and regulations carefully. It is always better to purchase the product which comes with a longer warranty period. The warranty period of 2 years is a good one and if the product comes with 30 days money back guarantee then it is a great deal.


Can we change the display to show measurements in meters?

Yes, display settings can be changed from inches to meters and even to feet.

Does the device measure only horizontal distance?

No, the device can efficiently measure area, volume, vertical as well as horizontal distances.

How to measure the distance if there is nothing on the other side?

Place a reflective object for fulfilling the purpose of the target. Use a wooden board or just place a book as an object.

Do these devices do the calculation part?

Yes, these devices are automatic in their functioning. When the button is pressed they automatically measure and display the result on the display screen.

Can we measure the height of the tree using it?

It is easy to measure the height of the tree from the top to the ground as the laser beam requires a reflective object. The ground is the perfect object to cause the reflection.

Can we see the laser beam?

When the beam is directed towards the object, it strikes it. It is very much visible during this phase. If the air is contaminated or if the light intensity is less, visibility is clearer.

Can we track laser spots during daytime?

Laser spots are prominent when tracking indoors. While using in outdoors, daylight should be dim. Visibility is totally dependent on the reflective target. If it is light colored and even surfaced, tracking becomes a little easy.

9 Total Score
Final Verdict

The best laser measure listed in this review is advanced and efficient enough to cater to your needs. Choose the ones as per your requirements. They are all easy to use, highly accurate and deliver 100% error free results. Some of them are water and dust resistant.

We recommend DEWALT DW03050 Laser Distance Measurer as it shows an impressive 165 feet capacity as well as easy operation and exceptional accuracy. The price is another bonus here as it definitely won't cost a fortune especially if you need it occasionally.

Digital display and portable features that comfortably land it in the pockets have made it user-friendly. Whether you are an archer or a carpenter or very much enjoy remodeling and renovation related works around your home, these devices are best suitable for you and are manufactured keeping in needs and requirements of all of you.

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