Top 10 RC Planes Reviews — Shop the Best One and Fly for Fun

Are you set to start your journey flying RC planes? Remote control planes are really enjoyable. Seeing your model plane fly across the sky is a very exciting sight and with the right practice and training, you’ll have the opportunity to progress from a novice to an experienced pilot.

Would you like to be a top gun pilot one day? Yes, then you’re going to require a solid foundation through the great beginners RC planes. Mastering the basics is awesome on your way to begin flying nitro-powered planes, ducted fan jets, and scale warbirds. Different kinds of planes have various specialties and purposes that you can discover while progressing as a pilot.

This review is designed to assist you to find that RC plane of choice. There are various excellent remote control planes available. This review will compare and review ten of these planes so as to help you get the right one for you.

HobbyZone Duet (RTF) HBZ5300 RC Planes

HobbyZone Duet RTF HBZ5300 Airplane

HobbyZone Duet RTF HBZ5300 Airplane Overview

  1. Includes four “AA” batteries for powering the interference free 2.4Ghz transmitter plus a built-in charger.
  2. Vibrant Trim Scheme3 control channel enables you to easily control the climb, throttle, and steering.
  3. Virtual Instructor technology allows you to reduce the complexity of RC plane flight by offering control assistance as well as countering the effects of turbulence and wind.
  4. Durable, lightweight construction prevents damage whenever a crash occurs.
  5. Efficient and quiet power system.
  6. Rechargeable battery for great flight times on every single charge.
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HobbyZone Duet RTF HBZ5300 Airplane

Key Features Everything you need to teach yourself to fly in one box, even the "AA" batteries for the transmitter! Interference-free 2.4GHz transmitter with built-in charger Vibrant trim ...

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I love the Hobbyzone Duet. I have flown it about 75 times. The twin motor good looks speak for themselves and the flying is SICK. It is stable enough for a beginner to learn to fly, but also responsive and agile. The propellers look tiny, but there is plenty of power for exciting flying fun. The Duet takes off nicely. It rolls out a few feet and lifts gently off the ground. Very realistic. After lifting off it climbs out very easily. Within a few seconds you can be 100 feet in the air. It will perform tight smooth loops with ease. Landings are smooth, but a little fast. Ground handling is great. You can taxi this thing all over the place, but even at low speeds it loves to leave the ground! The main gear comes out easily for hand launching, (and also replaces as easily!). Hand launching is a joy. Just apply full power and throw the thing like a paper airplane. It handles moderate breeze very well. In heavy or gusty wind it bounces around a bit. The Duet is fast and turns can be a little wide. A good pilot can fly this in a small space, but for real fun I recommend a space about the size of a football field. If you are learning to fly with this airplane, definitely find a large grass field to learn on and wait for calm wind. Take out the main landing gear and learn to land on the grass. Every little crash I have had has been from trying to fly in too small of an area. Battery life is about 15 minutes if you are cruising around at 1/2 throttle. I don't cruise this airplane; I FLY it! For about 7 minutes you can fly hard and loop easily. When the climb seems sluggish or it is a little harder to loop I bring it in. Quitting while the battery is still pretty strong prolongs battery life. I have hit a couple poles and nosed into the ground on landing.Read more ›
October 15, 2013
This is my first R/C airplane and I made an excellent choice. Got mine from Horizon Hobby shipped non-Amazon Prime for $60. Delivery was quick, only took a few days. Once received, everything was packed nicely in the box. I wiggled the tail a bit and yes, the plane is foam and it is fragile. I GENTLY took the plane out of the box. Charged the battery via the radio control and was ready to go. So again, this is my first R/C plane and have NEVER flown before. I did some practicing on RC Plane 2, the iPhone app. That was it.I started on the driveway doing some low speed taxing to get an idea of how fast the plane might go and to get used to the left and right controls. After several minutes of slow speed ground turning, I decided to have at it. Winds were around 8 mph or so but steady. I cranked up full speed, gently launched the plane into the wind and pulled back on the elevator to gain some altitude. Once it got in the air, I went back to about half throttle. The plane definitely moved around a bit in the wind, there was no doubt about that. I did some wide sweeping turns and things were going well. But, after about one minute I got a little cocky and crashed the plane into the swing set nose first. The nose got pushed in ever so slightly. Basically, no damage. Whew! Close one.I continued to fly right away. This time I got at least 100 ft in the air and continued with the sweeping turns along with going in a straight line into and with the wind. Now I was starting to get confident. I realized the plane is really easy to fly. The single most important thing I learned in the first flight was get altitude. To get it quicker, pull back gently on the elevator controls. That will get you out of any issue you might have.Read more ›
February 3, 2014
I had never flown an RC plane before and I made a good choice starting with this one. This plane says it's easy to fly for beginners, it is. It says everything you need is in the box, it is, (although I would suggest you buy one thing, see below), and it is very inexpensive for an RC plane.When I got this plane I took it out of the box, charged the battery and flew it. After about one minute of panic while my brain tried to figure out the controls I was flying level and making figure eights over a big field. By the 5th flight I was doing loops, low level fly byes and landing on a hard surface. I also nose dived into the ground a couple times, flew into 2 trees and broke some parts. However with a little glue and clear packing tape I was back in the air.Here's the thing to consider about buying this plane; it is very fragile. There are more durable and much more expensive trainer planes on the market. If you have never flown a plane before and don't want to invest a lot of cash only to find you don't like the hobby, this is the perfect plane.Here are a few tips from a novice's perspective.When the plane arrives contain your excitement and wait for a calm day. Try going out at dawn or dusk when the wind is often still. It's hard to learn to fly in the wind and you're more likely to crash.Find a large un-mowed field so you can land in the tall grass without damage.Remember that the controls are backward as the plane is flying toward you (from your brain's perspective). Standing in the middle of the field and flying the plane around you helps with orientation as you learn. Also, the left wing has 2 stripes on the bottom. This visual cue can help as you learn the controls.Read more ›
March 8, 2014
  • The plane is very easy to fly for novices
  • It is really inexpensive for a remote control plane
  • The plane is lightweight; takes off and lands well

  • The plane is foam hence fragile
  • Very sensitive controls; crashing the plane is really easy

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Hobbyzone Sport Cub S (RTF) RC Planes


Hobbyzone Sport Cub S RTF RC Airplane with SAFE Technology

Hobbyzone Sport Cub S RTF RC Airplane with SAFE Technology Overview

  1. Includes SAFE technology to help you learn the flight basics and develop your skills in different flight modes. Instantly return the plane to steady flight by pulling the trigger in the Panic Recovery mode.
  2. Proportional 4-channel controls with fully working elevator, rudder, throttle and aileron.
  3. Steerable tail wheel enables easy ground control.
  4. Powerful electric motor delivers impressive climb performance and speed.
  5. Rechargeable battery for longer flight times once charged plus USB port DC-Fast charger.
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Hobbyzone Sport Cub S RTF RC Airplane with SAFE Technology

Key Features-Everything you need to fly RC today. SAFE technology from Horizon Hobby. Recovery with the pull of a trigger with Panic Recovery mode. Proportional 4-channel control with working ...

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This is a great plane for beginners. The "Panic" button is absolutely genius, and I use it all the time. But here's the catch: when you first get it, MAKE SURE IT WORKS! If anything does NOT work, DO NOT FLY IT, no matter how tempting it looks. When I got mine, it literally was Ready to fly. You just need to charge the battery, but this is the first problem. The battery for these averages out at 5-8 minutes of flight time, and the more batteries that you charge, the more flight time. When I got my plane, I opened it up and charged the battery. When I plugged the battery in the plane, I turned it up and... It sputtered and coughed and cut out when I pressed it beyond halfway up the throttle. So, I went to my local hobby store ( and asked the RC specialist what was wrong. "The Batteries for these things only give you about eight minutes to fly," he said, "But the charger is what causes your engine problem." He explained to me that these chargers do not charge your battery all the way, and do not turn off automatically after the plane is charged. "You will want one of these," and he reached behind him to grab something like this: ( A multi-battery charger. "These things will turn off after your battery has charged to the maximum capacity, and it charges four at a time. More flight time." The next problem is fixing it. If you crash it and the foam breaks, DO NOT USE SUPERGLUE. This eats away at the foam, and will cause the part to not fit right. "The odors is what will prevent the glue from doing it's thing," said the man at my hobby store.Read more ›
April 8, 2015
Just got this plane yesterday. Got it out of the box and had a little difficulty binding it to the remote. On the first flight it was about 7-8 mph winds. I spent most of the first run wrecking the plane and afterwards realized I had it in expert mode. Still found the panic button useful. The 2nd run I got the bright idea to fly it in my backyard. This plane gets some altitude rather quickly; and as soon as it does it's hard to bring down. This time it got stuck in a tree. Had to cut the branch down to get out it down. At this point the plane was pretty nicked up and I had to reattach the tail. Luckily the 3rd time was the charm; using beginner mode of course. The winds were not 5-6 mph. During the 3rd flight, the tail to came off, but I had brought some electrical tape and sealed it on to the rear of the plane. It flew really well. The kick is to throttle the plane and get it airborne; then just do the smallest circles you can so the plane doesn't get to far of course. The last time I got home spent some time reinforcing the tail and nose(which had a small crack)with blue eletrical tape. I spent hours flying using Phoenix flyer but nothing like practical experience. This is a good plane but make sure you are in beginner mode, it's calm winds, and don't stress about nicks and cracks; it's made of very light foam and this happens. Just make sure to get some rc plane glue and tape to deal with the inevitable mistakes you will make as a beginner.Update: after 3 days really enjoying the plane, but it's taped up pretty good from trying to use intermediate mode. Do not try and fly this plane in an area less than 100X200 yards. You will find yourself out 130 bucks. 2nd, keep this plane in beginner mode at least the first 20 flights.Read more ›
December 25, 2014
This plane is beautiful to fly for beginners . The safe technology let's you enjoy learning your new hobby without stressing out about crashing your plane. Go out in a wide open field and get some altitude and switch to intermediate mode to practice what regular flying is like. If you lose control the panic button Saves the day. I love this plane, hobby zone has knocked it out of the park with this one i the sport cub also has reinforced wing and tail to survive the inevitable bumps you'll have. Use clear gorilla tape to bolster a few delicate areas and this plane will last and last happy flying
October 7, 2014
  • This RC plane is beautiful to fly especially for beginners thanks to the safe technology included in this model
  • Reinforced tail and wing to keep the plane stable
  • It is very portable due to its small size yet big enough for you to enjoy

  • Fixing the plane is a great problem once it crashes or foam breaks
  • Sometimes it is a little difficult to bind the RC plane to the remote

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ParkZone Ember 2 (RTF) RC Planes

ParkZone Ember 2 RTF Aircraft

ParkZone Ember 2 RTF Aircraft Overview

  1. Spektrum 2.4GHz transmitter and DSM2 radio technology reduce interference.
  2. Small size and slow-flying innovation allow flight in even small spaces.
  3. Battery charges in 15-to-20 minutes.
  4. Fully proportional and super lightweight motors.
  5. Rechargeable battery for more flight time.
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ParkZone Ember 2 RTF Aircraft

Tiny, slow and lots of fun youre sure to get big enjoyment from the Ember 2.

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Well, I decided to get my first "real" plane, so I went to the hobby store, and tried to decide between a Vapor and an Ember2, I bought the Ember2.First thing you notice, this plane is LIGHT! The cells for it are around 1/2 inch wide, and about 1 1/2 inches long, the stock cells will give you around 8 or so minutes of flight time.This plane is super easy to fly, I was able to do landings, takeoffs, and hand catches within an hour of owning it, but as other reviews have said, wind is this things enemy.I have been flying the Ember2 for about 9 months now, and I have had to do some minor repairs, but it still looks almost new, and it flies better then ever. The only real damage you can do is actively flying it into something, with the power off though, it has very little momentum, and will do no damage (usually).I have now upgraded to the Dx5e Spectrum dsm2 transmitter, and the Ember2 is a dream to fly on low rates. I generally fly with the control rods in the inner most holes, which gives you the most control authority.Up near the top of this page, there is (or at least was) an option to buy the plane with two extra cells (batteries), I would get that, as those are Tenergy 130 cells (which I have 3 of), and with good throttle management, I have been able to fly around 18-20 minutes.Hope this review helped!
May 28, 2010
I have played with many RC airplanes and helicopters, both cheap toys and more expensive ones.The Parkzone Ember 2 and Vapor are at the very top of my list. I love trying to fly, but on all of my previous planes I just didn't do well. I must admit I play at it and don't get super serious, just don't have much time.But the Ember2 and Vapor made it possible to fly and be successful at it. Both of them are unbelievably easy to fly but are able to do some very great things.THESE ARE NOT TOY LEVEL PLANES. I bought the Ember 2 then the Vapor. The Ember 2 flies faster and can take wind better than the Vapor. I have done loops with the Ember and all kinds of various maneuvers. It has a feel of a good airplane and not a toy.The Vapor according to my scales weight 3/8 of a once and have a very small motor and servos to control this plane. It is a very responsive plane but also you can do loops and many other tricks. The Vapor can almost fly straight up, but not quite, but you can have it almost dead stop inches from the ground and then pour on the power and pull out of there.The Vapor is a no wind airplane. I do fly it outside but there has to be no wind and even the slightest breeze makes flying hard. The Ember2 is its cousin and you can fly it in very minor breeze, it is best to fly in a no wind situation. Both planes have the same receiver, motor, battery and can use the same transmitter. Buy one with the transmitter then buy the other one in the Bind-N-Fly version which is cheaper and doesn't have the transmitter which you share with both planes.These planes use the DSM2 technology for the transmitter/receiver. The planes learn which transmitter to listen to.Read more ›
January 31, 2009
I have owned the Ember 2 for 6 weeks and flown it about 150 times.This is really a good trainer plane. I would give it 5 stars easy, but the propeller shaft is so fragile it is like it is made of glass.It is easily modified, so as to be almost indestructible. BEFORE YOU FLY, do this: 1. Remove the cone shaped "spinner" from the propeller and throw it away. 2. Unscrew the propeller from the propeller shaft, and remove any remnant of the rubber spinner. 3. Remove the propeller shaft from the airplane. (Don't lose the brass washer or the tiny white plastic retaining nut.) 4. With a wire cutter, cut the front of the propeller shaft so the part that protrudes in front of the gear is exactly as long as the propeller hub is deep. 5. With a tiny or small hammer tap the shaft into the hole in the propeller until it touches the white gear. 6. Reassemble the propeller shaft to the airplane and enjoy!The Ember 2 flies great in calm and nearly calm conditions. It takes off easily and climbs well. flight is slow and it glides very well. It is quite easy to fly and forgiving of mistakes. Beginning pilots can learn to fly with this airplane. The slow flight and glide will really help with learning how to land. Battery life is about 10 minutes, but climb out is weak after 5 minutes. You can use a 150 mah battery and about double these times. Mostly it will not be damaged in a crash, especially if you always power off the motor before you crash. The parts are light and delicate. The airplane can be easily broken from careless handling. If you are careful it will be fine. The range is good. I think you would almost lose sight of the aircraft before you fly out of range.Read more ›
October 10, 2013
  • It is very easy to fly this plane including landings, hand catches, and takeoffs
  • This is a really good trainer plane
  • Very stable to fly in calm winds
  • It is really RTF (ready to fly), simply charge and install the batteries

  • The parts are lightweight and delicate; the propeller shaft is very fragile
  • Even though the model is easy to fly, the controls are a bit sensitive

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HobbyZone Delta Ray (RTF) RC Planes

HobbyZone Delta Ray (RTF) RC Planes

HobbyZone Delta Ray RTF Airplane Safe Technology Vehicle Overview

  1. Safe technology offers 4 modes to provide new pilots a revolutionary advancement in flight training and control.
  2. Panic Mode stabilizes the plane to level flight whenever you lose control with a push of the button.
  3. Intermediate and beginner modes offer support for beginner pilots through limiting the pitch and roll of the RC plane, always keeping you in full control.
  4. Experienced Mode enables master pilots to discover the great performance of this airplane supported by the incredibly revolutionary stabilization system.
  5. The full 4-channel control offers new pilots complete learning experience using most of the controls in full-size airplanes.
  6. Includes the full-range Spektrum 2.4GHz DX4E-DSMX transmitter compatible with other Spektrum-equipped products.
  7. Durable, impact-resistant z-foam construction is exceptionally tough.
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HobbyZone Delta Ray RTF Airplane Safe Technology Vehicle

Safe technology is a revolutionary leap forward in flight control and training. Click here to learn more. Key features intuitive safe technology provides four modes to give new pilots the ultimate ...

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I have about 6 flights of the Delta Ray in now and I am pretty impressed. The "panic mode" (otherwise known as the "Oh, Crap" button) does all it claims. You need to remember its there though. I did get carried away once in the experienced mode, forgot the button, and crashed quite spectacularly. I wouldn't expect any plane to survive that impact, but after about 15 minutes and most of a bottle of foam safe CA glue, I was back in the air again.I have only had to use the button a few times since then and it has done its job. More often though, I take off in beginner or intermediate modes, get up to a safe height, and then switch off the protection for some more fun.My only quibble is that in Beginner mode, the turning radius is huge, so a large field is necessary, but that is easily solved by switching to intermediate mode for at least part of the time. Switching between modes is accomplished with an easily accessed toggle switch in the upper left corner of the transmitter. I find I switch between modes fairly often during each flight without even looking at the switch. Its a great way to learn more advanced skills while having the safety net of safer modes and the panic button if you get into real trouble.Being a Christmas present, of course I have been flying out in the snow. I recommend leaving off the landing gear and hand launching if snow landings are planned. The nose gear could get caught in the snow and break the mount out of the foam, (hypothetically of course) but a bit more glue and off you go again though. I'm thinking of making skis. Really fluffy slow might get scooped into the motor cowling.Read more ›
January 1, 2014
Got it for my 9 year old. Has held up REALLY well and both of us have had a blast flying it. Be aware that when the instructions say you should have 600ft to fly in, they mean it. When in beginner mode you need plenty of room to turn.Have had to do a few repairs after some rough landings & seems to fly just as well after 3 rounds of repairs.IF you have plenty of room, this is a wonderful plane to learn how to fly an RC plane.This plane is also in the Phoenix RC simulator (Version 5) as a model you can choose to fly. The simulation model flies a little odd in *beginner mode especially when you are landing. They will probably get it fixed, but that is what I am seeing as of Oct, 2014.
October 17, 2014
8 flights in so far. Loving the plane. Needs plenty of space for your 1st flight. Beginner mode requires long sweep turns. Stay at least 50% throttle after take off or she gets real sluggish. Rudder will help in flight in begginer mode, although manual states its only for ground steering. Mode 2 is a big help in beginner mode too. You'll go to intermediate mode quicker than you think, as it provides tighter turns while learning. Panic button is awesome, it will save you in an uh oh moment! Good plane....if your checking it out on internet research, get'll be happy with it.
December 17, 2013
  • Battery life is pretty good
  • The plane is easy to operate, tremendously durable and stable too
  • 4 flying modes deliver great flexibility and efficiency

  • The beginner mode needs plenty of space to turn
  • The beginner-to-intermediate flying is safe yet very challenging

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Top Race Cessna C185-Electric 2 Channel Infrared (RTF) RC Planes

Top Race Cessna C185-Electric 2 Channel Infrared (RTF) RC Planes

Top Race Cessna C185 Electric 2 Ch Infrared Remote Control RC Airplane Overview

  1. Full flight (Up, Down, Left & Right) with precision speed control.
  2. 2 Channel infrared remote control (super wide).
  3. Auto-Stable Technology for stable flight.
  4. Durable, unique material to withstand impact; specially designed to fly indoors.
  5. Charge time is about 20 min for a 12 minutes flight.
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Top Race Cessna C185 Electric 2 Ch Infrared Remote Control RC Airplane,...

The Top Race Cessna C185 is a durable indoor 2 Channel remote control airplane built with a special bendable material to withstand strong impacts, special designed for indoor flight, precision speed ...

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I'm 19 Yrs old I bought this little airplane because I saw it in a mall for $89 it looked awesome! I am a beginner in RC planes and my first RC was the Syma S107 Helicopter, I must say that the Cessna is much more fun and just doesn't get boering because there is more action with a plane then with a helicopter, you will need a nice size room to be able to fly this (the bigger the more fun) after a few days of experience I was able to control it in my bedroom, its a fun plane durable and strong, and its charging fully much faster then the S107, some extra parts and Video CD is included in the package, overall I recomend this plane to everyone you will have the thrill each time you use it
November 5, 2012
The quality of the item was some better than expected. It is a good starter airplane. So far it seems quite durable. It would be a good inexpensive gift. It flies well inside but better outside in no wind. This compares to other indoor airplanes in flight charecteristics, but beats them in price. I liked it because of its appearance at first, but came to like it more due to its flight quality and durability. This one was for me but the next will be for my grandsons
June 16, 2013
grandma always knew that the kids love RC toys. Grandma surprised our 16 year old son with a birthday gift, this plane. The kids love it!!! One of the best plains out there. All I see is kids fighting over it Especially my husband!!! So I will have to buy 2 more for the kids and I will post a video for grandma and for others to see this great plain! Grandma; I hope you see this review! From the kids: best gift EVER!!!!!!!
June 23, 2013
  • Great flight durability and quality
  • Overall great battery life
  • The plane flies very well, plus its really responsive controls

  • Landing gear would not stay on
  • Sometimes it won’t pair with the remote

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Top Race C188-Electric 2 Channel Infrared (RTF) RC Planes


Top Race® C188 Electric 2 Ch Infrared Remote Control RC Biplane Airplane RTF (Colors Vary)

Top Race® C188 Electric 2 Ch Infrared Remote Control RC Biplane Airplane Overview

  1. This model is a (Biplane) meaning it has 2 main wings structure which produces more lift compared to the mono-wing plane. This Biplane is highly recommended for learners over the mono-wing planes because it flies slower.
  2. The aircraft is very durable, almost indestructible when crashed; making it incredible for any players.
  3. This model is made of lightweight and flexible EPO foam.
  4. Full flight (Up, Down, Left & Right) with precision speed control.
  5. 2 Channel infrared remote control.
  6. Auto-Stable Technology for stable flight.
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Top Race® C188 Electric 2 Ch Infrared Remote Control RC Biplane Airplane...

What so good about the Top Race C188 Biplane? This is a

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i love rc i have cars and helicopters but this is the first plane i got im 17 yrs old i must say its a great little little rc plane i mainly fli it indoors and when the weather is really good with 0 mph winds i go outside i have great control on it its very durable it wont brake when i crash and it flies slow enough so i have full control on the plane, i must say its great i even find my father playing with it when i come home from school, (im thinking of getting him one for a present 🙂 again great buy worth the money.
April 14, 2013
I have gotten these as a birthday gifts for separate grandsons. I had the intention of providing action toys that could be used indoors during long winter days. After some help trimming the planes from their dad's, both boys were soon flying them successfully around and between rooms in the house. The boys absolutely loved them! And the planes themselves are essentially indestructible when used properly. They provide you with extra propellers but the planes design protects the props from most normal use damage. I intend to buy several more for future grandchildren.
October 25, 2013
My grandson has loved this plane. He plays with it for hours and his four other brothers all want to have their turn with it. It is great for indoors and is so light-weight that it doesn't damage anything. It is amazing how resilient it is, and the design is so fun and spectacular. Definitely one of his all-time favorite toys. He is 9 years old and his brothers are 13, 11, 6, and 18 months.
June 11, 2015
  • Really great control and it is very durable
  • It is fun to fly indoors as well as very light that it does not damage anything
  • Very sturdy and easy to use
  • The design is spectacular and so fun

  • The charging cord gets very fragile affecting the plane’s charging
  • Nearly impossible to maintain level flight and turn

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Disney Planes Wing-Control Dusty Crophopper RC Planes


Disney Planes Wing-Control Dusty Crophopper RC Planes

Disney Planes Wing Control Dusty Crophopper Radio Control Plane Overview

  1. This RC vehicle provides role-play remote control for the plane to move when you do.
  2. Phrases and sounds amplify the action for an enjoyable air-venture.
  3. Dusty speaks commands such as, “Bank left!”.
  4. Includes Dusty Crophopper radio control vehicle, as well as right wing and left wing controller.
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Disney Planes Wing Control Dusty Crophopper Radio Control Plane

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Inspired by the hit new Disney/Pixar Cars animated film, Planes; Kids can have high-flying fun recreating the action scene in the movie; This RC ...

Available: In stock
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First, let me say this plane does not fly. It is basically a remote control car that looks like a plane and has a different type of remote. The remote is the wing that gets held in the right hand. It has a button on it to make Dusty go and the angle at which it is held controls the direction of Dusty and how he turns. Turns is easy, getting Dusty to level out is a little more difficult. The left hand wing does nothing. It is more for play and making your child feel like he/she has two wings.Dusty himself has three built in motions which seem more for demo purposes than anything, They just make him go by himself. I don't see the real point to it.The plane requires 4 AA batteries and the remote 2 AAA batteries. The batteries are not included. It would have been nice to at least include the cheap no name batteries.For a child this is a lot of fun. It was an immediate hit. While it is hard to straighten Dusty out it is not so hard that the fun is ruined.Overall, this is a fun remote control "car/plane." I suspect it will be like any remote control car. It gets a lot of play at first but after the novelty wheres off it stays on the shelf and gets pulled out every now and then.If I could give this 3.5 stars I would, but since I can't I'm going with the fun factor and upping it to 4.
August 17, 2013
Dusty Crophopper RC plane is a cute, fun toy. After my granddaughter saw the movie, she was so excited about it that I wanted to get her this toy. When she saw it, she squealed with delight. Of course she immediately wanted to play with it, but we soon found it was difficult to play with in the house. It was nighttime when I gave it to her, so she had to wait until the next day to try it outside. The reason it's hard to play with in the house is that it needs a lot of space in which to turn and roll, and it really doesn't work that well on carpet, even with a low pile. It works best on a flat, smooth surface like a kitchen floor, but my kitchen and dining room space is too small and the plane just runs into the furniture. When we took it outside on the driveway, we had much better results. However, if the plane runs into any obstacle, like a pebble or twig, it will stop and often flip forward to rest on the propeller.My granddaughter got a kick out of using the controls that fit on her hands. She isn't quite coordinated enough yet to hold a remote and maneuver it, while also looking at the RC vehicle, and with this remote control, she doesn't have to look at the remote. She just moves her hands. She does have to press the button on the right controller with her thumb to make it go forward, but she mastered that pretty quickly.My 2.5 year old grandson also likes Dusty. He can't really use the remote, but it comes with 3 built-in moves and he really enjoys that. He also likes to pick Dusty up and pretend to make him fly.Don't forget to pick up 4AA and 2AAA batteries before you give this to a child. It doesn't come with the batteries and they will be very disappointed if they can't use it right away.Read more ›
October 17, 2013
If you look at the pictures on the box, it seems to show Dusty flying thru the air, in front of the boy with the controllers. On bottom of the box, however, in eighth inch letters, is written "This is not a flying toy". My first response was "ahh!", but if you look at the body of the plane, it would be aerodynamically impossible to fly, unless you were in a zero gravity. Since the boy I got this for is only 5, its actually great that it doesn't fly. Those flying planes require big open space, no electric wires or trees, and they STILL crash. If you want to introduce a child to radio controlled toys, this isn't a bad place to start. The box recommends age 10 or older, but with a little bit of supervision, you can start them out younger. If the kid forgets to turn off the plane when done playing, there's an automatic shut off to conserve battery life.When it comes to operation, I had a few problems. First, you need a large, flat area to play upon. It wont move thru grass, and any obstruction before the "flight path" of Dusty, will cause him to tip over, or stop. I tested it on a car port, but had to sweep it first. A sidewalk wont work, cos the plane tends to waver in its flight plan. IF you tilt the controller off level, the plane turns. So unless you have a child who keeps their outstretched arms perfectly level to the ground, the plane turns. The thumb button on the controller gives it forward motion, but there are no breaks. So its way too chaotic in motion, to work in a small to mid sized play room, unless you don't mind turning the plane a lot. (and kids don't) It has all kinds of crazy sayings in the DUSTY character voice. "Bank left!" or "Hi, I'm Dusty, well, my name is Dusty.Read more ›
September 19, 2013
  • The remote control function using arms is fun
  • It is durable, even after crashing many times it still looks and works great
  • Fun and cute toy with over 40 phrases and sounds

  • Fun yet hard to control
  • It is difficult to straighten or level out the plane
  • The toy makes many loud noises that can be annoying

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Air Hogs Sky Stunt RC Planes

Air Hogs Sky Stunt RC Planes

Air Hogs RC Sky Stunt Plane Overview

  1. Easy Stunt Performance Trigger allows the Sky Stunt model to perform different tricks like stalls, loops, sharp edge turns and corkscrews with the push of a button.
  2. High-performance engine featuring a 4-way control and performance rudder.
  3. Available in two radio frequencies plus a 100ft communication range for outdoors use.
  • Product
  • Photos

Air Hogs RC Sky Stunt Plane - Red

Fly to the extreme with the sky-high action of the Air Hogs Sky Stunt! Stylized after agile racing planes the Sky Stunt performs gravity defying stunts with the push of a button. Perform insane ...

Available: In stock
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I'm not sure why this plane gets such poor reviews. My daughter bought one a little while ago and she and I have had great fun with it. You're not going to get 100% precise control from a $30 plane, but with no wind and a little practice, control is pretty decent, especially if your goal is just to keep it in the air and do some tricks. The key to flying it is to be gentle with the throttle and "stunt" button (which just gives you an engine boost). As for durability, we've nose-dived into the ground and into the creek several times and the plane has held up really well.For the price, it's a great little plane if you have the room to fly it (our yard is 1/2 acre) and you just want to buzz around in the air and do some loops and corkscrews, vs. precision flying.I do wish the plane itself had a removable battery, because it would be nice to have extras. Still, we get about a half hour of flying out of each charge and charging only takes a few minutes.
September 5, 2013
I purchased this plane at toys r us and then saw the horrible Amazon reviews before I flew it. I was not expecting much considering the 2 star rating, so i was completely surprised after my first few flights at how fun this plane was to fly.A few things to consider:This plane is made of styrofoam so it is very hard to fly in the wind. And by wind I mean 5-10mph or more. It should be very calm outside if you want stable(easy)flight.This is a somewhat challenging plane to fly, hence the 10+ year recommendation. I have a 7 year old and she has trouble flying it without crashing. She is getting better though.The plane is very durable and comes with two additional propellers. I have crashed 50+ times already and it has held up remarkably well.I really enjoy flying this plane and find myself saying "just one more flight" until finally the battery is completely dead. The power boost button is an excellent addition and allows you to do fun tricks and gain altitude when needed.A few tips on flying:Do not hold the left/right joystick down to turn. Make small jerky adjustments to prevent overcompensation when turning.If the plane starts a steep climb and is about to stall, turn hard and press the power boost to come out of it.Use the power boost in the same manner as the left/right joystick. Small jerky presses to prevent steep climbs that lead to stalls.One thing I would change with this plane is the lack of the ability to charge the plane through a normal wall outlet. You can only charge the plane with the controller which is a big waste of batteries.I am very happy with this plane and am glad I purchased it before reading the reviews:)Update:I broke all 3 propellers that came with this plane.Read more ›
May 26, 2013
If you read the reviews for this toy, you'll see that about 65% of them are strongly negative. A few people seem to be having a great time, but most are having no luck at all. Either 65% of these are defective or 65% of the owners are flying them incorrectly.Unfortunately, we were among the 65% who couldn't get this toy to fly for more than a few seconds at a time.OVERVIEW:Before I recount our experience, let me give you a general overview. This is a very small toy plane made mostly of Styrofoam. It's 11.5 inches from wingtip to wingtip, and 9.5 inches from nose to tail, so about the size of a piece of notebook paper. There are only 2 controls, throttle and rudder. If you hold the plane in your hand and and operate the controls, you'll learn a few things:1. The throttle control is variable. The farther you push the stick, the faster the motor goes.2. The rudder control IS NOT variable. There are only 3 positions: neutral, all left, and all right. Moving the stick any amount causes the rudder to snap all the way in that direction.3. The "trim" knob sets the neutral rudder position. Theoretically, you can use this knob to make the toy fly straight when you're not touching the rudder control. I'll point out that the trim setting doesn't affect either of the turning positions. It'll still just snap all the way in either direction. You can actually set the trim knob to 100% left or right. If you do, you won't be able to turn any more in that direction at all.4. The trick button simply applies more power. Judging from the sound, it seems to be a lot more. This is supposed to do a loop.OUR EXPERIENCE:My son received this toy from his uncle for his 10th birthday. He was very excited.Read more ›
March 2, 2014
  • The plane is really durable and features two additional propellers
  • It is very powerful; it can perform flips and gain an impressive altitude
  • It is a cheap, economical toy

  • Made of Styrofoam material, the plane is very difficult to fly in wind
  • Beginners can find it very challenging to fly this plane

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PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Overview

  1. This remote controlled paper aircraft conversion kit features a crash-resistant design and has a 55 meter or 180 feet range.
  2. Includes Bluetooth Smart Technology which is controlled by a smartphone.
  3. Special, unique template paper to ensure flying spare and easy folding with additional rudder, spare propeller, and micro-USB cable for charging.
  4. Control by tilting tablet or smartphone right/left for maneuvering and ascend/descend using throttle lever.
  5. Features Air Traffic Control, charging status indicator, battery level indicator, and range indicators.
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PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

The world's first remote controlled paper airplane conversion kit has a 180 feet/ 55 meter range and a crash-resistant design; Contains Bluetooth Smart Technology controlled by your smartphone (check ...

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Awesome tech gadget that works incredibly well!The PowerUp 3.0 is the real deal. I admit I was skeptical at first, but with persistence and determination, this turned out to be a ton of fun.I talked this up to my boy for days before it arrived. After watching the video, he would ask each morning, “Can we fly the red plane today, Dad?” Finally the perfect Saturday morning arrived: it was warm outside with a very slight breeze, and the local park was empty. I had made sure I watched the tutorial videos beforehand and had it all charged up (took only 15-20 minutes). We cleared the table and went to work. The templates provided with the kit were fantastic. As I am not a perfectionist by nature, I was very careful to fold exactly where the lines indicated. We finished creating the beginner plane (called the Invader, which I would recommend starting with) and attached the PowerUp 3.0. I decided to add a very small piece of tape to the backend just to keep it connected well to the plane (which I would recommend doing). I had also previously downloaded the app on my Samsung S4 and synced it with the PowerUp (which was a synch).Then it was finally time for the first launch. We practiced throwing the plane several times without the motor (as recommended), made slight adjustments as needed, then powered it up. I wasn’t expecting perfection from the first flight (nor should you!), so I wasn’t at all disappointed when it didn’t go far the first time. The throttle, tilt of the phone, the angle of the wings, and the small flaps on the plane (pardon my ignorance of aeronautical terms!) all needed to be just right. It was actually incredibly fulfilling launching and adjusting, launching and adjusting, launching and adjusting some more until we finally got that first long flight.Read more ›
November 3, 2014
This is a neat crowdfunded project I backed a few months ago that delivered!Powerup Toys has been making kits that add a battery powered propeller to paper airplanes. In this new 3.0 version, they have added the ability to control the plane with a smartphone.Just about any regular paper will work - I followed some instructional videos on Powerup's YouTube page and built myself the 'invader' from standard copy paper. The engine clips on to the paper airplane and very quickly paired with my phone via bluetooth.Powerup included a 1200 mah lithium ion battery pack that can charge the plane's motor in the field in my kit, but I don't think that's part of the retail package now. So you'll need to bring a USB power source along in the field. It'll also plug directly into a computer for charging.Controlling the plane takes some practice but I was able to keep my plane aloft for a significant amount of time. The Bluetooth range is limited but this isn't something you're going to fly for long distances. I do recommend flying in fairly large open spaces with minimal wind.What I like most about this is the experimentation that can come from the very open nature of the product. Tweaking different paper airplane designs will result in different flight behaviors. The fast charge time makes it possible to do a lot of trial and error to find the perfect design. Great for kids to learn about the physics of flight.
November 13, 2014
I was really excited to get this for Christmas but I have struggled to fold an airplane that would work well. I consider myself a fairly good at these kind of projects and even though I'm not a pilot, I have a fair amount of aeronautics understanding. That said, I can only get a plane to fly about 1 out of 10 launches and then for only roughly 30 seconds before I can't keep it up in the air. Most of the times the plane stalls and then crash to the ground before being able to recover. I had several pilot relatives with me at Christmas and they couldn't figure out how to trim the supplied airplane design to fly. I'm excited enough about this idea that I'm not giving up but buyers should know it's not as easy as all the YouTube videos make it out to be. "Some practice" should be read as lots of trial and error with occasional bursts of satisfaction between bouts of despair. It appears that a working plane is very dependent on how well the plane is folded. What I haven't figured out yet is what tiny little thing I'm doing when I fold a supplied airplane template that is messing it up. Paper is cheap. And fortunately the PowerUp 3.0 module is quite durable. I've had to epoxy the rubber tip a couple of times but otherwise the PowerUp module is in good condition for all the crashes it's gone through.
January 5, 2015
  • The ability to remotely control the paper plane using your smartphone is awesome
  • Crash proof, durable design
  • It is an educational experience – The PowerUp 3.0 combines all components of science, engineering, technology, math, and art allowing teachers and schools to enable students to learn the basic principles of lift, aerodynamics, and flight

  • Limited Bluetooth range
  • Needs a lot of practice (trial and error) to fully learn flying this RC plane

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E-Flite UMX F4U (RTF) Corsair RC Planes

E-Flite UMX F4U (RTF) Corsair RC Planes

E-Flite UMX F4U Corsair RTF AS3x Overview

  1. AS3X technology for great stability and handling.
  2. New high-performance 3-blade propeller.
  3. Independent Spektrum aileron servos with 8.5mm brushed motor.
  4. Removable landing gear and tail wheel steering.
  5. Authentic paint scheme.
  6. Includes 4 AA batteries and a low-power 4-channel DSMX transmitter.
  • Product

E-Flite UMX F4U Corsair RTF AS3x

This is the E-Flite UMX F4U Corsair RTF Airplane with AS3X Technology.

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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL plane. Comes with everything you need to fly it right out of the box - just charge the battery. Don't fly in high wind, since it is so light because of the Styrofoam construction. Be prepared to do repairs and maintenance - always have some velcro, glue for Styrofoam and scotch tape with you when you fly so that you can do minor repairs out in the field.
December 23, 2014
This is a very fun plane to fly. Nice product. Light park style watch wind.
May 5, 2015
Product arrived with no instruction booklet and was missing the described decals. No Velcro on bottom of aircraft to retain the battery during flight. everything else is there and RTF!
July 6, 2015
  • Absolutely beautiful plane
  • Get value for your money; comes with all you require to fly it out of the box
  • Very durable RC airplane

  • Does not fly well in high wind, because it is very light due to the Styrofoam construction
  • Requires a lot of repairs and maintenance
  • It is still very hard to control for learners

How to Choose a Remote Control Plane?

Here are some factors to consider when looking for an RC plane;

  • Design Configuration

For your first RC airplane, you require something that is forgiving and stable. Most beginners are very tempted to buy RC planes that can fly fast or look cool, without giving much attention to how simple the plane is to control. The perfect aircraft to learn flying is the high wing trainer whose configuration ensures a lot of stability on a flight.

You also need to look for the noticeable dihedral when getting your first RC airplane. The more dihedral a wing has, the more stable the plane. Another crucial reason for dihedral is the fact that airplanes that don’t have ailerons depend only on the rudder for complete turning which needs dihedral to help the turn.

  • Power Type

You may have already decided to fly RC planes with an Internal Combustion (IC) power motor “commonly glow plug” or an Electric Power (EP) motor, but here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Electric powered RC planes are more beginners friendly because they are inexpensive to buy and are easy to fly. They also need fewer accessories, reduced nuisance factor because they’re quiet and more welcome in various public places where RC flying is permitted.

On the other hand, glow plug powered RC planes require more accessories due to starting and maintaining of the engine. You will have huge fuel costs, they create much higher levels of noise level, and they are also more expensive and larger compared to the EP beginner planes.

  • Number of Channels or Controllable Functions

This is a very important factor, choosing badly can determine the amount of fun you will have with your newly acquired RC airplane. The simpler (Park Flyer) type electric RC planes which have two or three channels are most reliable for self-teaching. Single channel RC planes are available but not worth spending your money on if you are serious about flying. A 2 channel RC airplane is really easy to fly but limited in its performance.

Overall, the 3 channel airplane is exactly what you require as well as the 2 channel plane if you can only afford it or you really want it. An average 2 channel planes usually have a rudder and motor control, the motor speed influences climb and descent.

3 channel RC planes have control to the elevator, rudder, and motor with the optional 3 channel configuration featuring the motor, ailerons, and elevator. A rudder is common on beginner RC planes while ailerons are common in faster planes that are capable of more aerobatics.

If you want to adventure further, you can try out the 4 channel trainer which is not that simple to self-teach with even though it is ultimately more rewarding to fly it. The 4 channel RC planes have control to ailerons, elevator, rudder and motor power.

  • KIT, RTF or ARF?

The completeness of the first RC airplane you buy purely relies on your own individual preference.

A kit involves making the plane from the box of pre-cut pieces over a certain plan. Very satisfying yet it needs knowledge and skills of model building to do it perfectly and you will need to separately buy the ESC, motor, radio gear and battery pack.

The Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) option for RC planes comes about 90% complete. You only need to acquire the radio gear, ESC, motor and batteries pack separately and install them all by yourself. Again, some knowledge of modeling is required but there would not be much building needed.

Buying a Ready to Fly (RTF) plane is the best option if you only need to get flying immediately. Ready to fly RC planes come fully completed with all electronics including radio and motor installed. No much work is needed other than basic assembly work like attaching the wing to the fuselage, charging the battery pack, installing the transmitter and flying.

Electric powered beginner RTF planes are convenient, quickly airborne and affordable, gaining more popularity over time. Additionally, their foam construction makes them tough but easily repairable if the plane crashes.

  • Spare Parts Availability

Crashing is part of the flying action! When learning how to fly RC planes, chances are that you’ll crash sooner or later, probably sooner!

It would be very convenient to have an off-the-shelf spare parts supply, therefore when buying your first RC plane you should take the time to know whether the spare parts are readily available. This is to avoid potentially dodgy repairs which could seriously hamper the performance and safety of your plane after a crash.


For a basic beginner RC airplane, the HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF airplane tops the list. This plane is equipped with everything you require to get started (the plane, the controller and the battery) and it is easy to fly. No need to worry when you crash your plane thanks to its SAFE technology with a panic button that returns your plane to stable or steady flight.

The Sport Cub S has 3 flying modes that include beginner, intermediate & experienced, with each mode having its own limitations to aid various levels of pilots. Its short flight time is probably 8 minutes anyway you can find a 4-pack of batteries that will come in handy. In addition, it is the best learner RC plane available in the market allowing you to fully learn the remote control flight basics without worrying about breaking it.

Even though the Sport Cub S is not quite easy to fly or the most durable plane or the most acrobatic, but compared to most of its competition, it still outclasses in all these three areas. It can perform fun barrel rolls and gorgeous loops yet it is portable and light enough to easily carry around and stored. Still, its 2-foot average wingspan and 320-foot range are really decent.

Overall, the HobbyZone Sport Cub S (RTF) RC planes beginner-friendly technology, durability, and flexibility earn the plane the top position in this review making it an easy selection for best RC plane.

Get flying with the RC plane of your choice!


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