Top 10 Best Zoomer Dog Reviews — Finding the Best Artificial Pal of 2019

Zoomer Zuppies, Interactive Puppy, Zuppy Love - SportHaven’t you had enough of the furry pets for your kids?

Yes, you have an alternative and that would be the best thing to happen to you right now. Good news is that there is a better alternative. A Zoomer Dog is your answer.

This is a lovely puppy (not a living one) that will play tricks on you just like the real one would. A friend that would not bother you when you are not in good spirit and one that will give you a friendly company when you need it.

But among the many out there, which Zoomer Dog should you go for? I have answers for you, keep reading…

Bentley Zoomer Dog

Zoomer Interactive Puppy - Bentley

For a funny company and an interactive play pal, here is your best bet. Bentley Zoomer Dog is not just another artificial puppy but one that will make things feel real.

He can learn new tricks and jokes and will follow your kid’s lead in many things. You will be bringing home a good friend not only for the small one but for the entire family.

  • Product
  • Will be just like a real puppy: playing, lying down and so much more
  • Understands three languages: Spanish, English, and French
  • He is a cute little pup with a smart mind to keep your kid engaged
  • He can express feelings and that is aping a real puppy
  • The design is adorable

  • Does not listen very well to commands
  • It will take time to train him on commands

Zoomer 's Best Friend Bentley

Yotube Video Review: Zoomer 's Best Friend Bentley

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Zoomer Interactive Puppy

Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy - Scarlet

It is the time you have your own puppy. This Zoomer Dog is quite an artsy piece that you will want to be around all the time. She has big shiny eyes just like she is trying to express her feelings to you. She will be playful and a good company to keep. Give her a slight scratch on the tummy and she knows that you really do care.

  • Product

  • Has great music for entertainment
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • She is adaptable: changes behavior according to how she is treated

  • Customers complained that batteries were not included
  • Not as interactive as your kid might want it to be
  • Quite a noise make and has not volume control
  • Apart from barking and lightening up, she does nothing else

Zoomer 's SCARLET

Yotube Video Review: Zoomer 's SCARLET

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Roxy Zoomer Puppy

Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy - Roxy

A sharing partner for your kid is what you need. Roxy Zoomer Dog is exactly that kind to share feeling with whoever is for a playing partner. Depending on how treated, this Zoomer Dog will respond in different versions. It is fun having one of this for your kid as you will have your time to do other stuff instead of minding your baby.

  • Product

  • He is an independent Zoomer Dog. He will do his stuff on his own
  • Can hear and follow commands
  • Very versatile since he can play music and games
  • The batteries will run for long giving your kid more play with Roxy

  • The games will not be as funny as your kid may want
  • The size is too small for a bigger kid
  • The sensors are not so responsive at times

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Pupstar Zuppy Love

Zoomer Zuppies, Interactive Puppy, Zuppy Love - Pupstar

This is the music star Zoomer Dog. She grabs the mic and does some good solos. She loves to play and is equipped with new games, new sounds and everything you have not yet seen or heard of a Zoomer Dog yet. It is a guarantee that your kid will not lack a playmate anymore. Here is what she needs to get off your back when you are supposed to be busy doing other stuff.

  • Product

  • Lots of new games for your kid
  • New sounds and new everything to change the experience with a Zoomer Dog
  • It is a cute piece and your kid will love it

  • The features are confusing
  • In reality, it doesn’t zoom anywhere

Zoomer 's Popstar

Yotube Video Review: Zoomer 's Popstar

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Candy Zoomer Dog

Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy - Candy

Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy – Candy is adaptable and will do exactly what you want. The LED eyes are great and will be just like getting feelings of expression from a real puppy. A worthy playmate for your kids is what this zoomer dog is.

It is an interactive piece and the kids will never get tired playing (not unless the batteries run out and you forget to replace them).

  • Product

  • This is a personal puppy that will be a great company
  • A fun dog that will interact with you
  • This one is will move, play music and keep your secrets safe

  • Not as interactive as your kid would want him to be
  • Very loud and with no volume control
  • Will not move unless you give him a push

Zoomer 's Candy

Yotube Video Review: Zoomer 's Candy

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Sport Zoomer Puppy

Zoomer Zuppies, Interactive Puppy, Zuppy Love - Sport

For the sport loving kids, this is your best chance with a Zoomer Dog. This is the true playmate and will be a better company for any kid. Barking, howling and a score of other sounds are in this one.

Zoomer Zuppies, Interactive Puppy, Zuppy Love – Sport will tell jokes, sing, play tricks and keep a few secrets with your kid. If that is not the kind of a Zoomer Dog you want for your baby then you may have to keep looking for quite some time.

  • Product

  • 6 different games are good for your kid to juggle with
  • It comes with great new sounds
  • An interactive toy that will be perfect mate for your kid to play

  • The price is a bit too high
  • The puppy will not move on its own so your kid may be a bit disappointed
  • You will have a problem adjusting its volume

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Tekno Ball & Bone Puppy

Tekno Robotic Puppy with Bone & Ball

For your kid 5+ years, this is just the kind of Zoomer Dog you should go for. He is an intelligent piece that will respond to voice, touch, and feelings.

Tekno Robotic Puppy with Bone & Ball will walk, sit and flip back making him quite a catchy type for a kid who really needs something equally smart to play with. The lights change from one color to another in some sort that shows feelings. I would recommend Tekno Puppy one for you if you really want your kid to sit down and have some serious and quality play time.

  • Product

  • Can do good with zooming making it a big favorite among kids
  • A smart puppy that will be a good company for bigger kids
  • Will respond to feelings making things more realistic

  • Not good with commands
  • Quite a disgusting noise maker
  • Has a high asking price that you find not worth what you are paying for it

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Spot Zoomer Dog

Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy - Spot

Now if you have been complaining about a Zoomer Dog not intelligent enough then your concerns should be over. Spot Zoomer Puppy is that funny company for your kid and one she will not be bored with anytime soon. She is adaptive and will learn from your kid.

Through her big eyes, she can express her feelings and what a way to bond with your kid. This is right for your money and you will not regret the choice.

  • Product

  • It is very interactive and funny
  • The games are great and will intrigue your kid once they know how to play with
  • The instruction book is clear hence helpful for new users

  • It is a little complicated to use
  • Repetitive loud music is all you hear
  • It may be boring for the older kid (7 years and above)

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Shadow Interactive Puppy

Zoomer Interactive Puppy - Shadow

The kids who cannot wait to adopt a real dog here is a great way for them to begin that journey early. The Shadow Zoomer Dog is just the right piece you can buy for him. He is a champion with great games and will be a perfect addition to your kid’s toy collection. He is very intelligent and will learn from your kid.

He has all that it takes to be a good playmate for the little one. Do not hesitate to bring this best friend home for he will never be a boring one.

  • Product

  • He will do a lot other just paying. He squats, bark and talk. This is a great piece you are buying
  • Understands 3 languages English, Spanish, and French
  • He can be recharged using the USB cable it comes with
  • He can do a lot to keep your kid amused and interested for long

  • He does not listen to commands very well
  • Battery life is short not long for a kid who would want to play

Zoomer Interactive Puppy Shadow

Yotube Video Review: Zoomer Interactive Puppy Shadow

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Zoomer Interactive Puppy 

Zoomer Interactive Puppy

The funny, the playful and great company for your kid is this Zoomer Dog. He can do so much and your appreciation will go a long way to making him even better. He is smart and can show how he understands English, French, and Spanish. Getting one of this will be like adding another smaller but very active member of the family.

  • Product

  • He is an interactive Zoomer Dog
  • This is a smart toy that can understand English and Spanish
  • Will like a real puppy in play, tricks and learn new tricks

  • The battery will die sooner than you expected
  • Some customers complain that it does not charge
  • Does not respond to commands well

Product Name Image Power Overall Rating Details
Bentley Zoomer Dog USB chargeable 10 Check price
Zoomer Interactive Puppy 3 AAA batteries 9 Check price
Roxy Zoomer Puppy 3 AAA batteries 7 Check price
Pupstar Zuppy Love 3 AAA batteries 7.5 Check price
Candy Zoomer Dog 3 AAA batteries 6.5 Check price
Sport Zoomer Puppy 3 AAA batteries 7.5 Check price
Tekno Ball & Bone Puppy 4 AA batteries 6 Check price
Spot Zoomer Dog 3 AAA batteries 6 Check price
Shadow Interactive Puppy USB chargeable 8.5 Check price
Zoomer Interactive Puppy USB chargeable 8.5 Check price

How to Choose a Zoomer Dog?

You will not just walk to a shop and buy your Zoomer Dog. You need to know exactly what you need and various choices you are choosing from. Here is some help that comes in handy as you choose your zoomer puppy:

  • The age of your kid: bigger kids will want a Zoomer puppy that suits their intelligence. They want a zoomer dog that will stir their interest. There are those for 5 years and be4low while others will be better for 7+ years.
  • Zooming ability: buying a still Zoomer Dog will not be such a good choice. Your kid will need something will appear like real. If it can zoom and do things on its own then this is what you should be getting for your kid.
  • Interactivity: the more interactive your dog is the best it is. This one will be good company for your kid.
  • The battery life: If your kid is the real playing kind you will need your Zoomer Dog with a long battery. There are quite a good number of such choices.
  • The asking price: you should not pay an amount you think is way above your budget. Go for a dog that is within your means and one that will be the perfect choice for your kid. Forget the talk of expensive is quality; there cheaper pieces out there that will be great for your kid.


9.5 Total Score
Competition -- The Best Reviewed Zoomer Dog

I'm sure now you must be asking which Zoomer Dog is the right one for you. You have had a chance to read through over 10 Zoomer dogs. I will not keep you waiting any longer.

Bentley Zoomer Dog takes the top spot for various reasons. It is one of the best-reviewed pieces in different online platforms. Many of those who bought praised its adaptability to kids' behavior. It is an entertaining piece that will keep your baby fully occupied for quite some time. He has the ability to learn, an attribute that does not come in many of the other puppies.

The fact that he zooms makes him a favorite for the grown kids for they would need something that seems real. So if you were wondering which Zoomer Dog is the right one for you, you have an answer in Bentley.

Bentley Zoomer Dog is not the only candidate in the list of best-reviewed puppies. Shadow interactive puppy also makes a claim for the top spot. This is one of the top Zoomer dogs in the market right now. It is intelligent and adaptive and will be perfect for any kid. It comes with great games with a variety to keep your kid's interested on for a long time. Once he begins to play he will forget that you even exist until probably he wants some food.

If your kid is not ready to own a pet or cannot own one because of reasons such as allergy then a Zoomer Dog would be the best bet. These are friendly and intriguing playmates for your kid. They will take all the attention of your baby leaving you with some time on your hands to do house stuff. There are many choices you can pick one for your kid and I hope this post has been helpful to guide you in the right direction.

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