Top 10 Best Full Size Bed Frame Reviews — Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Looking to buy a full-size bed? With so many options to choose from, how can you possibly choose the right one for you? Here, we feature the best full-size bed brands and models, as well as information on each item. As you read along, you should be able to find the right product you need that is worth your time and money. So, check out this review and buying the guide on a full-size bed to help you make a practical decision on the item to buy.

King’s Brand Full Size Bed with Adjustable Metal Frame and Center Support

King's Brand 7-Leg Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame with Center Support Rug Rollers and Locking Wheels, QueenFullFull XLTwinTwin XL

  • Heavy duty metal bed frame with 7 legs that you can adjust easily
  • Stress-free to move around as there are wheels incorporated
  • Well-built and durable
  • Bed frame made of solid steel metal
  • Optimum support for your full-size bed mattress and headboard
  • King’s Brand 7-Leg Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame compatible with queen, twin, twin XL, full XL and full-size bed
  • Does not work with a king-size bed
  • Product
  • Photos

King's Brand 7-Leg Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame with Center Support...

7-Leg Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Queen, Full, Full XL, Twin, Twin XL, Bed Frame With Center Support, Rug Rollers and Locking Wheels. Ultimate in strength and durability, quality and structure. Two ...

  • Inexpensive full-size bed that costs less than $50 without the shipping fee
  • Very fast delivery time from the seller, which means less hassle for buyers
  • Product arrived without any damages as it was packed well
  • Assembly of this full-size bed frame takes less time than what several buyers have expected
  • Sturdy components eliminated any issues on swaying, instability or squeaking sounds
  • Center supports are well-built and designed to last for a long time
  • Back support is improved with this bed frame
  • If you want to attach a headboard, you can do so through the openings included
  • Easy to change the frame’s size, in case you want to upgrade from a full to queen size bed

  • Minimal information on the assembly
  • Assembly instructions only come in four pictures found on the front portion of the box
  • Some people had problems with shipment delay
  • Steel frame is not very dense, as compared with other brands
  • Mixed reviews from customers

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Zinus SmartBase 14-Inch Bed Frame

Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation Platform Bed Frame Box Spring Replacement Quiet Noise-Free Maximum Under-bed Storage, Full

  • Capable of supporting a maximum of 2400 pounds of weight, as long as it is evenly distributed across the frame’s surface
  • Quick assembly without the use of sophisticated tools
  • Can be used to replace full-size bed frame and a box spring
  • Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation Platform Bed Frame Box Spring is 14 inches off the floor, thus allowing you extra storage space
  • Has a 12.5-inch clearance under the bed frame
  • Comes with durable and sturdy steel support
  • Includes plastic caps for protection to your floors
  • Folding design ensures ease of use and storage
  • 5-year warranty (limited)
  • Product
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Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation/Platform Bed Frame/Box Spring Replacement/Quiet Noise-Free/Maximum Under-bed...

The Next Generation Bed Frame - The SmartBase Mattress Foundation by Zinus. The SmartBase eliminates the need for a box spring as your memory foam, spring or latex mattress should be placed directly ...

  • Garnered a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 10,000 actual customer reviews
  • Although a bit high-priced, this full-size bed frame is sturdy
  • No issues with squeaks, creaks or strange noises common with wobbly bed frames
  • Very quick and easy to assemble
  • Can provide maximum support on your back

  • The frame is rather heavy at over 120 pounds
  • Can be hard to move around because of the weight

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Zinus Full Size Bed Frame with Wooden Slats and Upholstered Button Platform

Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed with Wooden Slats, Full

  • Elegant upholstery with soft button tufted platform
  • Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed includes 10 wooden slats, frame, and a headboard
  • Classic style with great support on mattress
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Provides softness and sophistication to the overall look of the frame
  • Excellent support for a full-size bed mattress
  • A breeze to assemble
  • Product
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Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed with Wooden Slats, Full

This stunning upholstered platform bed by Zinus will transform your bedroom. It ships in one carton with the frame, legs and ten wooden slats conveniently located in the zippered compartment in the ...

  • Quick shipping
  • Takes under 30 minutes to assemble and setup
  • Has a good amount of space at the bottom for storage
  • The bed has light colors that brighten up any space
  • Velcro attachment on the slats to ensure stability
  • Every component is well-built
  • Elegant appearance of the frame with smooth edges

  • Some people had issues with fitting their box spring and mattress
  • Ideal to use without a box spring
  • There were complaints on the height of the bed as it is not high enough

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South Shore Full Platform Bed

South Shore Step One Collection Full Platform Bed, Pure Black

  • South Shore Step One Collection Full Platform Bed is made from eco-friendly laminated particle panels
  • Weighs 120 pounds
  • Rounded corners ensure your safety
  • No tools necessary for the assembly
  • Easy to setup in just a few minutes
  • Can accommodate up to 500 pounds of weight
  • Decorative molding added to this full-size bed frame
  • Accessories not included
  • Product
  • Photos

South Shore Step One Collection Full Platform Bed, Pure Black

3070234 South Shore Furniture, Full Platform Bed with Molding 54", Contemporary, Pure Black. This sleek bed looks fabulous in any bedroom. This model is constructed of durable particleboard with an ...

  • There is no problem with putting up this bed frame
  • Sturdy and durable materials used for this product
  • Only requires a small screwdriver for the assembly
  • Instructions included
  • It is important that the mattress fits the platform closely

  • The whole frame is rather heavy, which makes it challenging to move around
  • Easy to scratch and dent the frame
  • The directions for assembly of this full-size bed frame can be tricky to follow
  • A wood glue may be necessary when putting every piece together

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Handy Living Full Bed Frame with Wood Slat

Handy Living Wood Slat Bed Frame Full

  • No need for a box spring
  • Assembly is necessary for this full-size bed frame
  • Can hold a maximum of 300 pounds for each side of the frame
  • Black color for the frame
  • Compatible with full-size mattress
  • Comes with birch-laminated wood slats that are 2 inches in width
  • Highly durable, supportive and sturdy
  • Handy Living Wood Slat Bed Frame includes 7 steel legs, center support beam, and additional side legs
  • Imported materials
  • Product
  • Photos

Handy Living Wood Slat Bed Frame Full

This sturdy bed frame is the perfect platform to hold your standard full size mattress and eliminates the need for a box spring. The steel bed frame features wood slats providing solid support for ...

  • Takes a few minutes to assemble and put together
  • Sturdy and no squeaks
  • No wheels, which prevents the frame from sliding around
  • Relatively fast shipping

  • Can be difficult to disassemble
  • The plastic connectors used for the wood slats to the bed frame seem cheaply-made

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Zinus 10-Inch Modern Studio Metal Bed Frame Platform with Wood Slat Support

Zinus Modern Studio 10 Inch Platform 2000 Metal Bed Frame Mattress Foundation, no Boxspring needed, Wooden Slat Support, Full

  • Product
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Zinus Modern Studio 10 Inch Platform 2000 Metal Bed Frame/Mattress Foundation, no...

The steel framed Platform Bed 2000 by Zinus features wooden slats that provide strong support for your memory foam, latex, or spring mattress. Low profile 10 inch height with 7 inches of clearance ...

  • Can be easy to put together without any help
  • Instructions and essential tools for assembly are included
  • Solid and sturdy frame
  • Every component fits firmly and easily

  • The slats appear to be a bit flimsy
  • Some people decided to use additional pieces of particle board for extra support on top of the slats

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Best Price Mattress Full-Size Bed Metal Frame

Best Price Mattress New Innovated Box Spring Metal Bed Frame, Full

  • No tool necessary for the assembly
  • Best Price Mattress New Innovated Box Spring Metal Bed Frame can replace your old box spring and bed frame
  • Top quality mattress support system
  • 100 percent solid steel construction
  • 14 inches height for extra storage space
  • Full-size
  • Very strong and sturdy
  • No problem with bringing home and setting up
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Product
  • Photos

Best Price Mattress New Innovated Box Spring Metal Bed Frame, Full

This complete support system for your mattress replaces your current metal frame and box spring with a much more user friendly option. Excellent strength and durability, easy to bring home and set ...

  • Very sturdy
  • Comes with an elegant and stylish design
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to assemble
  • A support bar helps prolong the quality and life of your mattress
  • Has a cheap price without compromising quality

  • The size of the frame is longer and wider by about 2 inches than some customers’ mattress
  • For those who use a box spring, the frame may not work well

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Zinus Compack Frame for Full-Size Bed

Zinus Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame, for Box Spring & Mattress Set, Fits Full to King

  • Can be adjusted easily for use with full, king and queen size beds
  • Not ideal to use with just mattress; will require mattress set and box spring
  • Supportive and sturdy with center bar and 9 durable legs
  • Safety ensured with the recessed leg design
  • Zinus Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame is easy to assemble
  • Stable and does not produce any squeaking sound when you move on the bed
  • Has a 5-year limited warranty
  • Product
  • Photos

Zinus Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame, for Box Spring & Mattress Set,...

Zinus has reinvented the bed frame with this "compack" and easy-to-set-up base, uniquely designed for optimum support and durability. This bed fame adjusts to provide a sturdy foundation from a full ...

  • Outstanding support for mattresses that are heavy in weight including the gel and memory foam
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Center support is durable and sturdy
  • Adjustable and versatile

  • Only includes pictures for the instructions on how to assemble
  • The legs on the outer portion of the center support are heavy and may stub your toes

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Sleep Master Full Size Smart Box Spring

Sleep Master Smart Box Spring, Full

  • Sturdy and durable steel structure for this full-size bed frame
  • No tools necessary for the assembly
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Available in other bed sizes
  • Sleep Master Smart Box Spring is compact and convenient packing
  • 9 inches in height
  • Smart packaging allows you to move the item in tight spaces
  • Product
  • Photos

Sleep Master Smart Box Spring, Full

Enjoy the strong support and convenience of the new 9 inch high Smart Box Spring by Zinus. Offers the look and functionality of a traditional box spring, but made from steel for longer-lasting ...

  • Portable to lug around the house even if it weights about 50 pounds or so
  • Full-size bed frame is rather lightweight than a typical box spring
  • Does not take up much space
  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Zip cover comes with a stunning appearance with soft plush on the white portions
  • Durable and sturdy

  • It was not easy for other people to assemble
  • The directions can be a challenge to follow, according to some customers

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Zinus Deluxe Full Size Bed Frame with Wooden Slats and Faux Leather

Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats, Full

  • Available in various sizes include full, king and queen beds
  • Contemporary and stylish
  • Includes frame, 10 wooden slats and headboard
  • Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed has a padded faux leather component
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty
  • Product
  • Photos

Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats, Full

Modern, clean styling and strong mattress support; Luxurious padded espresso-colored faux leather; Headboard, frame and 10 wood slats included/mattress sold separately; Available in Full, Queen, ...

  • Every component needed is included in the package
  • The pieces are solid and sturdy
  • Metal brackets come pre-installed for optimum support
  • Middle support is made of quality metal
  • Assembly is fast and easy, which should take less than an hour

  • Modifications were done by other customers
  • It may help to add 2 wood screws for added support on the wood slats

How to Choose the Best Full-Size Bed?

So, you are probably wondering – how can you select the perfect full-size bed that meets your needs and standard? Well, it helps to understand that there are different bed sizes available in the market. While this may cause you some confusion when it comes to the right one to buy, the most important thing to think about is the comfort and support level that the bed offers. Are you looking for a bed just for yourself, a child, or for you and your partner? In this case, the size must be taken into consideration.

What Bed Sizes Are Available?

As mentioned earlier, you should be able to find a number of bed sizes to choose from. The following are details about each.

  1. Twin

Measuring 39 x 75 inches, a twin bed is perfect for an adult sleeper or a child. However, it is not spacious enough to work for two people since there will not be ample space to move. Furthermore, you may opt for a twin bed if your guest bedroom, daybed or bunk bed are small.

  1. Twin XL

A little longer than the twin bed, the twin XL has an additional 5 inches length to accommodate taller adults or teens. The length is similar to that of a king or queen bed, but it is narrower in width.

  1. Full-Size Bed

At 54 x 75 inches in width and length, there should be a good space for 2 adults to sleep on a full-size bed. While others may prefer a wider space such as what is available from a queen or king bed, a full bed should suffice if floor space is a bit of an issue.

  1. Queen Bed

With 6 inches more space in terms of width and 5 inches longer than a full-size bed, the queen bed is great for a spacious master bedroom. It is perfect for 2 adults, or even for just one person who wants plenty of space to stretch while sleeping.

  1. King and California King

A king bed is 16 inches wider than a queen bed, so it is a common choice for couples who want more sleeping space. You can even share the bed with your children and maybe a pet or two. On the other hand, California king is for taller people as it comes with 84 inches in length to extend your legs and feel comfortable as you sleep.

How to Choose a Bed?

Now that you learn more about the different sizes of bed, you will need to find out how exactly you can choose the right bed for your needs. Initially, you need to test out a bed before you buy it. Whether you opt for a full-size bed or a King bed, testing it out at the store will give you a better feel at the comfort level that the product offers.

Also, you need to think about the floor space in your bedroom. Do you have a large room, or is it too cramped already to fit in a big bed? A full-size bed may be fine for an average-sized room, particularly if you are sharing the bed with a partner.

Most importantly, determine your budget. The amount you are willing to spend will have a serious impact on your purchasing decision. So, compare several products, learn about their pros and cons, and you should eventually come up with the right choice that matches your standard and budget.

Competition — Which One Is the Best among Reviewed and Why?

After looking into the features, pros and cons of the 10 items presented in this review, we can conclude that the Zinus SmartBase full-size bed is the best among the rest. It can accommodate as much as 2400 pounds, stands 14 inches off the floor for extra storage space, and has a folding design that lets you store the bed in case you need to move out of the house. With 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from over 10,000 customers, you can never go wrong with this well-made, stylish and sturdy full-size bed frame by Zinus.


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