Top 10 Trailer Brake Controller Reviews — Making Sure You Choose the Best of 2019

Tekonsha 90885 Prodigy P2 Electronic Brake ControlTrailer brakes are extra protection policy for you, your gear and other drivers.

But did you know that you cannot operate them without a trailer brake controller?

Now that sounds unbelievable. But it is the truth. The trailer brake controllers vary in the number of brakes they can control. To choose the right one for you may not be as simple as it may appear.

With a little guide on the available choices and what to look for the best trailer brake controller, you can get everything right for your towing needs.


Tekonsha 90160 Brake Controller

Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control

This primus trailer brake controller comes with proportional balance hence will not require any kind of adjustment. Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control has a boost feature that allows for more braking whenever a driver is towing. It will work in equal measure both forwards and backwards. When it is not in use it easily put to rest and you will also appreciate the diagnostic features that come with LED display.

  • It comes with a boosting feature that allows you to apply more braking power whenever necessary
  • It has an auto-diagnostic feature that will show problems on the LED display
  • It works in equal proportion on reverse
  • The construction is good and entirely solid
  • Easy to install and set it up to your liking

  • Only good for trailers that weigh 40% more than their tow

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Draw-Tite 20191 Electronic Trailer Brake Controller

Draw-Tite 20191 I-Stop IQ Electronic Brake Control

To assure you that you are not just buying any other trailer brake controller, this Draw-Tite piece comes with a limited life warranty. A self- regulated controller that will automatically report and display problems on the LED console.

With a proportion balance, you do not need any alignment. Not forgetting the boost feature that increases the braking to an instant level. It is a product made with the user needs in mind and you are right to trust it with your money.

  • Product

  • For a wide axle range of 1-3
  • Comes with a self-diagnostic feature leaving you with nothing to worry about since problems will be reported in advance over the LED display
  • The Plug-N-Play port will take in 2-plufg adapters
  • It is easy to remove as well as install thanks to the snap-in clip
  • Very effective and reliable

  • The hard part is getting the screws in because of the weird position

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Reese Towpower Trailer Brake Controller (74378)

Reese Towpower 74378 Pilot Brake Controller

It will handle up to 3 axles and be as efficient as you want it to be. Pilot’s reliability and accuracy will amaze you as it is able to work well even when it is mounted upside down.

Reese Towpower 74378 Pilot Brake Controller is large enough to enhance easy reading and will be a big help in trying to find any braking problems. You will have a number of mounting options hence its installation is super easy leaving you with the choice of where and how to have it installed.

  • Has a mounting bracket for easy standard installation
  • A variety of mounting option (upside down is one of them)
  • Good quality hence accompanied with a lifetime limited warranty
  • It is protected against ground loss and short circuiting

  • You will need an adapter separately
  • Does not have a memory so you have to carry your cheat sheet

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Reese Towpower Compact Brake Control

Reese Towpower (74642) Brakeman Timed Compact Brake Control

This is a solidly constructed trailer brake controller that requires no leveling. Reese Towpower (74642) Brakeman Timed Compact Brake Control has a sync adjustment feature that you can adjust for different trailers. They are at the edge of innovation and easy to operate making them the best choices for modern towing vehicles. They have a way to magnify applied force hence their reliably is nothing to question.

  • Product

  • The slide adjustment allows it to take on different trailers
  • It is perfectly compatible with anti-locking brake systems
  • It is compact; no moving part and you will not need any kind of leveling
  • Has a red light indicator for you to see any problems

  • Does not come with an adapter and it is not said in the description
  • Only works best for smaller trailers so if yours is big you have to look elsewhere
  • Does not have proportional settings

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Tekonsha 90885 Electronic Brake Control

Tekonsha 90885 Prodigy P2 Electronic Brake Control

How does a self-regulated trailer brake controller sound?

This Tekonsha 90885 model is such a piece. It will adjust itself according to terrain and will automatically switch off when you do not need it. It is the perfect choice for a backing spot and you are sure of where you are headed. It will take as many as 4 axles and that is a generous offer.

  • Smart controller that adjusts according to terrain and switches off when not in use
  • Multiple mounting options with 360 degrees of rotation
  • Automated and continuous diagnostic feature
  • Has a boost feature for more braking power

  • These units are not the cheapest on the market
  • This brake controller doesn’t apply sufficient power to fully activate the trailer brakes.

Tekonsha 90885 Electronic Brake Control

Yotube Video Review: Tekonsha 90885 Electronic Brake Control

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Tekonsha P3 Trailer Brake Controller (95-09 Dodge Ram)



Tekonsha brings yet another of the top quality trailer brake controller. This one is has a boosting feature to increase the braking power. TEKONSHA P3 BRAKE CONTROL is reliable and gives you the status report on the bright LCD screen.

  • Product

  • Can work with 1 up to 4 axles
  • Comes with a limited life warranty
  • Customizable brakes
  • Easy to mount
  • No adjustment needed

  • The wiring harness will be a bit of a problem
  • You should have the tow connected before you mount it

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Tekonsha P3 (03-06) Chevy Brake Controller


A good trailer brake controller is a great investment and you have that in this piece. With room for customization, you can have the control you want on your towing. TEKONSHA P3 BRAKE CONTROL 03-06 is an easy one to mount and you will not need any assistance at all. As a token of how this one is great quality brake controller, it comes with a limited life warranty. Such is the assurance you need for the money you are spending on this one.

  • Product

  • Has a boosting feature to easily customize your braking capability
  • Comes with a full kit i.e. plug and harness
  • Easy to mount
  • Effective on up to 4 axles
  • Has a bright and Broad LCD screen for easy monitoring
  • Can work with both hydraulic and electric brakes

  • The up and down button may present problems after some time

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Tekonsha 90195

Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control

Here is the trailer brake controller that will make things easy for you. Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control is designed to alert you of braking problems before they become real problems.

The LCD screen is bright and well lit to give you status report every time you want it. It does that in 3 languages i.e. English, Spanish, and French. The mounting clip is the snap-in kind that makes it easy for you to install and remove as you feel necessary.

  • Product

  • The boost feature accepts both hydraulic and electronic brakes. It gives more power to your brakes
  • Comes with an integrated Plug-N-Play port making it easy for adaptability
  • Self-diagnostic feature keeps ahead of any problems as they are projected on the LCD screen
  • Reliable and efficient brake control ever to hit the market

  • The price is a bit high but you get value for every single dime you are paying for it

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Hopkins Insight (47297) Trailer brake Controller

Hopkins 47297 INSIGHT Brake Control

You may only know Hopkins when it comes to education and health. But I’m sure you did not anticipate that name to show up in the motor world, not as trailer braking controller. While this might not be related to the Hopkins you know, it is a modern braking control with the latest technology. It is the most reliable kind you will come across.

The stops are smooth and will come in handy in a slow moving road. It is easy to put, anywhere you want with no drilling, and will take control of as many as 8 brakes.

  • Product

  • You mount the parts separately with no need for drilling. This easy for you
  • It is made in advanced technology that makes your braking smooth and safe
  • Its power and sensitivity are digital so you can trust it completely
  • It is compatible with both hydraulic and electric brake systems
  • Can support up to 8 brakes

  • The LED display is painfully smaller. It is also not bright enough for use in bright sunlight
  • Not sensitive on level 1 and 2. Has to be messed up with for towing weight changes

Hopkins Brake Controller HM47297

Yotube Video Review: Hopkins Brake Controller HM47297

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Hopkins (47235) Impulse Brake Controller


Hopkins (47235) Impulse Brake ControllerIf there is a sure way to ensure safety for you and other road users then this trailer brake controller makes it to the top. Made in contemporary features, it is able to give you both efficiency and reliability. Hopkins 47235 Impulse Brake Control is self-detective and will display on problems for you. It is easy to have it mounted giving it another big plus. It is right for the money you are spending on it.

  • Product

  • Has a digital display feature from 5-99%
  • Provide error codes to notify the driver of any problems
  • It is digitally enabled as you only have to set the percentage of braking you need
  • Easy to mount and set up

  • If you over set the braking percent it may be dangerous. For many, it works best at 22% but that could vary from one trailer to another.

Product Name Image Axles Overall Rating Details
Tekonsha 90160 Brake Controller 4 10 Check price
Draw-Tite 20191 Electronic Trailer Brake Controller 1-3 9.5 Check price
Reese Towpower Trailer Brake Controller (74378) 3 9 Check price
Reese Towpower Compact Brake Control 1-2 9.5 Check price
Tekonsha 90885 Electronic Brake Control 4 9.5 Check price
Tekonsha P3 Trailer Brake Controller (95-09 Dodge Ram) - 9.5 Check price
Tekonsha P3 (03-06) Chevy Brake Controller - 8.5 Check price
Tekonsha 90195 4 9.5 Check price
Hopkins Insight (47297) Trailer brake Controller 4 9 Check price
Hopkins (47235) Impulse Brake Controller 4 9 Check price

How to Choose a Trailer Brake Controller?

What goes into buying a trailer brake controller? I guess it is more than just having the right amount of money. It is about choosing something that will work for your trailer making it reliable whenever you need it. So how do you ensure that you will choose the best trailer brake controller?

  • Time-based vs Proportional based: there these 2 types of control brakes. But one thing is clear you should not choose the time-based types. The proportional brake controllers are more advanced and way better.
  • The ratio between your trailer and tow vehicle: this is a factor you must consider as you choose your trailer brake controller. If both are equal or the trailer is heavier then you have to avoid low-end controllers
  • How often do you tow? If you do this on a regular basis then you have to for a high quality. But it should be something you can afford.
  • How much are you paying for it? When it comes to what you are spending you will need value for each penny you are spending. Go for good performance, outstanding feature and quality.
  • Prevent your tires: you have already invested a lot in your trailer and nothing should spoil such investment. You should go for the best trailer brake controller that will not jerk off your tires.


Do you want safety and assurance when you are in your trailer? Yes, you would and there is only one way to ensure that. Having a trailer brake controller is the insurance you need. It is the answer to unresponsive brakes. If you were wondering about the best choice to make, now you have an answer for that. Choose the best according to your needs and you will never regret such a decision.


10 Total Score
Competition -- Best Reviewed Trailer Brake Controller

Of all the reviewed brakes here, which one is the perfect trailer brake controller? I know this is a question you would like an answer to so as to make your choice. Tekonsha 90160 trailer brake controller is the best there is. It is a digital system that will give your braking system more efficiency. It is designed to make things easy for the driver as problems are automatically checked and displayed on the LED screen. If you are looking for a sure way to be in control of your trailer, this is the way to go. It will give you good long service hence worth every penny you are paying for it.

In the race for the best trailer brake controller, it was a tight duel. Draw-Tite 20191 electronic brake took the second slot. I must admit it was a tight race and this brake could still have been in the first spot. It has a self-diagnostic edge that tells all the problems with your braking. In fact, this one is more sensitive to braking issues than any other giving you more conviction why this is the right choice to make. It is super easy to install and remove with the only problem being the weird positioning of the screw holes. Durability, reliability and efficiency are all assured in this brake controller.

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