Top 10 Best Vibram Five Fingers Reviews — Experience Barefoot the Way It Is Meant to Be

Vibram Men's KMD LS Cross Training ShoeHave you experienced the new barefoot?

If not, Vibram Five Fingers is the way to go. It offers all the protection and comfort a shoe has to offer. Whether it is running, kayaking, surfing or just walking, Vibram Five Fingers will be yours truly.

It is a versatile shoe and you can do as you wish with the feeling of a barefoot beneath. Branded as the new way to feel what is beneath you, Vibram Five Fingers is winning hearts of many and you should not be left behind.

Do you want to have one for yourself? Here are a few options you can make your choice from.

Vibram Cross Training Shoe for Men


Vibram Men's KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe

Here comes the promise of protection and resolute ground feedback. Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe allows you to get a close feel of the ground and at the same time giving you grip on whatever terrain you scale.

There are flexibility and freedom in every of the Vibram Five Fingers and this one is no exception. Totally created for sport, this is the kind of training shoe you should be hitting the ground. With it, you are definitely a winner.

  • Product


  • Has a synthetic sole
  • Zero drop allowance
  • Speed lacing system and a light padded tongue
  • Has an XS external sole

  • A solid shoe that will give you years of service without going to go shopping soon
  • Very comfortable and flexible

  • The top part wears out very fast

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Vibram Five Fingers Women KomodoSport LS


Vibram FiveFingers KMD Sport LS - Women's

This is not only a shoe for your exercise needs but one that will also take care of your feet’s health. It comes with sensory receptors that keep your feet stimulated and exercised just like the rest of your body. To make your feet stronger, healthier and balanced, Vibram Five Fingers gives a shoe that has you have never worn before.

Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport LS – Women’s is the new barefoot shoe in town and will meet all your expectations however how lofty they may be.

  • Product

  • Has a Vibram signature TC1 Rubber outer sole
  • Has PU toe cap for protection
  • Has enhanced lacing system
  • Footbed seamless inner sole

  • The unrivaled shoe when it comes to comfort and safety
  • It offers more than a typical shoe by taking care of your feet health
  • The seamless inner sole prevents friction and increases comfort
  • Has an excellent grip on whatever terrain you chose

  • They are hot inside since they are made of heavy material on the upper side
  • The sole is a bit thick hence heavy

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Vibram Men Trail Running Shoe

Vibram Men's Spyridon MR Trail Running Shoe

For balance and prioritized protection, you have an answer in Vibram Men’s Spyridon MR Trail Running Shoe. It is the real image of what Vibram Five Fingers has an offer for you.

Comfortable to run on, this shoe gives the real feel of the earth under your feet. The sole is light while the tread is in 3D giving you all the ground pressure you would want to experience on your feet. It is what you would want to have on your feet for its promise of safety, comfort and firsthand feel of the ground is true.

  • Product


  • Lightweight sole with max protection
  • Comes with zero drop allowance
  • 3D nylon mesh for the midsole
  • Wave trail and grip external sole
  • Bungle lagging and multidirectional grip outer sole

  • Light sole hence easy to run in it
  • Maximum protection
  • Excellent balance
  • Perfect shoe for mud runners
  • Top quality material

  • Not very stretchable as it promises to be

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KSO Vibram for Men

Vibram Men's Kso-M Trail Runner

When you want to go up a rock or you are taking a trek along a river bank, your last concern should be your safety. This KSO from Vibram Five Fingers is the way to go. It is super thin but still assures you of firm grip and the kind of safety you want on such terrain.

The material is resistant to abrasion and covers your feet from any sort of harm. It also has a breathable mesh that gives your feet fresh air and you can have it the entire day. This is the new design Vibram Five Fingers is offering and it should be the purchase you do not want to miss.

  • Product


  • Abrasion resistance
  • Built for perfect fitting
  • XS trek Rubber sole for ultimate performance
  • Loop and hook closure

  • No question about protection and foot safety
  • A versatile shoe: you can do a lot in it
  • Firm grip on the grip hence giving you what it felt like running bare feet
  • The design is intelligently done; You have to thank Vibram Five Fingers for such an innovative design

  • For those with wide feet, this might not be your Vibram Five Fingers

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KMD from Vibram For Cross Training (Men)

Vibram Men's KMD LS Cross Training Shoe

Built to perfection when it comes to protecting your feet, Vibram Men’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoe is one of the Vibram Five Fingers you should be buying.

The microfiber sole does its work best and at the same time gives you a natural gait. You can feel the earth as you step down and the feeling is so thrilling that you never want to remove the shoes. The smart tread design gives you a firm grip while the breathable mesh is there to ensure fresh feet and perfect fit.

  • Product


  • Breathable mesh for freshness and perfect fit
  • Ice-trek outer sole
  • Has a lateral grip for max grip in lateral movements
  • Zero drop allowance

  • No shin splints
  • Perfect fit
  • Guaranteed protection and feet safety
  • Will give you long-running service

  • You cannot wear them in winter or snow

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Vibram Five Fingers SEEYA Running Shoe for Men

Vibram FiveFingers Mens SeeYa LS Polyester Running Shoe

If there are any of the Vibram Five Fingers to bring close to the barefoot sensation then you have your answer here. Vibram FiveFingers Mens SeeYa LS Polyester Running Shoe is light and covered with a breathable mesh to bring unrivaled foot-drive experience. The inner and midsoles are naturally tailored to further reduce its weight and bring about the promise of bareness.

  • Product


  • A durable performance TC-1 sole
  • Seamless collar for minimizing irritation while at the same time offering maximum protection
  • Polyurethane inner sole that feels like your own feet
  • Breathable mesh to further reduce weight

  • Safety and protection guaranteed
  • Gives you a natural gait
  • Comfortable on your feet and a real barefoot experience

  • They don’t fit quite well
  • Not durable

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Vibram Yoga Shoe for Women

Vibram Women's Alitza Loop Fitness Yoga Shoe

Women you probably thought that Vibram Five Fingers forgot all about you. No, they did not.

Vibram Women’s Alitza Loop Fitness Yoga Shoe is light and gives you a thrilling barefoot experience and perfect traction. It is the best for your fitness section as breathability follows you everywhere. It does not stop there; it will go where you want giving comfort with every step. It is the best way for ladies to go out for their yoga classes so do not be left behind.

  • Product


  • It is made for cold machine wash and air dried
  • XS trek outer sole
  • Made in stretchable polyamide

  • Perfect fit and soothing comfort
  • Good physical appearance
  • Their breathability makes them a perfect choice for arthritis feet or toes

  • Will not fit like normal shoes; too small and tight

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Vibram Bikila for Women

Vibram Women's Bikila Evo Road Running Shoe

If you run you want to know that you can trust the kind of shoe you are wearing. Vibram Women’s Bikila Evo Road Running Shoe is a true representation of Vibram Five Fingers and what they have to offer for a lady who works out.

It is a perfect fit and comfortable so you won’t even notice that you have something on your feet. The Eva middle soles offer more comfort and protection and without adding weight. It features Vibram mega grip sole that assures you of protection, durability, and extra grip.

  • Product


  • Has Eva foam for middle soles
  • Zero drop allowance
  • Minimum lace-up needs
  • Vibram mega grip sole for durability and firm grip
  • Has anti-microbial properties

  • Very comfortable to have them on
  • They are a perfect fit
  • Gives you a firm grip on all terrain
  • Real deal and worth every penny
  • No injuries or pain on your feet and leg

  • There are a few complaints about their durability

Vibram Bikila

Yotube Video Review: Vibram Bikila

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VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoes for Women

Vibram Women's VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe

If there is a shoe ladies will love from Vibram Five Fingers it is this one. It is everything you will love about these kinds of shoes. Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe is refined, elegant and a perfect fit. For all that you have to do about fitness, this is the shoe that will cover every need you may have.

It is also breathable giving you the comfort and freshness you desire in a shoe. Besides, its design is beautiful and will make your entire leg look even great. Pocket-friendly and the promise of never regretting buying these shoes make it an easier decision to purchase this shoe.

  • Product


  • Has no drop allowance
  • Breathable mesh for extra comfort
  • XS trek outer sole
  • It is machine washable and dried on air
  • Has a rubber sole


  • It is a cute pair of shoe
  • Very comfortable and light
  • The outer sole will give you firm grip and feeling of bareness


  • It is what you would count on for durability
  • They tend to be larger than the actual number

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Vibram’s KMD LS Women Crossing Training Shoes

Vibram Women's KMD LS Cross Training Shoe

It is not only men who do intense workouts; ladies too. And for that, they need shoes that can do that job perfectly. Vibram Five Fingers understands this need and gives them this thick soled shoe that can withstand intense exercises. The sole is meatier and would be perfect both for the gym and outdoor exercises.

Vibram Women’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoe provides stability and gives you a positive feedback to your feet. It is heavily structured and the right purchase if you always want to go the extra mile in your exercises.

  • Product


  • Both nylon and polyester on the outside mesh
  • Has a thick rubber sole
  • No drop at all
  • XS trek outer sole
  • Circular tread grooves for lateral movements

  • They are strongly built hence will give you long time of service
  • Suitable for gym and outdoor workouts
  • They are physically cute
  • They fit your feet perfectly

  • They are a bit heavy

Product Name Image Overall Rating Details
Vibram Cross Training Shoe for Men 8.5 Check price
Vibram Five Fingers Women KomodoSport LS 10 Check price
Vibram Men Trail Running Shoe 9.5 Check price
KSO Vibram for Men 8.5 Check price
KMD from Vibram For Cross Training (Men) 9.5 Check price
Vibram Five Fingers SEEYA Running Shoe for Men 8 Check price
Vibram Yoga Shoe for Women 8 Check price
Vibram Bikila for Women 9.5 Check price
VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoes for Women 9 Check price
Vibram’s KMD LS Women Crossing Training Shoes 9.5 Check price

Why Choose Vibram Five Fingers?

Why should you choose Vibram Five Fingers?

  • They offer a new way of barefoot. It feels excellent when the ground is pressing on you and you know that it will not harm you.
  • They are comfortable and fully protect your feet. Doing your gym or outdoor exercise routine on Vibram Five Fingers is comfortable. That is not all as you are sure of your protection as long as you got the right kind of shoe
  • They are fashionable and you would enjoy the change in how you put on your shoes
  • As compared to typical shoes, Vibram Five Fingers shoes offer more benefits. They exercise your feet and are suitable for people with arthritis on toes and feet.


Are you now convinced you should try the new barefoot? Yes, should be. Vibram Five Fingers should be a top buy now. You have a few choices to start you off. You are even guided on how to choose the best of the Vibram Five Fingers and that leaves the rest to you. Once you make the purchase you will always have them. They will be with you for fun, fashion, pleasure or whatever reason you need them.


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Competition -- Which One Is Best Reviewed and Why

Each of the shoes from Vibram Five Fingers seems to be a perfect choice for you. You may wonder on which of them claims the top spot. To address your concerns, Vibram Five Fingers Women KomodoSports LS takes the top spot when it comes to the best shoe you can choose. It was best reviewed by those who bought so you may need to try it yourself.

Besides that, it also comes with the best and new features that are not in the other shoes. For instance, it is a shoe that will not only give you a good training but one that will also take care of your feet health wise. It is comfortable and gives you all that you would desire.

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