Top 10 Best Aviation Watches Reviews — A Step by Step Buyer’s Guide

When you hear the word aviation watch, the first thing that comes to mind is extreme levels of durability, style, and functionality. With the best aviation watches, not only can you tell the time, but the watch itself transforms into life-saving tools that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Of course, it’s more than necessary for the modern gentleman to look the part, and move forward with the aviation industry. Today, almost every sophisticated wrist is sure to have one of the best aviation watches in the market. With unique features such as slide rule and bezels, tachymeters, temperature sensors and even a compass, it’s no wonder the aviator style just keeps getting better. Here’s our top 10 list of best aviation watches in the industry and all the information you need to get yourself a match today.

Casio Men’s GW3500B-1A G-Shock Aviator Digital Watch

Casio Men's GW3500B-1A G-Shock Aviator Analog-Digital Watch


Starting off our top 10 list is the Casio Mes’s GW3500B-1A G-Shock. This simplistic device from Casio is not only balanced at the controls, but it also boasts of solar power capabilities for efficient power conservation. The GW3500B-1A Aviator Series also has atomic timekeeping features for up to the second accuracy. The upper ring on this watch is rubber and surrounds a hardy steel case has additional bumpers all around the watch. Surprisingly, these buttons are superbly well protected but also really large and kind of easy to push.

When it comes to durability and surviving high impact force, G-shock really knows their stuff. This black and yellow beauty is among the best aviation watches that can endure centrifugal gravity loads up to 12G. For a more upscale look and professional feel of a cockpit instrument panel, the Casio Men’s GW3500B-1A G-Shock Aviator watch has a sleek golden color balance of black and yellow. Not only does this watch display multiple world times, but it has three great digital readouts and analog displays. The upper part of your digital display is fully alphanumeric and can display either the current day of the current week or even a second or third time zone if you prefer. There’s also a sound, light and alarms indicator at the top for settings. The other displays can be used as stopwatches or for the third time zone.

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Casio Men's GW3500B-1A G-Shock Aviator Series Analog-Digital Black and Yellow Watch

Imported; Shock resistant; Tough movement; Solar power; MB6 atomic timekeeping; Full auto LED light; World time; 4 daily alarms plus snooze; Stopwatch; Countdown timer; Water resistant to 660 feet ...

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OK, I started to get a bit anal about finding the watch I wanted - I went through 10 watches, and returned them all - except this casio GR3500. I won't write negative reviews about the others, it's just that they didn't have what I wanted - this one does.I travel a LOT. So first and foremost, I needed a watch that could deal with multiple time zones easily. I needed to be able to set them easy, and view them easy. Also: MY needs, pretty much in order of need:Dual (or more) time zonesDate display (and day would be nice)AppearanceReadable at nightDurableNo battery (auto or solar)Atomic settingWaterproof to at least 10 atmStopwatchThis watch did it for me!Actually, what I really wanted was the citizen Skyhawk - I liked the steel/titanium band - but when you have dual time, you don't get the date in your home city - WTF?!So I bought this casio - and LOVE it.Some notes:- I was leery about the resin band - but it's pretty comfortable, and I like not having to take it off when I'm at the gym in the shower (I wouldn't wear my leather band in the shower...).- The atomic function resets the watch almost every night - actually if it worked once a week, I'd be happy, but it's almost every night -- while on my hand in bed. (I'm near Washington DC)- The LED Light works like a freaking charm! In addition to a button on the watch, it can be set to automatic, so when you look at the light it turns on - it actually works! Works really well! I had another timex that was supposed to do that and it sucked, I had to practically break my wrist to get it to work...Read more ›
December 8, 2011
I purchased this watch approximately three months ago. It's exceeded my expectations in nearly every aspect which is why I could not be happier with my choice. Since this watch was so well designed, in my opinion, none of its features fall into the "con's" category therefore my review's categories are all positive.>> Excellent
August 1, 2011
That's right. This watch will bring out the true MAN in you. I bought this watch a month ago and I am very pleased with this watch. It's my first G-Shock watch. I've been a longtime user of a Seiko Divers watch. It's been my only watch before the GW3500B. I decided to try out the G-Shock line of watches from Casio. My Seiko Divers watch is still as strong and durable as ever, since I bought it back in 1989. I wanted to get out of my "comfort zone" and try out a G-Shock. So a month ago, I dropped some money on this manly man watch. My wife loves it and I love it too! She said I look good with this watch on. LOL! Also I am old school so analog is the way to go for me. Easier for me to read analog and gauge minutes passed and minutes to go.Ok the GW3500 came in a black G-Shock box. Inside the G-Shock box is a G-Shock round black metal canister. Open the canister and the GW3500 will be there to greet you, all wrapped in plastic and sealed. A manual and warranty card came with my GW3500. THe manual is thick but that's because it has three languages in it. The first section is the English section, if you read and speak English. I think the next section is German then Spanish or prolly French. Can't remember. I advise you read the manual and focus on the diagrams shown. The manual is easy to read and understand.When I received my watch, it was set to regular time not DST. So, I grabbed the manual, following the instructions on how to set the location and DST, in about 10 minutes of fumbling around, I got the watch to adjust. 10 minutes wasn't bad since it was my first time to handle this watch. Other users I've read from other sources complain that this watch is too complex to use. READ THE MANUAL is what I always say.The watch has several analog faces.Read more ›
May 24, 2011

  • Ultra-tough and shock resistant features
  • Accurate MB6 Atomic time keeper
  • Up to 3 different world time zone settings
  • Up to 200 Meters of water resistance

  • While the LED lighting sufficiently illuminates the digits and clock hands, it leaves out the day and date

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Casio Men’s MTP4500D-1AV Slide Rule Bezel Aviation Stainless Watch

Casio Men's MTP4500D-1AV Slide Rule Bezel Aviation Stainless Watch



For that precise and classy touch and ideal look to go along with a business suit, only a stainless steel aviator will do. The MTP4500D-1AV combines the people’s favorite analog style with the ever simplistic yet sophisticated multi-dial watch. Like most Casio masterpieces and best aviation watches, this one promises a superb mix of features and functions and very masculine ascetics. Although it is quite a looker, it is also very robust and rugged.

The Casio Men’s MTP4500D-1AV also has a slide rule bezel that rotates and should never need any maintenance whatsoever. Since it is very inexpensive, it will not even slightly break your bank in half and should thrive a lifetime; maybe even become a family heirloom item for passing on from father to son. For the man on the go, the multiple zones of time feature is a real gem. The main hands display local time while the analog display shows a secondary time-zone. They can be immediately switched by preference and with the push of a singular button. Like to get wet? No problem. The Casio Men’s MTP4500D-1AV is among the best aviation watches that can resist up to 50 meters; great for a day out in the rain or the beach.

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Casio Men's MTP4500D-1AV Slide Rule Bezel Aviator Stainless Steel Watch

Imported; Stainless steel bracelet watch featuring black multi-function dial with three subdials; 42-mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window; Quartz movement with analog display; Stainless ...

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I recently bought this watch because my old watch was pretty much gone. I was initially drawn to the classy design that is complex yet not crowded, a look that I really like personally. Watch fits perfectly after I removed a few links, which was rather difficult. I have a fairly large wrist and had to adjust the clasp to its smallest setting and remove two links, so be prepared. I was using a tack and an ink pen to remove the link pins so that's probably why it was difficult. Which dial was which did befuddle me a bit but I finally figured out that the larger second hand was actually the one for the stopwatch, not the smaller top dial. Overall great watch and I really like how it fits my wrist. The case is big enough to not feel puny yet thin enough to not feel bulky. Solid feeling stainless construction is a plus. The sliding bezel is very nice and smooth, doesn't click like most watches... That could be a positive or negative, depends on one's tastes, personally it didn't really matter to me. The bezel does stay in place well even without clicks. Can't really think of anything else to write, overall great watch, great price, and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.**Update**I actually just purchased my second Aviator just the other day because mine was broken by an accident where the original watch got pulled off of my wrist rather violently, bending the band and rendering it inoperable. This was no fault of the watch and I think one would be hard pressed to find a watch that wouldn't have broken in the instance. I just wanted to let everyone know that this watch is still a great buy! You can beat the price and over a year and half later the original is still ticking just fine. It feels great to have my watch back!PS - I would have sent the original to get fixed but it made more sense to just buy a new one instead of paying roughly $30 for the old one to be fixed.
November 20, 2008
Sturdily built watch and wrist band. Extremely accurate (compares very favorably with my Swiss made watch costing much, much more) BUT what is supposed to make this an aviator watch is the circular slide rule (used by me to compute ground speeds) and on this watch is totally useless!! One scale is is on the outside of the dial face and adjustable, as it should be, the other is under the crystal, and has no business whatsover of being there. This mis-arrangement of scales always presents a very large parallax error, making calculations absolutely totally impossible to perform. If you want to use this feature -DO NOT BUY THIS WATCH!
September 12, 2009
Like everyone keeps saying, the pictures do not do this watch justice! For $50 this is a beautiful watch, I have uploaded 5 additional pictures to try and display how good this watch really looks. The chronograph works perfectly on this watch and I guarantee you that you will not find another for this price. The only real fault I could find in this watch is how hard it is to size the bracelet (hence the -1 star). I can usually size this type of band on my own but the pins on this watch were incredibly hard to take out. After spending hours to no avail trying to size it I finally took it to a watch store to be sized and it even broke their tool! Anyway I finally got it sized on my own and let me tell you once it's on your wrist you don't want to take it off. All in all, despite that one minor problem for $50 you literally cannot beat the looks and functionality of this watch.
February 27, 2011

  • Tough stainless steel with mineral window
  • Highly accurate quartz movement with analog display
  • Bracelet has an easy-fold clasp for easy wearing
  • Up to 165 feet of water resistance

  • Some customers claim that the clasp got broken quickly, but too much manhandling can cause this

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Mens Unique Quartz Wrist Dress Watch with Calendar Date Window Phase

Mens Unique Analog Quartz Waterproof Business Casual Wrist Dress Watch with PU Leather Band Strap, Key Scrath Resitant Face and Classic Design Calendar Date

For the ultimate statement of gentleman’s fashion, look no further than the Mens Unique Business and Casual Wrist Dress up watch has Leather Band Strap. From definite austerity point of view, this watch is almost bulletproof. The crystal is hard and well protected. If you’re more of a maritime man, don’t fret too much about it since this product has got you covered. While most people do not expect leather band water to meet, this bad boy is waterproofed for depths under 30 meters deep. I don’t know about you, but that’s a whole lot deeper than I ever, ever wish to be when checking out what the time is. However, try not to pull the buttons out then step in deep waters since you’ll have a weak point right there. Like most best aviation watches that have leather bands, extremes of heat of cold temperatures are sure to damage the strap and also significantly decrease the life of your best aviation watches.

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Mens Unique Analog Quartz Waterproof Business Casual Wrist Dress Watch with PU...

PRECISE TIME KEEPING and KEY SCRATCH RESISTANT FACE: CITIZEN Japanese Quartz Movement, provide precise and accurate time keeping. High harness german resin watch face with key scratch resistant.; ...

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Nice everyday watch!This is an interesting watch. The first thing that you notice is the large watch face. The second thing you notice is how much the watch sits off of your wrist. The watch has a very handsome black plated shiny case. The bezel looks like it might be rounded but on a second look, it isn't. It is a high hardness glass. The watch band is very nice. It is a thick genuine leather that is glued and stitched. The watch was a date calendar and sports a Citizen movement. The watch is waterproof down to 98 feet. The watch face numbers are large and easy to read. The watch also has a black second hand sweep. Around the face is a slanted elevated plate that clicks off the seconds in increments of 5.The watch is easy to set. Pull out the stem once and set the calendar. Pull the stem out twice and set the time. I really like that the watch battery code is stamped on the back of the watch case. That way, you don't have to take off the back to find out what battery it takes. I am giving this watch to my grandson to take to college with him. He likes sports and he can be a little rough on his belongings. This watch will be perfect for him. I am really pleased with the quality of the watch and the value.****I received this item at a substantial discount in exchange for an honest review.****
July 12, 2016
Good looking watch. I received this at a discount for an unbiased evaluation so I had my son put this watch through its paces. It has a scratch resistant face and nice big numbers so it's very easy to read. It looks good with casual or even business attire. The band is very comfortable and adjusts to fit easily. My son has gotten it wet and it did not affect the funtionality of the watch at all. the calendar is very cool looking as displayed in the photo. Great timepiece!
July 5, 2016
Aposon has done it again, another wonderful watch.I have gotten a few watches from this company and every single one of them has been of the highest of quality.This one is of no exception.It is just as beautiful, justifies the claim of quality I mentioned.This is a very rugged and very sporty watch.It has a big clock face and a thick wrist band.On me, as a woman, it's quite larger than expected because I do have dainty wrists but I gave this watch to my brother and it fits him perfectly.With Japanese quartz movement, It provides precise and accurate time keeping.It has a German resin watch face that is scratch resistant.The case cover is made of the high quality Stainless Steel, making it durable and long lasting.And the wrist band is made from genuine Leather, which provides comfort while wearing it.-The features this watch includes are:• Calendar Date Window Phase• Easy to Read White Time Mark• Big bold numbers for easy reading.The design and look of this watch is rather rugged yet fashionable.It suits my brother perfectly, because he likes to take care of himself yet obtain that "masculine" style he loves so much.The color contrast of Black with Brown is beautiful, beyond words.This watch is waterproof to an extreme degree.Perfect for any person of every walk of life.The business man, the sporty guy. Everyone can obtain something amazing using this watch.You can hand wash with it on, shower, swim...all this and nothing will happen.As long as you don't keep it submerged underwater for a long period of time.-Note: Please DO NOT pull out the button under the water.Read more ›
July 11, 2016

  • Sports and business casual design for variety
  • High quality and extremely durable leather band strap that is also comfortable
  • Up to 98 feet of water resistance
  • Face is exceedingly scratch resistant

  • Some customers claim that the watch becomes susceptible to water damage after long periods, but just ensure you don’t take it to depths over 30 meters

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G-Shock Unisex G-Aviation Twin Sensor GA1000 Black/Orange

G-Shock Unisex G-Aviation Twin Sensor GA1000 BlackOrange


For over 20 years G-Shock digital best aviation watches have been the trademark of the ultimate toughness. Providing a durable, reliable, waterproof digital watch for every activity. Like all other best aviation watches from G-Shock, this beauty is guided by the triple 10 development concept. This means that the design teams sought to make the best aviation watches that will not break, can survive a 10-meter fall easily, great in even 10-bar water resistance and an even better, longer 10-year battery life. For the man on the go, the multi-zone time feature is a real gem. The main hands display local time while the analog display shows a second time. These two can then and at your discretion be switched by preference and with the push of only one button.

The G-Shock Unisex GA1000 is among the first best aviation watches to be ingeniously yet subtly equipped with Twin Sensor capabilities. This creates a wrist watch that’s simply flawlessly matched to the specific needs of today’s modern male aviator. This is both in strict terms of function as well as appearance too. If you ever get lost, just press the button at the 9 o’clock position and your watch will immediately go to your Digital Compass Mode to show you the way. In addition, bearing memory allows you to store, display it in any direction reading so as to use it as a clear reference. Other desirable features here include temperature and range measurement, extra large numerals, and very thick hands for easier reading.

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G-Shock Unisex G-Aviation Twin Sensor GA1000 Black/Orange

Imported; Water Resistant

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Tons of functions like world time, timer, compass, nice black light. Its really well thought out, more functions and better visibility than my dads Breitling 🙂 My favorite feature is the UV light that lights up the watch and charges the phosphorus to light up afterwards. Easy to use time. With these watches you get what you pay for no shenanigans and pay for the brand.
January 7, 2014
The lighting on the display resembles an airplane cockpit - first time I have seen a lighted tip on a second hand. An extremely well thought out design.
November 29, 2013
Watch is awesome! Exactly what i expected and more.
February 8, 2015

  • Durable and anti-magnetic structure for campers
  • Digital compass that includes bearing memory for adventurers
  • UV-LED illuminator night-light for low visibility environment

  • Some customers claim that the backlight uses up too much battery, but since it has a phosphorous background, try to limit use

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Stuhrling Original Men’s 699.03 Aviator Quartz Watch With Green Leather Band


Stuhrling Original Men's 699.03 Aviator Quartz Watch With Green Leather BandPossibly the leading specimen in our list of best aviation watches, the Stuhrling Original 699 daringly elevates the fine art of watch-wearing to new and uncharted heights. Men can now steadily ascend fashion’s zenith with the 699s prism-framed indicators plus the sharp and very appealing numbered display. Like most best aviation watches, this reliable and accurate timepiece has quickly become a staple in the experienced eyes of knowledge air aficionados. Rather that asking, the Stuhrling Original Men’s 699.03 Aviator Quartz Watch With Green Leather Band commands a ton of respect by staying true to function and style.

With a round stainless steel case only found in the best aviation watches, this bad boy promises a fixed narrow bezel and a black textured crown. The gorgeous and round, brass dial displays luminous markers located conveniently at all hour positions. The very discernible green and genuine leather strap ultimately secures to your wrist with a beautifully engraved buckle clasp.

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Stuhrling Original Men's 699.03 Aviator Quartz Day and Date Watch With Green...

Black ion-plated watch featuring textured dial with day/date complications, skeleton hands, and yellow contrasts; 44mm black stainless steel round case with shatter resistant Krysterna crystal dial ...

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This is a great looking watch. It has a rugged casual look to it which is something I have been wanting to ad to my collection. The strap is a very soft, and comfortable on my wrist. The product description claims that the hands are luminous but they are not. Which is disappointing but I can live with it, and I would still recommend buying this watch.
January 24, 2015
Watches are subjective, the only good or bad thing you can possibly review is their functionality and in this aspect, the watch keeps time and days correctly so that passes.The strap is good quality and a great color (again, my opinion) and I like that the watch hits the sweet spot between sporty/outdoors watch and office wear. I've gotten good comments on the watch.I use it daily and really happy with it. Im 6'2, 200 lbs and the watch fits very good on me even though I have really thin writsts.If you've never set date/day of week on a watch before, here are the instructions (I dont take credit for this info, all this awesomeness was found on a post from: 1: In this case, you dont have to wind it.STEP 2: Setting the Day and Date - First, pull the crown to the second position (yes the one for the time). Advance the time to any place between 0300 and 0900 (3 to 9). You are doing this since setting the day and date between the period of change over (roughly around 2200 to 0200 +/-) can cause you to damage the little gears in the mechanism. to make sure we are safe, we advance the hour to a range where we know no changeover occurs (any place in the arc between 0300 and 0900). Now that you've done that push the crown all the way in to Zero. In watches that are date only (no day wheel), pull the crown to the first position and advance the wheel to YESTERDAY'S date (this is important and you'll soon see why). Once there, proceed to STEP 3 below. On watches with a day and date, pull the crown to the first position and advance the day wheel to yesterdays day, and advance the date wheel to yesterday's date.Read more ›
October 29, 2015
After a little struggle coordinating the time, day, and date, this has been a great watch. It is good looking and accurate. I enjoy wearing it.I do not agree with any of the few negative comments you have received. They are petty and probably from people that are not familiar with watches. This is my latest addition to the other reliable Sturling watches that I own.
September 1, 2015

  • Highly accurate Japanese quartz movement
  • Attractive fluted crown with stud accents on leather band
  • Buckle enclose for adjustable fit
  • Up to 330 feet of water resistance

  • Some people have pointed out that the Stuhrling Original Men’s 699.03 Aviator watch tends to tick louder than most; this shouldn’t be a problem on your wrist

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Casio Men’s EF527D-1AV Edifice Stainless Steel Multi-Function Watch

Casio Men's EF527D-1AV Edifice Stainless Steel Multi-Function Watch


Once again, shock and awe to Casio for delivering another collection for the best aviation watches list of top 10 beauties. Aptly described as the epitome of style, quality, comfort, and functionality, the Casio Men’s EF527D-1AV Edifice Stainless Steel Multi-Function Watch kicks things off with a spectacular 45.5 mm stainless steel exterior and stationary bezel with a dash of rough texture at the edge. On individual sides of the steel case are pushes that are assisted with protected crowns on its right side.

Thanks to this resistance and firm screw-lock case back, you won’t give a care in the world whether your swimming in turbulent seas or patrolling the dark blue skies. Just like all best aviation watches with a one-touch, three fold buckle, the Casio Men’s EF527D-1AV Edifice Multi-Function Watch guarantees a secure fit for the steel band. Like most men, playing rough comes naturally, no matter where you are. That’s why Casio included a mineral glass that allows you scratch resistant protection of the dial.

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Casio Men's EF527D-1AV Edifice Stainless Steel Multi-Function Watch

Imported; Silver-tone watch featuring left-handed crown and black dial with 1/20-second chronograph function, slide-rotating inner bezel, and date window; 45.5 mm stainless steel case with mineral ...

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I purcahsed this watch after seeing one in person on a friend. Its a beautiful watch, at a very reasonable price. The style is perfect: it can be worn with a suit, as well as worn dressed down on a more casual day. Best of all, it is made by Casio, who has a long history of watchmaking, and who stands behind the quality of their watches.Pros:-Great Style-Larger Face (could be a pro or a con)-Great price (Amazon is much less than MSRP here)Cons:-If trying to use this as an actual pilot's watch, it may be difficult to perform calculations on based on the size of some of the numbering (not a problem if you sit at a desk all day and just wear it because it looks great)
October 4, 2011
I love this watch. It's large at around 45mm, but not crazy like some watches these days.Notes:- The Chronograph feature is excellent, with the big second hand stationary until you use the stopwatch/chrono feature. It does a full sweep back clockwise to reset to zero.- The bottom (at 6 o'clock) dial is used as the constant second hand. However, pressing the B-Button (located lower right) will turn off the seconds feature, it will go stationary at zero. Press the b button again to reactivate the second hand feature. It will go back to the correct second as if it never stopped, great feature. Also note that this hand runs for the first 30 seconds when using the stopwatch feature, then zeros.- The big second hand and lower second hand can be realigned (is they lose their calibration) by pulling out the crown all the way out (position 2), and pressing either the A-button (top right button) for the big second hand and the B-Button (lower right button) for the small second hand. When delivered, my small second hand was off by one second in alignment, was very easy to calibrate back to zero.- Comes with a screw-down crown, which I love.- Accuracy is outstanding, as are most Quartz. It loses about 1 second per 7 days, which is excellent, and matches my Swiss Quartz.Negatives?- It's a bit busy, I would consider changing the bracelet for a different type of band, like say a black leather or strap.Note: These watch is sold by several sellers on Amazon, some only have a few review, make sure to search "EF-527D-1AVDF" from the site to pull up all those sellers, and you can see all the reviews. Almost all are positive!
February 2, 2013
this is a great watch and fully functional as an aviator watch, numbers of the rotating bezel are a bit small, but they are readable to people with normal sight. it has stop watch function and it looks, feels, and works great.I noticed some of the other reviews commented on the crown either breaking or being loose, well ... this is normal, its not broken and its normal to stay loose until you screw it on (the original status of the crown is screwed into its place in a way that you can't snap it out, you have to unscrew it first then snap it out one click to set up the date or two clicks to set up the time, then after you finish you have to snap it back in then screw it clockwise as far as it can go, the manual say that the watch is not water resistant if its not screwed on tightly). that explains most of the complaints in the other reviews, obviously the other users just didn't know that so they either broke the crown or left it loose.the manual is very short and doesn't explain any of the uses of the rotating bezel, but you can easily find them online.the case in which the watch came in is very cheap and looks like ready to remove one or two links from the bracelet unless your wrist in huge.the price is great for the function.also it came already set up to the correct time and date.
October 22, 2013

  • Accurate quartz movement and analog display
  • Durable stainless steel wrist band
  • Easy to close fold-over button clasp for convenient use
  • Up to 100m of water resistance

  • The manual for the Casio EF527D-1AV Edifice Stainless Steel Watch does not really cover everything there is to see, just go online and find that out

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Citizen Men’s JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Titanium Watch

Citizen Men’s JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Titanium Watch

The very definition of success is the man who does this eloquent yet fully functional Citizen JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk watch. Appropriately designed for the savvy, sophisticated and modern man, this bad boy from Citizen boasts of atomic timekeeping technology incorporated with smart synchronized time management guaranteed to keep the exact time. Like to travel a lot? Good on you mate, just like other best aviation watches with this feature, you get time synchronization in 43 different world cities. I don’t know about you, but this is the ideal time piece well suited for the gentlemen on the go.

Citizen understands that men like to see way into the future; that’s why they included a perpetual calendar that will take you to the ends of time and back to the beginning. It also features a multi-function chronograph that is aptly suited and convenient for timing and even accurate measuring. If you feel like your battery is draining out, you can also check the power reserve indicator that is displayed on the sleek dark dial with anti-reflective mineral crystal.

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Citizen Men's JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Titanium Watch

Imported; Aviator-inspired titanium watch with black and orange accents featuring 99-minute countdown timer, rotating slide-rule bezel, and perpetual calendar; 48 millimeters titanium case with ...

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Even though I'm not a pilot, I've always liked the Skyhawk/Navihawk titanium line of Citizen watches. My brother is a commercial pilot and has an older one. He loves it. They are just too cool. But I never liked the fact that they didn't have a backlight for the LCD displays. Well now they do! It has an amber backlight that works great. This watch is the new titanium version of the much heavier stainless steel JY0000-53E that came out last year.Of course the weight of this watch is ridiculously light due to the Titanium construction. For such a big watch, I can hardly tell it's on. I can't stand a heavy watch bouncing on my arm. And be aware, this is definitely a big watch. But that seems to be the trend now (which I like).The atomic time function works like a charm. I also like having world time at my fingertips. I have family members that live overseas, so it's nice to be able to check their local time at a glance.It's great knowing I will never have to change batteries with this watch. The solar-powered "Eco-Drive" is an incredible feature that every watch company should have.The watch has 2 alarms, world time zones (43 cities), solar power, atomic time, a countdown timer, a chronograph, a slide rule, UTC time, a 24 hour clock, ultra-light and nearly indestructable titanium construction, 200 meter waterproof, mineral glass, and it looks outstanding. What more could you want? I think it even does the dishes, bathrooms, and windows. But I haven't looked up those features yet in the 115 page manual (English portion).One thing that's missing is a one-touch feature to bring all hands to the 12 o'clock position to clear the LCD displays during certain times of day. The hands occasionally obscure your attempts to read the LCD's.Read more ›
March 21, 2008
I bought this watch roughly a year ago. Shortly after I bought it, I traveled by train all around Western Europe. It performed perfectly. It was fun to pull up into a Swiss train station where they have clocks with big, highly visible, second hands along the track. The watch was always absolutely dead on. With this watch there's no BS when it comes to time: you know exactly, precisely what time it is. Period.I also have a Breitling, a Tag, and a vintage Rolex, as well as a number of other fine watches. Even though I bought this watch for the trip a year ago, I simply can't seem to take it off. There's something about knowing that you've got perfect time on your wrist, and you never have to wonder. I've learned to have absolute confidence in the watch. Rather than becoming bored with it, I've found that it spoils me. It has become my comfort zone.As you've probably already figured out, Citizen makes very good watches for the money in looks, quality, and features. To me, they're number one in overall value, and this watch is no exception.I use the timer for steaks when I cook out and I use the dual time-zone feature periodically as well. I've used the alarm a few times with no issues.There are just a few compromises in the design. The hands do get in the way of the displays, but there is literally no way around that. I've made some notes to remind myself of some of the menus. The daylight saving time management is somewhat unintuitive, but, if you take the time to read the manual and write down the steps, it's no big deal. I've put a set of steps at the end of this review that might help you get and keep a grip on time zones and on daylight savings.I've never had a problem keeping it fully charged.Read more ›
April 22, 2011
The GOOD: If you need dual time zone watch this is it. I do deal with India all the time and that is challenge with nearly any other watch. India is 9 1/2 hours yes it is one of the few countries that is a 30 minute offset in time zone and does not change over to DST so then thats 10 1/2 hours just try keeping track of that and things fall apart. There is hardly any watch that will handle a half hour time zone except this one (even the old skyhawk didn't). This watch does that and more including alarms in different time zones so you can set the alarm in another time zone without doing a major compute for the local time. Two alarms so keep one on the local and the second on the world time if you wish. If you deal with London you get a third time zone the UTC sub dial and you can calculate most of Europe easily from that.The watch is big and thick and in titanium weighs nothing its nearly as light as my kids CasioThe BAD: Contrast on the digital display is pretty bad.The back light though present is not the best.The hands cover the digital display a few times a day you can tilt and read under the hands but forget trying to set any function at 20 past the hourThe UGLY (loses one star for this): If you are going to use the second display for a world time zone there is no way to see the local calendar. Just to see the calendar you have to pull the crown 1 stop twist to change the mode and that will give you the calendar of the world zone So to have calendar functionality for local zone you have to set the world zone as your local zone (you lose an easy way to see the world zone). Simply put this watch can work as a dual zone watch or as a calendar watch not as both.Read more ›
August 17, 2009

  • Sleek and durable titanium band
  • 660 feet of water resistance
  • Highly accurate Japanese quartz movement

  • Some customers claim that the backlight is not the best, but maybe their batteries were a bit worn down

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Casio G-Shock GA-1000-8A Aviation Series Men’s Luxury Watch

Casio G-Shock GA-1000-8A Aviation Series Men's Luxury Watch - Grey One Size


The G-Shock GA-1000-8A is among the best aviation watches you will ever come across. It’s the ultimate marriage between style, functionality, and durability. This bad boy incorporates twin sensor capabilities that will provide instant and up to the second access to the direction and even temperature information as required.

To make things much easier, the face of this beastly watch is marked clearly with extra large numerals at the main positions. Like to move in the dark? The faces of this best aviation watches are illuminated by a superior high-brightness and automatic LED light that will guarantee high visibility even under the darkest conditions imaginable. No wonder G-Shock has long been a favorite and popular choice among the world’s top street sports athletes and surfers alike.

The new best aviation watches and models offer the best of both digital and analog formats. Large hour markers and minute hands also contribute to easiest levels of reading. The arrow-shaped minute hand uses the contrasting color with dials to further increase visibility. Nothing matters to customers more than comfort and the assurance that your watch will not slip off accidentally. That’s why G-Shock includes a band surface that is magnificently processed to resemble cloth texture. All buttons have a gorgeously checkered surface that allows for a better and tougher design.

  • Product

Casio G-Shock GA-1000-8A Aviation Series Men's Luxury Watch - Grey / One...

Imported; Digital Compass with Bearing Memory; Thermometer; 200M Water Resistant

Available: In stock
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I bought this watch last week (disclosure: Not from Amazon, direct from Casio), because I loved it in the pictures. I'm something of a collector of G-Shock watches, but I've been a bit disappointed in some of the newer watches. Sure, they look great, but the design on some of them makes it actually really hard to read the time, which I think is something of a fundamental fault.This watch (as you can see from the picture does not have that problem). The display is clear, easy to read, and the night light is fantastic (the tip of the second hand even lights up).I wasn't prepared when I put this watch on for the first time, for how stunning it looks (yes, G-Shocks are an acquired taste, but the picture doesn't do it justice). It's fantastically gorgeous! It is a very big, very chunky watch though, so it may not be suitable for everyone. Still, I have thin wrists and I love the way it looks on me. I might be quite old, but I still understand the word 'bling' :-)The compass function is fun, you press the 9 o'clock button and the second hand points North. I'm not sure how often I'll use that, but I bought this watch for it's looks. It was also easy to correct to my time zone.In conclusion, I absolutely adore this watch and it's hardly left my wrist since I got it. If you like G-Shocks, this is one of the best. If you are not sure, go and try it on in a shop first.
March 8, 2014
Beautiful design...with a back light that actually works. Several other G-shock designs I like, talking about GA-100 and GA-201 series, that feature analog over digital and have lights that are near useless. Not so on this GA-1000 Aviator series, with an excellent UV back that light works well in conjunction with the luminescent hands and hour markers. The functions are easy to find, set and use. Great job Casio, love this watch.
March 29, 2014
Literally just got this in the mail. Looks so much better sitting on my wrist than online. Been searching for another g shock for a while and I'm glad I waited till I saw this model. This is my third g-shock and so far my favorite. Taking it out of the box, it feels really solid and got some weight to it. The colors are much better in person...this watch just pops and you can't help but stare at it.The directions are easy to follow and it was simple to set the time and date, basically find your zone (city) and the watch sets itself.Still playing with all the functions but I definitely like the compass and temperature gauge function.
August 25, 2014

  • 200 meters of water resistance
  • Classy yet casual face and exterior
  • Comes with a compass and thermometer for the man on the go

  • Some customers claim that there’s little contrast between symbols, thus making it hard to see smaller symbols

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G-Shock GA-1000-1A Aviation Series Men’s Luxury Watch

G-Shock GA-1000-1A Aviation Series Men's Luxury Watch - Black One Size

Here, we don’t even care about how many times a brand appears on the list, just as long as we’re getting the best aviation watches available on the market. However, credit should be given where it is due, and G-SHOCK definitely deserves another mention as the brand that is constantly evolving and setting new standards for all timekeeping devices and their toughness. The GA-100-1A best aviation watches offers large hour markers that feature some uniquely prominent edges for enhanced visibility.

The face, minute and hour makers with dials too are all layered, for a sleek 3-D look that adds to the aesthetic impact. The illuminator ensures easy deciphering in the dark. Well renowned for delivering useful and powerful functions, this bad boy is designed to operate under the most severe environments whether on land, sea, or high in the air. If you ever get lost, just press the button at the 9 o’clock position and your watch will immediately go to the Digital Compass Mode to show you the way. In addition, bearing memory allows you to temporarily store and display any direction reading so as to use it as a reference. Other desirable features include temperature measurement, extra large numerals, and very thick hands for easier reading.

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G-Shock GA-1000-1A Aviation Series Men's Luxury Watch - Black / One Size

Imported; 200M Water Resistant; Digital Compass with Bearing Memory; UV-LED (Auto) Neon-Illuminator Light; Thermometer; Anti-Magnetic Structure

Available: In stock
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I have had this watch for two weeks now, and im loving it.The design is sleek, the amount of detail is astonishing.It is basically well made and is a perfect blend of digital and analog technology. The hands sync with the digital numbers in the watch. You can only set the time digitally, and when you do that, the hands will rotate until it ticks at the exact second the digital number changes, how cool is that?! When you change country, the analog does it all, changing until it suits the correct timezone.There are basically two extra functions to this watch.It can tell the temperature and has an inbuilt compass in it.Telling the temperature is a cool feature, however, not very practical if you are constantly wearing the watch. While wearing the watch you produce heat which will affect the temperature reading and it will be a few degrees higher then the actual surrounding temperature. It will only be accurate if you leave it outside for 30mins.With one press of a button, you can immediately tell where is north and get your bearings. Very useful if you are tracking or just want to know which direction you are facing.The lighting is very cool, but has one major drawback.When the light button is pressed, the watch will emit UV light which then illuminates certain parts of the watch, like the analog hands and all the numbers. It has a very nice futuristic feel to it and would definitely please any geek out there.However, the major drawback is that the light does not illuminate the digital readings on the watch. This affects many features on the watch. Thus, if its at night and you do not have a light source, you cant tell the digital day, digital time, temperature, stop watch and many of the other cool functions.Read more ›
August 6, 2013
A sleek analog/digital watch that does it all. The analog hands and hash marks are large and very easy to read. The digital display is small, but very functional. The buttons are easy to manipulate but not overly sensitive to cause accidental inputs. The primary functions of the watch are extremely useful, and getting to each function is a breeze - once you learn the user interface. Reading the manual is a must with this watch. My only complaint about the watch is the thermometer. Your body temperature throws the readings off. There's not much design wise that could fix this, considering it's strapped to your wrist.PRIMARY FUNCTIONS:Compass- With a quick hit of left button the compass gives an accurate reading in approximately 4 seconds.Alarm- This watch has 4 alarms and 1 snooze function. Can be easily reached through the mode button.Not much to say about this function as the sound and operation works like every other watch. Setting them is easy, the manual lays it out well.Timer/Stopwatch- Has a standard timer with a 10 minute countdown timer. Both can be toggled through the mode button.Thermometer- Easily toggled with the search button, the watch gives a ROUGH temperature reading. Since its strapped to your wrist, it's hard to get an accurate reading.Night Mode- Just as it should be, the night mode is bright and vibrant giving a clear indication of the ANALOG portion. It doesn't illuminate any digital displays. It has a 40° auto illuminate function and the ability to set the illumination period to last either 1 or 3 seconds. Auto illumination, to me, is slightly too sensitive. I've opted to turn mine off.The watch band is your standard gshock band, with two prongs. Comfortable and functional, the slots for adjustment are numerous and spaced for anyone.I wear this both casually and in uniform, it's a watch that can do it all, take a beating, and look ruggedly stylish.
July 26, 2015
Nice Casio G-SHOCK. This Aviation series has an interesting lighting feature which you can actually read the HANDS (both MIN and SEC) and Numerical analog values (12,3,6,9) ...... It emits a SUPER COOL UV NEON-LED when activated! Forget about reading the digital values although as they are unreadable with the lighting feature, but not really needed since the outer perimeter lights up so well. The digital readouts are a bit small, but adequate for young eyes (minor strain to read). Since they are blacked out, they can sometimes be difficult to read in low lighting conditions, but who needs them when you've got the SUPER COOL illuminating feature that works superbly, even the second hand illuminates! The rest of the features are standard (wish alarm chimed longer than 10 sec but heck there's 4 Alarm's), the built-in neat functioning Compass and Temp are a nice touch. BIG face and fairly light in weight considering it's size. A little pricey for a G-SHOCK, but COOL no less!!
April 17, 2013

  • Made with an anti-magnetic structure
  • Includes compass and thermometer for the adventurer
  • UV-LED neon illuminator backlight
  • 200 meters of water resistance

  • Backlight does not really illuminate digital readings on the watch, only analog

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Seiko Men’s SNA411 Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch

Seiko Men's SNA411 Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch

Sometimes, weary bones can get the best of a man. This makes it extra hard to get up in the morning. With the Seiko Men’s SNA411 Flight Alarm Watch, you can say goodbye to those late mornings with the very efficient multiple alarms that will not cease till you get out of bed. It doesn’t really matter if you are a high-flying pilot or a deep-sea diving chap, you always want the best aviation watches on your wrist.

The luxurious and aesthetically appealing round black dial with clever luminescent markers and super huge hands that are set in a coin-edged bezel will surely be a welcomed accessory on any wrist. The 200 feet of water resistance is definitely a welcomed bonus for swimmers since the water-resistant design keeps real time both in and out of the water. Are you an athlete or looking to bag gold in the upcoming Olympics? What are you waiting for? The Seiko Men’s SNA411 Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch has a stopwatch that accurately measures up to sixty minutes in neat increments of a fifth of a second. The alarm can be set on a timed basis and when not in use doubles as an international tour clock for any time zone of your choice. The bi-directional rule bezel will come in handy for those strenuous calculations up in the air.

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Seiko Men's SNA411 Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch

Imported; Round watch with black dial featuring gear-edge bezel, multiple subdials, date window, and fluted crown; 42 mm stainless steel case with Hardlex dial window; Japanese quartz movement with ...

Available: In stock
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I bought this watch for myself for Christmas 3 years ago and still love it.At the time I really wanted a Breitling Navitimer Fighter but they were selling for around $3,000, and I knew I wouldn't feel comfortable walking around with thousands of bucks on my wrist.I happened on this watch on Amazon and was immediately taken with it. Let me say, that the photo does not do this watch justice. When I received the Seiko I was surprised that it had much more sparkle than this photo imparts. And what really impressed me was that the face has great depth to it. The photo on Amazon shows a flat black surface with a mishmash of white lettering all over it, but in reality it looks much more like a mini metal Roman Colliseum with raised sides and a recessed center plain under thick glass. The face is about 3/8" thick. Very substantial and classy looking. Also, there is more contrast between the shiny center of the wrist band next to the flat silver sides than this photo indicates.I wore it to work one day, and a female coworker remarked,"your watch is gorgeous!" and that she was looking for one like it for her husband. And when I told her the price she couldn't believe it.The Breitling Navitimer is a beautiful watch, but since owning this Seiko Chronograph I rarely ever think about owning a Breitling. And since Navitimers now sell for over $6000 I feel even better about the $475 Seiko I got for $200.
September 29, 2007
I bought one to replace my aging Seiko, and love it. Good ol' Seiko Chronograph in the middle, and the bezel does regular non-flying multiplication and division in addition to the airplane-related calculations, though you wouldn't know it from reading the instructions. Here's how:Turn the outer ring so that the number you want to multiply is opposite the 10 on the inner ring, and then find the number you're multiplying by on the inner ring and read the product from the outer ring opposite that.Division is the reverse of multiplication -- line up the dividend on the outside ring with the divisor on the inside, and read the quotient opposite the inner 10.
January 11, 2008
I will have to follow this up with a more extensive VIDEO review, but for now here are the highlights.1) It arrived on time with free holiday shipping from I count this as a PLUS.2) It arrived without protective plastic covering the crystal, case back, crown and pushers, or bracelet. This is a MINUS.3) It also arrived with a slight scratch on one of the link-segments on the band. Since it was the polished portion of the link segment, it was very noticeable. ** BIG MINUS ** , but I remedied this by choosing this link segment as the links I would remove when I was sizing the bracelet, so no harm, no foul.4) The bracelet measures just over 21mm consistently all the way around (no tapering), is solid stainless steel, and has solid end links. The bracelet was erroneously reported by some fellow reviewers as being a 3-link band (two brushed links on the outside and one polished link in the center with a vertical crease). In sizing the bracelet and moving the links, I quickly learned that it is actually a 4-link bracelet since the polished center is actually made up of TWO links side by side, each with a brushed link on either end (brushed link +polished link+ polished link+ brushed link...per link segment).5) Diameter of case/bezel is listed as 42mm (w/o the crown), but it seems to be closer to 40mm.6) Dial - The dial is protected by a domed Hardlex mineral crystal that does a magnificent job magnifying the fine writing of the EB6 rule, Telemeter, and Tachometer, and all other info including he date on the face/dial.The domed crystal also does an excellent job reflecting a lot of LIGHT and shimmer towards onlookers, so it tends to get a lot of WOW responses.Read more ›
January 6, 2009

  • Features 42 millimeters of Hardlex dial window and stainless steel casing
  • Up to 200 meters of resistance to water infiltration
  • Highly accurate and up to the second quartz movement

  • For the untrained eye, getting lost in all the complex numbers and figures is very easy

Tips on Choosing an Aviation Watch

In the early 1900’s, pilots wore repurposed field watches due to the sordid nature of their work. Of course, it is unquestionable that these watches had to be highly accurate and very reliable under low or zero light conditions. Some of the best aviation watches took into account a broad range of movements and features that contributed to making them a leading force. If you are out looking for the best fit for you, here are a couple of things that you should consider.

I) Consider the Purpose of the Watch

This simply answers the question of where you intend to wear the watch. Just like you wear different clothes for different functions, the same applies to watches too. Luckily, the best aviation watches can be used for both a serious business look or a more laid back, casual image. However, pulling this off all depends on successfully combining a predetermined set or aviator rules and regulations.

  • The Driving Aviator Watch

While aviation watches were originally designed for air aficionados, something extra was needed for earth dwelling machines. Men needed a watch that was great for driving around town and showing off too. This is where a driving watch comes in. These are some of the best aviation watches designed to function even in extreme environments. Typically, your watch will be characterized by luminous dials, a masculine, rugged construction and a unique, unidirectional bezel that can be used to tell drivers exactly how much immersion time they have left. If you own and love to drive a car, driving watches are a great and well-rounded option that will fit your lifestyle perfectly.

  • The Aviation Dress Watch

The suit is the modern man’s armor in this corporate world that we live in. Like all armor, this one needs an extra touch of class and panache. Traditionally, men were doomed to wear dress watches that were highly understated. Basically, they were just a plain face with black bands and absolutely zero adornments. Might as well be a ladies’ watch if you ask me. Thanks to some of the best aviation watches, men can now shake hands proudly with a masterpiece on their wrist. Aviators break the thresholds that have been set by society telling men that dress watches should be invisible. Not only can you look great in your aviator watch, you’ll stand out in each and every soiree too.

  • The Aviator Sports Watch

This stage goes back to the original reason why the best aviation watches were ever created in the first place. Thanks to men who were always willing to push the limits of nature whether it’s 20,000 feet in the air or hundreds of meters under the sea, modern aviator sports watches are quite a force to be reckoned with. For marine activities such as swimming, snorkeling, diving or mud wrestling, the best aviation watches are specifically designed and formulated to withstand any level of moisture and water even at absurd pressure levels.

If this is your kind of activity, then you want to make sure that you grab yourself one of our best aviation watches that comes with some very nifty features. For divers, water resistance is a given and is found in almost every watch today. However, the best aviation watches come with an unidirectional rotating bezel that will show the diver exactly how many hours or minutes of air are left in the oxygen tank. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a great watch on my wrist than run out of oxygen at 1000 feet below sea level.

The best aviation watches are also very efficient for extreme sporting activities due to their comfortable and secure features. When fighting the bad guys over at Iraq or flying a plane at supersonic speeds, the last thing you want is the inconvenience of a loose and uncomfortable watch. The best aviation watches in the market today are fully ergonomic and fit the hand just like they were made for you. Thanks to adjustable, interchangeable and even customizable bands, extreme athletes and pilots from all over the world can now look stylish while keeping full confidence that their watch will be along for the entire ride.

  • The Luxurious Aviator Watch

Let’s face it; there comes a time in every man’s life when it is of the utmost importance to look exquisitely groomed and of high caliber taste. This is when you need the help of the most luxurious best aviation watches that ooze extravagance and superior craftsmanship. If you love and enjoy some of the finest things in life, then why leave your wrists out in the cold? Make sure you grab some bling and upgrade your status by buying one of the best aviation watches in our list of top 10 must have aviator watches.

II) Decide on a Movement

Basically, this is all about what will make your clock tick. Every catch needs an engine, and for the best aviation watches, only the strongest will do. This movement is also referred to as caliber and is determined by the mechanism in the timepiece. So, which heart do you want beating in your wrist watch? Today’s modern watches are powered by an array of movements. These include:

  • Quartz Movement Watches

Quartz, a movement that utilizes an oscillator that is regulated by a tiny piece of battery powered quartz to keep accurate time. If you are looking for insane levels of accuracy with up to 1-second loss per week, then this is the place for you. Since it’s battery operated, you can also say goodbye to tedious and cumbersome winding or having to glue it to your wrist all day to work. The quartz crystal inside the best aviation watches vibrates at an astounding 33 times each second to move the hand as accurately as possible.

  • Mechanical Movement Watches

These are definitely for the mature man that understands and appreciates all things mechanical. If you really sit down and think about it, there’s an innate beauty to the complex workings found in some of the best aviation watches in the market. Typically, an aviator mechanical watch runs for an entire 42 hours with just one thorough winding of the mainspring. If you buy a high-end watch, it can even tell you the rate at which you will need to wind up again or how much longer it can keep working without requiring another boost. Again, some of the best aviation watches can even go for days or weeks without needing any attention.

However, another interesting type of mechanical aviator watch is that that run on a self-winding mechanism that is automatic. Here, you don’t need to wind the mechanism after ever set period, in fact, you don’t need to wind anything at all. The automatic movement is activated by gravity when the wearer is moving their wrist or walking. Compared to mechanically wound watches, automatic watches are more or less reliable since they can even lose up to 10 seconds every damn day.

III) Get as Many Features as Possible

With the best aviation watches, it’s all about cramming as many toys in there as possible. If you are a watch connoisseur, you will have undoubtedly noticed that aviation watches are famous for including far more helpful and practical features than the average wristwatch can manage. In addition to a vast array of chronographs, buyers can now get features that will allow them to keep track of time in multiple cities around the world simultaneously. This is very handy for gentlemen who are always traveling from say, America to Tokyo, then to London and once more across Europe.

How on earth will you keep up with all these times and get to meetings without getting lost? Simple, the best aviation watches include a compass and direction bearing so that you never get lost even in new territory. With the weather differences, you might also want to stay abreast of the climate zones, otherwise, you might freeze to death in the Arctic or catch a heat stroke in Africa. The best aviation watches come with a thermometer to keep you in the loop and aware when temperatures start plunging dangerously or skyrocketing out of control.

Competition — Who Takes the Crown?

When it comes to the best aviation watches, the price is not a factor. What matters most are the unique and practical features you get. That’s why the Citizen Men’s JY0010-50E Skyhawk A-T Titanium Watch takes the cup without any challengers. It’s a winner on every level you look at it. The very definition of success is the man who dons this eloquent yet fully functional Citizen JY0010-50E Eco-Drive Skyhawk watch. Appropriately designed for the savvy, sophisticated and modern man, this bad boy from Citizen boasts of atomic timekeeping technology incorporated with smart synchronized time management guaranteed to keep the exact time.

Like to travel a lot? Good on you mate, just like other best aviation watches with this feature, you get time synchronization in 43 different world cities. I don’t know about you, but this is the ideal time piece well suited for the gentlemen on the go. If you like your watches fancy and packed with neat toys, then the Citizen Men’s JY0010-50E Skyhawk A-T Titanium is the thing for you.


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